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Adin’s Adventure:

How to Ruin
a Rescue

(Alien Erotica)


~Andromeda Bliss~



© Copyright 2014 Andromeda Bliss


No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.


: This is adult erotica and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended for readers 18 and older only.


Adin’s Adventure
is the sequel to
Sasha’s Story: How to Find a Mate the Hard Way,
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Adin’s Adventure

How to Ruin a Rescue



Adin woke with his usual suddenness, keeping his eyes closed for a moment.
Please let it have been a nightmare.
But when he lifted his lids the little white cage was the same. Pale, featureless walls gleamed strangely in the soft glow from the ceiling, no exits or entries, no way to escape.

He was still a prisoner.

With a sibilant sigh, he sat up on the flat bed, wishing fleetingly for his sleeping tank on his home world as he scratched at his dry scales. Cocking his head toward the wall to his left, he quested outward with his mind, reaching for the next cell’s occupants. Yes, they were present and fornicating yet again. Tireless, those three. Or rather two…he sensed three minds but the images he received from them showed one of the beings with a second cranium.

He’d never met such a species, hadn’t
dreamed that such variety could exist. He’d never felt the need to travel away from their small world and explore. The adventurous one in their clutch had always been his older brother Ocen.

, the brave and confident one, the starship pilot who had left their home to explore the galaxy. Ocen, who’d disappeared.

Their mother’s tortured features and di
m, suffering eyes had driven Adin into the stars to look for his brother. Adin was full-grown, nearing the mating burn. He was old enough and maybe brave enough to rescue his wayward brother from whatever fate had befallen him. He’d been so proud of the way he’d tracked Ocen, following posted schedules, docking entries, purchases, until he’d found the last entry, the last purchase at a strange drink vendor filled with the most exotic sentient species he’d ever seen.

is brother’s trail stopped there. Adin remembered asking the staff about him, remembered the drink tender giving him a peculiar smile and handing him a glass.

Then he
’d awakened here, in this small white square with no memory of how he’d gotten from the vendor to this prison. He was also naked. So much for rescuing his brother. Now he was the one who needed rescue, trapped in a cage without even knowing who had taken him and why.

What they wanted from him was clear enough—in the three wake cycles since his abduction, several females had entered his small cage and attempted to mate with hi
m. In their minds he saw images of what they expected, what they wanted. But he had not yet reached full mating burn, though he’d tingled on the edge of it when one aggressive female had stroked his two largest phalluses with hands and mouth.

Adin had sent each female
away with mild regret that he could not please them and irritated curiosity about his abductors. If this was some sort of illicit breeding program, wouldn’t artificial means be easier? What he saw in the females’ minds, when they weren’t focused on mounting his cocks, suggested a behavior study. For what purpose? And surely they could get volunteers without needing to kidnap beings?

Was this what had happened to his brother? Was Ocen trapped in a
white cell somewhere also?

With another sigh, Adin stretched and rose from the bed, paying no attention when it folded into the wall and completed the room’s unbroken, featureless whiteness. He wandered to the forward wall where
his visitors had appeared as if sucked in and out of the wall material itself. He waited for a moment, expecting food and drink to materialize on a shelf like it had the previous cycles, but nothing happened.

With a twitch, he turned away, irritated with himself for acting like a tame lab animal waiting placidly for its scheduled meal.
Stepping over to the wall that divided his cell from the busy fornicators, he leaned a shoulder on the surface and closed his eyes, touching his mind to theirs. He suspected the abductors knew about his species’ telepathy and expected him to use it in just this way, but he had little else to occupy his time.

Besides, he was curious. About them and his own novel reactions. He’d never experienced such things as desire and physical need before, though Ocen had described the sensations and explained what to expect. The
mating burn was close and new, and though he wanted to experience it he was dismayed at the thought of coming into his burn in this cold place.

With a little thrill
of dreadful anticipation, he concentrated on the female in the next cage, sinking into her seething consciousness. Sensation overwhelmed him just as it did her, flooding him with a pleasure so intense it blinded him. She was in the middle of an explosive chain of orgasms, her body writhing under the relentless pounding of the male, her mind a white-hot mass of ecstasy.

Adin gasped, body shuddering with the overload of unfamiliar sensation
. Heat rolled up from his groin, spreading out to his limbs in ever increasing waves. He felt the female’s utter surrender to sensation, her deep satisfaction in the thick cock tunneling so ruthlessly into her, and it sparked something deep inside him, a sizzling need that threatened to light his very core on fire.

In a vague panic, Adin withdrew from the female’s mind
and the overwhelming sensations with dizzying abruptness. Gulping air, he pressed his forehead to the hard wall. He’d felt the female climax before but always distantly, never so immediate and clear, erasing all thought and sense of self. His heart still thundered, muscles quivering, and a long ache had appeared inside him, a residual hot clench he’d never felt before.

Adin opened his eyes and looked down, then stared in shocked fascination. He had a full erection. Of all three phalluses. They bobbed to his heartbeat and that hot ache,
the paired cocks long and thick with a glisten of pre-cum on their bulbous ends, the smaller penis nestled on top of them and twitching with unfamiliar sensation.

Adin had never had full erections before, not even when that female had stroked and tongued him with such voracious delight. He’d known what they would look like of course, but seeing it on his own body for the first time was
disorienting, dislocating, as if he was suddenly inside someone else.

