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Chapter Eight


The intimate wedding ceremony at Greenlea Plantation wasn’t quite as intimate as William the third had led his son’s to believe. There were hundreds of guests and almost as many cars so Walden ended up running over a few of the privet hedges that had been specially clipped into the shape of wedding bells for a lack of any other place to park. Thankfully he had given the Maserati to Eleanor Selig and purchased a four-wheel drive Ford truck, so although the decorative shrubs were ruined his vehicle wasn’t.

“Your new stepmother isn’t gonna be too happy ‘bout those fancy hedges, boy, but I never did care for them in the first place. Besides, I don’t give a damn what that crack-ho thinks, do you know she had the gall to think she could run me outta my home” Mae said, waving her arms to indicate the plantation house.

Walden zigzagged through the plethora of cars on the driveway and hurried up the steps to plant a big kiss on her cheek. “You are too much, boy,” she said, blushing, her hand fluttering to her lips to hide an adoring smile.

“She’s stupider than she looks if she thinks you can be forced to leave this place. And what the hell, you don’t even know the meaning of crack-ho, where’d you hear a word like that?”

“From you, you filthy-mouthed child, now I got things to tend to. Seems like every Tom, Dick, and Harry turned out to witness this circus. ‘Scuse me now, I got to check up on your daddy, he’s been hittin’ the whiskey pretty hard all day. Not that I blame him, that Hannah, she is a piece of work, umhmm, born to money but walks and talks like cheap dime store trash.”

“You kill me, Mae. Where
the virginal bride? I’ve got a wedding gift for her,” Walden said, and Mae cut her eyes up toward the top of the stairs then shook her head, crossed herself, and went out the back door muttering every curse word she could think of.

Walden bounded up the stairs and burst through the door of the master bedroom where Marilyn was cinching her daughter into a white lace corset.

“Goodbye Marilyn,” Walden said, holding the door open for her as she ducked under his arm and huffed out. Hannah tilted her head playfully and shot him a grateful smile.

“Why don’t you marry me Walden? Your daddy has about worn me out with that bottomless bottle of Viagra he bought on the internet. I swear to mercy he ought to have keeled over by now and they don’t do him a bit of good anyway, his dick’s as limp as a wet rag. Come here and give me some sugar, sugar!” She said, strutting toward him with a look of superiority while her nimble little fingers unlaced the corset so that it slipped to the floor and she stood before him in nothing but a garter belt, white stockings, and stilettos.

“I usually draw the line at defiling a bride on her wedding day but I have a feeling you’re not ever gonna make it to the altar, chere,” he said, running his hands over her thin frame, his thumbs circling her sharply jutting collarbones, then teasing her erect nipples as she cursed and pressed his hands into the tender flesh of her breasts. “Hannah, Hannah—didn’t that smartass lawyer tell you that all the money you’ve got your sights set on is tied up in trusts for Warfield descendants? And don’t start in about having babies, the old man’s memory is a tricky thing, I don’t think he remembers that my mother insisted he have vasectomy after I was born.”

Hannah winced as if he’d struck her for about half a minute, but then she regained her arrogant composure, slapped his hands away, dropped to her knees and quickly unzipped his fly. Her eyes flashed up to his, daring him to stop her, but he didn’t, he peeled off the jacket of his tux and let her slide his pants down just far enough so that his cock sprang free. She was always caught off guard by the size of Walden’s cock: It was sizeable even when he wasn’t aroused and when he was, it was scary big and made her mouth water, not to mention her pussy. That he wasn’t resisting her advances surprised her and she knew he just might be up to no good, but it was too late once she licked her lips and let them stretch over the broad firm-soft flare of his cock and tasted his spicy fluid on her tongue.

He grabbed a handful of her long hair and held her firmly as he plunged into her succulent mouth, she was a bitch and a greedy conniving whore but she was second to none when it came to sucking cock, and he doubted he’d ever see her again after today. He held her steady, as she rocked back on her stilettos, her tongue twisting and licking, her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked viciously. Walden growled out a curse when his cock hit the back of her throat and she moaned around him, the sound vibrating and pushing him to the edge as he jerked away from her, breathing hard.

