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BOOK: At His Mercy: Hell Brigade MC
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, events, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons—living or dead—is entirely coincidental.


At His Mercy copyright @ 2015 by Evelyn Glass. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.



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As she danced around the pole, Gabby kept her mind blank. She didn’t see anything, she didn’t feel anything. Men stared at her, their mouths salivating at the sight of her nubile, sexy curves. But she didn’t even glance at them. It was all mechanical: move in, thrust forward, bend down, swing, and do it all over again. As she took off her clingy, satin bra and tossed it aside, whistles greeted her. At twenty-two years of age, Gabby was in her prime. Her firm breasts complemented her narrow, taut stomach, and shapely legs. Her blond hair whipped in the air, framing her delicate, heart-shaped face.


Men wanted her, desired her, and she was willing to oblige – as long as the pay was good.


When her turn came to an end, she sauntered over, and allowed the ogling men to tuck money in her thong.


It was a job.


And it was the only one she’d ever known.


She strolled off the stage into the back area. No fancy changing rooms in the place where she worked. Instead, torn curtains hung over the cubicles. Walking into an empty stall, she sat on the stool, waiting for her next turn.


Joseph walked in. A tall, bulky man, he elicited fear whenever he marched into a room. The long, thin scar that ran down one cheek gave him a sinister appearance, one that matched his actions. “I’ve got a hot one. He asked specifically for you,” he announced.


She stood, disinterested and resigned to her fate. Joseph was her pimp, and she doubled as the hooker and a stripper in his club. “What’s his name?”


“Lyle.” His voice vibrated with impatience. “Come on. He is waiting.”


Without making a comment, she followed. Conversing with Joseph might earn her a slap or two, and she’d learned to be careful over the years. When she reached the room, Gabby entered. Lyle sat, already half-naked, his muscled abs gleaming in the dim light. His shaggy brown hair fell over his forehead.


His eyes twinkled at the sight of her. “Hey, Gabby. How are you doing?”


Most of the men didn’t like to talk. But Lyle was one of her oldest and kindest clients. He’d often helped her out by giving her some time to sleep after they had sex. And more often than not, he left a generous tip which she pocketed without telling Joseph. She smiled, happy to see him. In this grim life, he was the only hope she ever had.


She stripped off her clothes. “I’m doing well,” she said.


Someone who was forced into prostitution at twelve years of age could never do well. Gabby’s only sin was to run away from home when she was ten. She never met her mother, as she had died during childbirth, and her father beat her on a daily basis. For a ten year old child, running away implied freedom from the constant abuse. But she never got a chance to see a better life. Joseph got hold of her, made her clean his club for two years, and put her on the official payroll when she reached maturity.


Rather than lying on the bed, she stood in front of the mirror. Lyle liked to watch when they made out. As he took off his pants, his gaze settled on her body. She didn’t give any indication that she knew he was watching. He was a little shy. She was the only one he ever hired at the club, and when they made out, he was actually gentle and sweet. Sex was just sex, but with Lyle, it was a little more than that.


He cared. And that was enough in her world.


In the mirror, she saw him walk over until he stood right behind her. Her gaze traveled to his cock that jutted outward from the dark hair that tangled around its base. She felt the stirring of excitement. Making love with Lyle was actually one of the few pleasures of her life. When he pressed his body against her, his penis nudged her hips. Tossing back her blond hair, she ran her fingers down her throat and cupped her perky, smooth breasts.


He liked it when she did this.


As expected, his tongue darted out to skim his bottom lip. Lyle’s hands covered hers. He squeezed her twin mounds. It was exciting in a strange sort of way. Gabby felt moisture gather at the lips of her pussy and tingles of desire spread out into the rest of her body. She leaned back and rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the sensations that enveloped her. His skin rubbed against her. When her arms dropped to her side, his fingers plucked at her rosy-red nipples.


A low moan escaped her lips. Her breath hitched in her throat.


“You should leave this all,” he muttered. “Come away with me.”


He’d said it often enough, but Lyle was married. And Joseph would never let her go. Thinking about it was useless, stupid, and in all probability dangerous too. “It wouldn’t work.”


“You can take up a job.”


She smiled. He was so naive. “Who is going to hire a girl who doesn’t know anything other than how to earn money on her back?”


The hard muscles on his arms bulged as his clever fingers kneaded her breasts. Coils of desire wrapped around her like tight bands. “You could do something. Give yourself a chance.”


Could she take the risk? If Joseph even knew that she imagined such a thing, he would beat the hell out of her. But how long could she continue like this? It was time to take a hard decision. If she was successful, her life would be hers. “I don’t know...”


His hands slipped down her narrow waist and glided over her lush hips. His fingers slipped down to touch the curls that guarded her moist pussy. Raising her arms, she put them around his neck, his body supported hers. He inserted one finger in between her velvety lips and she let out a loud gasp.


“You should do it, baby! I will help you. There is a Motorcycle club in another city. I know one of the guys. They would take you in and keep you safe until you figured out what you wanted to do,” he promised. “I hate to see you here, you know that.”


His mouth nibbled up her shoulders to the nape of her neck. She shivered as much with the need that twisted deep inside her as with the prospect of having another life.


