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Bearing it for the Outlaw

BOOK: Bearing it for the Outlaw
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To all the readers that have showed their continued support. Thank you Evernight for being an incredible publisher. I also want to thank my family for standing by my side, having patience, and putting up with being on the computer all the time.




The Grizzly MC, 10


Jenika Snow


Copyright © 2015




Author’s Note


This novella is a look into the lives of The Grizzly MC two decades after the sixth Grizzly MC book. This book features Drevin South, an original member of The Grizzly MC that was introduced and made an appearance in books one through six of the series. Any book after the sixth Grizzly MC story is considered the “next generation”, and is focused on the adult children of those original Grizzly members. Although it can be read as a standalone, it is highly suggested that you read the previous books in this series to better know the characters, their lives, and the world they live in.

Chapter One

Here he was again, sitting at the bar, watching Allie like he was some damn obsessed psycho that couldn’t control himself. It had been months since she’d come to town, months that he’d been sitting in the back, watching, waiting to see when the right time would be for him to approach her. Drevin couldn’t forget about Allie, couldn’t just say it was a piece of ass he wanted from her. There was something about her that called to him.

Drevin stared at the pretty little redhead, pictured her doing all kinds of lewd things, and felt his cock give a mighty jerk. He should have felt like a damn pervert, a sick son-of-a-bitch for just sitting at the bar watching her work. Hell, he knew she could see him staring at her. She could probably even feel it. He sat at the bar with his whiskey in front of him, and felt his need to take that woman, throw her over his shoulder, and claim her in the way a true Grizzly member did, slam into him hard. It had been this way for the last several months, ever since she’d come into town. But he wasn’t some pussy bitch ass because he hadn’t gone up to her, or just stated what he wanted. It was because he knew there was something deep with Allie, something that he didn’t want to push because she’d run. That was not something he’d want, need, or fucking tolerate. So, he’d been biding his time, watching her, getting to know her through the way she spoke with the patrons in the bar, with Tawny, and the few times she had come to the club.

She may act like she was strong, and he knew there was a part of her that was, but there was also a side that she hid, one that couldn’t be masked from his bear. He was an animal, pure and simple, and although he looked like a human, he was anything but. Drevin wasn’t mated, was in his fucking fifties and had to watch his crew find their old ladies and have children. Then those children had babies of their own, and Drevin still was alone, fucking random pussy, trying to live his life, but the truth was he was lonely. He was done with being alone, done with having to find females that he lost himself with for a few hours. He wanted an old lady of his own, wanted a horde of little ones running around, ones he could take care of, protect, and watch grow. As it was now if he didn’t get his shit moving he’d never find that. Hell, a part of him thought it was too late already.

He slammed his shot glass on the bar after he tossed it back. Tawny was just coming out of the back with a pack of napkins, and when she saw him she smiled, and her gaze flicked to where Allie was bussing a table.

“Drevin, you come in here several times a week, right?”

He didn’t respond, just lifted a brow.

“You need to ask her out already, or at least talk to her. She won’t bite, you know.”

“Yeah, but I do, and maybe that’s what I’m afraid of.”
Fuck, why in the hell are you talking about this with Tawny?

She started laughing, despite the fact he hadn’t been joking. He was a rough motherfucker, wasn’t gentle or kind, and didn’t know if he could be soft and sweet to a woman. He didn’t know if being the gruff grizzly that he was would be enough, especially for a woman like Allie. He knew nothing about her, nothing more than what he’d observed.
No, not observed, fucking watched, damn near stalked.

Tawny leaned on the counter, stared at him right in the eye, and he knew that what she’d say next would probably be something that would be true. He knew this girl from the moment she’d been born, and she was an insightful little thing.

“You deserve to be happy. I don’t know if you’ll find that with Allie or not, but hell, it’s got to be better than the club girls that surround you.” She wrinkled up her nose. He knew that she, along with the other mated old ladies, were not keen on the club pussy that were there to entertain the single members.

“Tawny, I love you like you were my own flesh and blood, know you’re meaning well, but ain’t no way in hell I’m talking about any of this shit with you.” He stood, kissed her on the forehead just as he smelled Dakota enter the bar, and chuckled. “Your old man might try and kick my ass for that kiss.”

She smiled. Dakota moved behind the bar, looked between them, and then grinned. “You making a move on my old lady?” Dakota asked, but he was teasing, and it was clear by his grin and the tone in his voice.

Drevin didn’t respond, just tipped his chin to Dakota in greeting, said bye to Tawny, and turned to leave. He wanted to stay longer, if only to just stare at Allie, learn everything there was to know about her even though he was acting like a pussy by not just going up and telling her exactly what he wanted. He saw her by the door, cleaning off one of the few empty tables, and felt his nails turn into claws. His bear was a motherfucker when it came to wanting Allie. The beast had been ever since he’d seen her that first time and she’d been filling out an application at the bar. Ever since then he’d wanted her like a fiend looking for his next high.

He walked toward her, his steps steady, sure, but his focus completely on her. Everything about him had his blood pumping, adrenaline moving through his veins, and his animal wanting to come out. His beast pressed under his skin, demanded to be free, show her what it was like to be wanted, owned by a Grizzly. She was speaking to a couple of regulars, the men telling her about some kind of concrete job they did, like she gave a shit. He might have gotten jealous if he suspected they were hitting on her, but he could sense that the men were just starved for conversation from a pretty woman.

He should have just kept fucking walking right out the front door, but instead he slowed his steps right when he was behind her, felt her body heat, and inhaled her scent. His shift started to take control, started to move through him without him able to hold his composure. God, he was losing it for this woman, and he wanted her so damn badly. He should have backed off, or at least told her what he wanted and let her make her own decision. Might not be what a Grizzly MC male would do, but Drevin wanted to do this right. He wasn’t going to manhandle the first female he wanted for more than a fuck.