His scales were even finer on his cocks, giving them a gleam like marble, especially on the damp heads. His deep blue colors, cobalts and indigos, shone between swirling black and gray patterns he hadn’t fully seen before on this part of his body. Extending his tongue in a quick flicker, he sampled air ripe with his own flavor, a sweet musk announcing his
burgeoning arousal.

touched tentative fingertips to one cock, careful to keep his black claws from scratching. Then he gasped, shocked at the sensitivity in his flesh, the tingling sensations shooting up his thick rod and fueling that burning clench in his gut. Wrapping careful fingers around his phallus, he stared in fascination at this throbbing piece of flesh in his fist, a body part he’d known all his life yet now seemed completely new in its heavy solidity, its hard yet silky texture.

He tightened his fist and grunted involuntarily at the stab of lust that drove through him.
Ocen had described what to do and Adin had dutifully watched the instructional holos, though his younger self hadn’t thought much of the practice when touching his own flaccid groin. Now, as he drew his fist up his hard cock in a long, slow stroke, he fully understood the gleam in his brother’s eyes and the glazed look on the holo instructor’s face.

Oh Stars, that feels so GOOD

His hips gave an uncontrolled twitch and he heard a hissing groan slip from his throat.
That deep ache turned into a sizzling heat rolling from his core to his extremities in a flash-fire of wild need.

And Adin understood, whether he wanted it or not, that his mating burn had come upon him in this sterile place.

He wanted to stop. He wanted to turn back time and feel nothing, to thwart his abductors. He wanted not to give them a show—he knew they had to be watching.

But those were all small wants compared to the monstrous hunger now prowling through his limbs and pounding in his cocks.
He could no more have stopped stroking himself than stopped breathing, overcome by impossible lust, by a massive
that growled and raked claws of fire through his insides.

Desperate and mindless, he grasped the paired cocks in one rough fist and squeezed his smaller cock in the other hand, tugging along their lengths with jerky, inexperienced strokes.
Untutored though he was, his body slammed into full burn, pleasure and ferocious desire wiping his mind clean of thought and filling it with sensation.

Primitive instinct took over, snapping his hips forward in a thrusting rhythm as old as time, his grip tightening and smoothing out into a hard, fast stroke.
Moments later pleasure spiked, exploding inside him with shocking force, and he felt the pulse of ejaculate pump through his aching flesh in time with his hoarse cries.

As fierce sensation
eased into drained relief, Adin sagged to his knees and braced against the wall, panting and staring in disbelief at the streams of liquid on the floor in front of him.

Well, that explains it,
he thought rather incoherently, remembering all the times he’d seen his brother chase after a female with almost mindless intensity. He hadn’t understood the drive, the brutal imperative, until now. The mating burn could not be denied.

Even after that mind-blowing orgasm, Adin could feel it rising again, that heat and clench in his gut. His three cocks had sagged but not completely, twitching still with rivers of sensation.

At home, a young Ophidian in his first mating burn would be secluded with the matrons, females willing to teach him control and instruct him in the arts of pleasure. He would learn how to manage this ocean of lust, harness it into a tool that would bring his true mate complete satisfaction.

Alone in this imperso
nal white room, Adin felt lost and anxious, wishing with renewed vehemence that he was home and with his family. Ocen would know what to do.
he here? Trapped in a cell like Adin? If he could contact his brother, could they find a way out of here?

Adin staggered
to his feet and moved to the back wall on wobbly legs. Activating the bed, he sat on it with a shaky huff and closed his eyes, trying to ignore the twitch of his rising cocks. Clearing his mind, he found what calm he could and reached outward, slow and deliberate.

Then he gasped, stunned by the strength of his reach and clarity of his mind-touch. The mating burn had affected his telepathy as well,
which made sense when he considered it—bringing his true mate to full satisfaction involved knowing exactly how she liked to be touched by merging with her mind.

No one had warned him, though.

He brushed through cell after cell, gritting his teeth at the increasing amount of so many scattered thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. He pushed as far as he could stand and then pulled back in a rush, unable to handle the sensory overload.

Breathing deeply, Adin hissed his frustration. He had felt only strangers, not his brother. But he didn’t despair yet—his explorations had touched only on long rows of prison cells. He hadn’
t reached the edges of the facility, hadn’t touched any minds that weren’t prisoners and he was sure there were more.

His brother might still be here, in another part or level of what he suspected was an enormous facility. Alarming, that such a large operation could function without anyone knowing of it.

Before he could gather himself for another attempt, Adin felt a change in the room’s atmosphere and opened his eyes, expecting the shelf of food.

Instead, a lovely female Ophidian rippled through the wall and stepped into his cell.

Adin stared, wondering if the mating burn caused hallucinations.

Because no matter how solid she seemed, no matter how her sunset-colored scales rippled in the light and her limbs moved with silky, enticing elegance, her mind was not there.

She glided to the center of the room and stood watching him, tilting her head curiously. She had delicate flares on her skull ridges that caught the light in opalescent flashes. Her scale patterns, lighter than his own, made a soft and intricate gray contrast against the infinite shades of pink-tinged reds and oranges. Her eyes glowed an almost florescent reflection of her sunset colors. Her claws were translucent pink and her tongue flicked out in a deep red invitation.

Everything on her was long and smooth, her torso sleek and graceful without those odd milk glands he’d seen on mammalian species.
She was an average female size, slightly larger than Ophidian males, perfect for carrying a clutch of young. Everything about her radiated her readiness to mate.

She was stunning but her mind was
empty. How was that possible? Adin sat still, confusion shivering through him as he tried to touch her thoughts and found nothing. How was he going to speak with her? His species didn’t have verbal language, relying solely on telepathy to communicate.

Confounded, h
e flicked out his tongue—and tasted nothing. She had no flavor.

What in Stars’
Grace is she?

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