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he tasted herself on his lips when she kissed him. Julia tugged on his hand until he reclined on the bed beside her. With a gentle push to his chest, he rolled to his back and she loomed over him. His body lay before her and she very much wanted to devour it.
The need to have his cock pounding into her pussy overwhelmed her. In two seconds, she could straddle his hips and take him inside her body where he should be. But Stephen had taken his time driving up her desire, so she wanted to do the same for him.
She kissed his mouth again as she slowly ran her hand over the smooth skin and firm muscles of his chest and stomach. She dipped down to caress his cock and balls, but then moved her hand back up his body. His hands also remained busy, one traveling up and down her back and ass, one cradling her breast and thumbing her nipple. Despite two shattering orgasms, each pass over the hard tip sent a zing to her clit.
Remembering how he’d reacted the first time she’d touched his nipple, Julia slid down until her mouth hovered over the small brown peak. Her movement caused him to release her breast and cradle her nape instead. He didn’t guide her head, but held her neck while he caressed the sensitive spot behind her ear with his thumb.
Julia touched his nipple with the tip of her tongue. She heard his sharp intake of breath, felt him slowly exhale. She circled the peak several times, laved it with the flat of her tongue. “You’re sensitive here, too.”
His voice came out as a choked whisper. Julia switched to his other nipple, giving it the same loving attention as the first. His hand tightened on her nape while he lifted his hips. He didn’t say the words, but his actions told her he wanted her mouth on another part of his anatomy.
Stephen sucked in a quick breath when she wrapped her fingers around his cock, pulled it straight up, and squeezed. “You’re big,” she whispered. Her hand milked him once, twice. “And so hard.” She inched farther down his body, blew on the weeping slit in the center of his crown before gathering the liquid with her tongue. Needing more of his essence, she squeezed his shaft again and lapped up the salty pre-cum that formed on the tip. “And you taste so good.”
His hand tightened on her head. “
Julia, you’re killing me.” He slipped his hands beneath her chin and gently pulled her mouth away from him. “I’ve got to get inside you.”
“Not yet. I’m not through.”
He barked out a laugh. “
be through if you keep doing what you’re doing.”
She licked all the way around the crown. “Are you telling me you’re only good for once a night?”
His eyebrows lowered, his eyes narrowed in a scowl. “Hardly.”
Julia pressed her lips together to keep from grinning. She’d hit him right in the ego. “Then let me play.”
Frustration and lust crossed his face. Julia had a feeling the lust would win out. She made sure by licking around the crown again, then opening her mouth over it and sucking.
Stephen’s hips jerked. His action pushed half of his shaft into her mouth. Relaxing her throat, Julia took as much of him as she could before moving her lips back to the head. She thoroughly laved the tip, the sensitive area beneath it, and ran her tongue down the heavy veins. By the time she’d licked over every part of his balls, Stephen’s breathing sounded as if he’d just completed a marathon.
He touched the top of her head. “Let me inside you. Please.”
Julia slithered back up his body, making sure to rub her breasts across his chest while she kissed him. Stephen gripped her butt, ground his cock against her mound.
“Now,” he growled. “Ride me now.”
Julia reached over to the nightstand, grabbed one of the condom packets. She sat on his thighs while she opened it and slid the latex down his hard length. Holding the base, she raised her hips, then slowly impaled herself.
She didn’t know who moaned louder—her or Stephen. Julia closed her eyes and leaned her head back to better savor the sensation of fullness. She dug her fingers into his abs, clenched her internal muscles to grip his cock. Stephen arched his hips, driving his shaft even farther inside her.
“Mmmm.” Opening her eyes, she looked into his heat-filled ones. “Feels good.”
She loved the guttural sound of his voice, a sure sign that he felt desire as strongly as she. Bracing her hands on his firm chest, she lifted her hips until his cock almost slipped out of her, then lowered them again.
“That’s the way, darlin’,” he murmured. “Ride me.”
