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Alien's Bride Book Three

BOOK: Alien's Bride Book Three
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Alien’s Bride Book Three




Yamila Abraham


Cover by Archie the Redcat, Edited by Michelle Henson


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A Domestic found us after a while to ask if we wanted to join the others for a tour of the ship.
I popped up from the couch.


“No!” Inga said.
“I don’t give a fuck about this stupid ship.”

The urge to cry buoyed up in my chest again, but this time anger came with it.
Inga was just the sort of person I’d tried to avoid in my old life.
No matter what her situation was she would always make the worst of it.

“I’ve never had a tour of the ship.
I want to see it.”

She stayed planted on the couch and turned away from me to scowl.

Stay here and wallow in your self-pity.

That was callous of me.
She really did have a living Hell waiting at home.
I drew in a deep breath and found my compassion.

“Come on, sweetie.”
I took her hand.

She half-heartedly climbed to her feet.
“This is the only time I get away from that fucking asshole Rolf-Tem.
Why do you have to ruin it for me?”

She kept stride with me behind the Domestic all the same.

We were brought into a large dining room that was walled on one side with concave windows showing outer space.
Elentinus and Nayjoor sat close together, chatting.
Rolf-Tem and Hor-Denay each sat one seat away from their masters to speak to each other from across the table.
I came up slowly since they hadn’t noticed us yet.

“We could spread R78 spores on their home world,” Nayjoor said.
“The planet would be dead in weeks without a single Dak-Hiliah soldier lost.”

“If we use such a devastating weapon their allies would retaliate,” Elentinus said.

“Not if they don’t know it’s us.
If it looks like a natural disaster.”

“They’re not fools, Nayjoor.”

“They would practice selective ignorance.”
He gave Elentinus a dismissive wave.
“A moon base, then.
Just as a warning.
To tell them not to fuck with us.”

“Would you really put such a thing to a vote?”

“If we had a session today?
But if more wives disappear—if things don’t change—“

Elentinus tipped his chin at us.
Nayjoor looked behind him and snorted.
He stayed seated while Elentinus rose to greet me.

My hand was trembling as I reached out for his.
I squeezed tight to try to hide it.
“We—we’re here for the tour.”

Elentinus kissed my lips.
His calm, authoritative vibe reassured me.

“I’m glad you decided to join us.”

Inga walked over to the window and pasted her hands against it.
“Is that Earth?”

Nayjoor lumbered to his feet with a grunt.
He walked over to her.
“Yes, Inga dear.”

We all huddled before the window.
The planet took up the bottom fourth of our frame of vision.

“It looks like Earth…like space pictures.”
She turned to me.
“What have they done to our world?”

I pursed my lips.
“Well, actually, I guess some space invaders call the Instajants pretty much ravaged the place.
The Dak-Hiliah took over afterwards, when the damage was already done.”

“I know all about the Instajant bullshit.
Tell me what it’s like there now.”

My brow twitched.
“I’ve only been there once, and I wasn’t able to leave the ship.”

“Elen,” Nayjoor said, “I don’t understand a word your wife is saying.”

We all turned toward him.

Elentinus looked annoyed.
“You didn’t get all seven Earth languages?”

“Fuck no.
It was bad enough having to go under for Inga’s language.
Why do I need that garbage clogging up my brain?
I still haven’t used your fucking Dornovonian, you know that?
I thought we were getting all the wives from the same area.”

My husband stared at him a moment.
If he was a less serene being I’m sure Nayjoor would have tried his patience.

He caressed my cheek.
“Could you try to speak in my language?”

“Ffff…Fthenbaukila…kila…dyehas,” I said.
It should have been one fluid word:
I still think it was okay for my first attempt.
It meant, ‘Okay, I’ll try.’

“I want to go see it,” Inga said, while still attached to the window.

“That could be difficult,” Elentinus said.

I wanted to jump on this opportunity to ask Nayjoor how long he was staying, but the words were coming together too slow.

“How long will we be having you?” Elentinus said (since we were of one mind as usual).

Three or four days,” Nayjoor said.

Rolf-Tem puffed out his breath in disgust.

I bopped Inga.
“Hear that?
Three days at least.”

I heard him.”

She shot daggers at me with her eyes.
I didn’t care.
Her fucked up deadline of an escape tonight had to be taken off the table.

Elentinus brought us into the vast kitchen, filled with hundreds of white cupboards above sterile shiny counter space.
Loads of Domestics who looked different than the normal ones (Chef-bots?) were whirring around.

We proceeded up an elevator that led into a relatively small control room.
Seated at two pilot chairs in front of a broad window and control panel were actual
Not the boxy cylinder head things like Kang, but two units with silver faces on round heads, as well as arms, legs, torso, and pelvis.
They were crude metal sci-fi rejects but at least they had a humanoid shape.
One of the robots spun his chair around and sprang up.

“Lord Elentinus,” it said in an appropriately computerized voice.

“Continue your work.
I’m merely giving my guests a tour.”

It sat back down and faced its control panel.

“What kind of weaponry do you have?” Nayjoor said.

“Two thousand armed Defenders,” Elentinus said.
“Most remain at the Earth colony.
Five hundred man the yacht’s armaments.
The hull can withstand anything the denizens of this sector can muster.”

Nayjoor looked smug.
“They may not penetrate the hull, but they can still knock you out of orbit.”

“It’s not possible to be completely invulnerable.”
He was unperturbed, as usual.
“I accept the risks of my post.”

“It’s a shitty post.
I wouldn’t do it.
No one else on the council would do it.
You didn’t have to volunteer for it.
You’re above these sorts of missions now, Elen.
You still think like a petty viceroy.”

Elentinus stared at him without responding.
His jabs were like water off a duck’s back to my husband.
He was so superior to Nayjoor that he didn’t feel it necessary to defend against his insults.

I still had to wonder, though.
Why did he volunteer to be Earth’s overseer?

Elentinus led the way out of the control room.
“Shall we continue?”

The tour went through the infirmary.
(I noticed Elentinus didn’t bring us into the gestation room).
We also saw a greenhouse on the second floor.
We eventually ended up back in the lobby in a much larger sitting area than the one I frequented.
Inga and I took the end of one couch, Elentinus and Nayjoor sat in chairs beside one another, and Rolf-Tem and Whore took spots on the couch across from us.
Domestics set out drinks and snacks.
The only ones talking were Rolf-Tem and Whore.
Nayjoor was focused on tasting one of every kind of hors d'oeuvre.
Elentinus stared at him in silence.

“Lord Nayjoor,” I said.

Nayjoor looked at me with a raised brow then gave a dubious look to Elentinus.
My husband eyed me.

“It is sad to me that your wife is very unhappy.”
I did my best with the clunky language, but the words came slow.
“It is sad to me that you are unhappy, too.
I would like to help things to be happier for both of you.”

Inga elbowed me.
I moved over to a chair away from her.
Rolf-Tem and Whore both stopped speaking to stare at me.

Nayjoor finished chewing his fish cracker thing.
“My dear, your husband I and have already discussed this.
I think we’ll just have a nice visit and not worry about these things.
If Inga wants to be happy, she can be happy.
If she doesn’t, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

He wiped his hands together both to get rid of the crumbs and to end the discussion.

“It’s impossible for her to be happy when you let Rolf-Tem shock her whenever he feels like it.
You have a terrified prisoner, not a wife.”

Inga covered her face in her hand.
Nayjoor’s jaw had dropped open.

BOOK: Alien's Bride Book Three
5.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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