Alien Desire: A sci-fi contemporary menage romance (Stargazers Book 2)

BOOK: Alien Desire: A sci-fi contemporary menage romance (Stargazers Book 2)
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Alien Desire


Stargazers 2




Thalia Frost



Cover Art: Melody Simmons


Copyright 2016 by Thalia Frost. All rights reserved.





Chapter One: New Discoveries


Ford, the lead physicist at the government research facility, left his office first after motioning to Gina and Larch to stay behind. Their bout of office sex had been wild. “It might look bad if we all show up at the exact same moment—or just really weird.” He had grinned and hurried out the door.

“In that case...” Larch arched a brow suggestively.

“Don't even think about it. We have aliens to find right now, mister.” Gina brushed past him, caressing the front of his pants as she did so.

“Damn. How am I going to work? All I can think about is being inside of you—of doing this again.” He grabbed her as she got to the door, pressing his erection into her backside.

“Well, you'll have to figure out how to work.” She winked, feeling powerful and ecstatic. Her body thrummed from the multiple orgasms, and her anticipation of scientific discovery almost made it all too much.

“I'll try.”

“I'll see you in a minute. Wait and then come after me.” She pushed herself into his hard cock.

Larch groaned. “I will when I get rid of this boner.”


* * * *

The crew was gathered in the lab, waiting for Pax to speak.

“This star doesn't look right. I wasn't sure until today, so I didn't say anything until I'd seen the latest readings and done some calculations.” Pax frowned over a printout and his computer screen.

“Well, tell us about it, man!” Ford clapped him on the back.

Pax frowned. “Don't get jubilant yet. You know the chances that this is something else...” He trailed off.

“Right. We all do, but we can hope.” Larch sighed. “Show us what you have, dude.”

Pax pointed out the pattern of the star's blinking. “It's irregular, and it doesn't make sense. It's not because something is passing in front of it. It's like...something is using its energy in a constant way instead.” He took a deep breath and ran his hand over his bald head.

“I think you're on to something. Wow. This is amazing!” Ford whooped.

“We have a lot of testing to do yet, numbers to run, experiments to devise,” Pax said with a frown.

“Sure, but just think! What if this is it?” Ford leaned over the desk and offered a high five to Pax who grudgingly accepted it. “Way to go. Write the paper up pronto. Give us our parts to do, and get your tech guy Ted on the analysis of surrounding numbers, that sort of thing.”

Gina stood to the side, studying the bunch.

I can't believe I'm sleeping with two of these men—these brilliant physicists, who are, well, almost as smart as I am.

She grinned.

Pax was the anomaly of the group. He stayed to himself, but he was also, perhaps, the best scientist because of it. His work came first, and he was relentless in his research and about the details. Once the other two men had dispersed, Gina walked over to Pax.

“Hey, congratulations. I feel like we might not have gotten off on the best foot.” She offered what she hoped was a conciliatory smile.

He didn't even look up from his spreadsheet. “Thanks. I'm pretty busy now, as you might imagine.”

Damn. He's cold.

“I understand. Let me know if there's anything I can help with. I'm just starting out with projects, so I'm mostly free.” She waited.

“And?” He typed something into the computer.

“I'd love to help.” Gina sighed and crossed her arms, leaning on his desk.

“Great. I'll let you know.” He waved his hand toward her, not giving her another look.

She shook her head and left.

Why do I care? I have Larch and Ford to keep me warm at night.

But she did care. He attracted her the most of all the men because he didn't want her—and that bald head was as sexy as hell.


* * * *

Pax ground his teeth together and clenched his fists as Gina Forester walked away.

Dammit. Why do I let her get to me?

He'd been able to let women go for the most part since Allyson had broken his heart and taken everything he had when she left—including their unborn child. She had had an abortion without telling him until a year after. Being apart had taken its toll, and cheating, leaving, and erasing all signs of what they had had together were her solution. He would never have done the same to her, but being faithful wasn't rewarding, even for genius physicists with important work to do, apparently.

The thought of her betrayal and of the loss of a child made him want to cry, months later. He only wished she would have talked to him, rather than leaving and taking his future with her.

She was everything to me, and that kid would have been, too. Now, my job is—like most other physics nerds in the world that I swore I'd never become.

He shook his head, in spite of the sadness, his cock tingling. He kept trying not to think of Gina Forester. She was so sexy with her long legs and full lips—and her intelligence. He hadn't looked at another woman since Allyson until her, and even in this remote place, he had had his chances.

“She is bad news,” he whispered to himself, plunking his pen down on his desk.

Larch and Ford were way too happy today. It looked like they had already gotten to her.

She's a slut, like Allyson. I can't deal with that. I need someone I can trust—a woman who is truly devoted to me like I will be to her.

He blew a breath out, numbers blurring before his gaze.

Time for a cold shower—after work and after I ask Gina to help me with this mound of work.

He grimaced at his weakness.


* * * *

“As it turns out, I can use your help if you have some time to spare,” Pax walked into her office without even knocking, right before lunch time.

Gina cleared her throat. “Oh, okay. I'm a bit surprised. You didn't seem interested earlier.”

“I wasn't sure I needed it.” He handed her a stack of pages. “I'll send you the link, too. I'm looking for numbers that don't fit in this particular set. I need a second pair of eyes. This is important. If we find an explanation for these anomalies, won't don't need to waste more time on the blinking star.” He grinned wryly.

