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Her continued assertion that she was leaving angered him, but he didn’t let any of that anger show as he nodded. “As you wish.” There would be plenty of time to take her home once he and Garrik convinced her to stay with them. Besides, until he discovered what she was hiding from them, he preferred that they keep her to themselves.

Genny smiled, her good mood restored. “That’s settled then.” Jarmon removed his vest, tossing it to the ground. His sword was next. Unbuckling his belt, he carefully propped his sword against a rock. He could feel her eyes on him as he bent over and yanked first one boot and then the other off his feet. With his hands on 46

the laces of his pants, he paused. “Genny?” Both of them knew what would happen if he stepped into that water with her.

Gliding though the water, she returned to the center of the small pool. Resting her hand against a large, flat boulder that sat in the middle of the slow-flowing river, she stood. The water cascaded down her body. Her wet hair clung to her arms and chest.

One of her breasts was almost completely draped in thick, brown tresses, but he could see the hard point of her nipple poking through the strands. The water barely covered her sex, lapping at her hipbones. She carefully laid the sliver of soap on the edge of the boulder.

“Should I leave?” he questioned, not willing to go any further until he knew it was what she wanted. He could barely push the words past his lips. It was the right thing to do, but one of the hardest things he’d ever done.

She shook her head and held out her hand. “Don’t go.” Never had two simple words contained so much power. Jarmon felt his body swell even more. The vein in the side of his temple throbbed. His fingers moved of their own accord, rapidly untying the lacings of his pants. He groaned as his cock sprang free, the relief quickly abating as it pulsed hard, demanding its needs be met. Shoving his pants down his legs, he kicked them off and strode toward the river. Toward Genny.

Genny couldn’t help herself. She knew she was gawking at him, but really, how could she resist? She’d seen naked men before. Growing up at Craddock Keep with six older brothers and their men-at-arms, it had been impossible not to. But never had such a sight affected her in such a manner.

Jarmon was like something out of a dream. Golden. That was the best word to describe him. His waist-length hair was blond, except for the thick streaks of white that ran throughout. Two large locks of white hair framed his face, giving him an exotic quality.

His face was strong, though certainly not handsome. The scar that ran from the edge of his eye to the corner of his mouth made that impossible. But somehow his face drew her again and again and she found herself sneaking peeks at him at every opportunity. He hadn’t shaved yet today and golden stubble darkened his jaw. His pale blue eyes shifted constantly, always aware of his surroundings, always watching for danger. Now they were focused entirely on her.

She shivered in spite of the warmth of the sun beating down on her shoulders. As he walked toward her, muscles rippled. His body was tanned a golden-brown that was most appealing. While he wasn’t taller than her brothers, he was certainly more muscular.

His chest and shoulders were wide and thick, and his arms and legs appeared as if they had been sculpted by the gods. A white scar marred his left shoulder but in no way detracted from his strength. If anything, it seemed to add to it, proclaiming that he had been injured but was now stronger than before. Wide armbands wrapped around his 47

biceps and wrists. Like some hero out of a legend, he strode toward her. But the determined gleam in his eyes and the hard erection rising up straight and proud from the nest of dark gold curls told her he was no legendary hero, but a flesh and blood man.

The water rose over his legs as he moved closer. She swallowed hard as her gaze fell to the vicious, jagged scar that ran from just above his knee to almost the top of his left thigh. No wonder he walked with a slight limp! It was a wonder he could walk at all, let alone with just a limp. It said volumes about the man’s determination and stubborn nature.

He stopped in front of her, their bodies so close she could feel the tip of his erection prod her belly. Genny tipped her head back so she could see his face. His blue eyes missed nothing as he gazed down at her. Reaching out with his left hand, he cupped her breast, tracing his thumb slowly over her swollen nipple. Her toes curled into the rock and silt below her feet at the pleasure that simple caress brought her. Her mouth and lips were suddenly dry.

“Look at my hand, Genny.” His voice was low and seductive, almost a physical caress. Looking down, she watched his thumb move across the rosy tip of her breast.

