Beginning of Forever (Heaven Hill #7)

BOOK: Beginning of Forever (Heaven Hill #7)
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The Beginning of Forever

Heaven Hill Series Book Seven

Laramie Briscoe

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This book is for every reader who said they wanted more Tyler and Meredith…I hope I did it justice and I hope you enjoy!

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Excerpt from Heaven Hill #8

Excerpt from Only the Beginning

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The Heaven Hill Series

The Beginning of Forever

Book Seven in the Heaven Hill Series





Tyler and Meredith Blackfoot have a long and complicated history. A relationship born out of the worst thing a woman can endure has blossomed into a greater love than either of them could have ever imagined. Now, with answered prayers and Addie a permanent part of their family, they are ready to move forward.

Meredith is working as Director of the CRISIS center. Tyler busy mentoring younger members of the club and the teenagers that look up to him with wide-eyed amazement.

Life is going exactly the way they want it to when a woman shows up at CRISIS that could threaten everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve. She’s dangerous, and only a select few know why. Secrets are kept and stresses mount as the Blackfoot’s get the biggest surprise of their lives.

Tyler will do anything to protect the woman he loves and the young family they’ve created together. When the reason he breathes is threatened, he does everything in his power to prove it’s not the end, but the beginning of forever.

Chapter One

eredith Blackfoot tensed as she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and did her best not to bite down. Her hand gripped that of her husband, who stood at his full height next to her, as still as she was. They were both, it seemed, holding their breath. In actuality this breath had been held for the past eighteen months: the length of time since Addalynn had come to live with them, how long it had taken for their petition for adoption to be seen before the court, and how long they had lived their lives looking over their shoulders.

The obstacles they faced had, at times, seemed overwhelming—yet here they stood. As one united front.

“Whatever they say, we’ll make it through.”

She heard the soft words spoken by the man who held her heart, who’d held it since he’d saved her on the most awful night of her life. He was right, they would, but goddamn, it would hurt if they took Addalynn away. Their attorney had cautioned them before they walked in that if things went to shit there were always appeals, but Meredith wasn’t sure her heart could take it. There were only so many times that a heart could be broken, and hers was about at its limit.

His larger hand held hers tightly, his thumb rubbing circles over the skin there. The touch soothed her as the judge took his seat before the court and the hearing started. The whole thing went by in a blur until she heard the words that she had wanted to hear for so long.

“This adoption has been approved, and the minor child will be able to remain in the custody and home of Tyler and Meredith Blackfoot.”

Those were the sweetest words Meredith had ever heard in her life. They were free to move on and enjoy their time together. There would be no more looking over their shoulders, wondering if they hadn’t been as thorough as they had tried to be when searching for Addalynn’s family members. She did research every day in her job for CRISIS and knew that she’d done the best she could.

“Let’s take our daughter home,” Tyler told her, the smile on his face as wide as she had ever seen it.

Taking their daughter home
. Words she had always longed to hear, but never thought she would.


Two Months Later

“You go ahead and go on home, Mer. I know Tyler and Addie are waitin’ on you,” Christine told her friend. “I’ll take care of getting this family settled and signed in. You’ve worked more than your fair share this week.”

Christine was right, they
waiting on her. This was their first holiday as an official family, and this year the Heaven Hill MC was doing Fourth of July up right. Steele and Rooster had gone into Tennessee earlier in the week and bought a whole bunch of fireworks. The women had all asked them why they didn’t do business inside of Bowling Green, but they all just rolled their eyes and said Tennessee was the place to go. Either way, the group was apparently going to witness an insane spectacle tonight as soon as the sun went down.

“Are you sure?” She absolutely did not want to take advantage of the other woman, who also had someone important at home. “Steele’s waitin’ on you.”

“True, but he doesn’t have a two-year-old little girl to get ready.”

Meredith giggled. Her Tyler was doing well in all aspects of parenting except fixing Addie’s hair, which they all considered hilarious given his penchant for wearing his long. “You’ve got a point. I need to go before this child’s head is bald.”

The two women exchanged a hug, and Meredith made her way out to the SUV that they purchased when Addalynn had come to live with them. They couldn’t very well strap her on the back of a motorcycle, and Tyler had been nervous about handing her up in his big truck. Getting in, Meredith grinned at the car seat that was in the back.

“Everything happened for a reason and it all happened like it was supposed to,” she told herself as she backed out of the parking lot and made her way onto Louisville Road.

She may not have given birth to Addalynn, but she was the child that she had prayed for, and that was all that mattered.


“Damnit,” Tyler cursed as he tried once again to do the easy pull-back thingy to Addie’s hair that Meredith had showed him. It looked so easy when she was doing it, and honestly, he could put his own hair in a braid; this shit
be easy. “Can we sit still for five more seconds?” he asked the two-year-old.

“No,” she told him plainly, shaking her head.

He breathed out slowly, telling himself that this would not defeat him. He’d kicked ass for a long time in his life. A simple hairdo would not be the end of him or his patience. It wasn’t. So he took a deep breath and pulled the hair back again, only to have the barrette snap when he went to close it. “Motherfuckin’ piece of shit,” he swore harshly.

BOOK: Beginning of Forever (Heaven Hill #7)
4.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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