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Around the World in 80 Men Boxed Set 31-35

BOOK: Around the World in 80 Men Boxed Set 31-35
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Around the
World in 80 Men






the World in 80 Men

© 2012 by Brandi Ratliff

rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,
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is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events
and incidents are either the products of the author’s
imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual
persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


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book thirty

is Morgan, Rudy?”

shrugged his shoulders. “I don't know. Pumping pincocks? She is
there. Anthony and Elena and some angry and loud, curly-haired man
and another man...they all went to go find her. She was lost, and now
she is found.” His hearing, nor his English were the best, and
it made his tone sound uncaring, rather than simply unaware.

curly-haired man. Julianne knew immediately who that was, and if
Angel was in Costa Rica looking for Morgan, things were very bad. She
knew she had to call Anthony, and find out what was really going on.
She thanked Rudy quickly for his help, and ended the call.
need to come home, Morgan.

woke to the same pounding as Morgan had, but his whiskey induced
sleep had allowed him more time to stir awake. “Fuck!”
His hand moved over his face as he tried to shake off the night. He
was in pain, tired, hungover, and hungry. All of his issues, he
thought as he covered his eyes from the light, had to be addressed
before any fun with Morgan could be had.

yawned loudly and ran his hand over his dry lips. His pain medication
had worn off, and he needed a little help to get through his morning.
Also, another hour or two of sleep would help his body prepare for
all that he had to do. Yes, he thought, it would do Morgan some good
to spend as much time as possible in her special room as well. Carlos
closed his eyes and tried to picture sweet young Morgan on the floor
of the small shed. The image made him laugh as he rolled over and
grabbed another pill. “Soon.” He pulled the sweat covered
sheet to his neck, and Carlos fell directly back to sleep.

sped through the small tourist lined streets, blowing the horn with
Angel hanging out the window shouting obscenities to everyone in the
way. “You bitches need to move your asses! Move! If I have to
get out of this car...” again, a hand landed on his shoulder,
and Angel calmed down. “I'm fixin' to hurt some bitches.”
Still, he had to get the last word...not that anyone was speaking at
the time.

minutes later, Anthony pointed ahead of them. “There, past the
airport.” The men in the back nodded, Angel's heart raced as he
prepared to search every single room in every single strip club in
the area.

grabbed her purse and held the strap tightly. It was her nervous
habit, as well as the single cigarette inside that she wished she
could smoke right then. Anthony pressed the accelerator one last
time, and the car entered the seedy neighborhood with two men jumping
from the back as the car slowed in front of the Purple Peacock.

was the first to walk through the doors, and the smell of dirty flesh
hit him right away. “Fuck! Wash your asses!” He spoke to
the few women that were still up and
from the night
before. He walked right up to them and held his phone out. “Where
is she?” They looked at the picture, then looked away with a
simple shrug. Next, Angel went to the bar and did the same thing with
the older woman leaning against the wall behind the counter. “Where
is she?” Just as the dancers had done, the woman shrugged and
shook her head. Angel was moving on to one man in the corner, just
waking from the night before, when he watched his friend walk
straight into the back office.

door was kicked in and the shouts could be heard all the way to the
front door as Anthony and Elena made their way inside. Angel smiled,
knowing that his choice of help would get the job done. Within
seconds, his
walked out of the office. “I know who
has her.” Those were the only words spoken by the man, and
Angel looked back to Anthony and Elena. “The owner says she's
out back,” he pointed towards the back of the bar, “or
upstairs. I'll check the room, you check outside.” The two of
them wanted to know what happened in the office, but Angel grabbed
their arms. He had a good idea of how it all went down. The owner was
most likely thrown a large sum of money to betray Morgan's captor,
then threatened with serious bodily harm if he didn't cooperate.

go, go!” They looked at Angel and back to the stairs where the
man had just ascended. “Thank you.” Those were the words
that Angel whispered at the man they could no longer see. The three
of them went directly to the back door, and headed towards the shed.

rolled to his side, annoyed at the banging that wouldn't stop. He had
half a mind to go outside and take care of the problem himself, but
was far too hungover to think about walking so soon. Just as he was
about to yell a few choice words towards his one small window, his
hotel door was kicked in with such force that it nearly scared him
off the bed and into the floor. “What?! What the fuck?!”
His eyes tried to focus on the door, but all he could make out in the
first few seconds was a large blur coming towards him. “Who the
fuck are you?!” He was livid, and demanded answers as to why
his morning was interrupted. The blur finally stopped moving, and
Carlos rubbed his eyes again to get a good look. He scanned the
enormous frame from thigh to face, and asked again. “Who the
fuck are you?” The man smiled and looked down into his face. He
put one foot on the bed, next to Carlos' arm, and leaned down even

lad. The name's, Finlay.”