The sight of his dark hand covering her much lighter skin filled her with a deep yearning for more of his touch. She leaned forward, pushing her breast more firmly into his hand. His fingers tightened briefly and then relaxed again.

“I cannot change what I am. My hand will never be whole again.” His voice was harsh, but she wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of him. “My body is scarred forever.” Wrapping her fingers around his wrist, she pulled his hand from her breast. Raising it to her lips, she kissed the stubs where his fingers had been. Frozen like a statue, he stood before her. Only his chest moved up and down as his breathing deepened. “I am sorry for the pain you have suffered. Recovering from such a severe injury could not have been easy.” Cupping his hand against her jaw, she sighed. “But I am so very glad that you survived and that you are here with me.”

“Genny,” he began, but broke off suddenly as if he didn’t quite know how to continue.

She shook her head. “It matters not. None of it does.” She lightly bit the pads at the base of his fingers. “Not what happened. Not my life before. Not tomorrow.” Tentatively she licked one of his fingers and smiled when he groaned. “All that matters is here and now.”

Extricating his hand from her grip, he used his thumb to tip her chin upward. For a moment, she thought he might argue with her. Instead he shook his head and offered her a slight smile. “Here. Now.”

She nodded. Jarmon had suffered at the hands of her family and she wanted to do something to repay all that he had lost. But beyond that, she felt a deep connection to him. He knew what it was to suffer and she knew that the marks on her back had affected him. She trusted him to be gentle with her, to make her first experience a 48

memorable one. The connection went beyond the physical though. Something about him called to her in a way that no other man ever had. It was if her very soul was crying out for his. She knew that there was no way their relationship could last, but she wanted this time with him. She knew she’d have no regrets.

Gripping her waist, he lifted her, seating her on the flat rock. The surface was smooth and heated by the sun. “Lie back.” Unable to deny him anything, she did so.

His large hands supported her until she was flat on her back on the rock.

“Is it too hard against your back?”

It took her a moment to understand that he was asking about the almost-faded bruises and welts. She shook her head. “I’m fine.” They didn’t bother her at all anymore and she knew that within a few more days they’d be totally gone.

He shifted her slightly until her bottom was perched right on the edge with her legs hanging over the side and her feet dangling in the water. She had to close her eyes against the glare of the sun, but the heat felt good on her skin.

“Spread your legs,” he murmured. She shifted them apart and felt his hips wedge between her thighs. His cock brushed against her sex. “You are beautiful, Genny.” The way he looked at her. The way he touched her. Jarmon made her believe that she was truly beautiful. “That feels good.” Her voice was low and sultry—inviting.

Jarmon leaned over her, the movement pressing his erection more firmly against the swollen, damp lips of her sex. He traced his fingers around the edges of her areolas, not quite touching them. His much larger body blocked some of the sun’s rays, so Genny opened her eyes, blinking several times until they adjusted. Jarmon’s eyes were not on her body but on her face, and when she looked at him, he smiled. It wasn’t a large one, but it made him look younger and oh so appealing. A strand of his long hair fell over his shoulder and touched her stomach. She sucked in a breath as it tickled her.

He chuckled. “Ticklish are you? I’ll have to remember that.” Catching her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, he gently squeezed. The unexpected caress made her cry out as pleasure shot from her breasts to her core. She could feel her juices flowing from her body and seeping around Jarmon’s cock. “You’re so responsive.” There was awe as well as pleasure in his voice.

Lowering his head, he licked her torso from navel to just below her breasts. Genny laughed even as her inner muscles clenched with need. “Tickles,” she gasped.

“I know.” Raising his head, he gave her a wicked grin before nipping at her waist.

Her back arched right off the rock and she shrieked with laughter. Grabbing at his hair, she tugged his head away. “Stop. Stop.” She was almost too breathless to speak.

He released her and stepped back. With a low growl, he clamped his hands around her thighs, spread them wide and dipped his head between her legs. His mouth was hard and hot as he caught her swollen clitoris between his lips and sucked.

