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He kissed me at the base of my spine, slow and sure. He
pressed another kiss a little higher, leisurely moving up my back, savoring
each inch of flesh. As he moved I could feel the hot heavy length of his body
on top of me, weighing me down and trapping me against the mattress.

“Mmm, baby, you smell so good,” he muttered. He reached my
shoulders, and nipped gently at the nape of my neck. Reaching out a hand, he
stroked Shanna’s golden head and tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear.
“Such a good looking pair of girls,” I heard him say. “I can’t wait until I get
both of you naked together.”

He lowered his lips to my ear.

“But first. I have to make something up to you, baby

He wrapped his hands around my waist and yanked me up and
back onto my knees. I gasped in surprise and instinctively braced myself on my
hands. I was almost dizzy for a minute, and then I felt his hands on the sides
of my hips, pulling me tight against him.

He was rock hard, his long cock blazing with
heat as he rubbed himself against my soft, tender flesh of my ass.

“Do you feel that, baby?” He muttered. “I can’t believe I
had to wait a whole goddamn year to feel you again, like this. I don’t think I
can wait any longer.”

He spread my wet, swollen folds with his fingers and
positioned his cock at my quivering entrance. “I’m going to fuck you, baby
girl. I’m going to come in this tight little pussy of yours, just like you’ve
been dreaming about. Hold yourself up for me, sweetheart.”

With a strangled groan, he pushed his cock head inside me.
I was tight, and I gasped as my pussy stretched around his girth. I arched my
back even further to take him in, desperate for more of his length, but he took
his time: inch by inch, he eased himself into me, until he was completely
buried inside my hot sheath, his balls brushing against my engorged clit.

For a moment, it was only me and him, joined together, and
I wasn’t even aware that anyone else was in the cabin, let alone the room. Then
I felt a mouth on each of my hanging nipples—
oh god,
it was Shanna
and Mrs. Stewart. They were crouched alongside me, both fondling and sucking on
my dangling tits.

A mouth on each nipple and a thick cock in my
pussy—it was mind-blowing. Pleasure blossomed any direction that I moved
my body. I was the center of all four of our worlds at that moment, and I never
felt so alive, so fucking insane with desire.

Without my controlling it, a desperate wail escaped my
lips. Mrs. Stewart broke her hold on my breast, quieting me with a soft
and dropped her hand to where her husband and I were joined, feeling how his
cock stretch open my hot, dripping pussy.

Pleased, she raised her hand to my clit, and with
practiced fingers began making slow circles around the bud, watching me clench
around his swollen organ.

“Go ahead, honey,” she whispered to him. “Fuck her. I want
to feel you come inside her.”

Moaning, he began to move, rocking slowly in and out of my
tight sheath, feeling my walls clinging to him as he ground his body into mine.
His wife encouraged him: I could feel her hand brushing against my slit as she
fondled his balls.

“Does that feel good, baby girl?” He grunted, beginning to
speed up his thrusts. “You feel fucking amazing.”

I could only groan in response. My tits were bouncing in
time with his rhythm, and Shanna ran her hands over them, squeezing and
kneading, greedy in her enjoyment.

He pushed me down, and I dropped to my forearms, opening
myself to him more than ever, raising my hips and letting him fuck me deep. I
could feel his pace quicken, his thrusts becoming ever more erratic and sharp
as he neared his climax.

Mrs. Stewart found my clit again and stroked me,
relentless in her assault on my slick center.

“Oh god,” I gasped, feeling myself climbing higher and
higher, pounded and fondled into rising waves of mindless pleasure.

“I’m coming,” I cried. “Oh

I spasmed beneath him, my orgasm spinning out from the
joining of fingers and cock, wave after wave of wild pleasure rolling through
my body. I clenched tight around his cock as I went over the edge.

He groaned in response, pumping into me with mind-bending
speed. Squeezing my hips hard enough to bruise, he came with a hoarse cry,
spurting his white-hot cum deep inside me.  

