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No attempt has been made to show the thousands of stars, planets, and moons in this part of space. The only purpose of this two-dimensional representation is to provide the reader with a feel for the spatial relationships between the various nations referenced in Books 6 and 7. The Milori Empire is the large area nearest the center of the image. The Uthlaro Dominion is the larger area below that, and the Tsgardi territory is above on the left.The Gondusan nation is to the right of the Tsgardi, and the Ruwalchu is to the right of that. The Hudeerac Order is the small circle near the right edge of Milori space. This represents a time after the Milori have conquered and absorbed most of the Hudeerac territory.


.jpg and .pdf versions of the maps created for this series are available for downloading at :
should the names be unreadable in your printed or electronic media, or if you simply wish to gain a better overall perspective.

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Some readers have requested that the product description on Amazon, be included with the kindle copy. I've added it here:

War has kept Admiral Jenetta Carver far from home for twelve years. With the advent of peace, she takes a well-deserved vacation and returns to Earth for a visit before her duties as Military Governor and Supreme Military Commandeer of Region Two prevent such a trip for more years. She picks up her two sisters on the way home and the three women surprise their mom with the unannounced visit.

Just a week after arriving home, Jenetta receives word that Region Two has been invaded. No war has been declared, and details are sketchy, but Tsgardi Warriors have landed on at least one planet a hundred light years inside the border and begun rounding up, harassing, and in some cases killing the citizenry. Determined not to let the news interfere with her mother's joy of having her three daughters with her, she doesn't mention the invasion at home, but she's summoned to appear at Space Command Supreme HQ to discuss the situation.

As Jenetta begins the trip back to her base, she begins formulating plans and sending orders so that all will be in readiness when she arrives. She's determined to deal with the Tsgardi situation once and for all, and in a manner consistent with the way she dealt with the Milori situation. When an enemy refuses to let you live in peace, the only action you can take is remove their ability to ever wage war against you again. Jenetta doesn't yet know that the Tsgardi thrust into Region Two is just the tip of the lance. Three other interstellar powers have joined the effort to arrogate the new territory before Space Command can move security forces into place. Jenetta's tiny fleet will face an armada a thousand warships strong. It's not just another day at the office.

BOOK: Against All Odds
12.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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