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A Bride Worth Fighting For

BOOK: A Bride Worth Fighting For
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A Bride Worth Fighting For

Copyright 2015 by Sara Daniel

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A Man Worth Fighting For by Sara Daniel



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A Bride Worth Fighting For


A Wiccan Haus Story



Sara Daniel



Chapter One


“I don’t.” The groom’s words rang through the church. He strode from the altar, the crunch of his dress shoes on the paper aisle runner like gunshots in the dead silence.

Oh. Shit.

While the groom darted away from the wedding, Tucker Wilde stood frozen in front of the congregation. His role was supposed to be simple. Stand straight. Keep his mouth shut during the pastor’s blanket call for objections. Hand over the rings at the right moment.
warm his brother’s cold feet and herd him back into the church.

Gwen Fairfax, who would have been the most beautiful woman in the room even if she hadn’t been wearing a beaded, strapless white gown and a fancy upswept hairstyle, grabbed both sides of her voluminous skirt and turned toward the narthex. The yards of lacy white fabric tangled around her ankles, and she stumbled.

Tucker reached for her, and the maid of honor, still holding the bride’s bouquet, bent to adjust the train. Gwen righted herself and hurtled up the center aisle like Cinderella panicking at the stroke of midnight.

“John!” she wailed, shoving open the outside doors.

Half the audience stood and craned their necks. Others turned to their companions and exchanged play-by-play commentary of what they’d witnessed. Amidst the chaos, only one person didn’t look stunned. Slumped in a wheelchair in the front row, Tucker’s father wore his customary vacant expression.

Next to him, Darlene, with her coifed hair and diamond necklace worth enough to solve world hunger, canceled out his indifference, turning her fury and disbelief on Tucker as if he had instigated his baby brother’s defection. As he’d been a mere bystander, as shocked as the rest of the guests, he shrugged off her glare.

The pastor cleared his throat and shuffled closer, nudging him with an elbow. “As best man, you might want to retrieve the groom.”

Did he? He glanced at Darlene again. An hour ago, John had confessed he wasn’t marrying for love but because their stepmother had promised him the CEO position of Wilde Land Development if he tied the knot.

No one who knew Tucker would expect him to convince someone to marry for the sake of corporate greed. On the other hand, if she wanted this union badly enough to promise the very thing she’d denied John for years, Tucker needed to find his brother and figure out what scheme Darlene had planned that precipitated her change of heart.

He weaved through the congregating guests who’d spilled into the aisle and pushed open the doors to the church. Outside in the bright sunshine of the cool April day, Gwen stood on the street at the open door of John’s yellow sports car. Her pleading tone floated to him as he descended the front steps two at a time.

“I made a mistake. I thought I could marry you, but I can’t.” John’s voice carried in the wind as he leaned out of his car to grasp the door handle.

“I don’t understand. You pushed for this marriage,” she said. Her full skirt filled the opening, preventing John from closing the door.

“You should be relieved. You don’t even love me.”

What the heck? Tucker tripped over the bottom step onto the sidewalk. Instead of dragging his brother inside, he might applaud him for having the guts to call the whole thing off.

“But I like you—at least I did before you left me standing in there like a fool.” She gestured toward the church.

“I’m done jumping through hoops for Darlene. I want to live my own life. I don’t care if I’m never in charge of anything, as long as I don’t answer to her anymore.” John pushed Gwen back and pulled the door closed. The car roared to life.

“Wait, please. Open the door.” She pounded on the window.

Tucker sauntered toward the street, proud of his brother for growing a pair. They already had one scheming, manipulative woman in the family and didn’t need another. Gwen no doubt brought something to the table that Darlene wanted, although he had no idea what.

Knowledge and preemptive strikes were his best allies in protecting what had once been open prairies, wetlands, and forests against the Wilde Land Development machine.

The yellow sports car started moving forward. Gwen ran alongside it, keeping up a decent pace considering her attire. She beat her fist on the window. “John, wait. Please. My dress is caught in the door.”

Her dress? Oh

Instead of begging him to return to the church, she pleaded for him not to drag her behind a moving vehicle. Shit, shit, shit.

Tucker dashed toward them.

She screamed and staggered.

Oh God, no. “Stop the car, John,” he shouted, sprinting faster.

Gwen righted herself and kept running alongside the car.

He couldn’t breathe a sigh of relief though, because his brother kept driving, and as fast as Tucker was running, he couldn’t close the distance between them.

The car slammed to a stop, and the door flew open. She tripped forward into the door. Her forehead struck the upper corner, and she fell back, her head connecting with the pavement.

The sickening thud of contact reverberated in a sudden deathly silence.

“Gwen, are you okay?” Tucker yelled.

She didn’t move or respond.

Probably just the wind knocked out of her. He hoped. He prayed.

But the thud echoed in his head as he dashed the remaining feet to her body on the road. He yanked his phone from his pocket, dialing 911 as he dropped to his knees next to her.

Blood gushed from a gash on her forehead, the cut deeper than anything he could have imagined. “Blood. A lot of blood. We need an ambulance now,” he shouted at the operator.

His hand trembling, he grabbed the silver decorative handkerchief from his tuxedo jacket and pressed it over the wound. The cloth soaked through immediately. Needing more fabric, he yanked off his coat and replaced the hankie with an arm sleeve. She’d hit the pavement with the back of her head, but he couldn’t tell if any blood flowed from that side, too.

He could wrap the coat all the way around her head, but what if he caused more injury by trying to move her? Damn it, he was a naturalist, not a doctor. Of course he didn’t know what the hell to do. But he couldn’t let her die.

“Gwen, stay with me,” he begged. “I’ll stay with you while you heal, but you have to stay with me now. Please.”




“Good afternoon, Ms. Fairfax. I’m Jess, your nurse for the day.”

A nurse? For her?

“Can you tell me what day today is?” the cheerful woman continued.

Her head throbbed. If she was just waking up, the greeting should have been good morning. “July, I think.”

Her throat stung as she pushed out the words in a voice deeper and fainter than her own should have been. She said the year with more confidence, but the day—oh, crap. Ever since her mother’s funeral, they blurred together. Combined with whatever badass nap she’d awoken from, everything had a fuzzy and faraway tint.

“It’s May, and you’re a year behind.” The nurse pulled a stethoscope from the pocket of her blue scrubs.

Sharp pain drilled through Gwen’s forehead. May, but not the month before her mother died—a year later. Her vision blackened around the edges. What the hell had caused the past ten months to disappear from existence?

Maybe if she considered the past one day at a time. What did she do yesterday? No idea. Not a single memory surfaced. Okay, what about the day before? Blank. Oo-kay, what was the last thing she remembered?

With nothing to ground herself, she teetered on a black pit of emptiness. Maybe she was dead, but she’d never imagined the afterlife would look so…blah. “What’s going on? What’s wrong with me?”

When the nurse didn’t reply, she studied the “blah” surroundings. The bed with white sheets, the pale-green gown draped across her shoulders, and the flowers on the tray all screamed a hospital environment. So she wasn’t dead. Yet.

After pressing the stethoscope to her chest, the nurse jotted a note on a clipboard. “I’m going to send in your family.”

Thank goodness. Her mother would know what to do. Everything would be all right again with Mom by her side. No, Mom had died. She whimpered. Why was that awful reality the only thing she could fixate on?

BOOK: A Bride Worth Fighting For
7.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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