“Fuck you, you selfish cocksucker!” She shouted, springing to her feet and slashing at his face, her perfectly manicured nails drawing blood that dripped from his cheek onto his crisp white shirt.

“Takes one to know one,” he said, scooping her up and tossing her on his father’s bed. “You are so fucked and you don’t even know it, Hannah. That’s right, spread your legs and beg me because I’m the last Warfield you’ll ever fuck.”

“Hurry, please! Fuck me, Walden,” She pleaded while he dug a packet from his pocket and tore it open. Her eyes were wild as she watched him run a hand over his heavy balls and roll the condom on in one swift movement. He pushed her down on the bed, lifted her legs to his shoulders, and drove into her hard and deep, on and on as his blood spattered on her face and she bucked her hips up, her back arching off the bed as the orgasm seized her and she shouted, “Ohhhhhhh God, yesssss, harder, harder, d-don’t s-stop!”

When he was finished he left her panting on the bed and before he could leave she hissed, “You understand that I’ll sell this estate and walk away with thirty million, don’t you, asshole? I have an investor just waiting to snap it up, turn this house into a country club and build mini-mansions on the land. Your daddy isn’t gonna last for long the way he’s popping those happy-hard-on-pills, why, his heart could give out tonight at the rate he’s goin’.” She collected her wits and moved to the dressing table, watching his smug reflection in the mirror and wiping the blood off her face and breasts and pinning her hair into a tidy chignon.

“I understand you perfectly, Hannah, and good luck with your well laid plans,” he said and he left her there to prepare herself for the inevitable.


“So how’s the bride?” William asked. He stood at the bottom of the double staircase as his brother descended the stairs, tucking his shirt in and zipping his fly. Walden’s face had a telltale claw mark down the length of one cheek and he shrugged into his tuxedo jacket but it didn’t hide the blood stains drying on his shirt.

“She’s fucked in more ways than one, satisfied for the moment but not for long. After you and I talked about the happier days we spent here, I drove out to see father and I told him I thought he might be making a mistake marrying Hannah. He explained a few things that day and guess what, bro, the old man’s not as messed up in the head as we thought.”

“Hmm, so this party might get interesting?”

“You bet,” Walden said.

They found their father in the library, his arm looped protectively through Allie’s, both of them beaming as he pointed out his treasured first editions by all the great Southern authors. He had never looked happier as he prattled on at length about books and the history of the fine old house, how Greenlea Plantation stood out as the only plantation in Louisiana that have never used slave labor. That had drawn him to it, his Danish forebears being fairly new to the South, they were progressive-minded Europeans and the mere idea of slavery was abhorrent.

“Father, have you stolen my girl from me for forever?” William asked, and his father seemed lost for a moment when Allie slipped her arm from his and went readily into William’s embrace.

“I was telling Liza about the house and that it’s my mother’s ring that she’s wearing. It belonged to my grandmother before that and I’ve been saving it for you, my dear,” he said, his eyes clouding as reached for her hand and brought it to his lips. “You’re Alaina, not Liza, please forgive me, my dearest girl. Does this mean the great desire of my heart has come true, William, has our darlin’ Alaina agreed to marry you?”

“She has, Father, and it has nothing to do with your will and your ridiculous ultimatum. I’m in love with her and she’s led me to believe she loves me, too.”

“I do love your son, Mr. Warfield, I love him like crazy,” Allie said, wrapping her arms around William as she snuggled into the safety of his big, warm body.

“All’s well that ends well,” Walden chuckled as he waved to one of the waiters threading through the room offering champagne to the gaggle of wedding guests. “Let’s have a toast to the soon-to-be Mrs. Warfield. Here’s to you lovely Alaina, your angel’s face and sweet spirit have captured all the hearts of the Warfield men. And to my brother, Wills, the luckiest man alive, who deserves his hard-won happiness more than any of us.”

“Cheers to that, and to many, many grandchildren filling this house as soon as the two of you can get around to it,” the elder William lifted his glass and they all clicked their glasses together and drank to a bright and shining future.

