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Chapter 1

Dripping with sweat and emanating ruthless volumes of desire, I wipe my trickling forehead with the back of my hand — my chest rising and falling fast; slowing as I roll my bare quivering body onto my back to catch my breath. I let out a cheekily satisfied giggle as I reach over to switch off my little buzz-buzz.

“Boy oh boy did I need that!
Oh my sweet little vibrating beast, you’re so good to me. I love you.” I sound almost like one of those toys with a ‘press me’ button on its ear or paw that squawks out some annoying shrill for a comment that’s generally so distorted you can barely make it out.

contentedly at myself, I continue with what I was doing before I was so brazenly interrupted after my mind dominated my thoughts with a depiction of massaging my exposed body against the pale, silky smooth skin of ‘BiggTitts74’.

As I had begun to read her profile,
my mind embarked on its own little expedition into fabricating a vivid and rather welcomed image of my warm, moist tongue skimming across the contours of her beautifully toned abs until I reach her mountainous breasts and peaked nipples, nibbling at them until she squirms and squeals with an agonising pleasure.

god how I missed this. I hadn’t logged into my online shag account for over six months after discovering I had spent about a full month of those six speaking to a guy posing as a woman. Fucker!

go on to re-read the message in my inbox. I hadn’t gotten very far the first time having been absorbed by the image she’d sent to me. I’m still ogling the photograph. I’m hungry for her like a dog on heat. 



do I start? i am not the bravest person on the planet and completely hate this part but here goes. I am married but looking for a bit of discreet fun whilst my husband works away from home. I’m relatively new to this but somehow I’ve been bitten by the bug. Your profile and mine seem to reflect a number of things we have in common and I was hoping you’d check mine out and with even more hope, you’d get in touch for a little fun of our own, perhaps by webcam? I’ve got a few tricks I’d like to show you. To tempt you, I’ve attached a piccie of my tits. Maybe you could envisage yourself licking my erect nipples? I do hope so. I’m getting turned on just looking at your photo and can clearly imagine your beautiful red lips wrapped around them xxx

yesterday 10:49 pm


As a bisexual, I’ve done the whole girl-on-girl thing before and honestly, I have to say, in the words of BiggTitts74, I too have been bitten by the horny little bug - the bug of wanting to run my tongue along their soft skin, to press my mouth against their supple lips, to cup my hands around their voluptuous breasts, to fondle their upright nipples and tease their wet pulsating pussies with my tongue, my fingers and even my nose.

Whilst I
can safely say that I will never be a fully flapping fledged lesbian, being a lover of men and their hard wanting cocks, their strength and strong protective ways...did I mention I love cock?...I still can’t help but be turned on by even just the thought of being passionately erotic with an attractive woman. The mere notion of seductively manipulating every erogenous, every statuesque lineament of a woman’s lustfully curvaceous body sends me into a predatory craze.

hit, I’m gonna be late!” I render as I lean across the bed to check the time.

scramble to the edge, falling clumsily onto the floor. I cringe as I realise my cats had been watching my personal playtime the entire time.
Not embarrassing at all
I swear they know their mother’s a horny, psychopathic, women-hungry bitch.

No time to be embarrassed.
I jump into a cool shower, wash my hair and lather my tingling body. As I smear the silky shower gel over my glossy breasts, my nipples [peak/stand to attention] once more and I know I’m feeling it all over again. I close my eyes to escape into the dark secret sexual world I yearn for and slide my soapy hand around the back of my neck, down over my chest and across both my breasts, then pinch at one of my raised nipples. I move my hand down, over my belly button and onto my throbbing clit. It’s still sensitive from a few moments ago but I need more. I gasp and shudder as I smile to myself. I lean up against the refrigerated wall tiles, eyes still tightly shut as I slowly massage my tender clit. I moan as I...the phone goes.

or fuck sake not now!”

keep going but the annoying ring tone is too distracting and a reminder of just how late I’m running. I open my eyes, grab a towel and dry one hand to answer the call.

,” I snap.

“You ready yet woman?” It’s
one of my closest friends, Talia – well, Talli for short.

payday Friday –
– and we’re heading out on an overdue girls night of catch up, cocktails, flirting and dancing. It’s fancy dress night in town tonight; although we’re not exactly fussed about dressing up in any other way than glamorously sexy.

“Yeah, not too long
. Gimme about forty five minutes then swing by for a few pre-town drinks.”

shake off the earlier moment, get myself dry, quickly slip into my royal blue lace lingerie set and begin to straighten my long blonde bimbo hair. I have extensions—really long ones. My own hair went on strike about ten years ago when it refused to grow any longer than shoulder length. Not to mention it’s thin and shit. Just ridiculous and impossibly shitty shit shit. I don’t earn a lot but I would so beg, borrow or steal to make absolutely certain I get my extensions. There is no compromise here. Incidentally, they give me that extra boost of confidence when I’m out; just enough to hold my head up rather than walk around staring at the floor hoping it would swallow me whole.

I mean I’m
not utterly hideous to look at but I do have serious issues with myself. Don’t most of us?

Oh g
od, sometimes I wish I had a cosmetic surgeon for a friend. I would so get naked, sprawl across that bed and let them do whatever they wanted to me. Regrettably, not in that way though.

