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“Give it to me,” Kylie said.

So he did. She crouched on the bed, leaning forward with her back arched and her breasts almost touching his cock while she rolled it on. He almost came in her hands at the sight.

He pushed her back down onto the bed, bringing one silver clad foot up and onto his shoulder. And then he slid back into her tight, hot body and gave her everything he had left.



KYLIE HADN’T THOUGHT it was possible for her to come again, but when Dev grasped her other ankle in his big warm hand and put it over his shoulder, too; when he pulsed in and out of her like some kind of human oiled piston; when he caught his bottom lip between his teeth and drove home with his hair falling into those sultry dark eyes and an expression of male exultation—well, she didn’t have a choice.

The orgasm started low and tightly coiled in her belly. It stole all perception or thought from her and trampled them underfoot as tension built within her, spawning heat. Almost unbearable heat. Her consciousness spiraled into it and all focus went to sensation and friction in one spot—not the eager tip of her he’d teased and licked before, but some erogenous zone inside that exploded without warning and left her convulsing around Dev.

But he didn’t stop stroking into her, and so the zone expanded and convulsed again. She heard a soft scream come from her own throat as a third minor explosion tore through her and sheer pleasure shook loose everything in her body.

Dev pounded into her once more and then turned his head and bit her calf as he climaxed himself, strangling the male groan in his throat. Her silver sandals still framed his face between her legs, his mussed hair, his fierce but exultant expression. He looked like some renegade sexual warrior. If only she could take a picture.

She must have smiled involuntarily, because he grinned at her. “I like the sandals, by the way.”

“They complement your eyes.”

“Don’t make me blush.”

She disengaged her ankles from his shoulders and lay like an exhausted starfish, still sprawled under him. “I think I should probably be the one to blush, considering the circumstances.”

He chuckled and pulled out carefully, rolling to the side of the bed. He got up and went to dispose of the condom. When he returned, he stood looking at her, his fists on his naked hips. “I want you to promise me that you’ll always wear high heels when we have sex. It’s hot.”

Her answering smile froze in place, and she closed her legs, pulling the covers up over them.
Always implied some kind of permanence.

“What’s the matter? Is this where you tell me that you have corns or bunions or hammertoes and this is the only time I’ll ever see you in heels?” His face conveyed mock-distress.

“No, no. Nothing like that. Come back to bed.” She patted the mattress.

“Don’t we have a wedding reception to attend?”

“How badly do you really
to do the electric slide?”

Dev rubbed his chin. “Good point.” He rolled into bed with her. “Now, where were we?”

“I think we were just at the point where we were going to give each other naked massages,” she suggested.

“How could I have forgotten?” Dev agreed. “I’ll start with these.” He took her breasts into his hands and rubbed his thumbs gently over her nipples, which came to attention immediately…along with every pleasure-attuned nerve in her body. She closed her eyes in bliss.

“These are incredible, you know. How did you come by them?”

She opened her eyes. “They’re real,” she said acerbically.

“I know they’re real. I’m teasing you. You must have made a deal with the devil to get these from nature.”

Kylie was a hundred-percent sure that Jack had first sought her out for her breasts, so she wasn’t overly flattered. “Yeah,” she said, rolling over and exposing her back to him instead. “I made a deal with the devil, all right. But not for those.”

“Is he still in your life?” Dev asked, smoothing his hands down her back.

“Who? The devil I made the deal with?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Dev began to work the muscles in her neck.

“No.” Oh, his hands felt so good....

“What kind of deal did you make with him?”

“An engagement kind of deal,” she said, as his magic fingers went to work on her shoulders.

“But you broke it off?”


“Can I ask why?”

“I wouldn’t answer any of these questions if you weren’t giving me the best free massage of my life,” she said.

He chuckled. “Yep. I know. But I am, so…?”

“I broke it off because he preferred pills and porn to me.”

“You’re kidding. He preferred porn to
” Dev had worked his way down her back and now had his hands splayed across her ass.

She nodded as best she could while he squeezed and massaged. Impossible, but she was getting turned on all over again. “Yeah. I guess I was too much work for him.”

“Too much work,” Dev repeated incredulously. His thumbs dipped between her cheeks as his hands slid lower. And then he stroked her where she was slick.

She moaned and let her face sink into the mattress as her back arched.

“He thought this was work?” Dev asked, as he put an arm under her stomach and lifted her to prop a pillow beneath her hips. She felt incredibly exposed, but forgot to be embarrassed when those clever fingers of his delved down again.

She muttered an unintelligible sound.

“What an unbelievable idiot,” Dev murmured, and he bit her left cheek gently as he teased and rubbed her while her legs began to shake and the delicious tension he’d released before built again.

Kylie said, as he slid a thumb inside her and yet stroked the little pink nub at her core with the pads of his fingers. “Ohhhhhhhh!”

