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A Hustler's Son II

BOOK: A Hustler's Son II
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A Hustler’s Son II

Live Or Die In New York…



The Sequel To A Hustler’s Son

By T.Styles

This is a work of fiction. It is not meant to depict, portray or represent

any particular real persons. All the characters, incidents and

dialogues are the products of the author’s imagination and are not

to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons

living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2008902101

ISBN: 0-9794931-5-3

ISBN 13: 978-0-9794931-5-7

Cover Design: Davida Baldwin

Editor: Advance Editorial Services

Graphics: Davida Baldwin

Typesetting: Davida Baldwin

First Edition

Printed in the United States of America

Copyright © 2008 by The Cartel Publications. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission

from the author, except by reviewer who may quote passages

to be printed in a newspaper or magazine.



This novel is dedicated Charisse Washington.

Only you really knew what I went through mentally, and physically to write this book. am eternally grateful for you.



Wow…I did it!


It’s finally here!


This novel took a lot out of me. Why? I can’t really say. Part of me believes it has everything to do with not wanting to let my fans down. And the other part of me feels it’s because this story launched my career. I wanted to give my fans who appreciated the original storyline an even better novel. With that said, I’d like to thank my loyal fans, who are my reason for writing. You guys are the best. You mean everything to me.


In the past I’ve thanked people who didn’t necessarily play a significant role in the production of my novels. With this novel, I’d like to thank those who contributed directly to me completing this story.


Charisse, thank you for always reading my creations and giving me feedback whether good or bad. You’re the one who motivated me to keep Kelsi alive. And you are the one I didn’t want to let down. I love you! From the bottom of my heart. I hope you know and can feel that.


Kajel, my son, my only child, thank you for running Cartel Café & Books, our newest investment, while I focused on this novel. You make me proud to see you in action. You were amazing at the Harlem Book Fair! Always remember to keep God first, and believe in yourself. You’re the best.


Jason Poole. Thanks for taking me away from the worries of business to enjoy life and have fun.


Eyone Williams, my author, you continuously stay upbeat despite being confined. You are a literary genius! A phenomenal writer, and an even better spirit.


Anthony Fields, I call you the author who can write a hot book on command! What can I say…your skills are not to be phucked with! I feel honored to publish your newest creation.


To K.D. Harris, my author, you’re the best sweetheart! I love your energy! And you are sick with the pen! Keep strokin’! And thanks for holding the Cartel down!


To V.J. Gotastory, my author, who has singlehandedly supported every Cartel event with a warm smile, and love! You’re the best! I don’t think the world can wait for your novel, Year Of The Crackmom! Get ‘em girl!


To CeeCee and Angel! You guys are the heart of the Cartel. Doing what you can for the business because you love us, and you’re family. Thanks for being a part of my life.


To DJ Phreakshow, the Cartel DJ, thanks for drawing in the crowds and putting the swag in my hips with your music at our store.


To Monica, my closest and oldest friend, thanks for always supporting me. You are a breath of fresh air. I smile whenever I see your face.


To Giovanna, thanks for giving us the pic to make the Pitbulls In A Skirt cover complete. And most of all, thanks for being my friend, I adore you.


To Davida, the Cartel’s graphic designer, what can I say, you’re the best love! Whatever you do comes to life! Thank you! And I know, without a doubt, that your mother is proud and honored to have a daughter like you. She’s in a better place. My soul is sure of it.


If I forgot you, hold it to my mind and not my heart.


T. Styles

President & CEO, The Cartel Publications


What’s Good Fam,


First off, I gotta say thank you all so much for your continued support. Everything we do at “The Cartel” we do for each and every one of you. 2008 was our premier year, and we came out swingin’…Oh but 2009, that shit goin’ be even more fire!! We comin’ wit’ the sequels ya’ll been blowin’ my phone up for, some new shit ya’ll goin’ love
we comin’ with part 2 of a classic that you ain’t goin’ even believe ‘til you read it. Trust me, The Cartel is here to stay and we ain’t goin’ no where!


Now…. A Hustler’s Son 2, I personally could not wait for this joint! I love every single book T. has penned, straight up, but I’d be bullshittin’ if I ain’t tell you that A Hustler’s Son was my favorite. That joint was it for me for several reasons, but what I loved the most was Kelsi was a thorough lil nigga!! In this joint, my man is pissed! He gotta lot of hurt and pain in his heart, so he bringin’ it straight to the bammas that caused it, or so he thinks. So cut the phone off, put the babies to bed and get ya read in. You’ll be happy that you did.


I can’t end this letter without shoutin’ out the author we honor. It is my pleasure to pay homage to none other than:


Quentin Carter”


Not only is Quentin Carter T. Styles’ favorite author, and she will tell you that straight up if you ask, this dude is en fuego (fire)!!! I love how Quentin tells a story. If you don’t know, Quentin is the author of, “Hoodwinked”, “In Cahootz”, “Amongst Thieves”, “Stained Cotton” and “The Fink” which is a short story in the anthology, “Street Love” which T. Styles also contributed to. The Cartel loves Quentin Carter and once you crack open one his books, you’ll see why.


Thanks for lettin’ me rap to you. Go on and get ya read on. I’ma get at you next time. Don’t forget, if you in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, come check out, Cartel Café’ & Books located at 5011 B Indian Head Highway Oxon Hill, MD. If you not in that area, don’t worry we comin’ to a city near you.