The sweet endearment pleased her, even though she had no idea if Stephen knew he’d used it. With his help in guiding her, Julia soon established a rhythm with him. She moved slowly at first, but picked up speed as her lust grew stronger. Stephen clasped her hips firmer, pumped into her faster. The aroma of sex strengthened with every thrust.
Stephen released one of her hips, slid his thumb between her legs to caress her clit. “Come for me again.”
The extra stimulation to her clit along with his sexy command sent her over the edge. Julia grabbed her breasts as every nerve in her body caught fire. She bucked on Stephen’s cock, milked it with the walls of her pussy as he kept fucking her.
“You are so hot,” he said in the tone that turned more raspy with each word. “Yeah.

He looked gorgeous with his head thrown back and his muscles taut as pleasure swept through his body. Julia tried to remain upright, to keep watching him, but the third orgasm drained her. She wilted on top of him.
Their combined breathing sounded loud in the quiet room. Julia snuggled her head beneath his chin, wanting to be as close to him as possible. His softening shaft remained in her pussy.
Time passed while she tried to recuperate. Stephen caressed her hip, the only movement he made. She began to wonder if he would fall asleep when he kissed the top of her head.
“That was amazing,” he whispered.
She smiled. “Yes, it was.”
“I . . .”
He stopped. Julia lifted her head and looked into his eyes. “You what?”
“I don’t know. My brain is scrambled.” He pushed her hair back from her face. “How many times did you come?”
A cocky grin turned up his lips. “Yeah?”
She playfully punched him in the side, causing him to release an
. “Don’t be conceited.”
“Yes, ma’am.” He lifted her fist, kissed the back of her fingers. “Seriously, I want you to be satisfied.”
She could tell he meant that by the sincere tone in his voice. It warmed her heart to know her pleasure mattered to him. “I was. I am. I promise.”
“Does that mean you aren’t interested in seconds?”
Seconds sounded really good. Or maybe she should think of it as fourths since she’d already had three orgasms. “I . . . might be persuaded.”
“I’m a pretty damn good persuader.”
“You are, huh?”
“Yeah. But before I start any persuading, I think we need a snack.”
She couldn’t believe he could possibly be hungry. “How can you want something to eat after that huge meal?”
“Hey, I just burned off a lot of calories. I need to replenish my strength.”
This time, she couldn’t stop her grin. “I’m sure we can find something in Dolly’s kitchen for a snack.”
She gave him a quick, smacking kiss before moving away from him. Stephen rose from the bed, holding the base of the condom. “I need to make a fast stop in the bathroom.”
“First door on the left.”
She reached for her robe that lay draped over the footboard. Stephen spoke to her before she touched it. “What are you doing?”
“Putting on my robe.”
“Uh-uh.” Taking her hand, he tugged her toward the door. “No robe.”
“Stephen, I can’t walk around Dolly’s house naked!”
“Why not? You and I are the only ones here.” He touched the tip of her nose. “Be just a minute. Stay here.”
Crossing her arms over her stomach, Julia leaned against the wall and glared at the closed bathroom door. She didn’t think it wrong for a person to be nude in his or her home, but this wasn’t her home. Dolly wouldn’t be back for hours, yet Julia couldn’t help feeling guilty to be traipsing through the rooms not wearing one stitch of clothing.
Then she laughed.
Why not do something out of character? It’ll be fun.
The bathroom door opened. She watched Stephen’s gaze sweep her body. A slow grin played over his lips. He stepped closer, placed his hands on either side of her head. “I like you naked.”
“I like you naked, too.”
His kiss began the fire building inside her again. Before it could turn into a raging inferno, he pulled away from her.
“Snack first, then sex.”
“You have your priorities completely backward.”
He leaned over and spoke directly into her ear. “You don’t know what I might do with my snack.”
Goose bumps erupted across her skin, in contrast with the heat inside her. She would’ve taken his hand and dragged him back to her bed if he hadn’t slipped his arm around her waist and guided her toward the kitchen.
“Any chance there’s some of Dolly’s salsa in here?” he asked, opening the refrigerator.
