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Authors: Amanda Young,Raymond Young Jr.

Awake the Cullers (History of Ondar) (18 page)

BOOK: Awake the Cullers (History of Ondar)
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Author’s Note:


“Awake the Cullers” is the second of many stories from the world of Ondar.

Book One, “Suriax,”
is currently available. If it was legal to kill, would you?


Also coming soon is A.D. McLain’s next book in her Spirit of the Wolf Series.

Be on the lookout for “Wolf of the Future.”


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by Amanda Young/A. D. McLain

and Raymond Young Jr.



A. D. McLain’s Spirit of the Wolf Series:


“Wolf of the Past”

“Wolf of the Present”

“Wolf of the Future” (coming soon)



Amanda Young and Raymond Young Jr.’s Ondar Series:



“Awake the Cullers”


About the Authors



Amanda Young (a.k.a. A.D. McLain) is a writer of Paranormal Romance (specifically werewolf romances) and Fantasy.


Having completed her first story at the age of twelve, Amanda knew at an early age that writing was her passion. She attended South Jones High School in Ellisville, MS and graduated from the University of New Orleans in 2003 with a degree in English.

She currently resides in
Louisiana, where she is married to her soulmate, Raymond. They married in a magical, Renaissance themed wedding ceremony in 2006 and had their first child in May 2008. They welcomed their second son in 2011.



Raymond Young Jr. was born in
New Orleans, LA. He lived in St. Bernard Parish, East of New Orleans for over 20 years before moving to Covington, LA in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina. Ray graduated from the University of New Orleans in January 2006 with a degree in Geology, but he has also been an artist for most of his life. You can see his art at

Ray can be contacted at
[email protected]


Dramatis P


*a Glossary of Important People in Ondar*



Characters Introduced in “Suriax”


Kern Tygierrenon
- Brother of Alerian monarchs, half brother of Queen Maerishka


Queen Maerishka
- Ruler of Suriax


Three Lawgivers/Alerian Monarchs

Eirae (the Punisher),

Pielere (the Protector),

Mirerien (the Keeper of Order,
Seer of Truth)


King Alvexton
- Human, ruler of the Southern Plains, married to Maerishka


Lynnalin Moesaius
- Suriaxian elven mage, member of cinder unit


Zanden Fiereskai
- Suriaxian, leader of cinder unit


Rand Vrock
- Dwarf, marenpaie hound trainer, member of cinder unit


- Human, former Flame Guardsman, from the mountains


Marcy Kentalee
- Full elf, Suriaxian, friend of Kern




Aleria and Suriax are sister cities separated by the Therion River. They are connected by two bridges, one connecting at the center of each city and one connecting at Merchant’s Square, an area open between the two cities. At the center of Aleria stands a massive park and gazebo, often used for weddings and other events of note. Just off from the park is the tree of the healing clerics. They are best known for their magic which enables elves and non-elves to bind their life forces together in a permanent wedding ceremony.


Aleria is also well known for its theater, where impressive productions draw visitors from many neighboring lands. Homes in Aleria and Suriax are often nestled in large trees that reach up to two hundred feet in height.


Suriax is well known for its fighter tournaments, such as the Tournament of Fire. It draws visitors from the far reaches of the continent. Suriaxians love to gamble and race marenpaie hounds in their large racetrack, near the southern wall of the city. Other areas of importance include the Temple of Venerith, located just outside the walls around the palace grounds, and the Arrow’s Quill Tavern, run by Bryce Kentalee.


BOOK: Awake the Cullers (History of Ondar)
6.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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