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Julia sipped her wine while she thought back over some of the things she’d done that she probably shouldn’t have. Several things popped into her mind, but one stood out among all the others.
“Okay, I’ll tell you, but remember it was for a good cause, so you can’t laugh.”
“I won’t crack a smile,” he said, his tone serious, but his eyes twinkling with humor.
A little unsure whether she should tell Stephen something so personal or not, she took another sip of wine for courage. “I . . . posed for a calendar.”
Stephen blinked. “Excuse me?”
“It was a fund-raiser for a wing of one of the local hospitals. A bunch of the gals in the Forest Service posed for a calendar three years ago.”
“How did you pose?”
“In a pair of really short denim cutoffs and a pink tank top.” She stopped and cleared her throat. “A
pink tank top.”
She saw his throat work as he swallowed. “Bra or no bra?”
“No undies at all.”
He released a low whistle. His gaze briefly dipped to her breasts. “Do you still have any of those calendars?”
“I kept three or four, but they’re in storage at my mom’s.”
“Damn,” he muttered.
He sounded so disappointed, she couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry. I guess I shouldn’t have told you without being able to show you.”
“You can model your outfit for me any time.”
He sounded like a little boy asking for a puppy for Christmas. Julia struggled not to laugh again. “You’re much too eager.”
“Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.” He took another sip of his wine. “I guess since you told me a secret, I should tell you one, too.”
“I love secrets.”
“Do you have a computer?”
His question threw her for a moment. She didn’t understand what a computer had to do with telling her a secret. “I have a laptop in my room.”
“Great.” He set his wineglass on the coffee table, took her hand, and tugged her up from the couch. “I want to show you something online.”
Julia set down her glass, then led the way to her bedroom. She stopped by the small desk beneath the window, turned on the lamp, and gestured to her laptop. “Go for it.”
“Are you connected to the Internet?”
“Yes, Dolly has wireless.”
She stood behind his left shoulder and watched as Stephen opened the computer, started the browser, and keyed in an address. A Web site for something called
Hot Shots
popped up.
“What is
Hot Shots
“It’s a magazine published by Maysen Halliday. She’s the girlfriend of our fire chief, Clay Spencer. Maysen came here last month to do an article about the fire department. She fell in love with our town, and with Clay.” He looked at her over his shoulder and grinned wickedly. “We were voted the sexiest firefighters in Texas by the magazine’s readers.”
She’d met few of the firefighters so far, but the ones she’d seen in Boot Scootin’ last night would definitely qualify for the sexiest something.
Stephen added more letters to the URL address. “She came up with the idea of putting together a calendar as a fund-raiser to help us buy our new tanker truck. It’s supposed to come out in September.”
A page full of thumbnails appeared when Stephen pressed the return key. “She put all the pictures on a hidden page on her Web site so we can see them.” He scrolled down the page, bypassing several photos of hunky men . . . some in full firefighter gear, some in only pants, some alone, some in groups. She got a glimpse of a few pictures of females before he stopped scrolling. “Here it is.”
He double clicked on the picture. Stephen’s face filled the screen. Julia caught herself before she moaned at how sexy he looked. Several days of stubble covered his lower face; his mussed hair looked as if he’d run his hands through it several times before someone snapped the picture. He gazed directly into the camera lens with an I’m-ready-to-ignite-your-hormones expression.
Very appropriate for a firefighter.
Stephen pressed the tab key. In the next photo, he stood with three other men next to a fire truck. They wore pants, but no shirts. Stephen casually held an ax on one shoulder, which made his biceps bulge. He had tribal-band tattoos on both biceps. His pants rode low on his hips, letting her see he had no hair on his chest, but did have an impressive set of abs and an enticing happy trail of dark hair that ran down from his navel.
The next picture showed Stephen in the foreground with other firefighters in the background while they battled a brush fire. He tabbed through several more pictures, until he reached one of another man.
“That’s it for me. I’ll leave this page open if you want to look at some of the other pictures later.”
She would definitely look at the pictures of Stephen again . . . over and over and over.
He turned in the chair, braced his arm along the back. “So we have something in common. We’ve both posed for calendars.” His gaze once again briefly passed over her breasts. “Although I’m sure your picture is much sexier.”