The intensity of the sensations was almost frightening. She went from laughter to being poised on the edge of orgasm within a split second. Her fingers tangled in his hair 49

again, this time not to push him away but to urge him closer. His rumble of pleasure shot straight to her core. The stubble of his beard abraded her sensitive flesh in a most sensual way. She never wanted him to stop.

“You taste like the finest of wines.” He licked up one side of her labia and down the other.

“Jarmon,” she gasped. “More.” She squeezed her eyes shut when she felt his finger probing at her entrance. He pushed it just the slightest way in and then retreated.


He obliged her and this time his finger went deeper, but it still wasn’t enough.

Lifting her legs, she planted her feet on the edge of the rock and raised her hips toward his hand. This time, he inserted two fingers. With great care, he pushed them deep. She could feel him probing at the thin membrane that signified her virginity.

His tongue lapped at her clitoris as he began to move his two fingers in and out, going deeper with every inward stroke. Her entire body was one large nerve ending.

She could feel the hard stone beneath her back, the sun against her front, but mostly she was aware of Jarmon’s mouth and hands touching her. The sight of his whitish blond head buried between her thighs was almost more than she could bear. Her heart was pounding, her breathing strained, and she knew she had to come. She couldn’t take much more of this sensual torture.

“Come for me, Genny.” He blew softly over her swollen, needy sex before lowering his mouth to suck on her clitoris once again.

“Oh yes. Yes!” Her legs began to shake and her thighs trembled as she came. Her heated passage clenched hard and she cried out. As her body jerked and heaved, he pushed his fingers hard and deep, breaking through the membrane. There was only the slightest moment of pain, but it disappeared almost immediately, lost in the waves of pleasure. She was no longer a virgin. That was the last coherent thought she had for quite some time.

When she came back to her senses, she was still sprawled against the rock with Jarmon placing lazy kisses across her belly. She could feel his erection brushing her leg and knew that she was the only one who’d found release. Technically, she wasn’t a virgin any longer, but she still hadn’t had a man inside her.

That was about to change.

Propping herself on her elbows, she smiled at him when he raised his head. “Thank you for making that pleasurable instead of painful.”

“It was my honor and my pleasure.” He nuzzled her navel, making her squirm.

“I want you to come inside me now.”

He stilled and slowly stood straight. He didn’t question her, but simply held his hands out. She grasped them and he pulled her upright. “Wrap your legs around my waist.”


Genny wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Jarmon stepped away from the rock, supporting her easily. Desire began to build within her once again. This time when she came, Jarmon would be inside her.

Jarmon struggled for control. It wasn’t easy. Genny was warm, wet and willing in his arms. He wanted to do nothing more than impale her on his cock and fuck her until they both screamed with pleasure. His testicles were so heavy he feared they might burst if he didn’t soon get relief.

The generosity of the woman in his arms astounded him. She gave herself to him so trustingly even though he knew this was her first time and she had to have some fears.

The hard nubs of her breasts brushed against him. He loved how easily her body responded to his. And when she arched against him, rubbing them against the hard planes of his chest, he groaned.

The bulbous head of his cock brushed against her bottom. She squirmed and his arms tightened as he felt her warm juices coat the tip. Standing where he was, the water barely came to the tops of his thighs. That suited him perfectly. The water of the river might flow around his legs, but the only dampness he wanted to feel flowing over his cock was Genny’s cream. He shifted her until he felt the head of his cock slip just inside her slit. He felt the bite of her fingernails in his shoulders even as her inner muscles tightened around the tip of his erection.

She leaned back in his arms, confident that he wouldn’t let her fall. Her trust pleased him deeply. Her hand came up to push a lock of damp hair out of her face. He noticed that her nose was slightly pink. The last thing he wanted was for her to get a sunburn. Turning, he walked toward the waterfall. Each step pushed him deeper into her pussy, which contracted and relaxed to admit his girth.

He stepped beneath the waterfall and Genny laughed, sputtering as the water poured down over them. Jarmon didn’t stop, but pushed through the falls to the other side. It was darker and cooler and she shivered. “I’ll warm you,” he promised.

BOOK: Tapestries 03 - Woven Dreams
4.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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