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Alone at Last



Nine years of marriage haven’t dimmed the fires of fantasy
that fuel Jill and Royce Osbourne’s lust for each other. However, children make
living those fantasies tricky. Royce has the ultimate present for his wife on
their ninth anniversary. The kids are with Grandma, the house is theirs for the
weekend, and redesigned for pleasure.

After a hard day in court, Jill comes home to a quiet house
and a hot husband wielding a willow switch. What’s a needy woman to do but get
out of her panties as fast as possible…especially when she learns two guests
are waiting in the wings to join them in a ménage fantasy…or two.

A willow switch, a hot husband, two hunks… It doesn’t get
any better than this.


Inside Scoop:
Our heroine is bound, disciplined and


contemporary erotica
story from Ellora’s Cave

Alone at Last
Caitlyn Willows


Chapter One


Jill Osbourne cut the Saab’s engine. Silence descended. No
birds chirping, no neighbors yelling, no dogs barking, no kids bursting from
the house to welcome her home with tight hugs and sticky kisses.

Royce must have them corralled. Thank god.
It’d been
one hell of a day. Much as she loved her kids, she wasn’t quite ready to be
inundated with the cacophony home life had become of late.

The family van sat next to her car in the garage. It looked
spotless. Royce’d had the day off—a luxury Jill rarely knew and resented more
than she could say—and it looked as if he’d put the time to good use. She felt
guilty for being so bitchy about him having free time when she didn’t.

Thanks, honey.
It looked as if he’d also mowed the
lawn. How he managed that with two kids to wrangle…
Magic man.
worked miracles and surprises in the intimate portion of their lives too, so
she’d leave him to his secrets and wonder what else he had in store for
tonight. Dinner? The kids in bed by eight? A long soak in a sea of bubbles?

A woman can dream, can’t she?

Today, their ninth anniversary, she’d been stuck with a
trial. A case she’d lost, and she wasn’t the least bit sorry about it. Her
client deserved what he got, or rather, what he didn’t get.


She closed her eyes and leaned her head against the seat,
trying to drown out the hate that had poured from the man’s mouth. A constant
diatribe against his soon-to-be ex-wife.

A tap on the window snapped her upright. Royce stood beside
the car, wearing a smile, black satin pajama bottoms, and a hard-on. Clearly,
he’d found someone to watch the kids for a bit and planned a play date of his
own with Jill.

Looked as if her day just got better.

His dark-brown hair was wet, but combed into place. Tiny
droplets clung to his shoulders, holding tight against movement that would send
them cascading down his smooth chest. Jill licked her lips, imagining the taste
of his sun-burnished skin as her tongue followed the trickle all the way up.
He’d gasp, clutch her head and sear a kiss into her soul. Jill could almost
feel strong hands roaming her skin, delving into her body, making her come.

She hooked her purse straps and opened the door. Her
overloaded briefcase could stay on the floor of the car. They might not have
been able to plan a trip, but she would make damn sure work wouldn’t interfere
with their anniversary night.

Royce pulled the door open and extended one hand to her.
“We’re alone at last. My parents have the kids for the weekend.” His brown eyes
sparkled. Heat shimmered off him and curled around Jill. Her body came alive
with the possibilities now stretched before them.

Oh yes, my day is a whole lot better.

“Does it make me a bad parent that I’m giddy at the news?”
She slipped her hand into his, tugging it up nice and close.

“Does it make
a bad parent that I shuttled them
off right after breakfast?” Royce anchored her to him. His hot cock burned
through her navy-blue suit and branded her skin. One nudge seated his thigh
between hers. The urge to ride it to orgasm was almost too much to resist. It’d
been too long since they’d been adventurous.

Jill brushed her fingers over his smooth cheek. He’d shaved
for her and she couldn’t help but wonder what other parts of his body might
have seen the razor. Then she wished she could say the same. “I’ll bet they ran
squealing to your mom’s car.”

“Shot out the door like bullets. The weekend is ours. We
might be parents but we still have that extra-special fire down below.” He squeezed
her butt cheek. “It’s time we quenched it. Starting right now. You need to be
fucked good and proper. Need to come until you’re spent enough to sleep the
day, then come some more. And this tight ass of yours…”

He landed a hard smack over her backside. Jill gasped,
rubbed her belly over his cock, and felt her pussy start to cream at the feel
of his hard thigh.

“It’s going to burn.” He smacked her again. She arched into
him, offering her neck to his mouth.

