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“I had anatomy in high school. I know what my parts are,” she snorted. “I’m not that stupid.”

He chuckled. “I never said you were. What I meant to say is that you need to learn more about your reproductive cycle.”

“Oh, I never really thought about it. I was always so busy with everything else. Maybe I should order a book or something. It will give me something to do while you’re out there working. Jasper is going to kill me if I keep trying to help her.”


A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery

“She might,” he agreed. “Now, do you have any questions for me? Is there anything I can help you learn?”

“No,” she bit out the words so quickly the force of her refusal almost knocked him off balance. “I’m not going to talk to a man about my body.”

“Why not?”

“Because women aren’t supposed to do that.”

“Why not?”

“Because…well…I don’t know actually. It’s just something the health teacher said in class at school, that we weren’t supposed to talk to boys about our body and they weren’t supposed to talk to us about their body.”

“Gotta love the education system,” sarcasm laced his tone.

“I went to an all girl religious prep school. Sex was like a four letter word in that place,” she laughed. She started laughing harder, prompting him to wonder what she was thinking about. He didn’t have to wonder for long. “I had four really close girlfriends,” she nodded while holding up four fingers. “Julie, Danica, Michelle and Kristen. We were twelve…yeah, twelve, and I had already had my period. I started at nine, but Danica had just gotten hers. Fortunately I knew about keeping that area clean and together so I told her about it, but,” she started laughing again. “We were all so curious about our bodies. I had bigger boobs then,” she gestured to her smaller breasts. “But Kristen’s were huge, I mean huge. For a twelve year old,”

she chuckled. “So we would get together in one of the lower rooms that nobody used anymore. It was like our secret hiding place. And we would talk about our bodies. So, one day, we were all wondering why we looked so different. Danica asked her what was in her breasts…” she shook her head. “One thing led to another and let’s just say that one of the teachers found us all naked and trying to educate each other on what hole did what.” She laughed hard. “Oh, God, I can’t tell you how embarrassing that was. My mom pulled me out of that school after that. She had enough money to pay to keep me in there, while Danica’s family didn’t really so she got kicked out, along with Kristen. Julie’s dad was the head of the school so they weren’t sending her anywhere. If my mom hadn’t pulled me out I would have been able to stay too.”

“Why did she pull you out?”


A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery

“She was divorcing yet another husband and she was going to move. Taking me with her would up her alimony, at least that’s what she had said. Plus since my brother and sister were only six and four, respectively, she got child support for them too.” She shrugged. “Life,” she patted his arm. “I wonder what ever happened to those girls.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t get yourself into bigger trouble when you got old enough. You could have ended up on a milk carton.”

“I might not be educated on certain matters, but I’m not stupid,” she retorted. “I watched America’s Most Wanted. I learned some things about what not to do.”

“The television educated you?” He shook his head. “Where was your mother?”

“When the chefs were really busy they didn’t always want me in the kitchen—sometimes, but not all the time, so I watched TV sometimes. But some of the chefs were great because even when they were busy they would let me help.”

“I repeat, where was your mother?”

“Well, if it was Monday she was playing tennis. Tuesdays were for facials and massages.

Wednesdays were for body scrubs and pedicures with manicures. Thursdays were her hair days. Fridays was shopping with her friends. Saturdays and Sundays were party days, so if she was dating she went out on the yacht with her guy and his friends. It wasn’t her yacht, it was his. But generally there was always some big soirée going on in the circles she traveled in.”

“What about your brother and sister?”

“They’re just my half brother and sister, but their dad insisted, as part of the divorce settlement, that they have sports and classes. My brother, Cage, had cricket and golf, and my sister, Gracie, had horseback riding lessons, skating lessons, whatever they wanted.”

“That’s one hellish way to grow up, Zoe.”

“Nah, I was okay. I had a roof over my head. And I never wanted for food. It’s a miracle I didn’t weigh three hundred pounds as much as I ate.”

“I couldn’t picture you heavy.”


A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery

“I was a little heavier than I am now, but I think as I grew up I just came into proportion. I was never overweight though. Amazingly, out of all of my insecurities my body was never one of them.” She shrugged. “Speaking of food; I think I’ll make some cookies for the guys.”

“No cookie baking,” he took hold of her hand. “Let’s go get cleaned up and then do some of that cuddling and talking you say you like to do.”

She laughed. “I do like to talk don’t I? I hope it doesn’t bother you.”

“I love to hear you talk. I like listening to you. Why would it bother me?”

She shrugged. “Okay, well then since you’re not bothered with it,” she winked. “Prepare to have your ears talked off,” she laughed. “I can tell you about the time my mother took us to Europe for the summer.”

“Oh, that was nice of her.”

“Oh, we were with a nanny the entire time. But she was a great nanny. She took us everywhere and I saw so many French pastries. I fell in love.” She laughed.

“With the pastries?”

“Oh yeah. They were so cute I just wanted to learn how to make them all.” She patted his hand.

“Come on, we’ll talk about it later.” She tugged on his hand and he willingly followed. He loved her—a lot, and learning more about her made him love her more. Learning more about her made him understand her more too. He loved her innocence, her heart, her compassion, and her passion. She was like a breath of fresh air or a cool breeze on a hot summer workday. She was amazing, and he loved her. He really did love her.

She needed more time. From everything she had told him he knew he couldn’t rush her; it wouldn’t be right. She needed some time to say she loved him too. He would give her time, but he couldn’t wait forever. As much as he wanted to let her set the pace, he also knew he wanted her to be his wife. If he had his way she would be a December bride right there on his ranch.

