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Prisoner of Tehran



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To Shahnoosh Behzadi
and Neda Agha-Soltan

Author’s Note

Although this is a work of non-fiction, I have changed names and some details to protect the identity and privacy of individuals.

ineteen years after leaving Iran, I began to have recurring dreams about putting different items in a suitcase to take to the next world with me. I was getting ready for death.

In my waking life, I knew that I would like to wear a red dress to the grave and to keep my wedding ring on.

This book tells the story of every one of those dream items. Each object (sometimes paired with another) stands as the title of a chapter.

There are other things I would have liked to take to the next world with me. But during moments of anger, frustration, madness, or surprising sanity, I have given them away, thrown them out, or buried them.

My Grandmother’s Silver Jewellery Box

Ed’s Receipt

My Mother’s Crocheted Tablecloth

Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Sunday Star

Rachel’s Letter

A Sound Recorder and a Microphone

The List of Names

Shaadi’s Card

A Persian Poem in the Russian Alphabet

A Persian Song Named
Soltan-eh Ghalbha
(King of Hearts)

The Diary of Anne Frank

My Dragonfly Brooch

Photos of My Children

My Canadian Passport

My Rosary

A Star-Shaped Christmas Cookie

A Jar of Folic-Acid Supplements

My Happy-Daisy Slippers and a Broken Umbrella

A Dream Catcher

Jasmine’s Poem about the Night Sky

Letters from My Cellmates, and My Barbie Doll

An Elastic Band for Making a Ponytail

My Grandmother’s
Silver Jewellery Box

ook what you’ve done now! You’ve killed your mother!” my father said to me in Persian as paramedics carried my mother on a stretcher down the narrow flight of stairs in my suburban Toronto house on a cloudy day in October 1998. Standing in the tiny foyer with the front door wide open, I shivered in the cold wind that held the scent of winter, relieved that the paramedics didn’t speak our language. But one of them looked at me with questioning eyes, and I guessed that he had felt the anger in my father’s voice, as cutting as broken glass. My father was trying to place blame, as if finding a person responsible for my mother’s sudden illness would fix things and make her well.

The paramedics rushed my mother past me, and I caught a glimpse of her face. It was paler than usual, and the lines around her brown eyes seemed deeper. But there was more: her eyes were different; they were not as stern and condemning as they had always been. She looked like a defiant child who had been caught red-handed but didn’t regret what she had done, not even for a moment. I followed the paramedics and my parents out the door, and tears rolled down my face. I wiped them with the back of my hand. I was stronger than this. Yet here I was, a thirty-three-year-old woman, feeling as if I were eight again and back in Tehran.

BOOK: After Tehran
9.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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