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A Touch of Sin (37 page)

BOOK: A Touch of Sin
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"Damned if I know. You'll have to show me in the next hundred years."

How much did hearts and flowers matter? she wondered, trying to understand his blunt sentiments. "You're sure, now?" she offered.

"Please, just say yes."

"Well, yes, then," she softly said. "If you don't faint from sunstroke in the next few minutes."

"I don't want a yes, then. I want a yes now."

"Yes. Satisfied?"

He smiled. "Apparently you haven't read the etiquette books that explain how to accept a marriage proposal with grace and compliments."

"I could change my mind."

"No, you can't."

"You're not in charge."

"Neither are you."

"We're partners, then."

"On the ship of love, on the road of life, til all the seas run dry," he went on, grinning. "We'll get married at the monastery."

have anything to say about it?"

"You can pick the hour tomorrow."


"Morning or evening," he offered, teasing laughter in his eyes. "You decide."

it tonight."

"Excellent." He was very good at persuasion in bed.


While the newly betrothed couple continued their journey to Nauplia, two men carried their luggage into rented rooms near the monastery of St. Elijah. Once their gear was stowed, the younger man stood at the window, his gaze scrutinizing the narrow street below, his glance sweeping upward at the last toward the monastery gate. "This will do," he softly said, pushing the shutters open wider, leaning out past the sill. "An easy shot from the south." He swiveled his head to look uphill again and calculated briefly. "Even at night," he noted, easing back into the room. "We should be able to cover anyone coming or going into the monastery."

Turning to his companion, he asked, "Is the ship captain ready?"

"A boat is waiting on shore to take us out," Jerome replied, seated at a small table, loading his rifle.

"With Makriyannis returned and the Turk Hussein's head on display in the town square, we just have to wait for the lady and Duras to show up. Once she's reuni

BOOK: A Touch of Sin
4.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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