’d love to have so much done. I’d get my ears pinned back, especially considering my own mother used to tell me how much she just loved my little pixie ears. That sorta thing sticks you know mom! I’d get my nose filed down – I have this knobbly bit on the one side which makes my right side profile look like a man’s face. I think so anyway. Ooh, I’d have my butt lifted towards the sky...way, way, far away from down south and I’d have all signs of cellulite decimated. Totally expunged! I’d even have a little extra padding added around the boobage area. Okay, so past boyfriends have always complimented me on my breasts saying they’re pretty perfect. I suppose they’re not bad. They are after all extremely symmetrical, and I guess at least then I’ll never be in any real danger of them sagging down to my knees. Then again, perhaps my exes were just being kind, encouraging partners before they turned into their true dick-like selves and therefore gaining their deserved places in history. Anyway, whilst I’m appreciative of my graciously proportioned little gals, I wouldn’t say no to another cuppa.

I continue
gawking at my body in the mirror, wishing for my fairy godmother to turn up with her magical body-perfecting wand. Hmmm, she must be running late; about a life time too friggin late. I renounce my yearning, slump dejectedly onto the bed and tackle my make-up bag.

Indie, one of
two of my adorable babies; my short-haired black and white cat saunters his way to the front of the mirror. He is the vainest cat you could ever know. Make-up time is his favourite. It’s his moment to sit and ogle adoringly at himself whilst he purrs with contentment on my lap and dribbles onto my leg.
. He is indeed a handsome little fella. I often think his face and all his
ness really does belong on TV commercials and kitty food packaging.
Hmm, maybe I should register him.
I get side-tracked by all his cuteness.

I hear the front door opening
. It’s Karl, my current part-time shag. He usually pops in after the gym. We’ve just started seeing each other. He lives in the next block, which can be pretty handy but at the same time, a little annoying when I want a quiet night in on my own or a Come-Wine-With-Me night with my girls.

“Hey babe
,” I call out to him. He doesn’t hear me with my getting-ready music blaring throughout the apartment. I take a sip of the wine I’d poured earlier just as he appears at the doorway. He stops still and smiles. I know that smile. I’m half naked and in a racy bra that pushes my tits right up to my chin.
Cleavage all the way baby!

That smile says
‘I wanna get in those’. He saunters over to where I’m sitting, swivels my body towards him and commands my legs apart. I nudge Indie onto the floor as I put down my glass of sex juice and place my hands inside his muggy t-shirt.

I run my nails
along the front of his clammy chest and all the way down his toned torso as I lick and bite at his salty skin. His eyes close and his head falls back as he lets out a cavernous moan, almost like the sound a dog makes before it throws up. He knows what’s coming.

burrow my nails deeper into his skin as they make their way down towards the firm bulge in his jogging pants. I look up at him, untie the elastic, tug them down and release his swollen cock from within as he gazes down at me with his wanting celery-green coloured eyes. The tip of his cock glistens as the light reflects off a small dot of iridescent semen, which I wantonly lap up onto my tongue. Not taking away contact from his glazed eyes, I slightly part my moist red lips as I lean in to kiss the top of his thighs, then his waist bone – both sides – moving in closer to his cock so he feels just my heated breath brush over it; not yet touching it.

I begin to lick at the base of his
cock then move up the length of his shaft as I trail my tongue back over the other side and eventually lick around his balls before taking one fully into my mouth. I move my mouth back to the top of the head and tease him with soft flicks of my tongue at only the very pinnacle, then gradually beginning to suck, taking in a little more of his fullness with each suction.

subtly release more saliva over the crown as it drizzles down the sides like a dollop of ice cream melting over a hot stack of waffles. I eventually wrap the whole of my mouth around his huge, thick, throbbing girth and cup his balls into one hand, massaging them gently as I tease the circumference of his anus with a lengthened finger. He grabs the back of my neck, gripping at my hair and buries his erection deeper into my throat. I choke and he releases somewhat, but continues to further aid it back in until it’s deeply rooted within my gullet.

My eyes start to water and I feel
my freshly applied eyeliner begin to stream down my cheeks. But I won’t stop—he’s loving it too much.
Oh the things we do to please our men.

The buzzer on the
front door sounds.
For balls sake, what’s with the interruptions tonight
? We both wince but I continue sucking.

taunt him; alternating with brisk frantic then torturously waning movements. His excitement increases and declines like waves as I savagely dig my nails further into his fleshy buttocks. I boisterously compress my lips further around his swell, contracting my ravenous grip as I once again quicken my pace. I feel his fluids stir frantically about inside, trying to propel its way out. He’s close. He maintains fucking my mouth firmly and recklessly as I massage his flexing arse cheeks.

econds later he wrenches out his hard on from my tender jaws and explodes. Another bzzz sounds. His milky liquid spatters across my cleavage, now red from him using my tits like stress balls; as he lets out a burly grunt in satisfaction. I swallow my warm mouthful and promptly wash it down with a glass of pungent shattered-nerve-du-poop; that’s chateauneuf du pape for normal people. He leans forward. His mouth takes possession of mine and he kisses me frantically, devouring me.

he buzzer goes off again and again and again. It’s obviously Tally and she knows exactly what’s keeping me. I jump up, kiss Karl on the cheek and make my way to the door.

top having sex you horny hussy. Let’s go out!” I hear as I answer the beckoning buzz.

We laugh and she makes her way up the stairs. I quickly
swab away the mascara and eyeliner smudges as she reaches the doorway.

I shout with open arms.

“Oh my
god it reeks of sex in here!” she says.

Piss off. Get in here and gimme a hug bitch,” I demand as I pull her in by the neckline of her oversized spotted blouse.

exits the kitchen with a glass of vino for her. They hug and Tally and I move into the bedroom so I can successfully accomplish getting myself ready.

Half an hour later, we hear a beep outside. We gather our heels and handbags and rush to the door. I kiss Karl goodnight and he pinches my bum as we make our rushed exit.

BOOK: Sweet Convictions
12.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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