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Authors: Shara Azod,Marteeka Karland

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“Ummmmm, I don’t think your body wants to leave me.”

Bastard. Of course her
didn’t want to leave him. Every bit of her flesh was addicted. But her brain was screaming for her to run, run fast, run long. And yet her feet remained rooted to the spot.

“My body has very little to do with this.” Shenice managed to pull herself up to her full height, pressing her hips back against the tree and away from the temptation of his mouth all too close to her pussy. It had been far too long since she’d had any kind of real satisfaction. Every day this week Alistair had sent her home with every nerve ending tingling. Now, she finally snapped. Breasts heaving with every breath, anger flooding through her, she finally said what was on her mind. “I can’t stay at the company. I can’t stay with
. I need something more than just...just a fuck buddy, and it’s obvious to me a fuck buddy is all you see me as.”

With agility a man his size shouldn’t have, Alistair straightened to his full height, his champagne flute flung carelessly into the bushes somewhere as he caged her in.

“Is that what you really think you are to me?” The demand in his voice was no less frightening than the one in his gaze. He looked like she had seriously hurt him.

But that didn’t make sense. If he wanted more, thought they were more, why wouldn’t he have said something?

“You never said we were anything more.” Shenice swallowed, the rough bark digging into her skin as she pressed backward, almost as painful as the tightening in her throat as the emotions hit her in a frenzy. And the pain in her heart.

Shit, the man was intimidating as hell all up close and personal, but in a way that implied a threat that was purely sensual, wholly erotic. He looked like a man not out seduce her body, but to take control of her entire being and make her like it while he was at it.

“Oh, but sweetheart--” The smile he threw at her caused her body to shiver. “--neither did you.”

Wow, okay. That brought her up short. She hadn’t mentioned it because she had been too chicken shit.

“I was waiting for you, and you never said a word. So, I assumed....” she began, only to be cut off.

... You do know what they say about assuming, don’t you, love?” Yeah, she did. Didn’t mean she was going to answer him. “I guess I’m just going to have to show you, aren’t I? By the time we’re finished here today, there will be no doubt in your adorable, intelligent, stubborn head exactly what we are together.”



Alistair could grow to love the dumbstruck, wide-eyed expression on Shenice’s face. He knew, of course--had known all along what was bothering her. But he wanted her to come to him with it. To trust him enough to tell him her concerns.

“To tell you the truth,” he murmured as he slid his hand up the side of her skirt, past her thigh to her hip, pushing her skirt up as he went, “I’m more than a little disappointed in you.”

“Wha...? Oh!” Her body stiffened beneath his touch as he hooked a finger under the edge of the red silk scrap that passed for panties. Finger grazing the smooth flesh beneath, he didn’t look at her, rather kept his gaze riveted to her sex. She was going to taste

“Oh, I am. Completely.”

“Alistair, I...”

“Shhh... You had your turn. Now--” He glanced up briefly, giving her a smile. “--it’s my turn.” Then he flicked out his tongue to graze her clit.

The gasp, followed by a breathy moan, seemed to be ripped from her. She was fighting, but Alistair knew he’d break through, giving her what he knew she craved. Then she’d tell him everything. Before they left this little alcove of trees, she would tell him everything she obviously longed to know. And he would answer.

“I thought--I thought you wanted to talk,” Shenice groaned between gasps. Alistair would have smiled at her attempt to distract him, but his mouth was busy.

“I am talking to you,” he murmured without missing a beat.

Eyes fluttering shut, Alistair swiped his tongue through her slick folds, delving deeper into her sex. Her clit throbbed and jumped under his lips and tongue. Breath ragged, Shenice threaded her fingers through his hair. At first, she tried to shove him away, but her attempts were token at best. It wasn’t long before she held him to her, grinding her hips at his face, showing him where she needed him most.

“What’s this?” He asked the question against her flesh, in between licks. “I thought you wanted to leave me? You are all wet and inviting. Doesn’t look like you want to go anywhere.”

“This isn’t fair, Alistair.” Her gasps were music to his ears. God, how he’d missed her! “You’re taking advantage of me at a weak moment.”

“Am I? I thought you knew what you wanted.”

“You know I never wanted to leave you, Alistair.” She was nearly sobbing with need now. Close to where he wanted her, but not nearly aroused enough. “I just wanted...” On a gasp, she bit out her words. “I just wanted you to love me!”

Alistair stopped his ministrations. Looked up at her from his prostrate place in front her. “Shenice.” He waited until she looked down at him, her eyes large and luminous, glistening with unshed tears of frustration and desire. “I’ve always loved you. From the first moment I saw you, before we even met. I. Love. You. I’ll
love you.”

Her knees gave way then. Thankfully, he moved quickly to spread the blanket down on the ground and get back to her before her body got cold. Oh, he supposed he could bend her over a log or something, but there was nothing quite as satisfying as covering her lithe little body with his much bigger one, pinning her beneath him.

Gathering her close, Alistair laid her out on the blanket. Skirt around her waist, legs spread for his attention, confusion and unbridled lust splashed across her face, she’d never looked more beautiful to him, more desirable. Taking the opportunity to remove her panties, Alistair devoured her with his eyes, unable to get enough of her.

“My God, I’ve missed you!” Voice breaking, he made the confession with all the emotion pent up inside him. “Don’t ever,
leave me like this again, Shenice. Not because of something you could have found the answer to simply by asking.”