Royce eased away. “Roll the window down, then close the

Heart thrumming in time with her swelling clitoris, Jill did
as he’d ordered. She tossed her purse to the passenger seat, then turned with a
smile as she closed the door and leaned against it. Her smile faltered when she
saw the willow switch in his hand. Her gaze stayed riveted to it, mind shutting
down while blood drained to her crotch.

“Willow is the traditional gift for a ninth anniversary.”
Royce sliced the switch through the air.

Jill’s breath caught. Her ass could already feel the stroke
upon it. Her thighs quivered.

“I couldn’t resist traditional. It took me a while to find
the perfect switch, but I think this will do nicely.” Another swish, this one
so close the hairs on her arm lifted. She stifled a groan.

“Bend over into the window. For this you may leave your
skirt down. We wouldn’t want to wear your ass out too quickly.” Amusement laced
his words. “After all, we have the whole weekend to re-bond and it’s been a bit
since we’ve had the luxury of a good session.”

Jill stuck her head through the window, bending over as far
as she could. Pussy juices leaked down her thighs despite her pantyhose. It was
only going to get worse. Her clit was so swollen the least touch would set her
off. Every stroke across her backside was going to make it worse. Jill looked
forward to each one, to the fire racing across her ass.

warned her. Contact took her breath away.
Royce gave her no time to recover. Quick, methodical strokes set her ass
ablaze. Her head buzzed, body drifted into another zone. All too soon, the
delicious punishment ended.

“Nine, love,” Royce said. “One for every year we’ve been
married.” He rubbed his hand over her hot ass. “I know you want more.” Jill’s
whimper and wiggle answered for her. “Don’t worry.” His voice brushed over her
ear. “The modern gift for a ninth anniversary is leather. Wait ‘til you see
what I’ve got for you.” He helped her up as she stood. He flicked open her
jacket button, then stripped the sleeves down her arms.

“I love how hard your nipples are.” He brushed his palm over
one. It thrust through bra and blouse. “Don’t they look tempting?”

Puzzled, Jill frowned. Royce smiled and turned her around.
There he stood—six-feet-four inches of hard male dressed in jeans and a white
t-shirt. An equally impressive cock swelled his jeans. The man Jill had
nicknamed “Well Hung” when they met six years ago. The man who’d since become
their pediatrician—Ken Walker.

Adonis—aka Jerry Spicer, CPA—would be lurking somewhere too.
Most likely waiting in the house since she couldn’t see him. He’d always been a
part of their play in the past. She hoped that was true today. Jill never asked
how Royce had initially found the men all those years ago. She didn’t care. One
never questioned the cost of a present. The four of them had reconnected a few
times since then. Somehow Royce always managed to surprise her. Just like he
had now, right when she needed it most.

Ken’s thick, dark hair was swept back, blue eyes narrowed to
her breasts. “I want to suck her tits.”

The scene was definitely in play. Jill locked their
nicknames in place.

Royce wrapped one arm around her waist. “Give them a good,
hard suck.” He unbuttoned her blouse with his free hand, peeling the edges back
for Well Hung.

Big hands reached for her breasts. He hooked his fingers in
the cups and yanked down the bra. Nipples perched high and hard. They shook
with every pant. Jill forced her feet to remain on the concrete floor and not
locked around his waist so she could rub her clit over his erection. No doubt
that would earn her a good spanking. She relished the opportunity. Then he
latched on to her breast and sucked.

Jill groaned and pushed her breast into his mouth. He toyed
with the other one, tweaking and twirling the nipple. She writhed into the
sensation, humping her pelvis into him. A sharp slap to her thigh warned her.
It fired her up all the more. Royce fisted her skirt and yanked it to her
waist, then shoved his hand into her pantyhose. She cried out when his fingers
reached her aching clit. Then Well Hung switched breasts. She thrashed between
the two men, riding Royce’s hand and Well Hung’s mouth. Orgasm burst from her
with no warning. Her muscles turned to water in the aftermath.

“Oh wow.” She sighed.

“Good girl.” Royce kissed her temple.

In the fog pleasure left in her head, Jill realized Royce
moved her toward the van. Well Hung slid the side door open. New-car smell
wafted out.

“Aww, you had the van detailed!” Jill cursed the rush of

Both men stared at her as if they couldn’t believe she’d
shattered the mood. Jill couldn’t believe it herself and considered taking that
willow switch to her own backside for the lapse.

“Sorry,” she mumbled and refocused her attention to the gray
It smells like new car again!

