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Anal Love

BOOK: Anal Love
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Aaron Grimes

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Due to his looks, personality, wealth and
fame, Josh Evans has a wide variety of women to choose from. Most
of the time, he takes full advantage of this, generally spending
each night with a different woman and rarely sleeping with the same
woman twice, let alone more often than that.

Part of this is mere convenience—his
lifestyle is one of near-constant travel, and he’s rarely in the
same city for more than a couple days at a time, and almost never
in the same exact place from one night to the next. This allows him
the opportunity to pick and choose a different woman every night
from the multitudes of gorgeous ones at his disposal without having
to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings.

Another part of this is his
preferences. He’d
have sex with a different woman every night, not
only for the mere experience of sleeping with as many women as
possible, but for emotional reasons as well. During his playing
days, Josh had been in a couple of serious relationships. Not only
did every single one of them end up in disaster, but they always
went through a prolonged death spiral before they reached

In his experience, the first night with a
woman is almost always the best. After that first night is over
it’s all downhill. Emotions always seemed to get in the way of good
times, making sex less adventurous, less open, and less fun. The
way Josh sees it, emotions are a crutch, an unnecessary
circumstance of human interaction that eventually led to deceit and
despair. Which is why he is always looking for someone new to sleep
with. It’s hard to get emotionally attached to someone when you
only spent one night fucking their brains out in a variety of
nasty, perverted ways.

That being said, there are a few women that
he visits semi-regularly. The women themselves vary quite a bit,
from an incredibly beautiful auburn-haired American movie star in
her mid-30’s to a tall, athletic, black-haired 25-year old
Brazilian volleyball player to a short, stacked blonde bombshell
pornstar that he’d met shortly after she turned 18. These women,
and a few more on his short-list, are all different in their looks
and personalities.

But they all have three important things in
common with each other:

First, each is an absolute freak in bed,
willing and able to get down and dirty and deviant and depraved at
the drop of a hat.

Second, they are all mellow, kick-back women
with open schedules and no regard for the status quo or any of the
petty designations used by the majority of people in the world. In
other words, they are like Josh in this regard.

Third—and most important, in Josh’s
mind—each of his regulars have a certain emotional aloofness that
allow them to avoid any sort of emotional bonds no matter how often
they got together. All of them are no more than fuck-buddies,
looking to get together when circumstances fell correctly, and none
have any desire—hidden or open—to ever be anything different.

The rare few women who fit into these
categories are the only ones Josh visits with more than once. Even
then he rarely sees them more than two or three times a year, if
that. Which is as close as Josh will ever again get to a




This afternoon Josh is in Houston, Texas,
having flown in from Los Angeles on his way to New York. He could
have flown non-stop from coast-to-coast without any issues, but
decided to set things up so he could spend a couple hours with one
of his regulars, a smoking hot ex-NFL cheerleader named Alexa.

After exiting his private jet and traversing
the massive airport, he makes his way to the hotel inside the
terminal. He bypasses the front desk and heads up to the top floor,
where Alexa is waiting in suite 23F. He knocks on the door and she
opens up, having checked in earlier in the day.

Josh takes a moment to drink Alexa in with
his eyes. At five-foot-eight and just over 130 pounds, she’s a
thing of beauty, with long, light-brown hair, naturally tanned
skin, big brown eyes, sexy, erotic features with sharp lines and
full, sensuous lips. She’s a fitness freak with an athletic build,
muscular, with incredibly shapely legs, a flat stomach, toned arms,
and a rock-hard but still plump ass. Her tits weren’t huge but not
tiny either, and perky as hell. She was a rock-solid woman, and
could take a pounding as well as anyone he’d ever been with.

Alexa is wearing a bathrobe with what
appears to be nothing on underneath. A glass of red wine is in her
hand, which she hands to Josh after letting him in. They make their
hellos and head over to the couch to catch up for a little while.
Two bottles of wine later, they’ve exhausted their limited supply
of small-talk and are ready to get down to business.

Alexa grabs Josh’s wine glass and sets it on
the table to the side of the couch. She stands up and undoes the
sash on the bathrobe and lets it fall to the ground at her feet.
She is indeed naked beneath and her body is as ridiculous as

While Josh admires it, Alexa bends over,
sticking her ass in his face. He runs his hand under her legs and
starts rubbing her clit while kissing all around her ass cheeks. He
drops his head down a little bit and starts licking her pussy,
gently running his tongue over it, lapping at it like a dog
drinking water.

As Alexa moans, Josh grabs ahold of her ass
cheeks, one in each hand, and spreads her ass apart, opening up her
pussy to him. He slides his tongue inside her wet sweetness and
starts exploring around, his tongue in constant motion, flicking
around and sampling various parts of her insides.

One of Alexa’s hands slides down her body
and starts rubbing her clit while the other grabs the back of
Josh’s head and pulls it in towards her, forcing his tongue deeper
inside her. She shakes her ass from side to side, pushing it back
against him the entire time.

Josh’s face is drenched with Alexa’s juices
and his nose is pressed up against her asshole. Every breath he
takes is tinged with the smell of her insides.

