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Authors: Callie Alexandra

Tags: #romance, #erotica, #love, #sex, #betrayal, #intercourse, #coition, #romance sex

Book 1 - Active Trust (9 page)

BOOK: Book 1 - Active Trust
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The morning came and he left,
but not without a morning quickie.

Before leaving, he said, “A man
could get used to this. Fucking you is seriously mind-blowing.”

She liked the fact that he left
without another word and he never overstayed his welcome.

On Monday at the office, both
Victoria and Michelle were still left reeling with good memories
over their weekends. Victoria found a man she could sleep with
without him getting too attached and Michelle was infatuated with
his tongue and the idea of a possible long-term relationship with
the eligible attorney.

Both ladies smiled in the break
room and Victoria set her cell phone down on the table and left the
room. Just then, the screen lit up with a text message from John
Steele. It read: “I think my penis is in love with your

Michelle glanced down at the
message and was taken aback by the message. She was flabbergasted
that he would lick her until she couldn’t stand it, and then leave
her to have sex with Victoria of all people.

Michelle set her coffee mug down
and gave some thought to her next move. Victoria came back into the
room to retrieve her coffee and cell phone.

“You got a text while you were

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

Victoria stood there and read
her message and smiled softly.

“Listen, Victoria, I know that
you and the new guy are screwing around. I’m sorry, but I happened
to glance down at your phone when it made that awful noise.”

“So, what’s it to ya?”

“He was at my place on Friday
night and I have to tell you, his tongue is the best I’ve ever

“Well, after he was doing
whatever with you, he came right to me to satisfy me.”

“Bitch please, he had his face
buried between my legs for hours.”

Victoria stopped the argument
and said, “Listen, he is playing both of us, but it’s fine with me
as long as we both don’t let him know we know. And, we don’t let
our feelings get in the way.”

“Ugh, you’re right. We are grown
adults, and he just got here.”

“He can do whatever he wants,
but if it gets serious, then he’s got a choice to make.”


The ladies parted ways knowing
each other’s dirty little secrets. John Steele was only a part of
Briggs & Trice for the span of a week’s time and he’d already
taken down its top two lawyers using sex as a weapon.

Michelle waged war on her
opponent just like anything else and she wanted to make it her
mission to get John and be the only one in his life.

She texted him, “A Friday repeat
tomorrow night? Only this time I do you? You can cum in my

His interest was obviously
piqued as his reply was quick and to the point, “Fuck yes.”

She smiled at herself in
victory. She was going to win this battle, hands down. She knew
what men wanted and she knew how to use her feminine wiles in order
to keep a man’s interest.

She saw Victoria walking to his
office, knocking on his door and disappearing inside. Victoria
closed the door and locked it behind herself. She moved his laptop
to the side of his desk and perched herself on top of it. She
pulled up her free-flowing powder blue skirt and moved her panties
to the side. She grabbed his head and pulled him into her and he
tongued her like there was no tomorrow.

After she quietly came, she let
loose her grip on his head and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you.”

“You are so very welcome. What
are you doing Thursday night?”

“Fucking you, of course.”

“It’s a date. Damn, girl.”

She readjusted her panties,
wiped her juices from his mouth and then leaned into his ear.

She whispered, “Next time, I am
going to suck you dry.”

She fixed her skirt and said
loudly enough for Michelle to hear, “I’ll see you soon, Mr.

Michelle had no idea what had
gone on in that little office and she was sure that she didn’t want
to know.

She walked over to Victoria’s
office, bypassed her assistant and walked into her office. Shutting
the door, she told Victoria, “It’s war now, isn’t it?”

“If you mean how John Steele
just licked my clit on top of his desk, then I’d say it’s war.”

Victoria’s assistant Matthew
heard a bit of the tussle inside and buzzed his boss.

“Do you need anything, Ms.

“No, we were just finishing up
in here.”

She let go of the intercom
button and Michelle said, “It’s hardly finished” and walked

Matthew walked in after
Michelle’s departure and said, “I couldn’t help but to overhear,
but it sounds like there is trouble brewing at the office

“You want to know the truth and
keep this under your hat. Michelle and I are not only vying for the
top spot at this firm, but we’re engaged in a bit of a personal

“It must be over the new guy,
John Steele.”

“I’m not going to say any

Matthew left and manned his
desk. Victoria wasn’t going to let anyone inside of her head, let
alone the help. What would her mother say at that idea?

Michelle and Victoria wanted
John for themselves, but their agreement to not let it interfere
with their working lives stood.

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BOOK: Book 1 - Active Trust
3.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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