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When Sparks Fly (32 page)

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About the author:


Autumn is a professional writer and stay at
home mom with three kids, a dog and an active imagination. She’s
married to her high school sweetheart, John, who is known to bring
her flowers "just because".

After 34 years in Alaska, she moved to
Washington with her family to enjoy a state with actual

She started self-publishing in 2010 after a
string of rejections that read, “We love your writing, but we’re
not sure how to market it.” She published on Smashwords, Amazon and
Barnes & Noble, which lead to a number of bestsellers. After
The Charmer
hit #1 on Barnes & Noble for fantasy
romance, she threw herself into editing and uploading her

The next year and a half passed in a blur as
she worked non-stop, and productivity declined as she took time to
homeschool her autistic son, who was suffering from bullying
issues. With boxing lessons and a year to boost his confidence and
academic skills, he’s looking forward to attending mainstream high
school in 2012.

The strain of maintaining a business and
home schooling while taking care of her family was draining, but
God blessed her efforts and the results were worth it. Her income
for 2011 was $100,000, far exceeding her best year with traditional

Though she remains grateful for the
opportunities traditional publishing provided, Autumn is currently
pursuing the self-publishing market full time.


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BOOK: When Sparks Fly
9.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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