Blind Passion: Intimate Encounters Volume I

BOOK: Blind Passion: Intimate Encounters Volume I
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Blind Passion

Intimate Encounters Volume I


By Charisma Knight


This is a work of fiction. All characters, places, businesses, and incidents are from the

author’s imagination, or they are used fictitiously and are definitely fictionalized. Any

trademarks or pictures herein are not authorized by the trademark owners and do not in

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Cover Art: Charisma Knight

Chapter One


Ethan Caine smelled the light, musky fragrance of the woman who’d moved next door one week ago. He knew it was
because of the intoxicating aroma arousing his senses and the way she walked. Where was she going? Who was she meeting? Their paths never crossed in the morning, on his way to work, always at night, after work hours. Even so, he was grateful for the opportunity to bask in her presence, even if it was a brief encounter. 

She always aroused him whenever she passed him in the hall, her magnetizing aura igniting something within him, luring him to her. The first time, he found himself fantasizing about her and he longed to know what she looked like. If only he could explore her exquisite facial features with the tips of his fingers, the way he read his books. He knew she was exquisite because he could feel it in his bones. She was someone he just had to know, but first he’d have to conquer his fears and approach her.

He cleared his throat and inhaled deeply, savoring her sweet scent. Having been blind since birth, Ethan’s other senses were heightened and he’d relied on them to commute to his job at Adventist High. Each evening he looked forward to passing this woman in the hallway, yet he didn’t have the confidence to actually initiate a conversation with her. Oddly enough, she was always the one to speak first.

“Good evening,” she sang, her sensual voice permeating every pore in his body. She was smiling, he could tell. His cock became rigid, and his pulse raced at the thought of intruding in on her evening routine because she seemed to be in a hurry. Perhaps she was racing off to meet her lover.

“Good evening,” he nodded and continued walking. He gripped his cane, upset with himself for not seizing the moment. He should have stopped her, but he doubted himself. There was something intriguing about her and he wanted to find out what it was.

He paused when he stopped in front of his apartment, straining to hear her footsteps in the distance. She stopped and soon after he heard the elevator. Upset for not taking his chance, he reached into his pocket, pulled out his key and let himself in. Closing the door behind him, he tossed the keys onto the bookshelf, walked over to his leather recliner, sat down, and thought about the day he’d had to stifle the longing for the woman in the hallway.

His job as a guidance counselor had grown stressful, especially with some of the troubled teens with whom he’d dealt with. In the past several days, one boy confessed to having suicidal thoughts due to his dysfunctional home, and a girl who’d turn to bullying out of anger that her parents were splitting up had been sent to the office. He felt deeply for the kids, and even though he vowed not to take his work home with him, he found it difficult to do.

With a sigh, he closed his eyes and thought of
His neighbor, the woman was right next door to him. All he had to do was make a simple move, but fear crippled him.

What did she do for a living? She always returned an hour or two after she’d left. Perhaps she worked from home? These were just a few of many things he wondered at night. She seemed to be a bit of an introvert. Did she know he could hear her moans of ecstasy whenever she used her vibrator? He smiled to himself. Their bedrooms were on the same wall and one particular night he woke to the faint humming sound of—a vibrator.

Her soft moans made his cock swell and his pulse race. She masturbated countless times since she moved in.

Several times, Ethan joined her, unable to refrain from stroking himself as he listened to his neighbors heightened moans of arousal. He imagined how she looked, lying there naked in her bed, caressing her breasts and teasing her soft wet folds with the vibrator. That image, along with her cries of ecstasy spurred him on, and he came when she did, his hot seed spurting onto his stomach.

He mumbled softly and gripped his shaft. Had he been reduced to a stalker out of sheer loneliness? Or was it curiosity? Whatever it was, he had to get her out of his system or meet her.

Taking a few quick breaths, he thought back to the lonely woman next door. She never had anyone over. Perhaps she was single after all? His erection remained and soon frustration followed. He had to keep busy, as not to long for something he probably couldn’t have.

With a groan, Ethan rose to his feet and strode through the quaint living room and into the kitchen. Trying to keep his mind off her, he opened the fridge and grabbed the black square container with last night’s shrimp fried rice.