“I understand. I'll be careful with it.” She wanted to please him—why, she wasn't sure. It seemed like a waste to even try. He just seemed vulnerable, somehow, behind the icy facade. “When do you need it to be done?” She leaned against her desk, studying him, noticing his long, tapered fingers and high cheekbones.

Number one hottie.

“In two weeks if that will work.” Pax stepped closer and waved a hand in front of her face. “Did you hear me? Earth to Gina.”

Her cheeks grew fiery. “Sorry. I was thinking about something else.”

About putting my hand down those pants.

“Right.” He frowned. “I need these within a few weeks, at the latest. Two weeks is better. We have a lot of work to do.” He turned on his heel and left.

Just when I thought I was making some least toward friendship.

She threw the files down on her desk, just as her cell phone rang.

“You up for lunch? Just you and me?” Larch asked, a promise in his tone.

“I guess so, if Ford can't join.” Gina licked her lips.

“He can't. He has a meeting with NASA that will go on for hours.” Larch didn't sound disappointed.

Gina wasn't either. She wouldn't mind getting to know Larch on a personal level, just the two of them. “Alright. What time and where?”

“My place in ten minutes. I'm already here. I've put some sandwiches together. And there's wine. Always.”

She laughed lightly. “Of course. We can't have lunch without wine, can we? Sounds great. See you soon.” Her inner thighs were already slick just thinking about it.

“I can't wait. Literally. I'm already as hard as stone, stroking myself.”

“Woah, big boy. Don't start the party without me. I'm coming.” She laughed.

“In more ways than one. See you in a minute.” Larch clicked off.

Gina grabbed her purse and walked out of the office, her mouth dry in anticipation. What would it be like with Larch—and only Larch? It was strange to think she had first been with him intimately with another man watching.

And that won't be the last time, if I have any choice about it.

“What are you grinning about?” Pax's question stopped her in her tracks halfway down the hall.

He's so strange. Now, he seems to want to talk to me again.

“Just thinking about lunch. I'm starving.” She winked at him and kept walking.


* * * *

Pax watched her walking away, her behind swishing, no doubt for his benefit. No one else was around, so he wasn't afraid someone would see him looking at her.

Dammit. I've been hard most of the day thinking about her. I can't wait until the end of the day for release.

He felt like a horny teenager, wanting only to get off with the girl he lusted after day and night. He had felt twinges of desire the first time he saw Gina, but today, his lust had kicked in, full force. It was probably a combination of adrenaline from his discovery and her sexiness.

Pax clenched his teeth and hurried back to his office. He shut the door and locked it. Making sure the blinds were closed on the one large window he had that faced the outdoors, he unzipped himself and sat in his desk chair. Thoughts of Gina flooded his mind—her long, shapely legs, her pert breasts under her lab coat. He groaned as he pulled out his hard cock. His erection was painful from waxing and waning and being ignored for hours.

Damn. How will I get any work done with her around?

He didn't need porn to bring himself to a fast climax. Pax stroked his cock slowly at first, thinking about Gina's lips on him, her green eyes gazing up at him as she sucked him deeply. He imagined thrusting into her as he bent her over his desk—just the two of them behind closed doors, and he picked up speed.

He came with a low groan, clenching his teeth to keep from shouting at the power of the orgasm. After a moment, he cleaned himself up, feeling only some relief. Pax suspected he would be good to go again in thirty minutes, just like he had been in his teenage years. He had only begun to scratch the itch Dr. Forester had started inside of him.






Chapter Two: A Plan for Four


“Get inside.” Larch grabbed Gina the moment she knocked on the door. He pushed her face forward against the wall, and she moaned. He sprinkled kisses along the back of her neck and sucked until she groaned. “We didn't finish what you started earlier when we were so rudely interrupted by science.”

“Well, no one's stopping you now, but I thought I was here for lunch.” She laughed lightly and sucked in a breath as he grabbed her hair, pressing against her with the erect length of his clothed cock as he licked the rim of her ear slowly.

“Feel that? I've been wanting you all day, thinking about being inside of you—not just cumming on your beautiful body like I did before, which was so hot. You're totally amazing, Dr.” Larch pushed up her lab coat and skirt and peeled her stockings down. “Lean over the couch. Leave your heels on. Lunch can wait.”

Gina sashayed to the couch and bent over its arm. “You're not so bad yourself.”

Larch reached around to the front of her and caressed her nub as he pressed his cock against her bottom. “You're so wet already.”

“I've been thinking about you, too.” She arched her back, wanting him inside of her. This was no time to go slowly.

He drove into her then, and Gina gasped. He was thick and filled her up. “Oh my god. Don't stop.”

“Don't worry. I won't.” Larch grasped her hair as he pounded into her. “But I won't be able to hold out long. You're all I've been thinking about since I came the last time. I wanted you again as soon as I was done the first time, you vixen.” He groaned.

“That's a good thing.” She whimpered as he drove into her faster.

He moved his hand down to her hips and brought the other one around to massage her clit again.

“Shit. That feels amazing.”

“You're so tight. I'm going to come, and then I'm going to take care of you.” Larch thrust into her once more and exploded with a shout. He pushed deep inside of her as she squeezed his cock with her pussy. “Oh my god. You're going to kill me, woman.”

“We couldn't have that,” she whispered as he hugged her tightly and then slid slowly out of her.

BOOK: Alien Desire: A sci-fi contemporary menage romance (Stargazers Book 2)
11.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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