Anything You Want: River Jewel Resort Series Book 1

BOOK: Anything You Want: River Jewel Resort Series Book 1
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Anything You Want

River Jewel Resort

Book 1

Madison Sevier


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This first book in the River Jewel Resort Series is dedicated quite a few people. First and foremost, to all of the “Sydneys” in the world, never let your circumstances destroy who you are truly meant to be. Never give up hope and always believe you will overcome anything life throws at you.

Secondly, to my best friend who has been by my side for over twenty-three years, Angela Dominique, I LUVAU! Thank you for being you. You’ve always been my Lexi and though I know saying thanks will never be enough, I hope you know how very much I appreciate and adore you. Without your undying friendship, loyalty, kindness and cheerleading, who knows where I’d be today. You never gave up on me when everyone else did and I will forever be grateful for that. Please thank your mom, Bev for bringing you into our lives. Without her, this world would’ve missed out on knowing a truly amazing woman and I would’ve never found my best friend, my sister.

Finally, I’d like to sincerely thank all of you who have purchased this book as well as my other books. Your support means the world to me. Without you, the readers, I’d still be writing stories and packing them away in boxes never to see the light of day. Thank you so much!

I hope you enjoy your first visit to the River Jewel Resort, where the staff is always willing to give you anything you want and they aim to make sure you come again. To all of you who have so graciously brought my work into your lives, thank you and welcome to the River Jewel Resort, where the staff is always willing to give you anything you want and their number one priority is to make sure you come again. Enjoy your stay!

Happy Reading!

Love, Madison

Anything You Want

River Jewel Resort


Chapter One

“I don’t know, Lexi. That sort of thing doesn’t feel right to me.” Sydney Blake shook her head, knowing her best friend was only trying to help.

“Look Syd, you need to loosen up and have a good time. Just take a break and get out of town for the weekend. That cheating bastard already took the last four years of your life and threw it away. Don’t give him another minute. You can’t just sit here moping for the rest of your life.” Alexandra Harvey and Sydney had been friends for fifteen years and in all of those years, she only wanted what was best for Sydney. Right now, a romp with a new guy was all she talked about.

“Lexi, I’m still married.”

“And? Roger broke those vows the moment he screwed Miss Nasty. Maybe you’re married on paper, but do you still feel like you’re in a real marriage? Are you saying you’d actually consider going back to that jerk?”

Would she? That seemed to be the million dollar question. Sure, Roger had called, begged and pleaded with her. He even cried. Cried! Should she take him back? Sydney had no idea. She never thought she would be in this position and there was
no clear answer to her problem.

“Honestly, I don’t know. He says he is sorry. Maybe it was a one-time thing?” Sydney’s stomach tightened every time she thought of Roger and what he had done. She didn’t have to close her eyes to imagine the whole ordeal. She saw it twenty-four hours a day. Walking in on her husband while he screwed his accountant had been the worst day of he
r life.

“Syd, if you believe this is the first and last time…”

“It is. It was. He swears he won’t do it again.” Even as she said the words, Sydney wasn’t sure she believed them. Was she trying to convince Lexi or herself? How could she expect her best friend to believe Roger if she, herself couldn’t?

“Sweetie, you know I want you to be happy, but I don’t think you and Roger can fix this.”

Sydney knew Lexi was trying to help, but she hated how Lexi looked at her. Pity filled her blue eyes as she stared across the table at Sydney and pity was the last thing in the world she wanted. Sydney just needed her life to go back to the way it was. If only miracles happened to people like her.

“Maybe this is for the best. Did you ever think of that, Syd?”

“For the best? My husband cheating on me with his red-headed, pixie of an accountant is for the best? Seriously?” Sydney tried hard to reign in her emotions. Her hands shook and she felt those same ever-present-as-of-late tears threatening to spill as she held onto her white mug engraved with the Java Bean's logo. She scrolled her finger over the elegant, brown script now faded from too many washings and tried her best to avoid Lexi’s knowing stare.

“Sydney,” Lexi reached across the table, grabbing her hand, “this could be your chance for a whole new life. There could be amazing opportunities for you if you were willing to go after them. Sitting here at a coffee shop with me isn’t going to fix anything. I wish I could take away all of your pain and heartache, but I can’t. If you aren’t willing to accept what Roger did and move on, you’re going to fall even further into this depression you’re in.  Frankly, I’m worried about you. You aren’t eating or sleeping, I never see an ounce of give-a-damn when I look at you and you’ve become a hermit.  That much is obvious. But it’s more than that.  You’ve lost your shine. I miss the old Sydney.”

Lexi was right. Sydney hadn’t been out of her apartment in two weeks until that day. Hell, she didn’t even bother showering for most of that time. Why should she? No one was coming to see her and she had no plans of going anywhere. Who cared? She was content to sit in her fleece pajamas which were adorned with the oh-so-cute, tiny coffee cup appliques and eat Moose Tracks ice cream until the day she died. Why did Lexi expect her to get over this break-up so easily? Sydney’s old life was over. Roger’s philandering had destroyed all of her hopes and dreams in a nano-second. How was she supposed to ‘move on’? Furthermore, what should she ‘move on’ to?

“You honestly believe that if I go out and find some random stranger to screw, it will fix everything?”