“I don’t know. The picture of you shirtless with that ax on your shoulder is pretty sexy.”
A slow grin turned up his lips. “Yeah?”
Julia nodded. “Definitely.”
His grin slowly faded, as did the playfulness in his eyes. “I’m glad you think so,” he said softly.
He continued to stare into her eyes, making her tummy flutter. When several seconds of silence passed, Julia broke it with a simple question. “Is something wrong?”
Stephen shook his head. “I’m thinking about how much I want to kiss you.”
He hooked one forefinger beneath her chin and gently urged her to bend closer. She did, until her lips brushed his.
er lips tasted of Merlot, with a hint of caramel mixed with the unique flavor of Julia. Stephen didn’t deepen the kiss or use his tongue. He kissed her softly, gently, touching her with only his lips and fingertip.
Since discovering how nice sex could be shortly after he turned sixteen, he’d indulged whenever possible and probably fucked more than his share of women in the last eleven years.
He’d never wanted any of them with the fierceness that he wanted Julia.
With his lips still pressed to hers, Stephen slowly stood. Julia gripped his shoulders, tilted her head to the side. He took that as a silent request for him to deepen their connection. He slipped his arms around her waist, splayed his hands over her back. The tip of his tongue slid over the seam of her lips. They parted, blessing him with an intimate taste of her.
The tiny taste made him crave more.
He dropped kisses on her cheek, her jaw, beneath her ear. “I want you, Julia.”
Instead of responding with words, she kissed him. Her lips were so soft, so satiny, so warm. Desire galloped through his veins. All the blood in his body headed to his dick, filling it in only moments.
Stephen wanted her naked and beneath him as soon as possible, but his first time making love with Julia should be special. Taking her hand, he led her the few steps to the bed. Pushing gently on her shoulders, he silently asked her to sit on the edge of the bed. He dropped to one knee before her and slipped off her high-heeled sandals.
Before he could rise again, she leaned over and kissed him.
A groan formed in his throat. She ran her hands into his hair, held his head while she took control of their kiss. Her tongue swiped across his lips before darting into his mouth. Their tongues met, danced together, before she withdrew. Tilting her head the other direction, she gave him another kiss that caused him to stop thinking and simply absorb all the sensations of their mouths touching.
Stephen laid his hands on her thighs on top of her dress. He longed to feel the bare skin of her legs, yet knew if he touched them he wouldn’t stop until he stripped her naked.
“Make love to me, Stephen,” she whispered against his lips.
Her husky plea traveled straight to his cock, making it surge in his briefs. How easy it would be to unfasten her dress so he could get to her flesh with his hands and mouth. If he did that, going slow would be impossible. Pleasing Julia meant everything to him. He wanted her to be so sated, she wouldn’t be able to move even a finger for the rest of the night.
He clasped her wrists, tugged her hands out of his hair. “Do you have any idea how much I want to be inside you?”
Her eyes burned with desire. “I want that, too.”
He kissed each of her palms. “Let me give you pleasure first.”
A soft whimper flowed past her lips. “Only if I can do the same for you.”
Stephen thought of her hands coasting over his body, followed by her lips. Pushing the erotic images from his brain, he released her hands and stood. “Lie down.”
Once she did as he said, Stephen toed off his shoes and reclined beside her. Julia wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him back to her for another kiss. Stephen slid one leg between both of hers. His action caused her dress to slide upward, giving him a clear path to glide his hand up her smooth leg to mid-thigh. He wanted to keep going, to touch the warm, silky place between her thighs, but ignored his desire to concentrate on hers.
Although from the way she tugged at the back of his shirt, he could change his mind in a hurry.
“Off, please.” She nipped the side of his neck. “I want to touch you.”
Stephen had to taste her mouth once more before he moved away from her. Rising to his knees, he began unbuttoning his shirt. Julia propped up on one elbow. As he loosened each button, her hand followed his path. When he released the last button, she spread the lapels wide and watched her hand as it traveled over his chest. He hissed when her fingertips skated over his nipple.
“Do you like that?” she asked, caressing his nipple again.
“Yeah.” His voice came out sounding rough, guttural. He swallowed.
Her fingers drifted to his stomach, circled his navel twice before venturing along his fly. Stephen spread his knees farther apart so she could touch him however she wanted to. Her fingertips outlined his cock, grazed his tight balls. When she made the journey a second time, he grabbed her wrist to stop her.
