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Stray Cats [High-Country Shifters 2]

BOOK: Stray Cats [High-Country Shifters 2]
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High-Country Shifters 2

Stray Cats

Hunky security experts Will and Gage Anderson meet the tall, toned, and adventurous Sella on a ski vacation in Spirit, Colorado, and are immediately drawn to her in a way they don’t understand. When she tells them they are lion shifters, they don’t believe her. The preposterous idea intrigues Will, but Gage wants nothing to do with this potentially life-altering event.

Their skepticism is put to rest when Sella’s friends teach them to shift. Will and Gage are soon called upon to use their enhanced abilities to fight off a large group of enemy wolf shifters. Sella sees the men’s instinctive, selfless bravery tested in the heat of battle and insists on taking them to Anterra to heal their wounds. How can they keep both the loving ménage relationship they have with Sella and their rich lifestyle they’ve worked so hard to create in Miami?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
47,672 words



High-Country Shifters 2






Melody Snow Monroe










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High-Country Shifters 2



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Chapter One


Will grinned. “First one to reach the bottom buys.” His eyes had that devil-may-care attitude that Gage feared could get his brother killed.

Gage Anderson shook his head at his twin. “These snowmobiles aren’t the same as an ATV or our WaveRunners. You crash and it’s going to hurt a hell of a lot worse than hitting water.” They were Miami boys and only came skiing for two weeks a year in Spirit, Colorado.

In fact, this was the first time either of them had ever driven a snowmobile, and it had disaster written all over it.

Will shrugged. “The guy showed us how to use it. It’s not rocket science.”

Will would never listen. “Just stay away from the moguls.”

His twin dropped his head back and laughed. “On the count of three.”

. He prayed he didn’t have to scrape him off the snow halfway down the hill.

“One, two.” Will revved the engine. “Three.”

As Gage shoved off, the cold air froze his nostril hairs and nearly iced his lungs, but he loved every clean breath. Adrenaline sliced through his veins in a good way. This was nothing like the bad adrenaline rush of having bullets fly at him or jumping out of a plane that was about to go down.
. This made him know he was alive.

The snowmobile tipped to the right.
. Gage compensated by leaning to the left. As he zigzagged his way down the slope, he avoided all the moguls while keeping an eye on his crazy brother.

Will soared over one of the mounds.
Oh, shit
. Gage slowed and held his breath until his brother landed safely.

. That cost Gage valuable seconds.

More determined than ever to win, he chanced going straighter. Once he got the hang of the powerful machine, he realized Will was right. This baby was basically a cross between an ATV and their watercraft.

No one else was on this slope, so at least no bystander would get injured if Will did some daring stunt. As he neared the bottom he turned up the throttle. Will jumped the last mogul, landed, and came straight at him. While Gage couldn’t hear Will’s laugh, from the way his mouth was open, that’s what he was doing.

Both reached the bottom at the same time.
. He should have won decisively since he didn’t spend time in the air. Each pulled to a stop. His pulse raced, feeling more alive than he had in a while. Running a company wasn’t the thrill he’d imagined when he started Anderson Security.

Will put his machine in idle. “I guess we’ll have to do this again on skis to see who wins.”

The joy on Will’s face invigorated him. Maybe they both needed this vacation more than he thought.


* * * *


“What do you miss most about Earth?” Sella so loved her visits with her new sister-in-law.

Lara shrugged. “I guess my friends.”

Lara had had the chance to be a big star in the movies, but she had turned down the opportunity after she’d stumbled through an alignment point that connected their two alternate realities. “You don’t regret not being a star?”

Lara’s mouth opened then closed. “Somewhat, but being with Taryn and Kellum has given me a whole new meaning of life.” She patted her slightly bulging belly. “This, too, gives me a much better opportunity to be happy than spending three months in Monaco on a film set.”

“Mom is going to go crazy when her first grandchild is born.” She looked up to the ceiling. “Let me amend that. Mom is already going crazy. It’s all she talks about.”

Lara crossed her fingers, an action that seemed strange to Sella even after she’d explained what it meant. “I’m praying it’s a girl. I know nothing about raising a lion shifter.”

“It’s not that hard.” Not that she had any experience, but she was a few years older than Taryn and Kellum, and though they’d been hell-raisers, they’d grown up to be fine men. She figured causing trouble was the nature of the beast. “You know my brothers will do all the work when it comes to taking care of the baby. They’re so excited.” They’d already talked about redecorating one of the guest rooms for the new addition.

“I know.” Lara leaned forward. “To answer your question about what I miss the most, I think I might miss sonograms and seeing my baby move and grow.”

“I know you explained how the instrument was able to see inside of you, but we have devices that can determine the sex.”

“I know, but right now if I can’t see the baby move around, I want to be surprised.”

“I guess that would be kind of fun.”

Lara leaned back against the seat. “If you’re so interested in what my life was like on earth, why don’t you see Spirit firsthand?”

She’d dreamed about the adventure for a long time. “If Taryn or Kellum found out, they’d probably tie me to a tree and leave me for the wolves to find.”

Her mouth opened. “My husbands would do no such thing.”

She rolled her eyes, something else she’d learned from Lara. “To you, maybe. It’s not really safe for a woman to go over
to the other side
alone. I’ve seen cars only on television. I’m afraid I won’t be paying attention and get hit.”

“That’s not likely. There’s basically one main street in Spirit, and people don’t zoom down the streets. Think of the experience you’d get.” She slapped her thighs. “I think you should go to Spirit. Absolutely. It would be good for you.”

“Easier said than done. I need some shifters to find the alignment point for me.” If there was one talent she wished women possessed, it would be to find that damned elusive place by herself.

“You don’t think Malik and Cavon would do that for you?”

They had been her best friends forever. “Maybe.” Malik was a loose cannon. Sometimes she had a hard time even convincing him to stay in his human form. If he had his way, he’d run around all day, catching his own prey and not even addressing his human half.

Lara stood. “Come with me. It’s cold right now in Spirit. There’s snow on the ground, but I have some gear you could borrow.”

Her pulse raced. It was like Lara had taken the decision out of her hands. Getting a chance like this charged her up like nothing had in a long time. She followed her down the hallway. Lara dragged out a box from a closet and opened it.

“See if any of these clothes fit. I certainly won’t be getting into any of them in the near future. You’ll need boots, long pants, a jacket, gloves, and above all, a shirt. Remember, the humans aren’t as uninhibited as the Anterrans are.”

Sella wouldn’t have labeled being practical the same thing as being uninhibited, but she didn’t want to get into a discussion of semantics. “I know. TV is very instructive.”

BOOK: Stray Cats [High-Country Shifters 2]
9.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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