Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC Series

BOOK: Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC Series
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Soldiers of Chaos

Among the


Written by A. A. Askevold


I’d like to thank everyone who gave my first book a chance. I appreciate all the feedback and I hope the second one doesn’t disappoint.

To my Mother who accepted the fact that I’d written an erotic novel with all the enthusiasm
that a proud mother could muster; Thank you for everything you have done for me I only hope that one day I can repay you for your love and support.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC series
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First Edition

Copyright © 2014 by A.A.


No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author, except where permitted by law.


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Chapter 1


Nikki heard her door open. She didn't bother to turn around knowing it would be one of the boys, they never knocked.

"Hey Ace," Tex's husky voice reached her ears.

She knew that delicious tone and what it meant. Sex. She turned around with a sexy little smirk on her face and was surprised to find Trace standing behind Tex, both of them looking like the cat who got the cream.

"Oh. Hey. What are you two looking so pleased with yourselves about?"

Trace shut the door behind him locking it. What the fuck?


"We have come up with a solution to our little problem," Tex answered.


"What problem?"

Nikki had no idea what they were talking about.

"This problem," Trace gestured between the three of them.

All of a sudden Nikki wasn’t sure if she wanted to get into this conversation.

"I didn't know we had a problem."

They both took a step towards her.

"We have a problem Baby girl
. We've always had a problem," Trace replied.

She stared at them warily.

"We have had enough of this back and forth bullshit between us. We don't want to do it anymore," Tex stated forcefully.

Nikki's heart began to pound with fear. What was he saying?

"We know you'll never make a choice between us," Trace spoke, "so we've decided for you."

didn’t want to hear this but at the same time the question flew out of her mouth anyway, "And?"


They edged towards her both of them wearing intense looks on their faces. Unconsciously Nikki began backing up. Her back hit the dresser and she couldn't go any further. She reached back gripping the edge tightly.

don’t have to choose," Trace explained softly.

She regarded his face closely and saw the gentle love there. What did he mean she
didn’t have to choose?

don’t want you to." 

They were practically on top of her at this point. Trace glanced at Tex as if he was waiting for him to make the next move. Nikki's gazed moved to Tex. His eyes were filled with hunger and that blazing passion he had for her.


The heat coming from both of them had her
body reacting. Her breathing came quick and hard. Her mouth went dry. A pulse began to beat hard in her clit. The tension in the room rose higher. Nikki’s brain struggled to link their words with their actions.

"Where exactly are you going with this
?" she asked.

“C’mon Ace you know exactly where this is going. It’s going the one place you’ve always wanted it to go but been way too afraid to ask.”

She felt Trace lean in from the other side of her.

“And where would that be?” her voice came out a breathy whisper.

Tex brought his mouth close to hers and spoke quietly, "Your bed with the two of us."

Somewhere in the back of her mind a littl
e voice asked the question, the two of them? But this voice was drowned out by her body screaming YES!


The sound of yelling pierced through their sexually charged bubble. She felt the barest brush of Tex's lips against hers then they were gone. Someone was bashing on the door.

"For fucks sake," Tex growled.

His body was gone and he was stomping across the room to the door. He wrenched it open.

"What the fuck do you want?"

Brodie's face was the final mood killer. He looked like death warmed up.

"It's Rat."


A scream like nothing Nikki had ever heard before pierced through all the other noises. It was bone chilling and heart breaking and it kicked them all into action. Tex launched himself out the door nearly knocking Brodie over. Both Trace and Nikki ran for the door hot on his trail. They b
urst out of the clubhouse and into the anarchy that was strewn across the forecourt. The sound of bikes roaring off into the distance carried through the night.


The ungodly wail sounded again and Nikki glanced over at Rat's old lady. Jodie was crumpled on the ground clinging to Rose like it was the only thing keeping her from going insane with grief. Some of the other girls were crowding around them crying or attempting to comfort Jodie and each other. The brothers were crowded around the main gate. The boys pushed through the group, parting it like Moses and the red sea, and Nikki followed right in their wake.


She hit the front and what she saw made her sick to her stomach. Rat lay in the dirt at their feet. He was covered in blood. His club ink was entirely removed, crudely carved from his flesh. His cut lay next to him ripped to shreds. She felt her heart ache as she stared at a man she knew, a man she considered family.

"Rat," she whispered his name.

It was like staring at Sheila all over again.

"What happened?" She heard Tex ask.

"We heard a car horn beeping and ran to the gate. When we opened it Rat was here and a white ford v8 was taking off down the road."

. That car had appeared everywhere they had run into the Niners. This had to be Bridges.

"Was it the same car from the clubhouse attack?" She asked.

"Looked like it."


"He's sending us a message," she stated quietly.

"You think it's Bridges?" Tex asked.

