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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidence.





“AI” pronounced in Japanese. It meant “Love”. This definitely is romantic novel pictured in old time. Writing will not be complicated but easy to read and understand. Position names and specific words in Japanese (spelling in English) that contained in each chapter, are interpreted in VOCABULARY section.

As this novel is based on old time in Japanese history, Earl Veneris does not specific or mention history time nor year in the writing. Earl remains humble unique Japanese culture, environment, and clothing for all characters in old time. Reader will not need to worry about the history. Ai is the name of main actress who resemble beauty of nature who love human. And how human repay for the love of beauty of nature.

This book is written and posted chapter by chapter. I would be very appreciate if you could give me feedback, comment and recommendation



Table of Content




Chapter 1




Light footsteps sounded in the quiet night. She strode steadily and slowly on familiar gravel path. Glitter lights could be seen from inside the shrine. When she looked up at glitter lights, they were lights of hope in the end of tunnel.


This old shrine located on the secluded hill. There was no houses closed by the shrine. She walked alone with a red lantern in her hand. It swung side-to-side and illuminated ahead steps for her. Clean breezes swept chilling on her bare hands. The other hand grasped her black silk fabric made that covered her slim shoulders.

Few steps more on concrete stairs leveled to offering hall. There was no one around. Lights were on the thick wall, brighten the entire small shrine. Several lighted candles shone on the altar and around the hall. She eyed the Buddha statue that was positioned in the middle of the shrine. She kneeled down on the rounded thick pillow without taking her eyes of Buddha as if Buddha was the last person she has come to.

“Please help protecting my son. He is going to fight the rebel and conquer the north-east. I would do anything to have him return home safely.”

She paid respect and humbling repeatedly. Thin air around her became thick and brushed her black silk softly. She inhaled deeply with closed eyes as if she felt Buddha acknowledged her wish.

Footsteps behind caused her to flatter her eyes and got up from kneeling slowly.

“You came quite late tonight. You should have been home today to take care of Shou.”

worn long wide-sleeves dressing gown and tan color for the outer robe. His bald head was smooth and clean. Though there were many wrinkles touched his forehead and corner of his eyes, but his face skin was youthful. His smile-lips curved slightly made his face looked brighten.
was waiting for her to come closer patiently. His eyes soften looking at Mika.

“He’s gone to sleep, then I came here, Yoshi” She answered and slightly bent her head as to pay for respect to

“Don’t worry. Shou will be safe. Shou has
good sword skill for war battle. He is the best of all samurais in this town. This is not first time for him, why you are worried.”

“I had a dream last night. It was not a good dream.” Mika’s eyes turned wobble as she looked up and met
kind eyes.

“What was it about?”

“I saw the fire and the bird.” Her eyes darted upward. Losing focus as though she visualized her dream in her foggy mind.

“The bird?” Yoshi frowned and paid his attention to her dream.

“The bird… it was so beautiful.”

“It should have been good dream then.”

His short answer rather calmed her inner fear gratefully.
bid her a smile as if he knew he has lessen her uneasiness. He turned away as he meant to retire himself for the night.


house style was located close to local ruler where other samurais lived closely. His small garden were decorated with small pine trees, cherry trees and maple trees were taken care greatly by male servants. Plants were blossom beautifully in this summer. Small dried gravel path led to the main entrance of the house was tidy.

Shou gathered his personal belonging and carried on his left shoulder. His right hand held the sword, waiting to farewell his mother. His mother walked slowly toward him and leveled herself on the second step of stair to be able to have a good look on her son’s face.

His tall tough figure was under silk white robe. His tan neck was thick. Chisel face was fairer when compared with his neck.

Shou could see worrying look on his mother. His smile soften his rug to cheer her up.

“Mother, this was not the first time I go to war, why do you have to worry?”

“I will be waiting for you, Shou. You have to return home safely.”

“Yes. Mother. I promise. You need to take care of yourself too.” He patted his mother’s thin shoulder with his big callous hand.

Shou turned his back and walked on gravel stone pathway to waiting white horse.



Shou dismounted Haru and tied him to the tree nearby the meeting point. Meeting point was set for all samurais in town to gather together before leaving to border. Shou saw temporary smaller tent was dislodged while his friends were preparing their personal belongings.

Isamu carried his belongings on his shoulder and walked towards him with expressionless face. Isamu was not chatty like his other friends. His body was almost as huge as him. His tan was darker than his because Isamu was a good archer, always stayed on the horse. Muscular arms were thick and veined when they pulled the bow tightly.