Was it possible?


Or was he jerking her around? But Lyle wasn’t the sort to make promises he couldn’t keep.


She trusted him.


His teeth nipped into her delicate skin as he stroked his finger in and out of her pussy. Need and heat built in equal measure. A wild, lusty craving for release began to form deep inside her. Her blood boiled, her skin hummed, as the rollercoaster ride took her higher and higher. An eclectic current zinged it way up her spine. He knew just how to please her. And he made an effort to do so. That was more than what anyone else ever did for her.


Gabby allowed herself to be swept along the current that pulled her into its frothy, foamy waves. Knowing that she was close, he pressed his thumb in strong, sensuous strokes over her hard nub. The orgasm was swift and strong. Her body jerked and shuddered as she gripped him harder to maintain control.


Pulling out his finger, he put it in his mouth, licking off her juices. “You’re sweet, baby! I want to do something for you. Take a chance. It will be worth it.”


Would it be?


Would it be the beginning of a new, exciting life?


When her body sagged into his arms, he carried her over to the bed. Easing down, he settled in between her legs. Bending his head, he swept his mouth over her nipple. Taking the rosy bud in between his lips, he sucked with fervor. His cock brushed over her clit, slowly and gently. As she rocked her hips in tune with his, she thought about what he said.


It was crazy to even contemplate this, but it was terribly enticing. The mere thought of making good her escape excited her again.


Putting his elbows on the bed, he rose up a little, careful not to put his weight on her.


“If Joseph got wind of it...” she said.


“He won’t. I will make the arrangements. Just meet me somewhere, and I will buy the train tickets for you. Someone will meet you at the station, and they will take you to their clubhouse. You could work there, clean up, cook and stuff. They always need girls to do that. And when you’re ready to go out, you could do it on your own.”


Gabby didn’t have much experience with Motorcycle clubs, or MC’s. She met a few bikers during her work or in the club. Most of them weren’t as threatening or violent as they looked. In fact, some of them were actually kind. Perhaps it might not be a bad idea. Anything would be better than serving out this lifetime imprisonment sentence that Joseph thrust on her.


If she didn’t take a risk, she would never know if she could make it in the outside world.


“But I would need money, and I don’t have anything,” she worried.


“I’ll give you some to start off.”


Knowing that he was willing to do this much for her brought tears to her eyes. If he’d offered her the moon, it wouldn’t have been sweeter. “Are you sure, Lyle?” She gripped his arms. Her fingers curled around her muscles and she spread her legs under him. Beads of fresh lubrication gathered in her curls. The excitement of what he offered made her horny.


Maybe it was time to take the plunge and do something rather than constantly hope and pray for salvation. She could make it happen.


Sure, she could!


His cock slipped inside as easily as a knife carves through soft butter. Her pussy lips stretched to accommodate his hard shaft. The momentum built fast and strong. She heard him pant over her as need overtook him. Her nails dug into his shoulders as she urged him to pick up pace. Careening towards the peak of the precipice, she felt the need bundle into her nerves. With a loud cry, she exploded under him – and he emptied himself inside her.


For a long, quiet moment, they lay still. Sex with Lyle was always good. It was because he actually gave a shit about her. And this offer he made really made her think. She ran her fingers down his back. He was a nice guy and a good lover. And what he proposed had the potential to change her life forever.


“What are you thinking?”


“It’s very tempting,” she whispered, not sure if she dared to even hope that she could get out of this cesspool of a life.


“Do it. I’ll organize everything.” He talked for a bit, refining his idea, giving her tips of how she could escape from Joseph. It wouldn’t be so hard to slip away, but staying away was the problem. There wasn’t a doubt that Joseph would move heaven and earth to find her. She’d seen girls who left their pimps to venture out on their own – and their end was not pleasant. In order to keep the rest of the girls pliant, the pimps made examples of runaways. Most often than not, the girls ended up dead at the bottom of a river or a ravine.


She didn’t want the same fate.


But death might be better than the pitiful life that she led.


At least, she needed to try. If she didn’t even make an effort, how would she ever get another chance? No other client had ever offered any help. And Lyle was willing to do so much.


“If Joseph knew that you said all this, he would kill you.”


Lyle nodded, knowing that it wasn’t an empty threat. Joseph was known for his foul temper and his firm hold on his girls. “Who is going to tell him? The only two people who know are you and me. So what do you want? In or out?”


She licked her bottom lip. Fear skidded along her nerves. It was a scary concept, a foreign  one, but somehow the little ray of hope that Lyle offered made her yearn for freedom.


She wanted it.


It was time to make a try.


“I will do it,” she said.


“Great.” Lyle stood. He wore his clothes. “Two days from now. Just make your way to the train station at sharp five o’clock and leave the rest up to me.”


Taking out his wallet, he handed her the money along with a tip. “You could do so much better than this, Gabby.”


Yes, she could! And she wanted to try. For the second time in her life, Gabby was going to run away – and this time, she hoped that she would end up at a much better place. It was time to bid goodbye to this hovel and start all over again. And perhaps this time, she would find a slice of heaven.

BOOK: At His Mercy: Hell Brigade MC
2.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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