“Time for you to take off something.”
She gave his balls one more gentle squeeze before she rose to her knees in front of him. Looking him in the eyes, she unfastened the button at her waist. The left side of her dress fell away from her body. Stephen clenched his fists at his sides to keep from helping her. She released a second button on the other side of her waist, letting the right side part to expose the center of her body. Instead of letting the dress slide away, she pushed off his shirt. It fell to the bed behind him.
“You didn’t specify what I should remove.”
“No, I didn’t.” Stephen pushed back the sides of her dress so he could see more of her. A lacy bra a shade lighter than her skin barely held her lush breasts. Panties in the same shade rode high on her hips and skimmed her stomach beneath her navel. He laid his hands on her waist, ran them up and down her sides. “Take off your dress.”
She held his gaze as she followed his order. She now wore nothing but the sexy bits of lingerie. Although beautiful, it had to go, too. He motioned toward her breasts. “Bra off, too.”
She obeyed him without hesitation. Her bra joined her dress on the bed.
“Damn,” he breathed.
Large, round, with big pink nipples made for him to suck. Stephen’s mouth watered with the need to do exactly that. Unable to resist the lure of her succulent flesh, he cradled both breasts in his palms. Julia inhaled sharply. Her eyes slid closed, her head fell back.
“Do you like this?” he asked as he kneaded her breasts.
Stephen lifted both her breasts, leaned over, and pulled one nipple between his lips. Julia arched her back and moaned softly. That sound of pleasure urged him to suckle harder. He moved from one tip to the other, treating each to his tongue, his teeth, his lips.
Julia buried her hands in his hair again. “That feels so good, Stephen. More.”
Only too happy to do as she requested, Stephen alternated between sucking on her nipples and licking around the pebbled areolae. The sucking and slurping sounds he made, along with his and Julia’s heavy breathing, filled the room. She gripped his hair in both fists, apparently unwilling to let him stop his worship of her breasts.
He had no intention of stopping something he enjoyed so much.
Julia’s breathing became more erratic, choppy. Her hold on his hair became almost painful, but Stephen accepted the discomfort and suckled harder. Suddenly she gasped. Her body trembled before she sagged against him. He had the feeling she would’ve melted to the bed if he hadn’t slipped an arm around her waist to hold her upright. Surely she hadn’t . . .
“Did you come?” he asked.
“Mmm, yes.” She lifted her head from his shoulder, gave him a sleepy-eyed smile. “My breasts are very sensitive.”
His cock jerked at her declaration. He loved a woman’s breasts. Knowing Julia could come from his sucking made him even more eager to spend a lot of time paying attention to them. He squeezed the firm globes while rasping his thumbs over the tips. “So what other ways can you come?”
Her smile turned mischievous. “Maybe you’ll have to experiment and find out. But first . . .” She unfastened his belt. “I need to do some exploring.”
He didn’t stop her before she unbuttoned his pants, but did catch her hands before she lowered the zipper. Her bottom lip stuck out in a pout. “Why did you stop me?”
“Because if you touch my cock, it’ll go off in your hand.”
Her smile returned, even more mischievous and wicked. “Maybe I’d like that.”
“I’m not nearly done playing with you yet.” He reluctantly released her breasts. “Lie down again.”
“Only if you take off your clothes.
of them.”
If his lady wanted him naked, he’d get that way in a hurry. Climbing off the bed, he finished unfastening his pants and let them fall to his feet. Julia lay back as he tugged them over his feet, along with his socks. Clad in only his briefs, he dug the two condoms from his pants pocket that he’d brought in hopes he’d need them. After placing them on the nightstand, he removed the last item covering his body.
Julia’s soft moan proved she liked what she saw.
Stephen wrapped his hand around his dick and gave it a couple of slow pumps. Julia’s lips parted as her gaze snapped to his hand. She shifted her hips on the bed, as if her pussy felt empty and desperately needed something to fill it.
He had the perfect “something” in his hand.
“Take off your panties.”
Julia lifted her ass, slid the panties past her hips, her thighs, and down her legs. She tossed them to the floor. Stephen’s gaze wandered to the blond tuft of hair covering her mound. She didn’t shave or wax her pussy. He liked that. He enjoyed running his fingers through the soft hair on a woman’s cunt.