dialed Anthony's number for the sixth time, and like the previous
calls, no answer was given. She walked to the adjoining room in her
hotel, and opened the door quickly, forcing Felix awake.

is wrong, Felix. Very wrong.” Julianne sat on the edge of the
bed, still wearing her night gown and slippers. She had been
scheduling, and called Morgan so early to ask her if she planned on
taking the following week off or going to another client. What she
had heard on the phone, changed her plans for the day.

sat up, concern washing over his tired face. “What's wrong, my
love?” Julianne stood and crossed the room to turn on the light
above, and Felix narrowed his eyes, protecting them from the unwanted
burn. “What's the matter?” he asked again.

That's all she offered as she sat back on the bed. She took one of
her unruly curls between her fingers and twisted it around several
times before adding more information. “She...she's missing.
I...I couldn't get much information.” A single tear fell from
Julianne's bright eyes, and Felix caught it on his finger.


called her phone, and this... Rudy... answered. I believe he's Mister
Segura's butler. He said Morgan's client and a few other people were
out looking for her.” Julianne continued working over her curl
as she spoke. “Felix,” she turned to the man she loved as
another tear fell down her cheek. “Something is wrong. What
if...what if he's back?” Morgan wasn't the type to wander off
go missing.
There had to be someone else.

descended Felix's spine as the words sunk in. No, it couldn't be.
“You don't know that. You don't even know that she's still
missing.” He tried to comfort her, but she planted the idea and
it grew in his own mind.
I swear to God, if that mother fucker
came back...
“For all you know, she could have become lost
in the mall. You know Morgan.” He offered a smile, but one was
not returned.

I don't know,” Julianne spoke. “I just don't feel right.
I need to know. I need to know she's safe. I need to know she's been
found.” It was too much to handle. Morgan was like family to
her, and work aside, she loved the young woman dearly.


lad. The name's, Finlay.”

why in fuck's name are you in my fucking room?” Carlos tried to
sit up, and Finlay's foot moved to his chest, pushing him back to the
bed. He leaned down until his face was only inches from Carlos', and

I'm just paying a wee visit to see aboot a friend a' mine. A dear
friend.” Finlay's boot pressed harder on Carlos' thin chest.
“Now, I've been told that she might be in the back of this fine
establishment. Or,” he looked around the room then back at
Carlos, “she may be in here with you.” Finlay's smile
faded, and a look that Carlos recognized came over the stranger's
face. Rage. Through clenched teeth, Finlay managed, “Morgan
will be returned to me right fookin' now.”
He left no doubt that he would follow through with any threat to get
the girl back. Carlos thought quickly and weighed his options.

knew that if he returned Morgan, he was going to jail. If he didn't,
then the Scot was going to kill him. The only silver lining was that
if he died, Morgan's injuries were probably severe enough to kill her
as well if she were never found. That, he decided, was the best
option. Finally, he smiled. “You'll never have her. She'll die
in her own waste, and there's nothing you do to me that will change
that.” Just as Finlay's large fist came up, they both turned to
hear Elena and Angel scream through the open window beside the bed.
Finlay stood quickly, and grabbed Carlos by the arm.

easily pulled Carlos from the bed, and dragged him to the hallway.
Carlos tried with all of his might to get Finlay's hand free of his
arm, but to no avail. The death grip that the large man had wasn't
going to budge, and Carlos could only wince in pain as his body hit
every wooden step as he was dragged to the first floor. His legs
kicked and his body twisted as Finlay yanked him around the corner,
and to the back door. There, he watched Anthony walk out of a small
shed, holding his hand over his mouth in despair.

walked to Anthony, still dragging Carlos, and handed the wretch over
for safe keeping. Anthony understood, and grabbed the lanky man by
the arm. He wanted to kill him, at least beat him until he looked as
bad as Morgan did, but he managed enough self control to just hold
him there until Finlay returned.

took a deep breath and stepped forward. Elena turned, tears streaming
from her face, and moved to the side for him to get through. He
looked and saw only Angel's back, bent over Morgan's body. He sobbed
loudly, cradling her head against his chest. Finlay moved slowly to
her other side and dropped to his knees. What he saw, in the still
dimly lit shed, and only seeing one side of Morgan's face, made him
look away quickly as tears filled his eyes.

BOOK: Around the World in 80 Men Boxed Set 31-35
9.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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