“I shouldn’t have to ask for you to tell me your feelings.” He could tell the effort to speak was almost too much for her sexually hazed mind. But he wouldn’t let it go.

“Like you expressed yours for me? It goes both ways, honey. Tell me what you need from me.”

He didn’t give her time to answer before dipping his head back to her sex. The smooth flesh was like silk on his tongue. The texture and taste of her had long ago become an addiction to him. Nothing felt quite as good. Nothing tasted quite as good. The musky scent of female arousal and floral musk haunted his dreams at night. There was no way he was letting her go without giving her the fight of her life. Since he couldn’t physically restrain her–yet--using sex to get her to open up to him was his only option. He used it shamelessly.

Writhing beneath him, Shenice stifled a scream, stuffing her knuckles in her mouth, biting down on her fingers. Her dark skin gleaming beautifully in the sunlight entranced him like nothing else ever had. Everything about her was exactly what he wanted. Now was the time to make sure she understood that.

With one last swipe of his tongue, he left her to sit up on his knees. He removed his shirt, then unfastened his pants, freeing his thick erection. Cock standing proudly, he gripped the base with his fist.

“We need to get one thing straight between us. Moving forward, you have to trust me enough to tell me how you feel, Shenice. If you don’t--” He waved at her and him to indicate the sex that was obviously fantastic between them. “--none of this matters. We can have great sex with anyone. But there has to be a mutual trust, a mutual respect, so we feel comfortable letting our feelings be known. If you need more than I’m giving you, you have to tell me.” He gave her a cocky grin. “Much as I’d love to be able to read what’s inside that pretty little head of yours, it’s impossible.”

Slowly, giving her ample time to pull away, to refuse him if she truly didn’t want him, Alistair covered her body with his. When he was settled comfortably in the cradle of her hips, cock nudging the entrance to her pussy, he stopped. “Do we have an understanding now?”

Nodding quickly, in short, jerky movements, Shenice breathed, “Yes.”

Knowing this began a new chapter in their relationship, Alistair slid home. They both groaned. Weeks without her, weeks of wanting, weeks of needing them to be right again all came down to this. If she understood that he wanted her in his life for more than a sex toy, the separation would have been worth it.

Once seated inside her fully, Alistair gave a couple of slow thrusts, rolling his hips to give her clit friction, teasing her like he knew she loved. Then he stopped.

“Do you understand everything I’ve tried to explain to you, Shenice?”

She swallowed, shaking her head as if to clear it even as she gripped his hips with her knees. “You can’t possibly expect me to have a meaningful conversation right now.”

Alistair knew how she felt, but he grinned at her, kissing her nose briefly as he waited for her answer. “I do.”

Taking a deep breath, Shenice closed her eyes briefly before answering him. “I’ll tell you if I’m feeling slighted or underappreciated. If I need something more from you, I’ll tell you.” When he grinned at her, she placed a hand on his chest as if to stop him. “But only until you should be getting the hang of what comes next. I’m not going to tell you every single time you need to tell me you love me or how much I mean to you. And you better never miss a birthday or an anniversary.”

Alistair couldn’t help himself--he laughed out loud. “Never, sweet. I’ll never forget.” Then he moved in earnest, giving them both what they needed after the prolonged abstinence.

Shenice arched into him, meeting each surge forward with an upward lift of her hips, taking him deep. His little Shenice knew what he needed, knew what he liked as much as he knew her. They belonged together. Always.

If they lived forever, Alistair knew he’d never get enough of Shenice. Her cunt gripped him with a loving grasp that threatened to milk him dry seconds after entering her. He always had to stop for a few moments once inside her to keep from ending the experience too soon. She felt that good. This time was no different.

“I’ve missed you so damned much, Shenice!” There was no way to hide his longing for her, no reason to. This was about honesty. About trust. “So damned much!”

Giving him a glad cry, Shenice wrapped her arms and legs around him, clinging as if she’d never let him go. He lived for this. The feel of her accepting him, holding him to her, was something he never wanted to live without. Never again.

“Tell me you love me, Shenice.” The words were torn from his very soul. As much as she needed to hear it, he needed it too.

“I do, Alistair. I always have. I’m so sorry...”

“No. You needed. I should have provided. From now on, I will.”

He kissed her then, a frenzied, desperate kiss as frantic as the thrusting of his hips. This all-consuming need enveloped him, drove him to claim her as his. He needed to know that, once this was done, she’d always be with him.

When her breathing quickened to short gasps and her lips parted, Alistair knew she was about to come. Her cunt gripped him in a stranglehold, milking him, taking him with her over the edge into bliss. Two more hard thrusts, and Alistair grunted, muffling his release against her neck as he kissed and licked her silky smooth skin.

They both cried out, each trying to keep the noise to a minimum. Alistair wasn’t altogether sure they succeeded, but he could give a damn if the whole place knew what they’d been doing. The only thing that stopped him from roaring in completion and ultimate satisfaction was the fact that children were in the playground on the other side of the park. He’d released inside her with no protection. Intentionally. The wide-eyed, yet supremely satisfied look on her face told him she knew it too and wasn’t sorry. She’d wanted a permanent relationship. He’d just given it to her.

BOOK: The Office Summer Picnic (Force Me)
10.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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