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Twisted Desires

Beauty and the Wolf

Carrie Kelly

Copyright 2012 by Carrie Kelly

Published by Smashwords

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I press the button on the elevator with my red nails and think for the hundredth time that day that I really should try to wear matching lipstick now and then. Maybe that would catch his attention. The ledger held against my chest like a shield, I practically hold my breath on the ride down to archives. I probably should have used the stairs- my librarian’s butt could use the extra workout- and it would take more time. More time to think about the man I was going to see. More time to prepare myself for disappointment.

When I get to his office I stare at the name on the door for a moment. Caleb Ulven. Strange, but he says it’s Norwegian. I looked it up once. It means ‘the wolf’ which fits him, I guess. My own name, Callie, means ‘most beautiful,’ but I’m not sure it fits me at all.

It’s not that I’m unattractive with dark brown hair and big brown eyes. I’m a bit pale, my cheeks always looked flushed in the cold, and my nose is straight and narrow. Full lips and a slight stubborn chin top it off. Sure, I could stand to use a few pounds. I’m no where near as thin as I was in college, my hips and breasts both expanded as I hit my thirties two years ago. Even moving around the library all day isn’t enough to keep me slim- but it’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone. Or at least anyone who would notice me.

Overhead, the florist lights flicker, and I knock twice on his office door. He always keeps it closed- just like he always arrives first and leaves last. We all know why, but it shouldn’t be a big deal in this day and age. It’s just a scar.

“Mr. Ulven, I have the ledgers for you to fill out,” I call.

For a moment, he doesn’t answer. Then, his clear deep voice rings out. “Callie, come in.”

Creaking the door open, I stare at his piles of papers and boxes, the dim light of the lamp is the only thing brightening the room. Caleb’s hidden behind his piles of work. The only thing I can see is the top of his dark head, the black hair messy.

“Where should I put it?” I ask, although I know exactly where he wants it. It’s just an excuse to stay in the room longer, to be by his side for a moment a day. God, I’m like a schoolgirl with a crush. Pathetic!

He grumbles and stands up, towering over me with his wide shoulders and muscular chest, noticeable even under his long sleeved shirt and sweater. His hair hangs past his ears, a mass of black that always ends up looking windblown, and his cheeks are rough with dark stubble.

“You shaved,” I say and smile at the new beardless version of Caleb.

He rubs his face, his fingers trailing over the scar on the left side, the side he keeps in the shadows. I pretend not to notice. “It gets too hot in the summer. I’ll take that. Thanks, Callie.”

As he grabs the ledger from me, I let my fingers trail off his- the touch of our skin almost electric. He looks at me with his bright golden eyes like he’s shocked that I touched him at all.

“If you’re leaving we can walk out together,” I offer although I know he’s going to turn me down. He always turns me down.

“No, I have more work to do. Good night,” he says with a kind of finality that makes my heart bruise.

“Night,” I whisper and walk out of his office. I’ve been fantasizing about the shy beast of a man in archives for too long. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a thing for me. As I make my way upstairs and out of the dark library, I decide to call my best friend tomorrow and ask her to set me up. She always knows some interesting men, although none will compare to Caleb.

My shoes click on the wet sidewalk as I make my way toward my townhouse. I live a few blocks from the library- it makes my commute a lot easier and gives me some much needed exercise. Overhead, the streetlights flicker; the neighborhood is usually totally dead just after midnight. As I turn down the street to my home, I see the man just out of the corner of my eye. He grabs my arm, his hand strong and covered in a black glove, but I swing my heavy purse at his face.

“Ow, you bitch!” he cries and holds his nose.

Good! I hope I broke it! Turning to run, I feel the sharp point of a knife dig into my back and freeze instead. Shit! What does this man want to do to me?

The thick pudge of his belly presses into my back, and I flinch as his hand worms over my stomach. I’m about to scream when something jumps on him from the side, knocking both of us over. I scramble away, grabbing my purse and reaching for my pepper spray as a huge black dog rips at my assailant’s body.

