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“Just imagine what I can do for you if we really knew each other,” he said in his strong, manly voice. I had to admit that I was turned on. There I was, sitting in the company of this tall, dark, sexy nightclub owner, who appeared to be swimming in dough. The good part about it was that he was single, hadn’t ever been married, and didn’t have any baby mamas. Now how sweet was that? More importantly, I could tell that Fatu was the boss of everybody, including Bintu. When Nikki found out that shit, she was going to have a fucking baby! But she’d be all right, because Bintu would take care of her, I was sure.

Fatu and I hung out with each other until a little after midnight. I had gotten tired, so I was ready to go home and hit the sack. He tried to convince me to stay a little longer, but I declined the offer.

“Well, can I take you out for breakfast in the morning?”

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a rain check on that, because I have a few clients coming in bright and early.”

“Well, what about lunch?”

“What time are you talking about?”

“Maybe noon, or one o’clock.”

“I’ll let you know.” I got up to leave.

He walked me back through the club so I could let Nikki know that I was about to leave. When I got halfway across the dance floor I noticed her at the bar in a deep conversation with Bintu. I told her I was about to leave, and she acted as if she didn’t care. I wished her a safe drive home and left.

Outside the nightclub I gave Fatu a warm hug and kissed him on the cheek, thanking him once again for everything. He returned my kiss—a wet one, smack dab in the middle of my forehead—and told me to call him as soon as I reached home.

Welcome to America
(Nikki Speaks)

ira must’ve been crazy if she thought I was going to leave with her while I was in the middle of a deep conversation. Shit, I was trying to get in good with this guy, and she was trying to fuck it up. She fucked up my relationship with Syncere because she couldn’t keep her damn mouth closed, but I’d be damned if I let her come between this one. It wasn’t going to happen. After her hating ass left, Bintu and I called it a night. He invited me to go back to his place, and I jumped at the opportunity. If Kira was around she’d try to talk me out of going, but I was a grown-ass woman. If I chose to spend the night at this man’s house and let him fuck my brains out, then so be it. I could take care of myself and I was going to make sure that she saw that.

Before we left the club, Bintu had a few things he needed to take care of, so I went outside and waited in my car. It took him about fifteen minutes to bring his ass outside. He and another guy stumbled out the side door of the nightclub, dragging a third guy by his neck. My heart stopped. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Bintu slapped the third man around while his partner held him. “Don’t ever let that shit happen again! You understand me?” I heard him say.

The slapped guy nodded. Before they let him walk off, Bintu slapped him around a few more times and then took his wallet. The guy looked pitiful and I was starting to feel sorry for him. It became apparent that he had owed Bintu some dough and probably took a long time to pay him back, so my sympathy quickly wore off and I started cheering Bintu on inside my mind, thinking,
Yeah baby, don’t let that nigga take advantage of you. Set that nigga straight!
I caught myself making hand movements too, like I was the one doing the slapping. Finally Bintu let the guy go, excused his partner, and brushed off his clothing before walking over to my car. He smiled at me like nothing happened. I played it off and smiled back.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m ready.” He looked at my car strangely. “Wasn’t this car red last night?” he asked.

“That was Kira’s car. We got the same car. They’re just different colors.”

“Nice. Are you ready?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, follow me.” I waited for him to pull off in his Benz, then I followed.

The drive to Bintu’s place only took us ten minutes. I was glad that we didn’t have to drive very far. I smiled even more when I looked up and saw that we were in line for valet parking at the Uptown Galleria building. That building was filled with luxury apartments on every floor, and from what I’d heard, they cost a minimum of $1.5 million. If Bintu owned one of those apartments in that building, then he was richer than I’d thought.

As soon as we entered the building, we took the elevator to the top floor, which was the penthouse suite. When the elevator doors opened, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. The smoke gray, marble floors that led to Bintu’s apartment door were immaculate and beautiful, but the artwork on the walls looked like something you’d see in a magazine. There was no doubt in my mind that they were very expensive pieces. I noticed a mini-video camera positioned right over the entryway of the apartment door, and I knew that Bintu had this floor on lock.

