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An Escape Abroad

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All I needed was a break from everything. An escape abroad.


Go to work, clean the house, back to work, back to cleaning, shopping, visit the mother, visit my sister. It was all getting too much to handle which is when I booked the flight to Greece. It was time to take control of my own life. I had been so busy I hadn’t even felt the touch of a man in seven years. It was ridiculous thinking how I’ve become someone I always said I wouldn’t: A workaholic who only thought about how to get my next promotion and never thought about what haircut I should get. I was letting go of myself too young.


Sometimes a woman needs a break; she needs to leave everything behind her and take a few days off. A vacation from herself and reality. Sever the ties that link the world you know and the ideal world and just swim in the wonders of your fantasies. I was one of those women; I needed some form of escapism.


I couldn’t handle the high maintenance life of a eight day a week doctor anymore. I was tired, my hands were hardened, and I was aging five years every birthday. It was time for a break. I took what little days the hospital could give me and flew straight out to Greece, a five star resort next to a nude beach. Eye candy perfection.


As I entered the luxurious suite that held a bottle of champagne and a bed scattered with roses as if I was a newlywed I couldn’t help but feel the need to take full advantage of the facilities this place had to offer. It didn’t take me long to run to the phone and book myself an hour long massage with a man named Eric.


I sat back onto the roses, the reminder I was alone in this beautiful place and took a sip of the champagne I’d paid for at least ten times over at this over priced facility. I was going to get every pennies worth in the next week. Massages, the beach, the dining, the people, the nightlife and whatever else came my way. I was a twenty seven year old going seventy two and this is just what I needed to turn my life around. An escape from reality.


Looking around the room which I said was for a single woman I couldn’t help but notice how this hotel tried to remind me I was lonely. The rose petals, the champagne, two glasses on the table, two robes hanging on the door. As I leant left to look through the opened bathroom door at the end of the room I noticed two towels on the rack, two toothbrushes in their little packets and even two bars of soap. This was psychological abuse like never before. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the expensive champagne for two, for one.


Time soon flew by and glass after glass somehow managed to empty itself down my throat, refill and repeat. Two hours had gone by and I got up. Did the room always sway? I made my way to the door and left my room not the same woman as I was when I entered. I could already feel the freedom of Greece wrap it’s warm embrace around my body and lift me up into the clouds. I was slightly drunk.


The hallway was like a treadmill, I felt as if I walked on the spot and it moved for me. I was soon at the front desk where a very handsome younger man greeted me.

Hello Miss White, your five o’clock is through those doors and to your left. Eric will be waiting for you.” What a lovely tanned man. I wouldn’t mind taking him through those doors. Why was I so drunk? It’s vacation, I’m allowed to lose myself in a moment of passion at some point, right?


Thank you.” I nodded at the man maintaining my formal face, I had to try and keep up an appearance whilst I was here. Single women always get the pity, powerful women always get the respect and earlier spa appointments. I owed it to myself to be someone else whilst on this vacation of tanned, toned men.


Through the doors, to my left, behind the curtain. There he was the perfect male. His tanned skin, his long toned body, his bouncy brown locks that I wanted to dig my hands into. Eric the masseuse and the first man to tend to me in a long time. I had to make sure this haze of champagne didn’t cause me to do anything stupid, this place was classy, well known and not somewhere I wanted to get banned from.


Please Miss White.” The Adonis pointed towards a thin curtain with a robe on a hook over in the corner of a room. I walked on over, carefully as to not trip over my own clumsy footwork and entered the tiny changing room. It took me a good five minutes to undress myself completely and throw on the silky robe which caressed my skin almost as good as any man could. Finally ready for my sensual massage I revealed my now furry coated self to Eric who’s smile ran across his face as the curtain was drawn open.


Please, lie down on your back here.” The table was all set up, music or sounds or something of waves and what not played as I became face flat, robe open in front of a man who was making my body ache for pleasure. Surely he felt like he could go that extra mile to satisfy the customer today?


I couldn’t help but admire his strong body. He looked so toned through that white shirt. I could see every part of his body as if the fabric wasn’t separating us. He was a tease. I guess the reason you pay for a five star was for the men that serve your needs. I wanted him to serve mine in a way he wasn’t legally allowed to. I wanted him to be that man who gave me the best time of my life. I wasn’t afraid to ask for it but I had to wait for the right time.


He rubbed his hands together at my legs. Lubricating them with some oils that filled the room with the smell of lavender and sex, just another tease that this resort was throwing at me. Everything in this room cried passion and soon I wanted to be the one crying passion. I wanted to fill the air with my screams of joy as this man pleasured me. I wanted him to use those firm hands and travel too far up my leg.


I felt his warm, firm hands begin to rub up my right leg. It sent an electric pulse of lust through my bones and up my spine, to my brain, through my heart and back down to my inner thighs. I had to bite onto the soft leather of the table to stop myself from moaning.


