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Billionaire's Fetish

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Billionaire’s Fetish


Jordan Silver

Copyright © 2013 Alison Jordan

All Rights Reserved


Chapter 1

I had given her strict instructions on exactly what I wanted. She was to follow everything to the letter with no variations whatsoever. She had been warned of the consequences should she deviate and I had chosen a punishment that she was very averse to.

The room was set the straps were already attached to the posts of the bed. The candles were melting nicely, nice big fat ones that would burn for a long time. I had champagne chilling in a bucket next to the bed and chocolate covered strawberries laid out on a silver tray.

A check of my watch showed the time to be ten minutes to the hour, she should be coming through that door any minute now or the night will not go nicely for her.

I lit my cigar as I sat in the chair. My suit jacket was unbuttoned and my tie loosened but it was the only thing I’d done in preparation.

I heard her pull into the garage and flicked the ash from the end of my cigar. My pulse raced with anticipation and my cock twitched in readiness.

“Hello my love how was your day?”

She started stripping as she made her way into the room.

“It was fine thank you.”

I beckoned her over with the crook of a finger as she dropped the belt of her coat onto the floor.

“Did you do what I asked? Did you drive home like that?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl. Let me see, take it off.” She dropped the cashmere coat from off her shoulders exposing her semi nude body in the red lace bra and matching thong.

“Turn around.”

She turned slowly before me as I reached my hand out to feel the silky smooth texture of her skin. Once weekly visits to the top spa in the city kept her in the shape I liked. Her hair nails and body were kept in mint condition because it’s what I required in my woman. Her long golden curls shone in the candlelight as she twirled in front of me until coming to a full stop.

Her natural forty D tits are a thing of pride for me. I draw the line at man made enhancements. Her body’s sculpture was the work of a personal trainer that came to the house four days a week and put her through her paces in the state of the art gym I’d had built for just such a purpose.

Some might see her as a Stepford wife. I really didn’t much care what some might think. I know what I like and I have enough wealth and power to make it happen.

I guess my friends and acquaintances had thought it was a given that I would settle down with a proper upper crust woman. She would be someone perhaps of my own class with the right pedigree, a family name and wealth of her own. But I didn’t need anyone else’s money to uphold mine, and my name could certainly stand on its own. The Stratfords have been a force to be reckoned with for generations and I Blake Stratford was no less. I’d fooled them all when I’d walked away from the woman that my own mother and hers had handpicked for me and found instead a girl that no one saw coming. She was not from the right sort of family; in fact my little girl was a farm fresh hayseed, as my ex wanna be fiancé had pegged her.

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste and I had put mine to good use. I knew that Brenda was not the woman for me but I hadn’t been sure who was. No one in our circle came close to what I was looking for. Brenda was an okay fuck but she was nowhere near what I needed or wanted to roll over next to every morning for the rest of my life. I’d never lied to her, never led her on. What we’d had was an understanding it’s not my fault that she had other plans. Or that she led our parents to believe that there was something more going on than actually was.

When the noose was getting too tight I’d cut the rope, severed it once and for all without any regrets. After all I hadn’t been the one who’d lied. I hadn’t wasted any time in finding her replacement. Only this time I was playing for keeps.

Heather was the daughter of a farmer down on his luck. I guess you can say I took advantage of his misfortune. He needed my money and with one look at his nineteen-year-old daughter he had something I wanted.

I fucked her the first night we met, had I known I would be taking her cherry I maybe would’ve done things a little differently but what’s done is done. Now she’s my wife, mine to do with as I pleased.

“Come.” She knelt at my feet and her little fingers reached for my suit jacket. She removed my shirt and tie before moving onto my shoes and socks. All of this was done in slow deliberate movements. No hurriedness as her now nimble fingers attacked my belt. This is the reason why I hadn’t undressed myself on first coming home. The disrobing was all part of the experience.

“Open the pants but leave them on.” I love having my cock sucked while wearing my pants, it’s one of my many fetishes.

“Kiss me.” She lifted her mouth to follow my orders. The kiss was hot and hungry as I forced my tongue deep into her mouth. Her hands never quit fighting with my belt as I fucked her mouth with my tongue. Pretty much the way I was about to with my cock. She was fast becoming an expert at pleasing me. Since that first night when I slipped into her room in her father’s old rundown farmhouse I’ve had my cock stuffed in some part of her body everyday. When she had her monthly complaint I took her mouth or her ass. She’d even learned to wear tampons because the only mess I like with my fucking is my cum leaking out of her ass when I was through fucking the hell out of it.

She finally released my eleven inches of fuck meat and I released her mouth so she could get to work. I’d had a long week at the office and was looking forward to a long session of fucking and sucking my young bride. She never complains she has no reason to. Her life has been changed for the better. She no longer had to worry about a roof over her head, or food in her belly. I guess it’s a good thing that she fell in love with me as well not that I cared about that. She’s what I wanted from the moment I laid eyes on her and what I want I take.

“Lick the head some more. Yeah I like that.” She licked the pre cum from my cock head while her little hands fondled my balls. I fisted her hair and forced her head down until I hit the back of her throat.

“Good girl.” It had taken some time but she was finally able to take me all the way in without gagging. Though I do enjoy that sound every now and then, that’s where the choking comes in these days. There’s nothing like the way her cunt squeezes around my dick when I’m choking the fuck out of her. I think I’ll put some of that on the menu for tonight.

“Make me cum baby.” That was her cue to speed it up and make me blast off in her mouth, take the edge off so we could get down to serious business.

She changed up the pressure of her suction sucking me harder and adding some twists to her mouth that soon had me shooting my first load of hot cum onto her tongue.

