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Authors: Christin Lovell

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Alpha Doms Box Set: 9 Delicious Stories + 10 Sexy Heroes = 19 Reasons to Indulge

BOOK: Alpha Doms Box Set: 9 Delicious Stories + 10 Sexy Heroes = 19 Reasons to Indulge
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Please enjoy responsibly.
Christin Lovell


Controlled Curves
Controlled Desires
Controlled by the Alpha
Controlled Passions
Controlled Cravings
Controlled Surrender
Controlled Longings
Controlled Instincts
Two Times the Charm
Controlled by Two

Christin Lovell


Copyright © 2012 by Christin M Lovell

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Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and
not intended by the author.


Suren is the only plus size
werewolf in a world that surrounds her with sleek, athletic
shifters. Her pack has accepted her fuller figure, but she’s
painfully aware of the stark differences in their physiques, not to
mention her lack of a mate.
Maryk scented Suren the moment he
breached the town’s borders. He sought out the pack alpha and
fought till the death to own the right to be with his mate. Less
than twenty-four hours later, she was already defying his rule as
the new pack alpha. With his wolf in a frenzy to claim her, the
sexy Dom may just have to teach her a lesson at the same
Can Suren get over her insecurities
and embrace what fate has gifted her? Perhaps, but it may require a
little discipline…

Controlled Curves

Chapter One


Nudity wasn’t an issue with most werewolves.
We’d all seen each other at some point prior to shifting. The cover
of darkness, the shadow of the trees did little to protect us from
prying eyes as we stripped and transformed. I’d come to accept this
as a part of life…until our new alpha arrived on the scene.

He’d ordered the pack to do a sweep of our
land, customary each morning and evening. While others disrobed and
took off, I hung back, waiting for the dark, alluring figure to
follow the others. Instead, he glared at me. His chocolate brown
eyes narrowed to slits; his rose-colored lips were pursed tightly.
He stood across the clearing, his buff arms folded across his
chest; his chest rose and fell in rhythm above rock hard abs.

I stood, shaking lightly, with my arms
wrapped around my midsection, trying to conceal my ample curves. I
was the only werewolf I’d met with excess stuffing in her human
body, yet none in her wolf form. My mother, before her death, was
disheartened by the realization that I’d never fit in with the rest
of the pack because of my fuller figure. Having grown up around the
same wolves my entire life, I’d adjusted to them. They’d never made
fun of me, yet, under the scrutiny of our new alpha, I feared he’d
find something to say about me.

I issued you an order,” he
barked. His muscular legs were anchored shoulder-width apart; a
pair of jeans covered his lower region.

It was his first day. He’d swept in,
destroyed our prior alpha in one grueling fight to the death. No
one else had questioned his motives, had worried over his reasons.
This was tradition. It’s what happened regularly in packs around
the world. There was something about this wolf though, a carnality
that fed a deep, dark desire within me. I’d kept my distance in
fear of that savage lust.

I bit my lip to keep it from quivering. His
tone held authority. It was in my nature to submit to him, but I
found myself staring rather than obeying.

He growled and stalked towards me. My wolf
was yelling for me to run, to obey, but my body didn’t respond. As
he drew closer, my heart began to sprint, taking off at a steady
pace. It wasn’t until he was within my scent range that I stumbled

I widened my eyes soaking him in from head
to toe as he ambled right for me. My limbs warmed and nipples
hardened as my wolf roared from within. I moved my arms up,
concealing my arousal. He’d smell it, but at least it wouldn’t be
visible with my stiff peaks.

My back came into contact with a tree right
as he closed in on me. There was nowhere left for me to run. I was

I closed my eyes, turning my head to the
side. Each breath I took had his scent swarming through my lungs
and my body surrendering to his intoxication. My pussy wept from
his smell alone, the hereditary desire for my mate overruling all

I felt his hand caress my cheek. He gently
forced my face towards him. “Open your eyes.” His words were a soft

Hesitantly I opened my eyes to see his
caramel colored skin up close; his alluring features that had my
mouth watering as I fought the urge to lick him from head to toe,
oddly wondering if he really would taste like caramel.

Chapter Two


I gazed down at my frightened mate. She was
who’d drawn me here; she’d been the reason I fought for the alpha
position. Two alphas weren’t allowed within a pack. When I turned
eighteen, my father had sent me off to find a new pack to rule.
It’d taken me five years to find her and one night to fight to own
her. My placement in this pack gave me free right to her now.

I listened to the beat of her erratic heart.
Her scent was much stronger to me as the alpha, but she was feeling
it. She must have scented me by now and knew the truth of its call.
She’d yet to officially surrender to me though; she’d yet to bow
her head. She’d yet to respond to my command for her to follow the
others. She was being a very bad girl and the alpha in me couldn’t
wait to spank her for it.