Nikki nodded in response, she could feel it in her bones.

gonna have to call it in," a voice suggested from her left.

She turned to look at King. He looked old and tired as he stared down at Rat's lifeless body.

"It'll bring too much attention to the club," Reaper warned them from the peripheral of the group.

"He is a founding member. I am not having him sent to Ash, never to be seen or spoken of again. He deserves better than that and Jodie deserves better than that."

They were both right. The club didn’t need the heat right now but they also needed to honour a good man.

"I'll call it in."

Both men turned their eyes to her. King nodded his ascent.


Nikki palmed her phone and dialled with a heavy heart. She knew there was only one man for this job and every time she called him she felt like she was the worst thing to have ever happened to Detective Alex Winter.

"Alex. It's Nikki."




One week earlier


Nikki was standing in her mother’s bedroom staring at Sheila’s mutilated body. The red of her blood was a stark contrast to the white of the sheets. Every piece of her flesh had been carved into with a knife and not one bit of her skin was free from blood. Sheila’s face was twisted in an ugly grimace her eyes wide open with fear. Blood dribbled down her face from the bullet hole in her forehead. Nikki was frozen there. She couldn't move if she wanted to, she was fixated on her mother's face. Maybe it was because they looked so alike and looking at Sheila was like looking down the barrel of her own fate. Then Sheila’s mouth moved.


“You’re just like him.”

Her eye’s locked with Nikki’s and she was powerless to look away.

“You think you can hide that thing inside you but you can’t. He gave that to you. I’m dead because of him, because of you.”

The darkness inside her reared its ugly head and pushed forward shoving through her till she was a powerless bystander inside her own body.

Her mother was screaming at her, “You did this to me. You did this.”

Blood began oozing out of Sheila’s wounds in earnest as she yelled and taunted her. Nikki’s body moved taking a step towards Sheila
. The rage powering through her body was clearly directed at the screaming dead woman. Then she heard a voice on the other side of the room.

“You’re no different than me,” Creepy guy stated, “no different than him.”


Nikki turned towards him. The darkness inside him showed in his eyes as he stared at her. His gaze bored holes into her as if he could see straight through her skin and deep into the blackest part of her. He smiled at her, an evil twisted grin and she found her face smiling back. What the hell was happening to her? She was nothing like him. Her head turned slightly to look over Creepy guy’s shoulder and there in her mother’s bedroom mirror she saw it. The monster inside her was looking back at her through the mirror. She could see the menace, destruction and death it would bring and she f
elt its glee as it stared back.

The words left her mouth even though they weren’t her own, “Just like him.”


woke from her dream heart racing, her body covered in a sheen of sweat and her mind reeling. The nightmares were getting worse. They’d returned soon after she left Cole, if leaving is what you'd call it. Because even though she was physically nowhere near him he was still with her. From the scars on her back to the darkness inside her that called for him, she couldn't escape him. She’d managed to wrangle the monster and drive it deep down inside herself, corralling it in a box made of sheer will and desperation. She feared what they were telling her, that without Cole to keep the monster in check she wouldn’t survive and neither would those around her.


She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as her brain tried to compute this latest version of her nightmare. She knew what her mother had meant when she said Nikki couldn’t hide the thing inside her. The amount of control she had to exert over herself to keep from cracking was immense and the dam she’d built around that darkness was starting to leak. She could even understand Sheila saying her death was Nikki’s fault. She’d felt like that often enough to know it was the guilt talking. But the thing about him giving her the darkness inside her? She had no idea who him was.


Was she referring to Creepy guy? Sure he’d brought out this thing inside her but hadn’t he said ‘no different than me, no different than him’. Clearly he wasn’t just referring to himself. Bridges maybe? He was inadvertently the cause of everything from that night forward, but to say she was just like him. Nikki did not even want to contemplate that, he had to be a cold, calculating, power hungry son of a bitch to be where he was and who he was. She was none of those things, was she?


She shook her head trying to clear it. It was Tex's fault. He'd insisted on dragging her out to Sheila's grave yesterday after months of managing to avoid it. All it did was drag up unwelcome feelings of quilt and hate and vengeance. Then they’d had an argument about her and Cole when they got home. They’d babied her for a little while as her injuries healed. As soon as she was up and about though, Tex gave up on that and the questions had started.


Nikki refused to answer them and she’d ended up in several shouting matches with Tex over it. Him demanding answers and her demanding he stay out of it. She knew he wouldn’t give up and she couldn’t put up with the fighting anymore so she’d decided reverted back to the age old tactic of avoidance, starting today. It was bad enough that she’d copped some weird looks from the rest of brothers without adding the angry tension between her and Tex into the equation.

BOOK: Among the Chaos: Book 2 of the Soldiers of Chaos MC Series
2.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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