A glimpse revealed both backseats were flattened into a
makeshift bed. Red satin draped it. Well Hung crouched inside. He looked like a
giant cramped in the space. Nevertheless, he helped her in, then pressed her
down onto the bed. Her back barely hit the cushion before he had her skirt
undone and slithering down her legs. He slung it aside and reached for her
pantyhose. Hot hands peeled hose and panties down her legs. Warm breath set
fire to her skin. Jill waited for his lips to follow the path of the clothing.
The tongue that would wander upward to her dripping pussy. Much to her
frustration, that never came.

“Here, let me.” Royce stood by her head at the open back
hatch. He palmed her breasts, kneading the aching flesh hard while he rolled
her nipples beneath his hands.

Well Hung grabbed her ankles, then spread her legs wide.

“He’s going to fuck you now,” Royce said. “And you’re going
to take your fucking like a good girl.”

Kneeling inside, Royce caught her arm, kissed her palm, then
snapped a soft leather cuff around her wrist. God only knew where he tied the
end of the strap. Jill willingly offered her other wrist. Would those straps be
used on her backside later? She hoped so. He secured her wrist, then snapped
both cuffs together and drew them above her head. Another click kept them there.

“Your legs will remain unbound,” he told her. “No sense
restricting a good fuck.”

Jill licked her lips. Royce grunted and ground his mouth
over them, thrashing his tongue with hers until he pulled away, breathless.

She smiled at her small victory. “How hard is your dick
right now?”

“Damn hard. You know how much I enjoy warming your ass,
watching you get off while someone else goes at you.” He pinched her nipple and
stepped away.

The van bounced with Well Hung’s weight. He knelt between
her feet now, naked lust with a cock made for fucking. Why he didn’t have a
string of women after him always mystified her. Or maybe he did and kept it
private, like he did his relationship with her and Royce.


Well Hung rolled a condom in place with one hand while the other
massaged his heavy balls. Dark hair swept from his chest downward—a playground
all its own. He lifted her knees as he crawled between her legs, then pulled
her legs up.

“Oh please…no,” she said. “You’re too big and I—” A groan
cut off her halfhearted protest. A slow thrust spread her vagina to the max.
Jill dug her heels into his lower back.

“Complain again and that cock will be up your ass.” Royce
knelt beside Well Hung now, slowly stroking a cock ready for action. His black
satin pajamas had been pushed down only as far as necessary. The elastic was
tucked behind his smooth balls, putting his genitals on display. In some corner
of her mind, Jill wondered why he wore a condom. Then Well Hung flipped them,
putting her on top, her ass high.

Royce wasted no time taking a position behind her. He
skimmed his fingers down her crack, rubbed circles around her hole, then
flicked it hard. It clenched, tightening her around Well Hung and dragging a
groan from his throat.

She looked at the man wedged in her body. Well Hung’s eyes
were closed, lips parted, body still as he waited for Royce to take her ass. It
was going to be tight. He’d feel every stroke Royce pushed into her body. A
snap alerted her to Royce’s next move. Her body tensed, waiting for the first
kiss of cold lube. She sank onto Well Hung when she realized Royce had warmed
the lubricant. He gave her little time to enjoy the sensation. Two fingers
plunged deep. Jill jerked her head up on a hard moan.

“Keep that sweet ass up.” Royce’s hand smack gave her an
extra warning. Long fingers coiled around her hip, hoisting her in place. Then
he slid his cock right where he wanted it.

Bliss washed over her body. Their deep groans came in
unison. She glanced over her shoulder to see Royce’s reaction and nearly came
at the sight. Jaw clenched, he gripped her hips while he pulled in control.
Jill knew the right words to get things moving and she wasn’t afraid to utter

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “Oh please fuck me.”

A growl rumbled between the men, and Jill got what she’d
requested—a hard, relentless pounding that dragged her clit across Well Hung’s
dick with every plunge. She wrapped her fingers around the straps and rocked
with them, eyes closed while fantasies played through her mind. She was a lady
whose coach was stopped by highwaymen, now tied, spread, and at their mercy.
Only she knew where the gold was hidden, and they were determined to locate its
source by any and all means. If that meant fucking her all night, so be it.

Jill clenched her pussy at the thought. Sensation built to
the breaking point once more. The tension coiled deep inside, rooted at her
clitoris. Well Hung moaned, apparently lost in the wonder of it all. Sweat slid
Royce’s body over hers. All Jill could think about was licking it off. Of tying
him down one night and giving him something to think about for days on end,
besides all the wonderful things he’d do to her.

BOOK: AloneatLast
7.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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