“Not drinking, Alaina?” Walden asked.

“Stomach problems,” she said, and he laughed and raised a brow as if it were clear to see that she was glowing from more than just her impending marriage to William.

“What’s all this, did I hear you talking about grandchildren, William?” Marilyn Trudeau had joined their little group and her lips were pursed so tightly she might have been sucking a lemon.

“One can only hope. Marilyn, have you heard the wonderful news? My son is following my lead, he, too, is marrying an enchanting young woman.”

“Oh. How divine. Hannah is ready, William, and the guests are all here, we should get started, Judge Gaffney doesn’t have all day,” Marilyn said, turning her nose up at Allie. “By the way, young lady, my daughter has a very delicate nervous system, so don’t make plans to let any children of yours run wild in her new home.”

“Nonsense, Marilyn. I live for the day William and Alaina bring their babies into this house. Mae talks of nothing else lately, she can’t wait to embrace those babies as her own, just as she’s been like a mother to my boys.”

“Now that calls for another toast,” Walden said, lifting his glass and laughing heartily at the sour expression on Marilyn’s face.

“What does that maid have to do with anything? Hannah has already given her two weeks’ notice and told her to pack her belongings and get off the property. And I don’t blame Hannah one little bit, I can barely tolerate that woman’s high and mighty attitude. Why, you’d think she owns the place,” Marilyn spat the words out and then cleared her throat and took a long swallow of champagne.

“She does,” William the third said, calmly locking eyes with Marilyn.

“Well that’s ludicrous. What are you saying, William?” Marilyn said, leaning in close to hear his meaning.

“I mean Mae owns Greenlea Plantation, I signed the deed over to her years ago. She’s been the cornerstone of this family, she held us together through thick and thin, and she’s loved the three of us with every fiber of her being.”

“Father, that’s amazingly wonderful,” William said softly, and he let go of Allie and hugged his father for the first time that either of them could remember.

“I had a feeling this was gonna be fanfuckingtastic day.” Walden laughed, draping an arm around Allie’s shoulders and smiling a broad and genuine smile when he gave her a peck on the cheek and said, “Welcome to the family, sis.”

“You damned fool! We’ll just see what Hannah has to say about this, William Warfield. You need to call Judge Gaffney in here immediately and have him set this straight. This property should be left to your wife not some… servant.” Marilyn said and she wheeled around and headed for the stairs.

“You realize Hannah might back out of the wedding now, right? I know it could be a blow to your ego, Father but…” Walden started but his father cut him off.

“You boys haven’t given me enough credit, there was never a doubt in my mind as to what Hannah and Marilyn had up their sleeves. Transparent as new glass, that’s what those two are. I couldn’t see a bit of harm in letting that fiery young gal think she was going to take me to the cleaners, so to speak. Hell, she didn’t know it but she had nothing to gain and I had nothing to lose, and pardon my saying this, Alaina, but I’ve had one helluva good time with her up there in my remodeled bedroom. With this bad heart of mine there’s not much chance of me living to a ripe old age and I figured if she wants to fuck me to death, well boys, that’s not a bad way to go. I’d rather go out with a bang than a fizzle.”

Allie laughed so hard that tears ran down her cheeks, fiery was a good word she decided, not where Hannah was concerned, but it described the Warfield men to a T.

“Mr. Warfield, I think you’re incredible. It seems like your sons got their good looks
their charm from you,” Allie said.

“Thank you, darlin’, and it would make me sublimely happy if you’d call me Wills.”

“William Warfield I am going to kill you!” Hannah screamed, flying into the room with her hand raised to slap or claw her fiancé’s face.

Walden caught her hand and shook his head, “Nope. You can hit me, but I’ll be damned if I let you hurt my father.”

“Now Hannah, darlin’, what’s all this? You love me for who I am, not what I have, isn’t that what you’ve been whispering in my ear for some time now? You keep saying you want to grow old with me and my money doesn’t matter at all….”

BOOK: Billionaire Season 3: Summer Ablaze (Billionaire Season Trilogy)
11.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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