Never had she imagined Lexi’s advice would be to sign up for an online dating service and fornicate with a guy that some person behind a computer screen would randomly pick for her. Sydney didn’t care what kind of reputation for matching people, for finding soul-mates this place had, Sydney was not going to disregard her morals just so she could ‘move on’.  To Sydney, everything about the idea screamed slutty and desperate. Those were two things she never wanted to be.

“Roger cheated on you. He is the adulterer. You don’t owe him anything. Besides, you said yourself that he’d been acting like a total stranger lately. Even before you caught him bonking that slut.” Lexi tilted her head and wiggled her eyebrows at her best friend. “Maybe he would see what he’s losing if you were no longer there for his every wish and whim? The man needs a serious awakening. If he truly cares, that is.” Lexi rolled her eyes and sipped her cooled espresso.

Sydney knew Lexi wouldn’t take no for an answer. Maybe Lexi was right. Maybe Sydney needed to shake things up. She looked into her friends eyes and said “I’ll think about it.”

“That’s my girl. Here’s the website address.” Lexi nudged the pamphlet across the table, pointing out the details to her friend. “All I ask is that you check it out online and give it some thought. I had an incredible experience and I’m sure you will too.”

As Sydney looked at the scrap of paper for the River Jewel Resort, she knew she could never take Lexi up on the offer. Sydney appreciated the gesture to help her sign up for the exclusive online dating service, but she just wasn’t ready. Sydney smiled, “Thank you for the coffee.”  She hugged Lexi goodbye with false optimism and walked back to her small, depressingly decorated apartment, with a heart full of dread and loneliness.

Chapter Two

The next two weeks passed by in a blur for Sydney. During the day, she scoured the classifieds looking for a job. The inheritance she received after her father’s death would last her lifetime, but she needed to find something to keep her mind occupied. A job would do that and it would help her feel productive and useful. A feeling she desperately needed and more so as of late.

Roger had never wanted her to work. He was very old-fashioned and believed a woman’s place was in the home. He often joked that he’d keep her barefoot, pregnant and protected from the harshness of the ‘real world’. Though she found herself bored and lacking something she couldn’t put her finger on, Sydney had always felt cherished and taken care of.  Little did she know, Roger kept her at home to hide his affair.

If she hadn’t decided to surprise him with lunch on that rainy, Tuesday afternoon, she would still be protected. She breezed into his office against the protests of Roger’s barracuda of a secretary. Sydney flung open the door and in her best pseudo-French voice, announced “Dee-nair is served!”

The picnic basket seemed to hover in the air for an eternity, an extension of her outstretched arms, before crashing to the ground breaking the bottle of fine wine. Sydney stood there as the pool of red liquid splattered her legs and seeped across the oak floor. If only she could have disappeared into that puddle.

Sydney removed the cute, green, beret she’d bought at the vintage clothing store on her way to Roger’s office. Crushing it between her hands, she watched as her husband scrambled off of his accountant who was spread eagle across his antique cherry desk. Julia Simms, smirked as she, raised herself up on her elbows with the grace of a leopard stretching in the sun. In no hurry whatsoever to cover her petite frame, she simply returned Sydney’s glare with one of her own.

“Syd, I can explain! Julia and I were just…”

“What, Roger? What were Julia and you just doing? I’m not an idiot. I saw what you were doing! Since when do you discuss back taxes with your accountant flat on her back?”

This amused Julia to no end. She had the nerve to giggle and roll her eyes. Sydney launched herself across the room, intent on ripping the slutty min to pieces. Roger’s arms snaked out and caught her just before she grabbed a handful of Julia’s hair. Not that there would have been much to rip out, Julia preferred short locks. Her red hair sat atop her head like the hat Peter Pan would wear.

As Roger, pulled Sydney from the room, Julia said “Nice seeing you again, Syd”

A primal growl tore through Sydney’s throat as she tried to break free of Roger’s grasp.

“Sydney that’s enough! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Me? What’s wrong with me? You can’t be serious! We’re through, Roger! Do not come home tonight. I will call you when you can pick up your things.”

Sydney stormed out of the offices of Blake and Cobble in a daze. The adrenaline long worn off, she stumbled blindly through the little town of Mooretown, oblivious to the pouring rain. After hours of walking in circles, she arrived home drenched and shivering. Sydney let herself into their modest home and collapsed in a puddle of numbness with her back against the custom made front door. The phone rang and rang, but Sydney let it go to voicemail. Even when her best friend called, Sydney made no attempt to answer.

Lexi left a message; “Syd, sweetie are you there? Roger called saying he can’t find you. He seemed really upset and worried about you. What’s going on? Please, please pick up the phone if you’re there. I need to know you’re okay.” After a pause, Sydney guessed Lexi hoped she’d pick up and when she didn’t, Lexi ended her message with; “Just call me when you get this. Let me know you’re okay. Love you, Syd.”

Five hours later, Lexi used the spare key she kept at her place and let herself in through the backdoor. The moment Sydney saw her beloved friend she began to cry again, huge hiccup-type bawling while she rambled about that rat bastard, Roger. Lexi sat down beside her friend and held her until her tears dried up.

BOOK: Anything You Want: River Jewel Resort Series Book 1
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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