Even as we collapsed on the bed, he stayed inside me,
thrusting gently as he rode the aftershocks of my orgasm. I loved feeling his
semen warm inside my pussy—he seemed to fill me up to overflowing with
his cum.

Mrs. Stewart cooed with satisfaction and curled up next to
her husband. On the other side of the bed, Shanna cuddled up to me and tasted
my lips again. Her face was flushed, hot...she had a hunger in her eyes I’d
never seen before.



Chapter Five

At six in the morning I woke up naked, warm, and cuddled
against two beautiful women. They were naked too; somehow, at some point in the
night, they’d gotten undressed. I’d never felt so comfortable and loved, like
this was the most natural thing in the universe.

Somewhere in the distance, I could hear the sound of water
falling—Mr. Stewart was taking a shower, and we girls were all alone.

I was curled against Mrs. Stewart’s back. It was still
dark outside, and she was still asleep…but I couldn’t help kissing her skin. She
smelled like baby powder and cum. I lifted my head and saw that Shanna was
awake on the other side. Our eyes made contact and I immediately knew what I
had to do.

I kissed down Mrs. Stewart’s back, enjoying how smooth her
skin was. I slid down under the sheets, which smelled musky and faintly wet.
With the tip of my tongue, I teased the top of her crack, and finally she

I could hear the soft smacking sounds of Shanna sucking
and licking her way down Mrs. Stewart’s front, and then a low moan from the
object of our desire.

Mrs. Stewart rolled onto her back, and we took full
advantage of her, tweaking her nipples, running our naughty, playful hands over
her soft pubic mound. For the moment, we were in charge.

I could see Shanna’s head under the sheets, across from
me. There was something wild and voracious in her eyes. Without prompting, she
slid her hand down between Mrs. Stewart’s legs, finding her hidden folds ready
and moist.

Shanna climbed carefully between her legs and began to lap
slowly and heavily at her slit, tasting every drop of Mrs. Stewart’s juices.

Feeling arousal beginning to beat like a drum between my
own legs, I knelt down over Mrs. Stewart’s pussy and found her fat clit with my

She squirmed immediately under my mouth, bucking her hips
up for more. I stared at Shanna and she stared back at me. The connection was
made, and it was incredible.

As Mrs. Stewart panted and shuddered underneath us, we
looked at each other, daring each other to new heights of depravity.

I fluttered my tongue over her swollen clit, and as I
sucked hard on her bud she came with a desperate gasp of air, as if she was
starved for breath. Shanna only licked deeper and harder into her pussy as she
struggled against us. I swear I could taste her orgasm, so sweet and hot and
salty on my tongue.

As Mrs. Stewart tried to recover, gasping with pleasure, Shanna
and I grinned at each other under the sheets. We were partners in crime now.

Suddenly, the sheets were ripped off of us.

Mr. Stewart was there, standing over us in the dark, his
muscles rippling as he took in the obscene sight of the two girls between his
wife’s legs.

“Look what we have here,” he said, his voice coarse.
“Three beautiful girls just for me.”

He tore off the towel around his waist, his cock thick and
engorged. He climbed onto the bed and lifted his wife’s legs up over his broad
shoulders and rubbed his erection up and down her sopping wet slit.

“You’ve already had a little fun, huh?” He smiled
crookedly. “Honey, you are so wet you’re gettin’ it all over the sheets.”

She giggled softly and tried to pull him closer.

He ran a finger down her slit and stuck it in his mouth, making
a pleased
as he tasted her juices. “So good,” he muttered. Without
another word, impatient, he entered her with one deep thrust. Arching her back,
she sighed with delight, taking him in deep and clutching the sheets with her

He knew her body intimately, knew every secret spot and
nook of her, knew how to fuck her until she was shaking with ecstasy.

Shanna and I watched, mesmerized. I’d never seen a man
fuck with such power and skill. Watching them together was like watching a
passionate dance—he was all muscle and strength, she was all luscious
seduction. She took his cock, all of it, and cried out for more.