He enjoyed running his tongue along her slit even more.
Stephen climbed on the bed and crawled to Julia on his hands and knees. He straddled her body, stared down at the perfection beneath him. He couldn’t clearly see her eyes in the dim light from the desk’s lamp, but he could hear her heavier breathing, feel the touch of her hands on his arms, smell the flowery cologne she wore. “You’re beautiful, Julia,” he said, looking into her eyes.
He lowered his head so he could kiss her. The bite of her fingernails into his shoulders caused his cock to surge and his balls to draw up closer to his groin. Every hormone in his body screamed at him to take her.
Ignoring his own body’s needs, Stephen concentrated on Julia’s pleasure. He kissed her again, then began the leisurely journey down her body. He nibbled the pounding pulse in her neck, stroked his tongue across her collarbone. He dropped kisses down the center of her chest until he came to her breasts. Each nipple received a swipe with his tongue, a long suckle with his lips.
Julia arched her back, gripped his shoulders tighter. Those two actions, plus the way she writhed on the bed, gave him the encouragement to continue. More kisses fell on her soft skin as he moved farther down her body. He circled her navel with the tip of his tongue, gave her one long lick from the small indentation to the top of her pubic hair.
“Stephen,” she rasped in a husky tone.
He lifted his eyes so he could see her face, but didn’t stop licking or kissing her. This close to her pussy, he could smell the musky scent of her desire. He nipped the top of each thigh. “What?”
“I need you inside me.”
His dick liked that idea, but he knew he’d come way too quickly if he entered her now. “In a little bit.”
Ah, a tigress lurked inside his lady. He liked that, too. Gently, he pushed on the inside of her thighs until she spread her legs wider apart. “I think you need to come again first.”
Although Julia left the natural bush on her mound, Stephen discovered smooth, hairless skin below her clit. He caressed the swollen labia and wet folds with his thumb, causing Julia to moan loudly.
Needing to be closer to that pretty pussy, Stephen stretched out on his stomach and placed her legs on his shoulders. They fell farther apart, giving him a better whiff of the delicious aroma of her cunt.
He had to taste her.
Spreading her labia with his thumbs, Stephen licked the entire length of her slit from anus to clit. Julia’s body jerked and she moaned again. “Mmm, yes.”
Her obvious pleasure along with his desire to taste her again spurred him to repeat his action. He gave her a few more long, slow swipes with his tongue before he settled in to feast.
Stephen decided he could easily become addicted to her sweet, salty taste. And her scent. And the sexy little sounds coming from her throat that she probably didn’t realize she made.
Stephen concentrated on her clit while he pushed a finger into her channel. Her internal walls surrounded the digit in hot silk. He pressed up in search of her G-spot. Her sharp gasp signaled when he found it. Adding a second finger, he palpated the sensitive area while his tongue flashed over her clit again and again.
“God, Stephen, I’m going to come.”
Oh, yeah, that’s what he wanted. He wanted the walls of her pussy to clamp around his fingers as the pleasure flowed through her body. Mere seconds passed before she started to tremble. Stephen pushed his fingers as far into her as he could, and smiled to himself when he felt the pulsing deep inside.
Stephen gave her clit one more gentle lick before he rose to his knees. He kept his fingers in her pussy, wanting the intimate connection between them. Julia’s chest heaved from her heavy breathing. Perspiration dotted her skin. He laid his other hand over her heart and felt it pounding. “You okay?” he asked.
“No.” She opened her eyes barely a slit. “You killed me.”
Her words stroked his ego. He loved that he’d made her come so strongly. “Does that mean you’re through for the night?”
She lifted her head from the pillow, pointedly looked at his hard cock jutting out from his groin. “
obviously aren’t done.”
“No, but if you’re too tired, I can just . . . you know.”
Heat filled her eyes when her gaze met his again. “I think I’d like watching you . . . you know.”
“Would you?” he asked, his voice low and gravelly. The thought of her watching him get himself off sent a fresh wave of desire through his veins.
“Yes.” Rising to one elbow, she held out her hand to him. “But not now. Now, I want you inside me.”
BOOK: Smokin' Hot
2.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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