“Patience,” he told himself; “is a virtue; make sure you cultivate it.” He would give her at least a few more weeks before he started talking nuptials. Unless she kept talking about moving away. If she did that then all bets were off because he wanted this woman and in this game of love he was playing for keeps. If 60

A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery he had his way, which he was determined to do, she was going to call the Crazy D ranch her home for the rest of her life. They could make some of those babies they had just been talking about and she would learn that the two of them would make great parents. They would always love their children, and they would always protect them. And if they didn’t have children, he could live with that too, so long as she was in his life, in his home, in his world.


A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery Chapter Seven

hat’s in the box?” Dean sat his Stetson on the mahogany wood desk as Zoe looked up with a smile on her face. He looked so handsome she just couldn’t get enough of him. Today was his day for business so he had gone into the city. She could have gone with him, but she was waiting on this package and she wanted to be there when the UPS man showed up. Plus, Dean had told her he would be tied up at the bank all morning. She could always go with him next time, when they would have time for lunch.

“You’re back earlier than I thought you would be.”

“It’s three o’clock,” he had that look on his face like he was ready to lecture her for losing track of time again. When she got busy she often forgot what time it was, and if it weren’t for Jasper she would probably forget lunch on a daily basis. She had forgotten a couple days because she was busy trying to formulate a business plan of her own, which was just crazy given the fact that she still didn’t know where she was going yet. For every city she thought would be perfect she found at least one flaw—Dean wouldn’t be there. But she couldn’t stay here. There was no place to open a bakery, unless she opened in town. It wasn’t close at all, but it would be closer than opening out of state.

“What’s in the box?”

“The books just got here.” She noticed how he stared at the medium sized brown box on his desk as she used scissors to cut the packaging tape. She pushed past the padding and pulled out three books. “You told me I could have them delivered here.”

“I know. You can have whatever you want delivered here.”

Her eyebrow rose. “Are you sure about that?”

“Well as long as it’s not illegal,” he stepped back and stared her down and she laughed.

“I was thinking of some toys,” she winked. “When I was online I found loads of information…ooh, look at this!” She held up the book she had been most excited about arriving. The picture of the woman clad 62

A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery in underwear with the shirtless man on the front had a title declaring the nature of the book and it made Dean blush. He actually blushed.
Oh, that’s so cute,
she thought.
He blushes

“I thought you were getting something educational on the topic.”

“I did,” she assured him as she flipped through the pages and held up another picture for him. “This has one hundred one sexual positions. I think we should try this one.”

She watched as he tilted his head in both directions as if trying to make sense of the position. “Very educational,” she giggled.

“That’s not exactly the book I had in mind.”

“Me either, but then while I was looking on the Internet…did you know you can find all sorts of sex stuff on there.”

“I should probably try to keep you off the Internet,” he mumbled.

“Well I stayed out of the porn sites; although if you miss a letter in the web address you’re trying to reach you can end up just about anywhere.” She shivered. “Anyway, I found handcuffs.”

“You want me to tie you up?”

“No. I want to tie you up.”

“Excuse me.”

“I want to cuff you, take hold of the reins and ride you.” She let out a tiny hoot and holler and he took a step back. “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m embarrassing you.”

“Surprising me would be more like it.”

“It’s just that you,” she placed the book on the desk and came from behind the desk to stand in front of him. “I’ve had sex before, Dean, but it’s never been like it is with you. I just want you so much. I love being in your arms. I love when you touch me, hold me…I love the feelings I have when I’m with you. And when you’re working, all I can think about is being in your arms again; hearing your voice, making you laugh. I love your laugh.” She sighed. “But if I’m going in the wrong direction here let me know, okay? I have had fantasies and I’d love to try them with you, but not if you don’t want to.”


A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery He placed one hand on her cheek and brushed his thumb over her soft flesh. “It’s not that,” his voice was soft, but the arousal in his tone was clearly evident. “It’s just right now you’re making me think about brushing this stuff off my desk and trying that position,” he indicated the open book with the slight movement of his eyes before he looked back in her eyes. She looked behind him to see what page the book had opened too.

“Oh, that looks fun,” she reached for the hem of her shirt and was ready to strip for him until he caught her hands in his.

“We can’t. The men are still here and I’m meeting with Guy in,” he looked at the clock. “Now actually.”

She shrugged. “Later then.” She relocated herself to the other side of the desk, picking up her books and the box. “I don’t think you’ll want these in here while you’re having your meeting. I’ll just take them upstairs and experiment.”

He growled low, almost like the purr of a tiger on the hunt. She wiggled her behind and winked at him as she left his office. Guy was on his way in and she was sure he caught sight of at least one of the books in her arm. Well, let Dean explain that one to him. He wanted her to get some books and educate herself, so she got a few books to educate herself. She found all the boring stuff online, which pretty much assured her some of the things she thought about her reproductive cycle were clearly wrong. Oh, she so hoped he remembered the condoms. She forgot to ask him if he had. They weren’t having sex because he didn’t want to take chances and they decided it would be best to wait until they had protection. He made her come with those deliciously masculine fingers of his and she returned the favor for him, but sex…they hadn’t been able to do that since the first time. If he forgot the condoms he was just going to have to drive back to the city tomorrow and get some. She would not spend another week lying next to him in bed without being able to have him inside of her the way she wanted him to be.

She reached the top of the stairs and immediately went into his bedroom. She was used to being in there more than the guest bedroom. She wasn’t sure why she still had her clothes that she had brought with her hanging in the guest bedroom when clearly she wasn’t spending any time in there, other than grabbing her clothes to get dressed in the morning. Dean seemed to love keeping her in his bed at night. She loved being there. Leaving him was going to be difficult, but she had to do it.


A Rancher’s Love ~ Capri Montgomery She flopped back on the bed, taking her book of choice with her. “Maybe a couple more weeks,” she sighed as she opened the book and started flipping through the pages.

BOOK: A Rancher's Love
3.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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