The man screams, and I slowly back up as the beast claws at his chest and face. I should run. I should get the hell away from that monster, but my body won’t move fast enough. What’s wrong with me?

Slowly, the dog backs away, its fangs barred and its ears low and threatening on its head. It growls at the man as he climbs to his feet and limps down the street. As I watch him go, I come to my senses and call the police. That bastard should be put away before he tries to hurt another woman.

Looking down, I notice my knees are scraped and bleeding and my tights are ripped. The dog pads up to me slowly, its great black snout pointed like that of a wolf, and wags its bushy tail. Staring into its brilliant golden eyes and the scarred flesh on the left side of the animal’s face, I think there’s something familiar about it. No. That’s not possible. It’s just a dog!

The beast stays with me while I give my statement to the police, and then it follows me home, its huge paws paddling down the street with me and right up to my door.

“Thanks for the help,” I say and feel pretty foolish for talking to a dog. But something in its eyes seems clever, more intelligent than most animals. “You should go on home to your owner. I’m sure they miss you.”

As I unlock my door, the dog nudges the back of my legs with its large soft head and whines.

“I don’t even know if you’re house trained. What if you rip up my couch or pee on my shoes?”

Sitting back on its haunches, the dog whines again. Damn it! It’s not like I can leave it outside after it saved my life. “Come on in,” I say and open the door for the beast.

It watches me as I clean up and slip on my blue nightgown. “Usually when I undress in front of a man I get embarrassed, but I doubt you’re judging me,” I tease and walk into the kitchen. After making a late night cup of tea and giving the dog some leftover chicken, I settle on the couch with a good book. Sure, my nerves are a little shot, but the animal makes me feel safe and protected. Weird.

“I think I should give you a name, but I’m not even sure what kind of dog you are. You almost look like a big black husky- oh! I know. You can be Ulven. How’s that?” I ask and rub the dog behind the ears.

He cuddles up next to me, his hulking warmth just like home.

I must have fallen asleep on the couch, because that’s where I wake up the next morning. Sunlight streams through my living room windows and a blanket is wrapped around me, keeping me warm. Funny, I don’t remember going to the linen closet.

Looking around my room, my eyes settle on the man in my comfy chair, his large bare feet resting on my coffee table. Caleb. My heart pounds in my chest. Why is he here?

Looking at him in the morning light I can see the scar, the burn marks running down his cheek and up into the hair line. They aren’t horrible or disfiguring- just bits of twisted skin not as smooth or as beautiful as the other half of his face. I’ve dreamed of his moment for ages- wished he’d come home with me so I could wake up in his arms. But I never invited him over, so why is he here?

Shit! The dog. Where’s the dog?

Quietly, I get up and search my home. No dog. Okay. This is really weird. But I’m open to weird things. I’ve read the books. I should know where this is going. Slowly, I walk back into my living room and glance at the man asleep.

Caleb has black hair and golden eyes and a scar just like that hulking dog. It’s crazy, but the only other explanation is he’s a crazy stalker who broke into my house. I’ll go with the Caleb’s a wolf/dog idea instead. Then I remember what happened the night before and blush.

“You watched me get undressed!” I say and hit him in the arm.

Caleb blinks open his eyes, the same color as the dog, and a smile spreads over his lips. “I did save your life, Callie. Was it too much to ask?”

My heart pounds in my chest. “You weren’t even sleeping?”

Leaning forward in the chair, the blanket tumbles off his chest, revealing the muscles and dark curls of hair on his manly body. A rush of desire flows to my groin- I can’t believe this is happening.

“I woke when you did,” he says and looks me over in my little blue nightie. The silk material hits me right above the knee showing off my curvy thighs and calves. My ample breasts practically spill out of the little top, my nipples hard in the cool morning air. Since he watched me get undressed he even knows I don’t wear panties to bed. I should be embarrassed, but I can’t manage it at the moment.

“You’re the dog who saved me last night.” I’m not sure why I say that, maybe just to make sure it really happened.