“You have arrived in time, Shou.”

“We are going to leave now?”

“Yes. Daichi would like a word with you.”

Shou nodded and walked to bigger tent where there were two new samurais gathered maps that were made from lamb skin into folded clothes. Scattered bamboo pieces were wrapped by red threads.

Daichi was the leader of all samurais in this town. He would head all of us to meet the garrisons at the border in north-east.

"Here you are, Shou"

"Yes, sir" Shou stood not far from small set-up desk. His eyes diverted to dried soil floor and bent his head as to pay respect.

"I have a short note from Sohei Yoshi." Daichi handed him a small piece of cloth from small desk he setup. Shou moved forward to collect it from Daichi’s hand and read Yoshi's scribing.

"What's the matter, Shou"

Shou realized that he frowned when he looked up to see Daichi's concern looking at him.

"Sohei Yoshi had wish me luck for this battle." Shou folded Sohei Yoshi’s message to his belongings pack.

“Good then, we all shall get moving before it is late.” Daichi got up from his small chair energetically by the time his samurai assistants already finished packing and mounted the waiting horses.


A group of samurais galloped to the bridge where it was regarded as border of this town to gravel road ahead. Jirou was riding on the right side of Shou. Jirou was as tall as him but slimmer and fairer because he had been a samurai for four years. This was his first time joining the group to war. Jirou was a far away royal blood. He lived in samurai resident in this rural town. Jirou was friendly and easy-going around senior samurais.

“Shou, you looked so worried. What’s the matter with you?”

Shou pulled himself from deep thought and slower his horse to answer Jirou.

“I was wondering how long would the war be. I worried about my mother.”

“I thought you worried about Naoko.”

“Why Naoko?” Jirou did not answer his question because other samurais slowed the galloping, but they did not halt.

Shou and Jirou looked ahead and they saw the cause that made other samurais muffled.

Shou slowed to halt the horse by the bridge and let other samurais rode on the bridge. Shou dismounted the horse and walked to Naoko.

She was dressed colorfully with thick makeup. She flashed him her white teeth and red lips sweetly. Her eyes were round and wobble with unknown expectation.

“What are you doing here?” Shou peeked around for anyone else, but he could see no one came with Naoko.

“I came to farewell you and wish you return safely.” Shou only nodded in return.

“Shou…” He halted his steps and turned back to look at her questioningly.

“I’ll be waiting for you. My father said he’d go to talk to your mother about our engagement.” She grinned sheepishly and kept her eyes on him expectedly. He was so calm and he returned his cold gaze to her. She could not know what Shou felt about what she has said. But his cold gaze made her shivered and looked down on her toes, afraid he was dissatisfy with her.

“We can discuss about it when I return.” He muttered and turned to Haru without bidding her a farewell.

Naoko knew Shou disliked what she told him but at least he did not decline her statement. She sighed with relief.

But he did not show any sign of agreement. She perched her lower lip to his back while he was speeding up to catch up with his group hurriedly.

She could not hide her disappointment that he was distant to her since there were words spread about their engagement. She was so happy when her father has spoken to his mother about it. They were longtime friends. His mother was not object about this engagement. His mother wanted Shou to agree on this engagement himself.


Daichi’s samurais were welcomed to big camp among lighted camps in the garrison by the evening of next day. Darkness arrived to the wood in the deserted border.

Samurais were exhausted and hungry. One of general deputy soldier thanked them for coming to help battling the rebel and conquered the north-east. Daichi’s samurais would have tonight to rest and a full day to prepare themselves for a war.

In the middle of the night, other samurais were asleep soundly. Moonlight outside shone into gaping entrance of the large tent, cascaded on Shou who sat leisurely on the grass. His large hand crumpled Sohei Yoshi’s message. His dark brown eyes looked up to round yellow moon.

Daughter of Moon and Sun arises. Death and Alive are perpetual.

Shou’s mind kept repeating on Yoshi’s message. He stayed up late because he was figuring what his mentor tried to tell him. Something was going to happen?

Who is daughter of Moon and Sun?

Death and Alive… Did Yoshi mean about death and resurrection?

Why Yoshi passed this message to him on the day he came for war?

By late morning, Daichi’s samurais joined general’s meeting. They were assigned to be the frontier of the small garrison. They were designated to attack the highest palace that was surrounded by five thick wall layers and restricted guard. Shinto shrine was located on the top floor. Rebel’s leader and his family lived in this highest palace. They were to attack by the middle of the night.



Sohei – Warrior Monk

Shoin-zukuri – Samurai house style



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7.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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