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Billionaire Ransom

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Billionaire Ransom

Fortune Riders MC Series

Book 2

By Lexy Timms

Copyright 2016 Lexy Timms



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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners.


All rights reserved.

Copyright 2015 by Lexy Timms



Katie was hoping for a happily-ever-after with her bad-boy biker, Morgan, but nothing is ever that simple. The war between the Orphans, Morgan’s club, and the Outkasts, has been averted by the exile of Craig—Morgan’s former second-in-command and best friend since his foster system days.

However, Craig is not the only man angry with the lovers. Katie’s rich and powerful father, Blake Wilkes, will stop at nothing, even putting a hit out on his own daughter, to make sure that it’s the Orphans who take the fall for the brutal slayings Wilkes ordered.

This sets into motion a daring plan that will put the proof of Wilkes’ deadly intentions into the light.

Caught in the crosshairs of power, money, and revenge, Katie and Morgan will have to risk everything in order to find their happily-ever-after.


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Katie cracked open one eye, and a grin crossed her lips, stretching them upward. Morgan lay beside her, limbs sprawled and the sheet down around his waist, barely covering his hips. She let her eyes wander over his lean frame, from the scope of his wide shoulders and chest to the taut span of his waist and lower to the firm sculpted muscles of his abdomen and the thin arrow of air that ran below the sheet and hinted of sex.

She lay there, cuddled into his side, basking in the warmth coming off his body. She inhaled the fragrance of their combined bodies, slightly musky and warm, feminine and masculine combined. There was a vague trace of his cologne on the pillow as she inhaled and studied his face carefully.

In sleep, he looked younger and less burdened. The cynicism was gone, as was the worry. She knew he had every reason to be worried; the events of the last few weeks had been intense.

Morgan had walked into a death-house, thanks in no small part to his former best friend and the Orphans second-in-command, Craig. The only way to make things right had been to exile Craig, otherwise Morgan would have had to face down an entire crew of the Outkasts, the bikers that Craig had cheated of money and dope.

faced them down, and she’d been in the thick of it. That alone was reason for her to feel confused.

She was the daughter of a very rich man, the infamous billionaire Blake Wilkes. She’d basically become the heir to an empire just by birth, and she’d been groomed to take over that empire practically starting in the womb. That she had been born a girl had disappointed her father, at least at first, but she had learned quickly to strive for perfection and to be the best at everything. She’d been a woman in a man’s world, and she’d succeeded, but nothing had ever been good enough. She’d never managed to live up to the fact that there had once been a son, now gone, but whose place she had to take, knowing she would never be that son.

She had met Morgan in a bar on an afternoon when she had fled the stuffy confines of her office and the work she had hated, despite being so good at it, and from that point on everything had changed.


She always longed for independence from that life, with its constricting wealth and expectation, and she had left it, thanks to the courage she had learned from Morgan.

Except nothing was ever that simple. She could not just walk away from her family and wealth, and think it would work out like the movies or in fairytales.

She now had nowhere to live and, while Morgan had been glad to let her stay with him, Katie wasn’t sure she was ready for that kind of commitment. She didn’t want to trade one life for another without considering all the possibilities.

She’d fallen hard for Morgan and she knew it. She wanted him and she intended to be with him, and she would be. But she wanted to know she could stand on her own two feet, too. She frowned as she considered that.

Could she do it?

It was easy to leave behind the luxury apartment her father’s company paid for and just tumble into Morgan’s bed, but she had to know she was capable of doing things on her own.

She had to.

Could she slip into his life as well? It was so different from hers.

Of course, there were the other issues she needed to focus on.

Like her father. The powerful and mind-bogglingly wealthy Blake Wilkes had ordered his men to kill. She didn’t want to believe her dad had done that, but she played blind to the obvious.

A slow-growing horror enveloped her as she considered her father’s actions. His lawyers would throw the men who actually pulled the trigger beneath a bus and claim he had never actually ordered them to be killed. The odds of his walking away clean were pretty good.

