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Along Wooded Paths

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Praise for
Along Wooded Paths

A skillfully written blend of Amish and “Englisch” lives that will have you rooting for both sides.
Along Wooded Paths
draws the reader into Marianna’s complex choices and swirling emotions, while exposing her deep-seated desire for a stronger faith. Tricia Goyer’s beautifully woven tale captured me from beginning till end.

—Miralee Ferrell

author of
Love Finds You in Sundance

Every once in awhile I read a book that draws me in as a reader and challenges me as a writer.
Along Wooded Paths
is such a book. The story is gripping, the characters so well drawn I hated to see this installment end, and the faith element challenged me to deepen my walk with God.
Along Wooded Paths
is a beautiful story that will compel you to consider what God really asks of us.

—Cara Putman

author of
Stars in the Night
Ohio Brides

A sweet, tender story about God’s gentle workings in the hearts of His own. Tricia Goyer has a true talent for creating believable characters readers can identify with and empathize with. Anyone who enjoys Amish fiction will appreciate this moving tale.

—Sally Laity,

author of
Remnant of Forgiveness
and coauthor of The Daughters of Harwood House trilogy

If you read only one Amish book this year, make sure it’s Tricia Goyer’s
Along Wooded Paths
. With her elegant prose and deep insights into the human heart, Goyer has crafted a poignant story of a young Amish woman forced to choose between the love of two very different men. My heart ached at the realization that one man would have his heart broken, and yet when I reached the end, I breathed a sigh of satisfaction that Marianna had chosen the right one. This beautiful story of love and faith should come with a warning label, though, for one Goyer book is not enough. Fortunately, the first of the series,
Beside Still Waters
, is still available, and
Beyond Hopes Valley
is coming. I’ve made space for them all on my keeper shelf.

—Amanda Cabot,

author of
Tomorrow’s Garden

Set amid the majestic Montana countryside, Tricia Goyer’s gentle tale of love, loyalty, and longing will keep your heart guessing until the last page.

—Cathy Elliott,

author of
Medals in the Attic: An Annie’s Attic Mystery

I was pulled into Tricia Goyer’s
Along Wooded Paths
from the first page! A devastating past, a heart-breaking choice, this story has it all. Endearing, lovely in every way. If you love heart-warming Amish fiction you can’t go wrong here. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!

—Traci DePree,

author of the Lake Emily series and
Into the Wilderness

Copyright © 2011 by Tricia Goyer

All Rights Reserved.

Printed in the United States of America

ISBN: 978-1-4336-6869-2

Published by B&H Publishing Group

Nashville, Tennessee

Dewey Decimal Classification: F


Published in association with the Books & Such Literary Agency, Janet Kobobel Grant, 52 Mission Circle, Suite 122, PMB 170, Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5370,

Scripture references marked NIV are taken from the New International Version, copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by International Bible Society.

Scripture references marked KJV were taken from the King James Version of the Bible.

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Publisher’s Note: The characters and events in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental.

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In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. (Proverbs 16:9 NIV)


Dedicated to my grandson Clayton William Goyer. May you always seek Jesus with all your heart.


Every good and perfect gift comes from above and the greatest gifts to me are the people God has brought into my life. This book would not be written without the love of my family: my husband John and my kids Cory, Leslie, Nathan, and Alyssa. Also, my wonderful daughter-in-law Katie and my first grandchild Clayton. Grandma Dolores is always wonderful about caring for me as I pour so much out, and for sending up prayers. I’m thankful for my church home of Mosaic Church and the new community God has planted me in, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I’m always grateful for my stellar agent Janet Grant and my editor Karen Ball. Also, Julie Gwinn and the B&H team are amazing to work with! Thank you!



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Teaser Chapter from Book 3:
Beyond Hopes Valley


The hammer weighed heavy in his hand. Aaron Zook hit the nail again and again, securing the iron hat hook. Finally done, he placed the hammer on the windowsill and stepped back. His heart weighed heavy too. Bruised as if it received similar blows. Aaron removed his straw hat and placed it on the hook, then he turned and scanned the room. For months he’d poured himself into his work, planning for the day he’d complete the cabin, but it meant little now. The windows were bare, like large blank eyes staring into his soul, mocking his pain. He’d done his part, but it needed a woman’s touch—white, plain curtains, a rag rug by the door, green plants by the window.

BOOK: Along Wooded Paths
12.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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