“Second shelf, red bowl. I’ll get the chips from the pantry. And our wineglasses from the living room.”
She returned to the kitchen in time to see Stephen pop a salsa-covered chip into his mouth. He winked at her while he chewed. Shaking her head at his silliness, she walked over to the counter where she’d left the bottle of Merlot and poured more into their glasses. When she turned around again, she caught him looking at her ass.
“Watch it,” she playfully scolded.
“I was.”
She laughed when he bobbed his eyebrows and grinned. She handed him his wineglass, then reached for a chip.
“No, let me.”
Julia waited while he scooped some salsa on a chip. She opened her mouth when he held the chip up to it. Holding his gaze, she chewed and swallowed.
“Good?” he asked.
She nodded.
“Want another?”
Stephen slipped his hands beneath her arms, lifted her to sit on the table. The cold surface made her inhale sharply. She soon forgot the cool wood beneath her when he positioned her close to the edge and stepped between her legs. She glanced down at his relaxed cock only inches from her mound.
Julia thought he meant for her to spread her legs wider until she looked up again and saw he held a chip. A little disappointed that he preferred food over her, she accepted the chip and slowly chewed. Her chewing abruptly stopped when Stephen dipped his finger into the salsa and spread it over her left nipple.
“What are you doing?” she managed to choke out after she swallowed her half-chewed chip.
“Persuading. I told you I might do something different with my snack.” He leaned over, swiped the salsa off her skin with his tongue. “Dolly makes excellent salsa.”
Julia sighed when he licked her nipple again, as if making sure he removed every bit of the spicy sauce. He tugged on it with his lips until it became a hard peak. He did the same on her right nipple—adding salsa, licking it off, tugging with his lips. She felt everything he did to her nipples deep in her core.
No longer relaxed, his cock stood up full and hard between them when he straightened. “Lean back on your hands.”
Unsure what he planned to do but eager for whatever it might be, she did as he said. Stephen picked up one of their glasses, poured a thin stream of Merlot between her breasts. He lapped it up before it could reach her navel. He repeated his action over each breast. Julia arched her back, silently asking him to keep doing the marvelous thing he did with his tongue.
Stephen set down the wineglass, cradled her breasts in his palms. He lifted, kneaded, pushed them together. With every movement, every caress, his thumbs kept her nipples hard to the point of aching.
“Suck my nipples, Stephen. Please.”
She’d barely made the request when he drew one firm tip into his mouth. He encircled her waist with one arm to support her, giving her the freedom to tunnel her hands into his hair. His other hand supported her breast while he licked and suckled the nipple.
The heat built inside her, the prelude to that glorious burst of sensation that would flood her body. She tightened her hold in Stephen’s hair, refusing to let him stop the sweet torture. It wouldn’t take much more to push her over the edge again.
Seconds away from orgasm, he released her nipple. Julia would have cried out if he hadn’t kissed her. His tongue shot into her mouth in a slick penetration, reminding her of the way his cock had penetrated her pussy in her bed.
“Wrap your legs around my waist,” he said in a voice thick with passion.
She obeyed him without hesitation. Stephen lifted her against him. His hard cock rode between her thighs as he walked toward her bedroom. Her clit brushed the base, keeping her close to a climax with each step he took.
He deposited her on the bed, reached for the unused condom on the nightstand. Julia sat up and helped him roll it down his length. Their lips met while he urged her to lie back. The kiss continued as he entered her.
Julia met every thrust he made. Stephen slid one hand beneath her ass, hooked her leg over his other arm, and pumped even deeper. The new angle brushed her clit over and over.
“You’re so wet, so warm.” He nipped her earlobe, blew into her ear. “Come for me again, darlin’. I love to feel you come.”
Hearing his husky command along with the direct stimulation to her clit sent her flying to the heavens again. Pleasure shot from her core and traveled to all her limbs. She clutched at Stephen’s shoulders and savored every second of ecstasy.
BOOK: Smokin' Hot
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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