He wrapped his arms around her legs, holding her tight
against him.

We were so enthralled that we were frozen there next to
them, our eyes eating up every filthy inch of flesh and our ears hearing
nothing but the wet slap of skin against skin as he pounded into her. Her tits
bounced and trembled under the force of his thrusts.

Impaled on his cock, she came again with a heavy groan.
Her entire body shuddered in rhythmic waves as her pussy pulsated in rapture.
He rotated his hips, grinding his cock into her as she writhed on the sheets,
totally lost in bliss.

At last he let her legs drop, and she lay on the bed
completely boneless, panting.

He was still on his knees, his erect cock shining with her
juices. His chest was rising and falling as he tried to control himself.

Staring now at Shanna, he crooked a finger towards her.
She crawled over to him, her pink body flushed and eager.

He’d fucked me, and then his wife. What was he going to do
to Shanna?

He seized his aching shaft and placed it on her lips. Her
eyes widened with surprise, but she obediently took his cock head into her
mouth, sweeping her small wet tongue over him. He groaned as he watched Shanna
lick his wife’s juices off his cock.

He gripped the back of her head and slowly eased in
another inch, making slight, gentle thrusts against her tongue. Understanding,
she took in more of him, until her button nose was pressed against his body.
She seemed to choke slightly on his thickness, and he pulled his cock out until
it rested on her lips again.

I’d fantasized about this, of course. And it was
everything I thought it would be: to see her on her knees, her mouth stretched
wide and full of his cock, her eyes begging to please him...I could feel my
clit beginning to throb. I couldn’t help myself. I climbed behind her and
cupped her ripe, creamy breasts in my hands, testing their heavy weight and
fondling her rose-tipped nipples. She moaned and braced her hands on his waist,
even as her nipples hardened under my caresses.

I kissed and nipped at her pale shoulders, and met Mr.
Stewart’s eyes, which were as dark as sin.

She began to move her head slowly along the length of his
spit-slicked cock, from root to tip. Up and down.
She’s a natural
, I
thought to myself.

I could tell he was close to the edge by the way his
stomach muscles twitched. He groaned as he watched her suck, and watched me
play with her soft, bountiful breasts, my fingers thumbing her pale nipples.

Even closer now. He buried his hands in her hair, gently
holding on to her head as she bobbed her head on his manhood.

Suddenly, he pulled her head tight against his crotch, a
strangled huff escaping his mouth as he shook with the pleasure of his orgasm.
I could see her throat flexing as she swallowed down his cum, mouthful after
mouthful. He gave her no choice, he was so deeply buried in her throat.

Finally, he let go of her head, his shaft slowly slipping
out of her swollen mouth. He stroked the head of his cock along her cheeks,
leaving shining tracks of his seed on her face. Claiming her.

“You look so beautiful with my cum on your face, angel.”
Possessive, he ran his fingers through her damp, messy hair.

I leaned over and licked a gob of cum off the corner of
her lip. “You taste good too, Shanna,” I whispered in her ear.

She pouted, naughtiness in her eyes. “But I didn’t get to

“Don’t worry, I’m going to take good care of you, sweet
thing.” He smiled. “Wait and see.”



Chapter Six

I yawned, waking up a second time that morning. I was
still in Shanna’s bed, and it held onto all the warmth from the weight of all the
bodies that had been in it. The sheets were fragrant with a musky, animal

Actually, the whole room smelled like sex. I sniffed the
air, a pleasurable warmth building in my belly as I remembered the debauchery
that had taken place only a few hours ago.

My stomach growled. Geez, had it really been over half a
day since I’d eaten something? Anyway, I could hear the shower going, so I knew
that Shanna was in the shower. Time to get myself together. I made a quick trip
to my room for a sweatshirt and terry cloth shorts, and made my way downstairs.

I could smell the bacon sizzling. My mouth watering as I
walked over, I found Mr. Stewart piling the smoky breakfast meat on a platter
while his wife flipped pancakes on the stove.