He unlocked the door with his keycard. “After you,” he said, and followed me into the apartment. “Give me one second and I’ll be with you.” He walked over to the alarm control panel on the wall and keyed in his code to disarm the system. He turned on the lights and escorted me through the foyer to the living room area, which was huge with tall windows that gave a spectacular view of the water wall, Greenway Plaza, and the entire downtown area of Houston. “Have a seat and I’ll be right back.” He left the room.

I sat down on this beautiful black microfiber sofa that had a multicolored African throw draped across the middle of it, and took a glance around the entire place. The apartment was on two levels and arranged in a circular shape. All of the floors were beige marble trimmed in gold. I could also see the loft and the spiral staircase that led to it. In the loft area there was a library overlooking the living room. There were also four steel beams holding up the landing for the second floor, with a fireplace built into the walls of both floors, which I thought was really hot. What really topped off the whole place was the kitchen area. It was gorgeous with granite countertops, a breakfast bar, and the same gold-trimmed beige marble floors. Old-fashioned pots and pans hung from an iron rack that was suspended from the ceiling, right over the island. That was really nice. The faucet set in gold was something I thought I would never see inside a bachelor’s house. It spoke volumes to me and made me realize that this man was definitely a keeper.

While I was daydreaming about the possibility of spending a lot of time here, Bintu walked back into the room with two champagne glasses filled to the rim with something sparkling.

I smiled. “Where did you get this from? I didn’t see you in the kitchen.”

He smiled back. “We have a bar around the corner, in the entertainment room.”

I took the glass he offered. “Who are you talking about when you say we?”

“I’m talking about me and Fatu.”

“Fatu lives here too?” I was somewhat disappointed.

He took a sip from his glass and sat next to me. “Yes, we are roommates.”

Hearing this man just tell me that he shared this place with Fatu really turned me off. There was no chance in hell that I would be able to spend a lot of time here. How would I be able to get comfortable? There was nothing better than walking around naked with your man, or fucking him on the kitchen table when you knew that you were there alone, and no one was going to walk in on you. Bintu and Fatu rooming together changed the game for me, and I didn’t like it, so I was going to have to do something about it. Either Fatu was going to have to find him somewhere else to go, or Bintu was, especially if we took this thing to another level.

After he and I finished our glasses of champagne, we retired upstairs to his bedroom. Homeboy had the king-sized canopy with tall pillars, and the bed had to be at least three-and-a-half feet high! Cream-colored silk drapes draped from the tops of the pillars to each post on the bed. The cream-and-beige decorative pillows and the matching comforter set were beautiful. It was evident that a woman or an interior decorator incorporated these colors and designs to work together.

After I took inventory of his entire room and made compliments, Bintu took me into his arms and laid me back onto the bed. The comforter was so plush I felt like I was resting on a cloud in heaven. Bintu removed all of my clothing and kissed every inch of my body while I felt the effects of the alcohol kick in to overdrive. Between the buzz from the champagne and the sparks I felt from Bintu’s touch, I knew tonight was going to be a night I’d never forget.

“Come get on top of me,” Bintu ordered as he lay naked on his back.

Before I climbed on top of him, I took inventory of his body. His frame was nicely built, but he had a lot of chest hair, and the fact that it was sort of kinky and knotted up kind of turned me off a little. I had always dealt with men who kept that shit cut off because it was not attractive. Somebody needed to tell Bintu that he was not living in the seventies, where cats used to walk around with their shirts unbuttoned to show off their hairy chests. It was not cute.

What was even worse was that Bintu’s dick wasn’t as big as I thought it would be. It had to be every bit of four-and-a-half to five inches erect. And did I mention that it wasn’t circumcised? That was really odd for me. I had never been with a man who had not had the foreskin of his dick carved off. I tried desperately not stare at it, but when Bintu gestured for me to give him some head, I was seriously offended. I was not about to put that thing in my mouth! To be brutally honest, I really didn’t want him to stick that thing inside me.