His bear pushed forward, started taking control of him. His muscles started to grow with the threat of his animal bursting forth. He felt his vocal cords shift, change into that of a bear, one where he’d only be able to make his threatening sounds. Body getting bigger, eyes changing, and his whole body shaking with the force not to actually shift into his bear, was wreaking havoc on Drevin’s human side. He may be a man, look like a human being, but the truth was he was all bear. Every little thing was changing in him.

He turned to face Allie, took in the long fall of red waves that tumbled down her back, and closed his eyes to inhale the scent of her. He felt the rumble leave him, knew the instant she heard it, and felt her turn and face him even though his eyes were closed. When he finally opened them, feeling his control slip back in place marginally, he saw her wide, surprised expression trained on him. She let her gaze travel up and down his body, no doubt seeing his bear right there, ready to emerge. As it was he felt his eyes change, knew they were more animalistic, more trained on her and attuned to everything.

“Drevin…” The way she said his name was soft, shocked, but there was no fear.

Good. He didn’t want her fearing anything about him. She had nothing to be afraid of, but any other male that wanted her, wanted to touch her, talk to her, or fuck, just think about Allie, had a lot to be worried about. He closed his eyes and shook his head.

Get under control. Tame the fucking beast
he thought, trying to gain dominance over the situation.

Take her. Make her ours. Don’t be a bastard and deny us the right to own this female as only ours.

It was his bear that thought the latter, and he was a persistent bastard, especially when it concerned this female. Drevin inhaled again, felt his chest rise and fall from the action, and knew he needed to get the hell out of here before he really scared her. He was acting like an asshole, and he didn’t want to ruin what could be between them.

“Drevin, man, you cool?” Dakota asked, far too close for Drevin’s comfort. At this point, when he was in this state, feeling territorial, and his animal taking the reins, Drevin didn’t need males coming up to him, even ones he considered family.

Drevin turned and faced Dakota, let out a low, menacing sound of warning, and knew he was about to lose his shit. He shouldn’t be on the defensive with another club member, or one he’d known since he was a boy. Dakota lifted his hands, took a step back, and instantly pulled Tawny behind him. Drevin would never hurt a loved one, but Dakota was just as protective as any Grizzly, and that was a good thing. He turned and faced Allie again, saw her throat work as she swallowed, and forced himself to move a step back. He turned and left the bar, needing to run out this aggression, and let the beast out.


Drevin went back to his place, deep in the Rocky Mountains, and stripped out of his clothes. He needed to run free and get this wild energy out of him. He was frantic with the arousal that pounded through his veins.
The air had a crisp breeze to it, and the moon was full. He owned a full five acres of wild, thick, tree-covered property. But there wasn’t anyone around for miles upon miles. It was the solitude he needed, what he craved, but over time it was also isolation that made him lonelier.

His cut was already off and sitting on the kitchen table. He went for the hem of his tee, pulled it up and over his head, and then undid his belt, slipped the button free on his jeans, and slid his zipper down. Once he was fully nude he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, inhaling the deep, crisp, and clean scent of the wilderness around him. His bear became frantic at the knowledge that it would soon run free, and Drevin needed this. He needed to run out all this volatile energy. Drevin wasn’t even mated to Allie, hadn’t claimed her as his old lady, but all he could think about was Allie and the men that wanted her if she wasn’t mated.

His muscles swelled from the increased blood flow, his bones popped as his body grew exponentially, and the change came over him like a fucking tidal wave. He no longer stood as a man, but as his massive grizzly bear. Although his animal controlled his thoughts right now, the human side of Drevin was still conscious, still able to understand what was going on. He shook his big body, felt his flesh move over his muscles and bones, and excitement moved through him. He needed this run like he needed to breathe … like he needed to just claim Allie as his. Drevin took off toward the thick line of trees that surrounded him. He climbed the steep incline that increased with each passing second. He wasn’t going to stop, wasn’t going to even entertain the thought of not running free and wild. The trees thinned out the higher he went, and when the softer ground turned rocky he stopped and turned around, breathing in the air. He was pretty high up in the mountains, and the timberline was visible from his vantage point. He imagined his woman up here with him, and although she was only human, he’d take care of her, protect her even in his animal form. A low rumble left him when he heard a twig snapping to his right. He turned around, his big body slower but more powerful. His eyesight wasn’t the best in his bear form, but Drevin’s hearing and smell were superior.

His senses were attuned to everything and heightened when he was in his shifted form. A squirrel scurried across the ground, far too fast for him to go after. He huffed out again, which caused the little animal to race up a tree. Running would let out all of his aggression, to a point, but wouldn’t relieve his arousal that thumped through him like another being. But he supposed it was better than the state he was in now.

He ran for another hour until there was nothing left inside of him. Drevin moved slowly back down the mountain and to his home. He was exhausted, but even that didn’t completely dim how he felt inside, or what he wanted out of life and with Allie. He felt insane for his desires, because they had been so instant, and his animal had felt them ten times as much.

Once on his back porch he shifted back into his human form and sat down and breathed in and out deeply until his heart beat a normal rhythm. Sweat covered his flesh from the shift and run, and the breeze felt even more chilled than before. The night was still, the sky completely open and the stars bright. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d come out here, alone and thinking of where his life had gone, and just stared at the sky. He may have his emotions and feelings under lockdown on most occasions, but it seemed the older he got the more aggressive and demanding his animal became. He really needed to decide what in the hell he planned on doing, because right now, what he was doing was not working.

BOOK: Bearing it for the Outlaw
2.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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