“Good morning, baby girl,” he said. “Sleep well?”

I can’t believe I blushed, after everything we’d done, but
I could feel my cheeks burning. “Yeah,” I said, smiling shyly. “Nothing but
sweet dreams.”

He gestured to the table. “Go ahead and eat,” he said.
“Shanna can eat whenever she comes down, and the kids are still asleep.”

I grabbed a plate and filled it up with bacon, pancakes,
and eggs, then poured myself a tall glass of orange juice from the icy pitcher
on the table. It was like they read my mind. This was exactly what I needed to

I was so busy stuffing my face that I barely noticed when
Shanna came down. When I looked up at her, I realized that she was wearing the
fluttery white camisole I’d given her the night before. On her, it looked like
a summery sundress.

Oh yeah. I totally let her entire wardrobe get ruined.

“Hey,” I said, feeling mildly embarrassed that I hadn’t
noticed her entering the room. “If you want to wear something else, you can
have anything from my closet—“

“No,” she said, grinning widely. “I like this.” She twirled
around in it, and as it flew up, I realized that she was…well,
wearing the camisole. “It feels nice and pretty and girly.”

Mr. Stewart grunted in appreciation and slipped his hand
down her top, cupping her breast and planting a rough kiss on her mouth.

“Don’t tempt me, angel,” he said, giving her one last
teasing squeeze.

She merely batted her eyelashes at him, like the spoiled
brat she was. “
, Mr. Stewart.”

Mrs. Stewart rolled her eyes affectionately at us as she
sat down with a small dish of oatmeal raisin cookies and a mug of her favorite
coffee. “God forbid you ever misbehave,” she said, and grinned.

It was at that moment that Shanna saw the pile of
pancakes. “Oh my god,” she breathed. “Do those have blueberries in them?” She
forked five of them onto her plate and smothered them with maple syrup while we
stared at her in amazement.

Sure enough, Shanna finished every last crumb of her
pancakes. I mean, I’ve seen football players eat, and Shanna was a match for
any of them. After she finished her pancakes she ate some more bacon, and then put
away a huge glass of orange juice.

She waved her fork at me. “Hey, are you gonna finish
that?” I barely said
before she devoured the half-eaten pancakes and
eggs off of

So, the girl had an appetite. A huge, voracious appetite.


* * * *

The late morning and afternoon were unbelievably,
wonderfully, deliciously lazy. The kids were tired from sleeping too much
(weird, but true) and were happy to be parked in front of the TV for most of
the day.

Still, we learned our lesson from the day before and knew
they’d go bananas if they didn’t get at least a little bit of exercise. In the
early evening Shanna and I bundled them up and wrestled them outside to play
for a while in the freshly fallen snow.

They complained loudly for a few seconds and then they
were rolling around in the snow, making snow angels, throwing snowballs at each
other, and generally running around and hollering.

Shanna and I watched them and laughed, glad to have some
time outside in the fresh, freezing air. She leaned into me and I leaned back
against her. I could hardly believe that a few short days ago I pretty much
hated the sight of her.

“I love snow,” she said, happily. “It reminds me of
Wisconsin. But it seems nicer here, though, somehow…”

I looked up as the snow fell down, white and perfect.
“Yeah,” I said. “We don’t ever get snow in San Diego, so it’s like a freaking
miracle every time I see it.”

I hesitated. “Plus,” I finally added, “The last time I was
here, that was my first time with the Stewarts. Before that I never saw snow,
at least not in person.” I smiled fondly, remembering. “So I really love the
snow, because that was the first time they kissed me.”

There it was. I should have felt awkward or weird or even
mean to tell her something personal like that, but it seemed totally natural.
She smiled back at me, warmth in her eyes. With Shanna, it seemed like
everything was okay. She was just that sweet and accepting.

“I never thought it could be like that,” she said, her
voice quieter. “Do you know how beautiful you were last night, on your knees?”
A touch of desire entered her tone. “Completely bare, and with his cock inside

She sighed. “I never knew it could be like that,” she

There was a moment of perfect silence between us, and then
she grabbed my hand.