“Show me.” She opened her mouth and showed me the mouthful of seed in her mouth.

“Swallow it.” Her throat moved as she obeyed me.

I picked her up and laid her on the bed.

“You look very beautiful this evening baby, did you get everything I told you to at the grocery store?”

“Yes sir.”

“How did it feel walking around among all those high and mighty women knowing you were naked under your coat?”

“It was very exciting.”

“We’ll see.” I slipped a finger under her thong and tested the wetness of her pussy. She was drenched just the way I like her. I used my teeth to pull her panties aside. Her scent was intoxicating, jasmine and spice mixed with the heady scent of her pussy’s natural flavor. I tickled her slit with the tip of my tongue.

“I want you to sit on my face and don’t cum until tell you to.” I laid down beside her on the bed, she climbed over my head, her red spike heels digging into the sheets next to my face as she squatted over my mouth.

“Play with your tits while I tongue fuck you.”

She pulled on her large nipples as I buried my tongue in her pussy. Holding her hips still I ate her out until she moaned and ground her cunt harder into my mouth. My cock jumped and leaked in anticipation.

“Off.” She eased off my tongue and waited for my next instruction. I pulled her thong back into place, I love fucking her with her panties on, it’s another one of my fetishes along with many others some of which I plan to fulfill before the night is over.

Pulling her up and off the bed I bent her over the side. The heels made her just the right height to take my cock in this position. I opened my slacks all the way and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy lips with her thong pushed to the side. I eased my cock ever so slowly into her sweet pussy until I was buried to the hilt.

“Fuck me.” I growled into her ear before biting down on it.

She moved her ass back and forth as my cock worked on her pussy. The tightness of her pussy gripped me as I reached around and pulled the cups of her bra down so I could pinch her nipples.

“Fucking is one of the great arts Heather, it takes skill and coordination.” I said this to her as I pulled my cock out and played the head across her clit over and over until her juices covered me, then I slid back home with one hard thrust.

“Ahhh.” She squealed and grabbed hold of the sheets in her fists.

“Push back.”

I ground my cock into her hard and rough tearing into her pussy as my fingers grabbed her hips tight enough to leave marks.

“Cum for me.” She came with a scream but I held off, it was going to be a while before I off loaded again.

Without a word being spoken I led her back onto the bed and laid her out in the middle.

“Give me your hands.”

I tied her hands to the top posts then her legs were next. She was spread eagle, her tits pushed up her pussy lips peeping out the sides of her red thong. I ran my cock over the rough lace before slipping it under and leaving it to lie on her clit. She was in a state of heat but I wasn’t going to fuck her again yet. We had a long night ahead of us and the fun had only just begun.

I started with the champagne; first I propped a pillow under her tight ass then pushing the thin crotch of her thong aside I licked her before inserting the lip of the bottle into her and pouring just a mouthful of the ice cold liquid into her wet heat.



I replaced the bottle and sipped from her pussy until the taste of the alcohol mixed with her own spicy goodness filled my mouth. I repeated that twice more until I’d had my fill. Spreading her legs I licked my way up and down her flesh making her tremble and beg me to take her.

“Not yet.”

I fished a strawberry from the tray. “Bite.” She took a small nibble from the tip I held to her mouth, the juices from the fruit mixed with the bitter sweet chocolate and I used it to paint her nipples before taking them into my mouth. Her pussy was treated to the same treatment. I rubbed the chocolate covered fruit into her cunt covering the treat and my hand with her essence. Covering her body once more I slipped my cock back into her while holding the berry in my mouth and feeding it to her. We moved slowly together as I clasped her bound hands in mine above her head.

“You feel that?”

“Uh huh.”

“How does it feel having my big cock stuffed inside your tight little pussy?”

“I love it, don’t stop.” She tried to get more of me inside her but her restraints limited her movement.

“Never baby I’ll never stop.”

I loved fucking her slowly as much as I loved ramming my cock into her. They both had their benefits. I ran my hands down her thighs lifting them as much as I could with them tied. The added pain of the strain in her ankles and the ropes cutting into her flesh was just what my girl liked. What she craved.

“You want me to pound you?”

“Yes please fuck my pussy harder.”

“Beg me.”

“Fuck me harder, make my pussy hurt.” Now you see why she’s my wife, my little farm girl is a bit of a freak. She loves pain, nothing too over the top but just enough to keep things interesting. I didn’t have any fear of ejaculating as I plowed into her hard and fast. The bed rocked and knocked into the wall as she pulled against her restraints howling for me to fuck her harder. She’s a wild little bitch who loves to fuck almost as much as I do. There isn’t much I can’t get her to do and she won’t do willingly there’re ways and means of getting to.

“Clench your pussy baby let me feel you. Oh yeah so fucking good squeeze my cock baby.”

She worked her ass and hips as my cock dug deeper and deeper into her depths. I kept knocking against her cervix and peeping into her womb where I like to play.

One day soon I’m going to fuck my son into her I can’t wait. We don’t use protection just play it by ear, if it happens it happens. For now I’m enjoying having my hot new wife all to myself.

“You want me to breed you baby?” Now that’s her fetish, talk of pregnancy and planting my babies inside her makes her wild. She moved faster around my cock and came.

“Yes, yes, yes, please I’m ready.”

“How many should we have huh?”


“Four, I want four, you’ll give me four.”

She clamped down and came again and that almost set me off too. I pulled out quickly and lifted her ass in my hands so I could suck all that new sweetness directly from the source.

BOOK: Billionaire's Fetish
13.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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