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He buried his face in her neck, and she held on tightly. Disbelief that she had survived still clouded her. Knowing she was finally back where she belonged curbed the anxiety. She didn't ever want to let go of Adrian again. He lifted his head, staring down at her in a combination of joy and disbelief. His eyes appeared wet. She raised a hand to cup his cheek.


"Are you all right?" she asked.


He smiled. "More than all right. I didn't think I would ever feel joy again, didn't think I could be happy. I never thought it possible my wildest dreams would come true."


Tears of joy burned her eyes. She couldn't speak past the tightness of her throat, so she kissed him, taking the initiative and dipping her tongue into his mouth. His growl of appreciation spurred her, even as his hands were at her moist heat, the caresses like a fire of delight she wanted to consume her. Her hands continued their light dance along his spine, and she pressed herself tightly against him as her world tilted. Then he rose above her, and the proof of his own desire sparked a primal heat which caused her to emit a harsh growl.


He grinned, but the smile melted into a mask of longing as she reached out and caressed him. His heart pounded furiously and the sound brought forth the hunger, which until now, had been content to let her arousal take the lead. Now…this was unlike anything she'd yet experienced. Her need rose sharply with it. She panicked, afraid to lose control and demolish them both in an explosion of energy. She raised her gaze to Adrian's.


"Hush, my love, don't be afraid. Let it take you, go with it." He stretched out on his back, pulling her so she lay atop him. "We will withstand whatever happens. I promise." He stroked her hair, his other hand lightly caressing her hip. Her tenuous hold on reality weakened.


She drew away, shaking her head, but her gaze was drawn to the pulse at his neck. She could see it, and the fear faded. She needed to touch it, taste it. Adrian's hands at her hips lifted her, guiding her onto his hardness, filling her, completing her. Nothing had ever been so right, yet she couldn't draw her eyes from his throat. He cupped the back of her head, urging her lower, guiding her to his throat.


"My love, taste me, take what you need. Feed the hunger." She hesitated, torn between her desire to do as he asked, and fear of hurting him. She shook her head, even as he ground his hips against hers, sending a cascade of passion through her. His free hand caressed her breast, and she moaned, her head falling back. The moment gave her a chance to steady herself.


Do it.


She lifted her head and met his gaze. I'm afraid.


"You won't hurt me. I promise."


She heaved a deep shuddering breath as he moved within her once more, both hands now cupping her breasts, stroking the hardened peaks and driving her to fever pitch. She groaned, and her tongue brushed against her fangs. The zing of the sensation shocked through her, settling in her core. His hands moved lower, along her torso and sides, making her quiver with need and hunger. When he found her sensitive nub, touching her where their bodies joined, her control shattered. With a fierce growl, she lowered her head and sank her teeth into the cool flesh of his neck.


His disjointed thoughts of pleasure mingled with her delight at savoring the heady masculine taste of him. She drank deeply, even as he continued to take her with a breathtaking pace she met with ease. Each mouthful of the nectar of his veins sent her hurtling closer and closer to the zenith, and white-hot flames consumed her as Adrian howled with delight. She drew away as the explosions began, needing to breathe as her body rocked with the force of the cascading waves of bliss. He pulled her down for a kiss, his blood smearing between them as his exclamations of love echoed around the room.


It was several moments before she calmed, and his fingers gliding along her back soothed her. She rested her head on his chest.


"Do you see what I mean?" His voice was thick with the aftermath of their lovemaking.


She nodded, but couldn't answer him aloud, and carefully kept her thoughts shielded.


"Kat?" He eased her chin up. "What troubles you?"


She sighed. "Did I…hurt you?"


He grinned and shook his head. "Never my love. Sharing myself with you this way was beyond anything I'd ever dreamed of."


Her eyes widened. "You enjoyed it?"


"Of course. Didn't you enjoy it when I drank from you?" He stroked her arm, and though one hunger was sated, it was apparent another was far from that.


She snuggled closer, her hand snaking across his thigh, her reward the sharp intake of his breath. "Yes, I enjoyed it, but I thought it was only because you…knew how to make it that way."


He pressed a finger against her lips. "That's partially true." He grinned and she chuckled. "Part of the pleasure of making love with another vampire is being bitten. I can hardly wait to show you."


He rose above her, and her heart raced at the sight. His eyes were gold, and the feral hunger there ignited her passion.


"We can share this forever now, Kat. Such incomparable pleasure, it is ours, for eternity."


She smiled and tilted her head back. "For eternity."




The End





I am a proud born-and-bred Jersey Girl, with Brooklyn roots. I married my very own alpha male 18 years ago and am a full-time working mom to two school-age children. Needless to say, free time is always at a premium, and I spend the bulk of it lost in the worlds of my own making. I love to read and write hot, sexy and emotional stories about people both glamorous and not-so-glamorous. I've written for as long as I can remember, starting in grade school with extra credit projects and moving on to things like fan fiction and my own original characters as I got older. I wrote my first complete novel when I was 14, not even recognizing at the time it was a romance! I like to dabble in different worlds and alternate realities, as well as the physical and alternate types of relationships.

On those rare occasions when I am not writing, you can catch me poring over DVD's of Highlander, Harry Potter, Charmed, and Dragon Ball Z. Find out more about me and my books by visiting my website at








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BOOK: The Taste of Magic
5.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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