Then a vision of me going on all sorts of trips and shopping sprees with that nigga’s money popped into my head. Kira would be hating her ass off if I could pull this nigga off his square and get him to do anything I asked. That would be the ultimate victory for me, since she thought she had it going on when it came to getting cats to take care of her. I had a trick for her ass, though. What I was about to do was some unconventional shit, and it was going to turn this little dick-ass nigga out.

I closed my eyes, put my mouth around Bintu’s dick, and went to work. It tasted kind of salty and I gagged a few times, but I held it down like a trooper and successfully got his dick harder than a rock. I estimated his dick was now at the six-inch mark, so it became easier to work with. Seconds later he handed me a condom. I strapped it on him, hopped on board, and rode his dick until he came.

When it was over, Bintu exhaled like he did all the work, but I didn’t say a word. I pretended like I came too. Bintu’s expression was full of pride like he truly did something, and I was the one suffering from excruciating pain in my knees. It was all good, though. I let him have his moment, because his dick wasn’t that bad. Besides, I was gonna be A-OK, especially after all the work I just put in. That nigga was going to treat me like royalty from this day forward, and I couldn’t wait.

Gossip Girl
(Kira Speaks)

got a call from Fatu before I left for work the next morning, thanking me again for coming out to this party. We talked for a bit and then he reminded me about our possible lunch date, so I told him I would call him around noon to confirm. Right after we hung up, I sat back on my bed and thought about how nice of a time I had with him last night. I really felt comfortable being around him, so I could definitely see myself getting to know him on a more personal level.

What I felt uncomfortable about was the fact that when I was ready to call it a night, Nikki refused to leave with me. I guess she felt like that was her opportune time to get to know Bintu. She apparently didn’t know—or didn’t care—that she was sending him the wrong signal. When you met a man one day and decided to go to his house the next, it gave off the wrong impression. Going home that time of the night with him was a straight-up booty call, but I just hoped she didn’t fall prey to it. Since she had not come home at all yet, I knew I would hear about her night when she brought her butt into work.


Later that day Carmen, Rachael, and I were busy with our clients when Miss Mouth Almighty strutted her stuff through the front door of the shop like she was America’s Next Top Model. It was a little after eleven o’clock and she had the nerve to come in with a huge smile on her face.

“Hi, ladies,” she said and flopped her handbag onto the prepping station.

I ignored her, but that didn’t stop Rachael and Carmen from speaking. “What’s up with that smile?” Carmen asked.

“Yeah, Nikki, why you smiling so hard?” Rachael asked.

“Because I’m happy, that’s why.”

Rachael didn’t think that was enough information, so she stopped in the middle of styling her client’s hair to press Nikki. “Come on now, tell us what happened last night at the party.”

“Kira didn’t tell you already?” Nikki responded sarcastically.

Annoyed by her cynicism, I asked, “What was I supposed to tell them?”

“Come on, now, Kira. I know you already told them what happened at the party last night.”

“Yeah, I told them about what went on with me.”

“Oh, so you’re telling me that y’all didn’t bring my name up?”

“Nikki, you ain’t that important!” I snapped. “We have a business to run, so we don’t walk around here and talk about you all day long.”

“Yeah, whatever!” Nikki sucked her teeth and turned her attention to Rachael. Before she could utter a word, Rachael beat her to the punch.

“Never mind all that. Tell me what happened with you and your friend last night! You know I’m dying to know.”

I watched Nikki through my peripheral vision the entire time she and Rachael carried on with their madness. Nikki sat in the styling chair next the prepping station and ran her mouth like there was no tomorrow.

“Girl, you should’ve seen his apartment,” she boasted.

“Was it nice?” Rachael asked.

“Hell yeah! It was some shit you’d see in a magazine.”

“Where was it?”

“It’s probably downtown,” Carmen interjected.

“It is,” Nikki confirmed. “And when I tell you that place is on fire, believe me.”

BOOK: Still Wifey Material
13.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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