It kept creeping up, his hand didn’t appear to stop as it slowly caressed my skin. For a moment I thought just maybe, maybe this was going to be more than I expected. Maybe it was going to be exactly what I wanted but then

just as his hand was about to go one step too far he switched legs and began the teasing all over again. This was torture. What was I thinking getting myself a massage without at least giving myself something to make me last the day without dampening a masseuses table. I couldn’t help myself, between the champagne and the touch of Eric I was losing myself to ecstasy.


Now flip.” Once again his hands never reached the spot in which I yearned for him to touch. I slowly turned my body and now faced the plane white ceiling above me. Glaring into the dimmed lights, dimmed to the lowest light possible much like my sex life.


I couldn’t take the teasing much longer. I could feel myself getting worked up. Feel my body begin to ache and beg for his touch to go one step further. All I wanted was more from him, more of that sensual passion, more than just a woman in a robe. I wanted the fabric between us ripped from my body and flung to the side. I wanted his hands all over me. I wanted all of him all over me. I just wanted this one moment of losing control, was that too much to ask for a woman who’s job had taken over her life? I didn’t think it was and hopefully Eric wouldn’t think so either. I guess I’d find out soon enough.


He began at my feet. Rubbing, caressing, making his way to the ankles. I closed my eyes as those manly hands stroked and soothed the pain of a hard day’s work. He rubbed the stress of a doctor right out of me and left a vulnerable and eager woman on a table waiting for him to please her.


Slowly going up my legs, I couldn’t help myself. I tried to bite down on my lip but a moan let loose and ran riot straight to Eric’s ears. I was humiliated but I kept my eyes shut tight. All of a sudden his hands were no longer touching my skin. The room filled with silence or at least would have if it wasn’t for the crashing waves flowing from the stereo.


Does Miss White like my touch?” I couldn’t verbally respond to that without causing a law case. I nodded at the tall, dark and handsome man.


His hands were soon back on my legs where they left off. I guess he was more complimented than anything. They ran up to the point in which he last stopped and paused on my skin. Lingering, almost as if he wondered whether or not to do something more. Again, I couldn’t help myself. I did a slight thrust with my hips as I moved down the table a little, so that his hands were further up my leg, way past the point of a lawsuit.


I felt his hand slide up my robe and my eyes opened wide looking at the brown haired man. He was smiling at me, I think he realized what I wanted, what I needed. I nodded silently and with my approval he continued to travel up my skin. He was about to give me the real reason I had flown away from my job, he was about to give me release from all that stress. My moans of passion would soon fill the air and cries of joy would echo through the halls. I couldn’t resist Eric’s touch anymore.

He started to drive those fingers into me at just the right speed, with enough strength to make me cry out and cause muffled sounds in his palm but not so hard I was crying out in pain. His touch managed to get somewhere between the two which felt perfect, causing me to lubricate myself with excitement so he could start to really drive those firm fingers into me.


The burning sensation between my thighs was aching for more. I needed something else, something better to make me burst out and release myself. I grabbed his hand that covered my mouth and he immediately looked at me with curious eyes, planning his next move.


He moved to the bottom of the table, pulled me by my legs closer to him and got down on his knees. I ran my hands into those lovely brown locks and Eric the man with the touch of passion began to drive his slick, warm tongue into my tight lower body. He was licking around, teasing and gently nibbling on the skin just outside of the spot I wanted him to get. He was amazing which made me think had he done this for customers before? Not that it mattered right now, it would just feel more special if I was the first.


He began to pick up the pace, thrust that tongue into me like it was those fingers he used moments ago. I felt myself beginning to build up, my breathing becoming as loud as the heart that pounded my chest, my body trembling, shaking slightly. My hands gripping onto those locks as I let out a huge cry and released myself onto the tanned man.


When I looked down towards him he just licked his lips, smiled at me and got up.

Don’t worry Miss, that was for free.” It made me laugh, it cleared any awkwardness between the two of us right away.


I’m booking you a spa appointment everyday this week if that’s okay with you?” Now that’s what a woman likes to hear.


I knew I was in for a great week already. Vacations were always a great way for an escape but sometimes they placed you in a different working environment. I didn’t think I’d be getting much rest for the next few days but all of sudden just lying around in bed wasn’t going to cut it. This was exactly what I was looking for.


I was glad I found the time to get something for myself. A week away. A Greek surprise. It was all I needed for a long time. Now I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world. That masseuse had given me more in a moment of drunken passion than anyone had in the last seven years. I think it was about time to take control of my life and show men that I am available. Even if it’s just for passion it’s better than what I’ve been doing to myself these last few years.


I had gotten everything today that I needed. I had gotten my escape abroad.




BOOK: An Escape Abroad
4.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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