She shifted in the bed and snuggled closer to Morgan. She couldn’t stand it. Her eyes shut in an involuntary spasm.
How could Dad have done it? How much money did someone need?

All because he wanted more development? More infrastructure? The land that had been occupied by the ragtag crew of bikers was valuable, worth tens of millions of dollars in profit. It was also true that the bikers who’d died were the worst of the worst—a bunch of drug-addled and vicious men who’d beaten the dogs that Morgan had rescued from the grounds of that house the day he walked into the aftermath of the slaughter, but that didn’t excuse her father’s actions. They had not been good people, no, but they had been people, and to simply dispose of them in the name of profit was horrific and disgusting.

Could her father really be that greedy? She already knew that the answer to that was an emphatic yes, but the question of whether or not he would face any consequences for it was murkier. Also murky were her feelings toward him.

He was her father, and she had been raised to respect him and obey him. She had also been the one to turn over the information that he might be involved to the police and the news stations. That she had even dared to go against him frightened her, and made her feel like she had betrayed him—betrayed the family.

She had been disloyal, and she knew it. It bothered her, but her conscience would not let her stay quiet, and if she hadn’t taken the evidence to the cops, Morgan would have landed in jail for the rest of his life; him and the rest of his crew.

She sighed, frustration giving way to any chance of falling asleep again.

One of Morgan’s eyes slid open. His hand ran down her body, coming to rest lightly on her hip. “Good morning,” he murmured in a husky, incredibly sexy voice.

She smiled. “Mornin’. I was thinking of getting up to make coffee, but I’m not sure if you drank it, or have any.”

His smile was slow and lazy. “Yes to both.”

She started to slide out of the bed, but his hand held her in place.

A devilish light gleamed in his eyes as he spoke, “Where are you going?”

She giggled. “To make coffee.”

He pulled her closer and their bodies touched. His fingers trailed over her skin, leaving her shivering; a wide swath of goosebumps rose in the wake of their passing. “Right now?”

Her breath caught in her throat. “Don’t you want coffee?”

“I do, later.” His eyes held intention.

She swallowed, playing innocent to his intentions, but her body responded without cognitive thinking. Her pelvis rotated against his hip, having a mind of its own. “So…um…what did you want?”

He chuckled. “I think that’s obvious.”

It was. His hardness pressed against her thigh and she forced herself even closer.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure what you need,” she whispered as her tongue licked the curve of his neck, enjoying the roughness of his cheek in need of a shave.

He groaned when her teeth tugged on his earlobe, and he lifted his head to still her with a piercing gaze of desire.

No one had ever looked at her like that.

It made her feel like she was the only one in the world besides him.

His eyes trailed down to her mouth and, without thinking, her tongue ran against both top and bottom to wet them in anticipation. When he didn’t move, a soft frustrated groan escaped from deep in her throat, and she bit into her lower lip to stop it. Her hips reached up to press against his, the heat from his skin searing into her core. She wanted him inside her—now.

Slowly, he brought his head towards her, as if he knew the sweet torture he was putting her through. His lips captured hers in a long unhurried kiss that fired all of her senses. He moved, sliding across her body then pinning her to the mattress. Her breath caught as his mouth moved lower along her body, creating liquid heat along her nerve endings.

He caught her nipple in his mouth, and he sucked and tugged on it until it grew hard. Her other breast ached to be fondled the same way, so she brought her hands to the sides of his head and pushed his mouth to the throbbing ache.

Morgan grinned against her skin as his mouth captured the taut peak, and his hand slid down her stomach.

Katie pressed the back of her head into the pillows and arched her back so his hand would find her center quicker.

He slid his finger inside of her and moaned as the soft, warm velvet surrounded him. Katie cried out as his thumb found her nub and rubbed against it in a perfect rhythm. It felt like seconds and her hips were bucking against his hand, her stomach quivering from his touch, and her hands gripped the sheets as an orgasm rocked through her. Before she could let herself lower back down, Morgan’s hot mouth left her breast and she opened her eyes as coolness floated over her nipple.