A good ten seconds later, she releases his
head, giving him a chance to breathe.

After catching his breath Josh moves his
head up and starts licking Alexa’s asshole. She lets out a yet
little yelp of joy and starts moving her ass in a circular motion,
allowing him to keep his head still while she does all the work. He
releases her ass cheeks, slides one of his hands down, and slides
two fingers into her pussy. They slip in without any effort, her
wet pussy easily accepting them.

Josh goes after Alexa’s asshole with more
vigor, sliding the tip of his tongue inside of it while his fingers
work in and out of her pussy. She reaches back and spreads her ass
cheeks, making her asshole gape even wider and allowing him to
stick his tongue deeper inside her.

He slips a third finger inside her pussy and
bangs away at it while continuing to work her asshole with his
tongue as her moans grow more excited. Alexa is starting to make
more noise when she suddenly pulls away and spins around and drops
down on the couch next to him.

Leaning in towards him, Alexa sticks her
tongue in Josh’s mouth and starts exploring. She breaks off the
kiss long enough to run her tongue along his face, licking up all
of her pussy juices leftover from when he was eating her out before
they once again resume making out. Her hands drop to his waist and
start rubbing his cock through his pants, getting it hard. She
gives it a little squeeze then unzips his fly and sticks her hand
through the newly created hole.

Leaving Josh’s cock trapped underneath his
pants, Alexa rubs it some more then grabs ahold of it and starts
slowly jerking him off, still kissing him on the lips the entire
time, her free hand playing with her pussy. Eventually she breaks
off the kiss, slips her fingers from her pussy, and sticks them in
his mouth. While he sucks her fingers dry of her pussy juices, she
drops her head down until it’s lying on his lap.

Alexa pulls her fingers out of Josh’s mouth
and gets on her hands and knees, positioning herself lengthwise on
the couch, perpendicular to him, her ass well within reaching
distance of his left hand. She negotiates his cock out of his pants
so it’s sticking out through the zipper hole, her hand gripping the
base of it tight enough to restrict the blood flow. Holding the
foreskin of his cock tight, she takes the head of it in her mouth
and starts to suck.

After working the head exclusively for a
little bit, Alexa starts dropping further down, taking Josh’s cock
in her mouth until her lips touch the top of her hand, which is
still gripping the base of his cock. Making an airtight seal with
her lips, she bobs her head up and down, not quite letting his cock
out of her mouth before dropping back onto it.

Wet, slurping sounds escape from Alexa’s
throat as she sucks him off, her hand still gripping his cock
tightly, keeping his foreskin from moving while her mouth works his
head, heightening the sensation.

Eventually Alexa comes up for air, leaving
Josh’s cock drenched and slippery, glistening with her saliva. She
jerks him off, using her saliva as a lubricant, which allows her
hand to fly up and down on his cock while still maintaining a good
amount of pressure.

Josh grabs ahold of Alexa’s hair and yanks
her head towards him, turning her face towards his in the process.
While she continues jerking him off, he presses his lips to hers.
She opens her mouth and he slides his tongue in and they make out
while she works his cock with her hand.

A full minute later, Alexa releases Josh’s
cock, undoes the top button of his pants, and slides them off,
boxers and all, leaving him naked from the waist down. Then she
goes back to work on his cock, wrapping her lips around it and
taking it in her mouth.

This time, Alexa’s hand is out of the way,
allowing her to go all the way down on Josh’s cock with no
restrictions. She does so with ease, taking his entire cock in her
mouth until her lips are touching his balls. She holds his cock
there, planted in her throat, for a few seconds before pulling off,
once again leaving a ton of saliva on his cock.

Alexa takes a couple of deep breaths, then
goes back down on Josh’s cock, her hand cupping his ballsack and
massaging his balls as she blows him. He reaches out with his left
hand and smacks her ass a couple of times, then slides two fingers
inside her pussy and starts banging away.

With his fingers inside of her, Alexa goes
after Josh’s cock with more intensity, her head bouncing up and
down quickly, her hair flying and her hand squeezing his balls more
tightly. To relieve some of the pressure, he starts slamming his
hand in and out of her pussy more aggressively. But this just
causes her to squeeze harder, bringing him right up to the point
where pleasure becomes pain. Groaning, he slides his fingers out of
her pussy. In return, she releases his balls but continues sucking
his cock, albeit more gently now.

Leaning towards Alexa, Josh hooks one arm
under her stomach and lifts her up, pulling her lower half towards
him. With her head still down next to his groin, he puts his hands
on her hips and lifts her bottom half up in the air, positioning it
so one of her legs is on each side of his head, her knees pressing
against the rear cushion of the couch and her ass directly in his

Josh hooks his arms around Alexa’s waist and
pulls her ass into his face. He then goes to town on her pussy, his
tongue working it feverishly as she continues sucking his cock.

Half a minute later, he releases her waist
and puts his hands on her asscheeks and spreads her ass apart,
allowing him deeper access to her insides. He slides his rigid
tongue as far into her pussy as it will go as her ass bucks and
bounces against him, the intensity in which she sucks his cock
increasing in relation to the intensity in which he goes after her

BOOK: Anal Love
10.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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