He smiled briefly as he popped the plastic container into the microwave and hit the button. They were two lonely souls living right next to each other, never seizing the opportunity to get to know one another. At this point, he needed to assume she was alone.

Chapter Two


Diane made her way through the heavy downpour of November rain during her nightly break on Thursday night. Ever since she moved into La Fleur Towers, she sought solace in the little café across the street on Lombard Street. As an entrepreneur and owner of Belamont Naturals, she enjoyed the freedom, but working from home sometimes drove her crazy and she just needed to get away for a few hours.

Earlier today she filled ten orders and shipped everything off to their destinations. Her business was growing, and she’d accomplished this all in a year. She didn’t think her little DIY mixtures she concocted in the kitchen would ever manifest to this level of greatness, but she was happy it did.

Thanks to her business, six months ago she quit her corporate job as a documentation specialist. The job was okay and paid the bills, but it wasn’t enough, especially after her divorce. After taking a long hard look at her bills and where she wanted to be in the next several years, she decided to sell her leave in conditioners, moisturizers, and gels to stylists in the local vicinity. 

Once inside, she shook the rain from her umbrella stepped in line to obtain her favorite choice of coffee, Caramel Macchiato and a croissant. After paying, she ventured over to her favorite spot.

Freeing herself from her damp coat, she glanced outside to observe the hustle and bustle of the crowded street. The sound of pouring rain mingled with the engines of vehicles traveling in different directions on Lombard Street. People rushed, in an effort to reach their destination in spite of the pouring rain.

Diane settled into her seat, noticing the handsome blond man sitting in the third table facing in her direction. She gasped when she realized he lived right next door to him. She smiled because they crossed paths every evening. She greeted him and he’d smile and nod as he made his way to his apartment. Just like he did now.

For some odd reason, she loved how he acknowledged her arrival. It was as though he had been waiting for her. His smile was warm and inviting, and he appeared to study her. She also observed the distant look he possessed within those beautiful blue eyes of his. Shock gripped her as she observed him making an effort to speak to her. Today was the first time he’d taken the initiative to contact her.

“I’m Ethan Caine,” the blond man said, looking in her direction with those sparkling blue eyes.      “And you are—

“Diane Belamont.” Finally, there was some sort of communication. Why hadn’t she seized the opportunity before?

“So, do you come here every evening?” She could not escape that alluring, penetrating gaze of his. There was something unique about him, but she could not put her finger on it.

“Yes. I work from home and I need to get out. I usually come here to collect my thoughts. Sometimes I need a change of scenery.”

“Ah.” The man stroked his chin. “Do you mind if I join you?” His brows raised and he waited for her answer.

“Sure.” Diane gulped and took a swig of her coffee. Her palms grew sweaty and her heart thumped against her ribcage. She shifted in her chair and crossed her legs. Ethan aroused her and she hoped he had not noticed. He was handsome, tall and he wore his hair in a ponytail. He was dressed in a white button down shirt and black dress pants. His black leather trench was old and worn, she noticed.

Ethan appeared to be somewhere around his late thirties. Fine smile lines, and slight crow’s feet were etched into his rugged features. Trim sideburns adorned his tight square jaw. There was also something else she had never noticed until now since he’d captured her attention. Ethan was blind.

Biting off a piece of her croissant, she observed as he rose to his feet, his left hand reaching for a black cane with a gold lion’s head. With his right hand, Ethan gracefully picked up his cup of coffee. Without a problem, he made his way over to Diane’s table. Sitting the cup down, he eased himself onto the seat facing her.

At a loss for words, she shivered when Ethan’s eyes captured her gaze, sending chills throughout her body. Her nipples swelled and her insides melted, stoking the fire between her thighs. Even though he was blind, it seemed as if he was looking deep within her soul.

“Is something wrong?” Ethan grinned, his left hand gripping the cane, and the right lifting the hot cup of coffee to his sensual lips.

“What do you mean?” Diane gulped, and averted her gaze. She knew what he meant and hoped she had not offended him.