In one motion he was inside her, slipping in and out. Her bodied tightened against his erection and she nearly screamed as another orgasm ripped through her again. Never in her life had that happened.

Morgan responded, his hips going faster as he moved with her. His breath caught and his eyes never left hers. His hips drove hard against her and hitched suddenly, his head dropping to hers, their mouths fusing together. The skin of his muscled chest met hers, rubbing along her as he let go, falling deeply into the heat they had created.

He dropped on top of her and groaned against her neck. “You. Are. Unbelievably. Sexy.” A hot breath teased her skin. “Hot damn!”

She smiled, not minding him on top of her like this. “I’ll take that over coffee any day.”

“Me too,” He chuckled. “But I still want coffee.”

She moved to get up but he pressed her back into the mattress as he set his weight on his elbows and lifted his torso above her. He gave her a kiss. “I’ll make it.” He stood, his body naked and incredibly sexy.

She let her eyes wander over the magnificent curves and planes of his body as he shrugged into jeans and a tee-shirt before heading for the kitchen.

She lay in the bed a moment, enjoying the sounds of him bustling about in the kitchen. Then she looked around the room and realized this wasn’t her place. She got up and found her bags. “I’m going to grab a quick shower,” she called out to Morgan.

“It’s all yours, babe.”

Grabbing what she needed, she headed into the bathroom for a quick shower before dressing hastily and throwing her hair into a bun. Slapping on some mascara, she walked silently to the kitchen on bare feet.

Morgan stood against the counter, checking his phone. He smiled at her, his eyes running appreciatively up and down her jeans and blouse before he poured them both cups of the hot coffee. “Cream? Sugar? I’m not sure how you like it.”

“Just sugar.” She moved to the bowl on the counter and added a small spoonful.

“Good.” He laughed. “I don’t have any cream. Or milk. I’m out.” He took a sip and watched her over the rim of his mug. “I’ve got some things I have to do today.”

“Want me to come?” She didn’t want to sound like she feared being on her own, but this wasn’t her place. She wasn’t sure she wanted to be here without him.

“I’d love to take you along, but I can’t.”

Her eyes rested on his face. Concern and fear assailed her. How many of the things he did were illegal? What would happen if he got arrested? Would she even be able to get him out of jail? She swallowed the hot coffee, ignoring the slight scalding against her throat. “I understand. I’ve some things to do, too.”

“Like what?” His eyebrows rose and she nearly laughed. He was the rough biker. She was basically the princess living in a castle for the past twenty-odd years.

She set her cup on the counter. “I need to find a place to live, and a job.”

“You can stay here.”

She smiled; the words warmed her heart and she was grateful to him for having said them but there was still a burning need inside her. She wanted to know she could make it on her own, and she would never find out if she just traded one sheltered place for another.

There was the nagging fact that she didn’t really know Morgan. They’d slept together, sure, and gone on a few dates, but besides a near run-in with death, she didn’t really know him. The thought made her almost laugh out loud. It all sounded crazy. So did her feelings for him.

There was also the fact that she really did need to work. It wasn’t so much the money as the need to do something. She didn’t know how to just sit idle and, what was more, she didn’t want to. She wanted to work, to be a part of something and earn her own way.

She was saved from having to explain it to him literally by the bell. Saved by the bell sound of his cell phone. 

Morgan scowled down at it lying on the counter, and then sighed, “Listen. I have to go. I’ll be back later this evening.” He tipped a cup with pens in it and dug out a key. As he handed it to her, he said, “Stay here, come back here… whatever you need to do. I don’t mind.” His phone began ringing again. “Call me and let me know what’s going on.”

“Sure,” she said.

Morgan dropped a kiss on her mouth and swiped the phone off the counter before grabbing his bike boots. As he put them on, Katie checked her phone for emails, trying to order her thoughts as he kissed her again and left.

As soon as he was gone, the silence set in and she grew restless. New fears, brought up by her earlier thoughts that he could go to jail for some of his activities, plagued her.

She was no fool.

BOOK: Billionaire Ransom
13.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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