Animal Instincts [The Andersons 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Animal Instincts [The Andersons 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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The Andersons 2

Animal Instincts

When Rex Latimer joins the Greg Stephens Veterinary Practice, Ramona Anderson is fuming. Not only could Rex become her partner, but he's got the keys to the house attached to the practice—a house Ramona had plans to turn into a home for disadvantaged kids. Well, even though Rex is the hottest man alive, Ramona has news for him—he will not buy into the business and “Operation Accommodation” will be a success.

Fresh from a messy divorce, Rex is looking forward to a new life in Silver Creek, Montana. But what he doesn't bargain on is the green-eyed sex kitten that is Ramona. Their working relationship doesn't start well when he mistakes Ramona for the receptionist. Reggie the snake, however, rectifies that mistake. They soon find that house sharing also has its advantages.

But will the appearance of Rex's ex-wife pour cold water on the fire they've started?

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The Andersons 2






Marie Jermy










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The Andersons 2



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Chapter 1


A scowl knitted Ramona Anderson’s brow as she stared at the laptop screen. The e-mail from Greg Stephens, her partner and overall owner of the veterinarian practice where she worked, did not bear good news. Well, good news for Stephens maybe, but not for her. Not when Stephens was enjoying his golfing vacation in Florida so much he had recruited Dr. Rex Latimer to take his place and, if impressed, would invite him to buy him out.

Her scowl deepened as she leaned back in the chair and stared out of the office and treatment room. Damn Stephens! He knew she wanted to buy him out. She had the money, but for some reason, probably because Stephens was a sexist and misogynous relic, he refused to let her have the business lock, stock, and barrel.

She also had plans for the six-bedroom house attached to the practice. Plans that included working with her identical twin sister, Samantha, whose idea it was to turn the house into a summer camp for disadvantaged children. The idea was while living in the house the children could help with looking after the animals, and perhaps if their interest had been piqued enough, particularly the older ones, they might consider taking a career in veterinary medicine.

But now those plans were screwed. Stephens had given Latimer the keys to the house, telling him it was his.

A beeping from the laptop caught Ramona’s attention. It was another e-mail from Stephens. This time, when she opened and read the message, she turned the air blue with the kind of language that would even make her badass brothers, Ross and Matt, blush.

Stephens had asked—no, instructed—her to be on her best behavior toward Latimer and to accommodate him with anything he required. So not only had Stephens provided Latimer with a place to live, but he wanted her to suck up to him as well.

A devious plan began to take shape in her mind. According to her logic, if she owned half the practice, then by rights she owned half the house. So since “accommodating” was the word, she

d show Latimer, who in Stephens
description was a “dedicated, talented, respected, and charming thirty-something-year-old man,” and who would be arriving that evening, just how accommodating she could be. She

d move in with him.

She had a vast array of tools at her disposal when it came to attracting a guy’s interest, her striking green eyes being one, her body with curves in all the right places, another. Equally, though, she had enough annoying bad habits to turn them off, particularly when it came to the bathroom.

When Ramona had lived at home, Ross, Matt, and her father, even her mother—Samantha had been more forgiving—refused to use the bathroom after her. If she had a dollar every time they’d complained about wet towels on the floor, caps and lids left off tubes and bottles, not to mention not even rinsing the bath out afterward, she

d be a millionairess ten times over. If her
and brothers’ gripes were anything to go by, particularly Matt’s as he now lived with her and Samantha, Ramona would give Rex Latimer all of one week before he moved out.

A sly smile touched Ramona’s lips when she wondered what Latimer would do if she invited Samantha to move in. Even at the age of twenty-seven, they both thought it hilarious when people became confused, sometimes bordering on agitated, with trying to tell them apart. She then shelved the idea. The last time they had played their game of

twin swap,” it had fallen as flat as a day-old, opened can of cola.

Though identical in looks, they could be like oil and water, especially where attitudes toward men and sex were concerned. Samantha was a hearts-and-flowers kind of woman, who believed in the white-picket-fence, fairy-tale ending. Whereas Ramona, thanks to a string of relationships that ended when she found out the men were all two-faced, cheating SOBs—still, it could have been worse, she could have slept with Owen what’s-his-face if she hadn’t seen him with his wife—didn

t do romance, just sex. She didn

t do love, just sex. In fact, she didn

t do any emotion that closely resembled love. She just did sex.

However, there was no way Ramona would even contemplate having sex with Mark Raven, who they had played their game on. Not only was he interested in Samantha, but he was so not her type. He was too pretty looking. Give her Daniel Craig over Ben Affleck any day. Also, Raven always seemed to reek of garlic, something she hated with a vengeance.

Noting it was coming up to her nine o

clock appointment, Ramona closed the laptop lid and plucked two pencils from the penholder on the desk. It was another hot and sticky start to the day, and she didn

t exactly need her shoulder-length hair adding to her frustration. Coiling the tresses up at the back of her head, she inserted the pencils crossways to hold the hair in place and walked through to the reception. Emily Coy and her new puppy, Benji, were waiting.

Seeing her gave Ramona an idea, for when she wasn’t helping out at her mother’s coffee shop, Emily was a hairdresser and beauty therapist and had her own salon in town.

Hello, Emily, come on through. I don

t suppose you

ve got any free hair appointments for this afternoon, have you?

she asked as she picked Benji up and placed him onto the treatment table.

I think so. Just a trim?

Nope, the full works.

Ramona smiled as Emily

s neatly plucked eyebrows rose skyward. She turned her attention to Benji, who kept turning around in order to lick her fingers.


ve been thinking about having my hair cut for ages now.

Define ‘ages

“Oh, c’
mon, Emily, anybody would think I

ve just asked you to decapitate me. And it

s not like my hair won

t grow back.

I know, but you

ve always worn it long. It might come as a bit of shock if I chop it all off.”

Ramona waved away Emily’s concerns and carried on with her examination. By early evening, however, and upon returning to the house she shared with Samantha and Matt, she began to regret her decision, her new hairstyle perhaps a little too radical even for her tastes.

“Whoa, Mona, is that you or a porcupine?”

Ramona looked away from the dressing table mirror toward the bedroom doorway. His police uniform pressed and fresh, even after a ten-hour shift, a devilish grin almost splitting his face in half, Matt made an over-the-top display of pushing his blue-black hair away from his forehead. She threw her hairbrush at him, which he deftly caught and pocketed.

BOOK: Animal Instincts [The Andersons 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)
2.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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