“It’s okay, you didn’t know I was blind until now, did you?” He chuckled, making Diane squirm in her seat at his piercing blue eyes. Her slit creamed and she wondered why he affected her in that manner. Diane averted her gaze towards the window, pretending something had captured her attention, even though she knew he was blind. 

“Um—well Ethan, I’m so sorry. You don’t look like you are blind. You appear to look right at me. Actually, I thought you were deep in thought, when I walked in, you acknowledged me right away.” Diane was ashamed over her apparent shock.

“No worries. Try to relax. I won’t bite—much.”

Diane shifted in her seat and clamped her thighs together. Was Ethan flirting with her?

“When we pass each other in the hallway, the intoxicating aroma of your perfume often captures my attention. I was gathering the courage to actually talk to you this time and I’m glad I did. Also, I have become accustomed to the sound of your footsteps.”

“My footsteps? Ethan, there are so many people walking in and out of this café. How can—

“I can recognize your footsteps from everyone else’s because you walk in a unique way. You have a quick gait, and you tend to drag your heels. That’s something I look forward to every evening.”

“Oh,” Diane moaned, feeling the heat rising to her face. “I do have a horrible habit of dragging my heels. I’m awful on shoes. Ethan, I still don’t know—wow, that’s amazing. You don’t even know me.” Diane became uncomfortable at learning how the man possessed the ability to observe certain characteristics about her.

Ethan smiled. “I’ve been blind since birth, so my senses are very sharp. What I lack in sight, I make up for with my other senses. Forgive me please, it is not my intention to make you uncomfortable.”

Diane released a breath and gripped her coffee cup with both hands, enjoying the warmth emanating from the Styrofoam cup. “Some people allow their handicaps to get in the way of them functioning properly. My grandfather lost his sight in his late sixties. Years later, his health deteriorated because he never got past losing his sight. Well, to make a long story short, he gained the ability to tell the difference in the amount of paper money. I don’t know how he did it, but he
the difference between a five dollar bill and a twenty.”

“Ah, I possess that same ability. You have to because there are some people who would cheat a blind person without remorse. Want to know a little secret? Your grandfather probably carried smaller bills in one pocket, and larger bills in the other.”

Diana covered her mouth when she laughed. It was true, Pop Pop, as she called her grandfather often had her grandmother sort his money in his wallet a certain way.

“It sounds like your grandfather fell into depression. Was he an active man?” Ethan’s expression grew serious.

“Oh yes. My grandfather joined the Merchant Marines in nineteen twenty-four. He purchased his own property in nineteen-sixty nine and built a house, with his own hands. My grandmother helped. My grandfather was stubborn, always a fighter, until---

“Until he lost his sight.” Ethan completed her sentence.

“Yeah.” Diane became a little sad speaking of her grandfather.

“Well, at least he had the wonderful opportunity to see throughout life. I have always felt the sun and rain on my face, but will never actually see them. I’m okay with that you see, because I’m happy and healthy. What more can I ask for?” Ethan smiled and raised his coffee cup to his lips again.

“Your attitude is amazing.” Once the words escaped her lips, she noticed how her voice quivered. She gave a silent prayer Ethan would not noticed, but unfortunately, he did.

“Why are you uncomfortable?”

“Oh,” Diane chuckled. “I’m not uncomfortable.” She was lying through her teeth. It couldn’t have been his lack of sight that made her nervous. Maybe it was the impure thoughts she was thinking because she found him simply irresistible.

“Come, now Diane.” He fixated his gaze on her.

Diane shuddered at those words and his mesmerizing gaze. Why did he possess the power to melt her insides?

“Be honest with me.” His voice lowered, and was tinged with an underlying sexual tone.  Diane turned in her chair, enjoying the increasing arousal between her thighs. His scent intoxicated her, and his voice sent chills skittering down her spine, making her pussy clench. Her nipples swelled and pressed painfully against the lacy fabric of her bra. Her breath escaped her parted lips and she could not resist looking deep into the man’s eyes. Had he known the fire he stoked deep within her?

She gasped. “Honestly, I’m not really sure.”

For a few moments, silence lingered. How could this be? She dealt with people all day long. She had to in order for her business to thrive. So, what was the deal with Ethan?

BOOK: Blind Passion: Intimate Encounters Volume I
8.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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