Be easy!!


Charisse “C Wash” Washington

VP, The Cartel Publications




A Hustler’s Son Recap


Chapter One

Janet Stayley is in bed masturbating when her on and off boyfriend Delonte knocks on the door. It’s 3 in the morning and she’s startled thinking somebody has died or something tragic has happened. Prior to that, she kicked Delonte out of her apartment because she caught him in the car kissing his cousin Kenosha. When Janet surrenders and opens the door, Kelsi is angry and expresses it in the way he disrespects him.

Chapter Two

Kelsi and his friend Bricks walks to school talking about how he disrespected Delonte the night before, by implying that he’d kick his ass if he steps out of line. The boys find humor in the matter and go on to talk about Kelsi’s girlfriend Lakeisha. Once at school, Kelsi gets into it with Keisha’s ex-boyfriend Charles who never got over her and hates seeing the two of them together. Kelsi clowns him in front of everybody and she leaves on his arm. Later while walking home from school he holds Kelsi at gunpoint strikes him and kidnaps Keisha. Kelsi goes home and solicits Bricks and his brother Melvin’s help. When they finally catch up with Charles at a mall parking lot, Keisha isn’t with him. Angered, he pistol whips Charles as Bricks and Melvin watch. When he returns home, Janet’s boyfriend Delonte is there and attempting to play the father roll when he sees the bruises on his face from fighting Charles. Kelsi jumps in his face and reminds him that he is not his son and he doesn’t respect or fear him. Kelsi challenges him and Delonte backs down. Disgusted by his weakness, Kelsi hates him even more.

Chapter Three

Janet comes home from work exhausted. Right before she enters her apartment, Charles approaches her and gives Janet a message for her son. Although the message appears harmless, Charles knows that once Kelsi finds out he approached his mother, he’d be furious. Once inside her home, she senses the tension between Delonte and Kelsi. When she tries to find out what went wrong, they argue again and she removes Kelsi from the situation by taking him into his room. In Kelsi’s room she gets a sense of how much he cares for her by looking at the pictures of her over his room. It’s clear that their bond is unbreakable.

Chapter Four

Kelsi goes to a party with Bricks at a local fire department. The entire time he’s there, Charles is on his mind. He knows the altercation they had is far from over. And…he can’t wait to get to Keisha, who’s at his house waiting on him in his room. She’s not fully alone. Delonte is there. And Kelsi forbade her to leave his room believing Delonte’s attracted to her. When he and Bricks leave the party, to drop him off home, Bricks reminds him that he has his back no matter what. Once he’s dropped off, Kelsi leaves the car and walks into the night, the moment he does, Charles approaches him.

Chapter Five

Kelsi kills Charles in self defense and dumps his body in a trash bin outside of his apartment. With blood covering his body, he enters the apartment and is enraged when he sees Keisha on the couch talking to Delonte. He sends her to his room and threatens Delonte again. As usual, Delonte backs off and Kelsi and Keisha enter his room. He chastises her for not listening but lightens his mood when he senses her worry about him. Although Keisha wants to know what happened to Kelsi since he’s covered in blood, he doesn’t confide in her about the murder. Angry at Kelsi’s continuous disrespect, Delonte calls Janet at work saying Kelsi came home covered in blood. And when she asks to speak to Kelsi, he refuses to come to the phone. He wants Delonte to know he’s not moved by him calling his mother. Instead, he lies in the bed with Keisha and has sex with her.

Chapter Six

Janet comes home in a cab frustrated that Kelsi didn’t come to the phone after she requested to speak to him. She can’t understand why he and Delonte can’t get along. She puts Keisha out of Kelsi’s room and tells her to go into hers and wait for him. Then she gives Kelsi a piece of her mind with a bat in hand. She tells Kelsi how she wasn’t as soft as he thought she was. Janet tells him that she was raped by her father and her brothers before fleeing. Later she got involved with a girl gang called the Monopoly Honeys. She went in to detail about how she met his father, Lorenzo, and how she slept with him with her best friend Shelly at the same time because Lorenzo wanted to see how down she really was for him. And, that Kelsi and Lorenzo Jr., Shelly’s son, were conceived at the same time. Janet told Kelsi how Lorenzo beat Shelly so badly while pregnant, her son, Lorenzo came out retarded. Later Lorenzo chose Shelly and because of this, she and Shelly grew apart. Just when Kelsi thought he couldn’t hear anymore, Janet explained how she moved to New York and met up with a man who tried to kill her. His name was never given. In the end Janet told Kelsi if he ever disrespected her again, she’d kill him. Kelsi visibly shaken, dropped his own bomb by telling her he killed someone earlier that night. Devastated, Janet told Kelsi no matter what, she was there for him. Even if it meant helping him cover up the murder. Their bond in crime is formed.

Chapter Seven

Learning her only son was a murderer weighed heavily on Janet. When she wakes up from a deep sleep she hears Delonte talking to someone on the phone. He made comments about Janet pacifying Kelsi too much. He went on to say he was going to find out something and Janet had a feeling it had to do with the murder of Charles. This enrages her and she makes a promise to do whatever she has to protect him. Even if it means killing Delonte.

Chapter Eight

BOOK: A Hustler's Son II
5.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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