Caleb nods and bares his teeth, the canines pointed and sharp. “A wolf, actually. That guy’s lucky I didn’t kill him,” he growls and my heart skips a beat. No man has ever wanted to protect me that badly. Can I help getting turned on?

Suddenly, he stands up, the rest of the blanket falling to reveal his sizable cock already standing at half mast. The thick hair on his chest and legs just as black as the hair on his head. The strong scent of his musk fills my nose as he walks toward me, the look in his eyes slightly dangerous.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Something I should have done a long time ago,” he says and wraps his arms around my back, pulling my body into his and gripping onto my pale skin with his strong hands. He growls again, a deep grumble that reverberates from his chest and into mine as he kisses me. Our lips fit together like pieces of a puzzle, his thick tongue probing into my mouth with surprising urgency.

He’s hardly talked to me, hardly even looked at me although I’ve longed after him for over a year. Now Caleb Ulven is standing in my living room and kissing me. I wrap my arms around his back and dig my fingers into the strong muscular flesh as our mouths dance together. Good thing he doesn’t have dog breath.

Leaning back, he stares at my face, rubbing his finger down my cheek gently. “You’re the most beautiful woman, Callie, inside and out,” he says in his gruff wolfish voice.

I blush. “Are you asking me out?”

“I’m asking for much more than a date. I want you as my mate- my lover.”

I smile just as he pushes me into the wall. His fingers tear the nightgown from my shoulders, pulling it off my arms and revealing my breasts. His lips curve up into a hungry smirk as he lowers his mouth to them, the fire of his tongue and the pinch of his teeth heating my whole body to levels of desire I’ve never known. Heaving into his mouth, I wrap my hands around his head and run my fingers through his thick black mane.

He growls and licks my pink nipples, pulling them in his teeth until they turn an aching red. I can hardly stop the moans from coming out of my mouth. This is like a dream- a fantasy I’ve had a hundred times. I just never thought it’d come true.

Large fingers grope up my thighs, scorching my smooth skin in their journey toward my pussy. It weeps for a man’s strong touch, for Caleb’s touch, and I spread my legs to welcome him in. The thick digit grazes the skin slightly, tickling my clit as he suckles my breasts into submission. My whole body is alive, beating with a pleasure I’ve never known. Sure I fantasized about him a lot, but even in my wildest dreams it was never this good! Suddenly the fat finger slips inside, tight with the lack of a good man, and I moan even louder as he probes my hot depths.

“You’re trying to eat me whole,” he breathes and leans back, looking up at my face as he forces the finger into my hungry body harder and faster than before.

The rough edge of his hand bumps into my clit, each thrust making me tremor with need for more.

“Wait,” I gasp.

Pulling his finger out, he brings it to his mouth, slowly licking off the slick juices. “I’ve waited long enough. You’re mine now.”

Before I can respond Caleb pulls me to the floor, his body cushioning mine as he flips me around like some ragdoll. My knees straddle either side of his face, and his large hands push up my nightgown and trail over the burning skin on my ass. Is he going to do what I think he’s going to do?

Looking down, I notice his massive cock right in my face- the tip leaking pre-cum like a broken fountain. “Suck it,” he says as he pulls my clit onto his face. The rough edge of his cheek tickles my thighs as the heat of his tongue laps at my needy pussy. God! Each tickle- each touch- makes me want more of him. Without another thought I lower my mouth to the feast in front of it.

Slowly, I lick the fat head and the tangy warmth of his man seed flows across my taste buds, exciting them for more. The bulging edges of his cock thick with veins so large I’m not sure I can fit it all into my mouth, but I might as well try. Opening wide I ease over it, trying to hold my hips still as his lips and tongue assault my slit with tingling jolts of pleasure. The sensation of his hot member beating against me makes my mind fuzzy, and I slip his swollen dick into my mouth as far as it will go, bobbing my head and swirling my tongue over the shaft with mounting fervor. My whole body prickles as the lust in my groin travels up my spin and down my legs. I can’t hold still any longer. I move my hips in time with his skillful tongue, my mouth lubricating his cock with each suck.

BOOK: Beautyandthewolf
6.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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