“I like you, Ashlyn,” she said. “I really do.”

“I like you too,” I said, and meant every word. It felt
good to say it aloud, to admit it to myself, and to her. I squeezed her hand,
small and firm inside her mitten.


* * * *

The kids wore themselves out in the snow, and by the time
we dragged them back in they were already ready for sleep. I cooked a giant pot
of spaghetti and meat sauce while Shanna tried to keep them awake, and by the
end of dinner all three of them had their heads on the table. They perked up
for chocolate fudge ice cream but willingly went to bed as soon as they licked
their bowls empty.

The kids all tucked away, we showered and returned
downstairs for our own dinner. The Stewarts went out to run a few local
errands, promising to be back by the evening.

Shanna ate like a lumberjack, same as in the morning. I
watched her shovel the pasta and marinara into her mouth with astonishment,
trying to figure out where it all went, for god’s sake. She looked at my plate
when she thought I wasn’t looking.

I smiled and pushed it towards her. “Go ahead, Miss
Piggy,” I said. “It’s all yours.” She stuck her tongue out at me, but devoured
the spaghetti on my plate in less than a minute.

Outside, the light began to darken as evening fell. I was
already longing for them, looking for the Stewarts like a dog waiting for its

The snow was coming down harder and faster: the worst of
the snowstorm was about to hit. I wondered if they were safe—they
promised they wouldn’t be far away.

As we cleaned up the table, the lights flickered once—twice—and
then went out. We really were all alone in the woods now.

Shanna and I lit a fire in the fireplace, piling dusty
brown logs onto the flickering fire, and we curled up together on the soft fur
rug on the floor. She had a chick lit novel—of course—and I had
some fashion magazines I saved from my flight. I hadn’t touched them; things
had been busy since I got here.

The blazing fire and Shanna’s warm body against mine
hypnotized me, and I lay on the floor yawning with a magazine over my chest. Enthralled
by her book, Shanna lay on her tummy, her feet kicking lazily in the air.

I was almost asleep when I heard the click of the lock,
and a whirl of snowflakes swirled into the entryway. Their breath frosty in the
air, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart came through the door with red cheeks and bags full
of groceries.

I sat up, the magazine sliding off my lap and onto the

“Hi,” Shanna mumbled, without taking her eyes off her

“Hey,” said Mrs. Stewart. “Kids asleep?”

I nodded, and started to stand up. She waved me down.
“We’re fine,” she whispered.

Turning back to my magazine, I listened as they clattered
around the kitchen, lighting a few candles to set on the counter. I could hear
the shower sputtering on in their bathroom, then the giggling of Mrs. Stewart—they
were showering together.

I was halfway through a story about Princess Kate’s latest
hairdo when I heard soft footsteps behind me, and inhaled sharply when a thick,
heavy hand fell on my shoulder and stroked up my tender throat.

Mr. Stewart.

He was wearing only a pair of sweatpants, the square shape
of his chest gleaming in the darkness. He advanced on Shanna, bending down on
one knee and running his hand up her leg, lifting up the hem of her camisole
slowly, caressing her smooth calves, creamy thighs, and finally her plump,
round ass. It glowed soft and rosy in the firelight; my breath caught in my
throat to see it.

All the while, Shanna pretended to keep reading, flipping
page after page in her dog-eared paperback.

He hiked the camisole up around her waist, and knelt down
over her, cupping her cheeks in his palms. At this, she twitched. He growled
low in his throat and massaged them hard, pulling her crack open to reveal a
tiny pink hole and her soft slit, lined with delicate golden hair. God, she was

Another set of footsteps shook me out of my reverie. Mrs.
Stewart came up behind me, clad in a silky lavender chemise. In one hand she
had a bowl of French vanilla ice cream, and in the other a can of whipped

“Time for dessert,” she whispered to me, impish.