I’d suffered nearly twenty-four hours in a
perpetual state of arousal, my cock the hardest it’s ever been
because of the little minx. I watched as her full chest rose and
fell in rhythm. Her lush fullness had my hands fisted to avoid
manhandling them. I wanted to run my hands over every ounce of her
plump figure. I wanted to stuff my nose between her large breasts
and my tongue deep within her pussy protected by the fullness of
her thighs.

Her long blonde hair hung forward, framing
her face. Her blue eyes gazed at me with a mixture of apprehension
and desire. She’d pulled her full bottom lip between her teeth, the
plump pink lip deepened to red where she was abusing it. Her jaw
shook minimally. She was fighting to remain still, to stay where
she was.

I leaned down towards her, hovering over her
petite frame. “If you don’t listen to me now, I’m certainly not
going to listen to your cries for me to stop later.” My words were
meant to be menacing, to ignite a fire beneath her. I intended for
her to know that I was planning to take her later, to claim what
was mine before anyone else could.

Chapter Three


My pulse kicked up a notch at the rough
undertone in his voice. I held back a moan at the thought of what
was coming. Twenty years I’d lived in sexual purity as all female
wolves were expected to until their mate came along. I’d been
waiting twenty years for this day yet hadn’t realized how much I’d
been craving it. I wasn’t aware of how much I would crave
skin-to-skin contact with him.

He towered over me, diminishing my
five-feet, two inches further. I gazed up into his murky eyes. We
were opposites in nearly every way physically. He was tall and tan
with dark hair and strong features; his build rivaled an achieved
athlete, his muscles cut sharp, exposing his regular exercise of
them. I was short, my ivory skin pale in comparison to his. My
blonde hair was awash in sun kissed streaks that added dimension
and depth, but not the darkness of his. My eyes were a sky blue;
bright sapphires that I knew were staring openly at an alpha when
they weren’t supposed to.

A shiver ran down my spine when he unveiled
the desire coursing through him. He bumped his erection against my
upper stomach, the curvature of it meeting the heavy bottoms of my
breasts. I whimpered as he removed my protective arms, his palms
brushing across my sensitive nipples.

What’s your name?” he
asked, continuing his innocent assault and driving my body into a
frenzy. He plucked my nipples.

Suren.” My name was a
mangled mewl; my wolf was beginning to bow her head.
Was that really me?

I’m Maryk, your alpha,
your Dom, and your mate.” He nipped my neck; my body shuddered at
the erotic scrape of his teeth against my hypersensitive flesh.
“Now, don’t make me tell you again.
and scout.” His breath tickled
my ears.

I warily stepped away from his talented
grip. All my insecurities flooded to the surface, squashing the
stimulated state I’d been in moments ago. He stood straight,
watching my every move. I glanced at him and then back at the
clearing before the woods. My pack mates were long gone, yet the
one I was most nervous about seeing me was right in front of

I swallowed hard, fighting the urge to
fidget. “You…you won’t make fun of me, will you?”

His features pinched, a growl emanating from
him. “Who teased you?” He closed the distance between us before I
could blink, his long, strong legs carrying him further and quicker
than most.

No one here,” I replied,
averting my gaze.

A single finger tilted my chin up towards
him. His expression unveiled his concern and… love? How could you
love someone you’d only met a day ago? Perhaps it wasn’t love
reflected there, but it was certainly admiration.

Who teased you?” he

I felt my cheeks heat. It was embarrassing,
particularly when my mate was a golden god of perfection. My wolf
whimpered over the cowering memory. “A few members from a visiting

He considered me for a long minute. He must
have seen something in me because he grabbed my hand and led me to
the alpha’s domain, the largest cabin on our tucked away

Chapter Four


I ushered her towards the oversized master
bedroom. The smell of her so near had my wolf pawing to the
surface. It took most of my strength to not allow him to take over,
for if he did, I would force her to surrender as I took her from
behind at a swift, rough pace. It was the fear in her eyes, the
uncertainty about my view of her that had tugged at my heart. She
really thought I wasn’t attracted to her, that it was only my wolf
or genetics.

I dragged the ottoman a few feet from the
lofty, ornate mirror angled against the wall in the corner of the
room. I sat down and pulled her between my legs. She fidgeted,
unable to control her worry. My heart sank at the trepidation
dragging down her brows.

Come here.” I cupped her
face and pressed my lips to hers.

She stiffened before she sighed into my
touch. I nibbled her lips, caressing hers in gentle exploration
with my own. I plunged my tongue between her pouty lips. The taste
of her exploded in my mouth. I growled, my wolf leaping at the
flavor of her. I drew my hands along her curves as I continued to
kiss her into submission. I wanted there to be no doubt. When I
asked her if she trusted me, I didn’t want there to be a moment of

BOOK: Alpha Doms Box Set: 9 Delicious Stories + 10 Sexy Heroes = 19 Reasons to Indulge
3.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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