“So we agree that he’s a moron, right?”


Dev was clearly some kind of contortionist, because he’d managed to get a condom over himself during all of this and now, with her wildly ready for him, he eased his cock into her from behind and wrapped his arms around her, taking her breasts into his hands.

The pleasure was indescribable and she could no longer formulate words as he rocked inside her and rubbed her nipples at the same time.

She didn’t last more than five seconds and he laughed softly as she shattered around him. He seemed to get harder inside her and drove faster and faster until, with a last thrust that she could practically feel in her throat, he came with a guttural, heartfelt curse and collapsed on top of her, pressing her into the mattress.

Kylie was barely conscious, her pulse crashing in her ears.

“I’m so glad,” Dev panted, “that you were engaged to a brain-dead Neanderthal. Because otherwise you’d probably be married, and I wouldn’t have gotten this freaking lucky.”

And for the first time, Kylie laughed about her broken engagement. She laughed until she couldn’t breathe. She laughed until Dev had to give her some more mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


DEV PULLED THE blankets over both of them and tucked Kylie against him, spooning in the aftermath of sex. Lovemaking? It sounded so formal and odd. But
seemed too casual for what he felt.

He stroked Kylie’s hair back from her face. “Honey, you don’t seem like the type of girl who propositions a random guy and gets it on in a supply closet during a rehearsal dinner. Or during a wedding reception.”

“Um, thank you.”

“So would you care to explain?”

She sighed. “Isn’t it obvious, after what I just told you about my engagement? I’m hoping that a little sex with someone else will flush my system, so to speak, of Jack.”

“And is it working?”

“Mmm. Very nicely, thank you.” She gave him a cat-with-cream smile over her shoulder.

He took her earlobe possessively between his teeth and nibbled. “So you weren’t thinking of this Jack-ass while my face was between your legs and my tongue was inside you?”

“Definitely not. He didn’t like that much.”

“Which only confirms my opinion of him as a complete numbskull. Did you think about him when my hands were on your ass and my cock was in you?”

“Not once.”

“How about when you had that triple orgasm?”

“Dev, are you asking me for an evaluation of your sexual performance?”

He shrugged, trying to hide a smirk.

“You were the best I’ve ever had. You’re every girl’s fantasy.”

Music to a guy’s ears, even one as jaded as Dev was. He lost the battle with the smirk. He preened a little. But then he frowned and lightly bit her shoulder.

“So you picked me to wash Jack-ass out of your hair,” he said. “That was your hidden agenda.”

Kylie shifted her legs. “
sounds pretty cold.”

“But that’s exactly what it was.”

She didn’t answer.

“Just out of curiosity,” Dev persisted, “why me?”

She sighed. “I don’t know. You had the look, I guess.”

“The look?”

“The hair, the gold chain, the leather pants, the reputation… Come on, Dev. You know what I’m talking about.”

“Not really,” he lied, somehow wanting to deny it all.

“Yes, you do. You look like a nightclub guy. The kind who goes out trolling bars for drunk, easy women in short, tight skirts. A one-night-wonder type.”

“Are you calling me a slut?”

Kylie rolled to face him. “You’re not getting offended, are you?” She touched his cheek with a manicured index finger.

“Yes. Yes, I think I
getting offended.” He lightly bit the finger, now.

She pulled it back. “Please don’t be. You asked why I chose you—and I’m telling you, that’s all. You seemed like a guy who’d jump at the chance for uncomplicated sex with a stranger. And you did—so I read you correctly.”

The more she talked, the more pissed off Dev became, probably because she was right. “Don’t you think it’s possible that you’ve misjudged me?”

She traced circles in his chest hair. “It’s possible. You’re much nicer than I thought you’d be. Much more understanding. But I’m a pretty good judge of character, Devon McKee. And I don’t think my first impression of you was all that far off the mark.”

Stung, he said, “What if I told you that yes, I’ve
that guy…but I don’t want to be him any longer?” Dev stopped, amazed that those words had come out of his mouth, yet also dead certain that they were, strangely enough, true.

“Meaning what, exactly?”

Good question. “Meaning I want a real relationship.
sex. A girlfriend. Someone to share my life with.”

Aw, Jesus. Really? Where is this coming from?

The disturbing words were surfacing through the tide of self-loathing that ebbed and flowed within him. At low tide, he could stand himself, but at high tide? At high tide, he often ended up drunk and doing something that he regretted later.

“Why?” Kylie asked.

did he want to share his life? Hmm. Another good question. One that he wasn’t prepared to answer, since it involved confessing his loneliness. “What kind of a question is that?”

“Okay, why

Dev stared at her beautiful face, at the tiny lines radiating from her intelligent eyes, the determination under the soft contours of her lips. “Because now

BOOK: Blame It on the Bachelor
10.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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