She sat down cross-legged on the rug next to Shanna,
spraying her ice cream with a luxurious mountain of whipped cream. She dug a
spoon into her dessert, drawing out a heaping spoonful of ice cream. She licked
off the extra with her long, wet tongue.

“Mmm,” she murmured. “So sweet and cold and tasty.”

She dipped her spoon into her bowl again. “Shanna,
sweetheart, would you like a taste?”

Mr. Stewart let a lazy finger drift down Shanna’s ass,
barely brushing her pale curls, outlining the shape of her pouting lower lips.

She let the book drop. She turned her head to Mrs.
Stewart, and opened her mouth, a dare in her eyes. Mrs. Stewart eased the
dessert into her mouth, catching the melting white cream at the corner of her
mouth with the outside of her spoon.

“Don’t waste it, sweetheart,” she murmured, and licked the
spoon clean.

Bolder now, Mr. Stewart pushed his finger inward, pushing
apart her lips to reveal the glistening pink pussy within. He curved his finger
into her, coating himself in her luscious nectar.

She shivered ever so slightly.

He pushed back the hood of her clit with wet, careful
fingers, and made a slow circle around the taut bud with a thumb.

Shanna’s book tumbled completely out of her hands.

“You like that, angel?” He was watching her like a
predator stalks its prey.

He lowered his mouth to her buttocks, tonguing her crack.
She jerked up, a little hiss of air escaping her lips. His jaw flexed as he
licked deeper and longer between her spread-open cheeks. As I watched him work
I could feel my own slit beginning to moisten, a fluttering ache at the apex of
my thighs.

“I think she did like that,” whispered Mrs. Stewart,
peeling off the camisole straps from Shanna’s shoulders. “Didn’t you, angel?”

She kissed Shanna’s slack mouth, nibbling around her lips
as her hands found her ripe, swelling tits. Lowering herself to her forearms,
she sucked a fat, distended nipple into her mouth, rolling the pink peak on her

Shanna shook so hard I thought she might fall apart. I reached
out and touched her hair, and she kissed my hand, desperate. Finally, she
collapsed on the rug, rolling helplessly onto her back, trying to curl away
from the mind-bending pleasure they were inflicting on her lithe little body.

Mrs. Stewart took the can of whipped cream and spurted a
cloud of cream onto Shanna’s tits. She looked at me, smiling. “Ashlyn, did you
have your dessert yet?”

I closed my mouth on Shanna’s tortured peaks, sucking the
sweet cream from her plump flesh. The sugar in the cream and the salt of her
skin danced on my tongue, totally intoxicating.

I heard a long hiss from the can and saw that Mrs. Stewart
had drawn a line of whipped cream along Shanna’s pale, flat stomach, all the
way down to her ripe, wet mound.

Following her trail, I lapped up the milky fluff, leaving
shining wet tracks of saliva down her body.

Mr. Stewart had spread her open again, forcing two fingers
inside Shanna’s slippery cleft, and a thumb on her clit. The most exquisite
agony was spreading across Shanna’s face: her mouth was open, her eyes blinked
rapidly, and a hot red flush spread across her cheekbones. I could smell the
musky aroma of her pussy as her wetness seeped down and around Mr. Stewart’s
thrusting fingers. It smelled like the ocean, and it made my mouth water.

Mrs. Stewart crawled down to meet us, her eyes aflame.
Leaning across Shanna’s wide-open legs, she pulled me towards her, licking the
last specks of cream off my face. She smiled at me as she ran her tongue over
her lips. A moment later she’d pulled my nightgown off. Both their nannies were
naked now—exposed for their enjoyment.

Beneath us, Shanna breathed fast and hard, her lush tits
falling and rising as she panted.

Mr. Stewart only had eyes for her, at that moment. “Do you
like that, angel?” He curled his fingers up, and she gasped, her eyes wide
open. “That’s your sweet spot,” he murmured, stroking her with expert speed.
“Mm,” he muttered. “I wonder if you’re a squirter.”

BOOK: An Agency Story: Double Trouble
9.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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