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BOOK: Runner (The Runners, Book One)
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“Then one day I managed to separate them and
I managed to knock one out. I took everything in his pockets,
including his cell phone, and I called the only number that was on
it. I talked to a man named Marcus, and he told me to be here at
the cemetery today at this time to meet up with you, Seventeen.
This was about a week ago.”

Seventeen sat there for a moment, and then he
told her his story. “So, they knew that we would be here.” He said
when he finished. “He must have sent the Leader to be killed. He
knew that I would get his number. Why are they chasing after us?
What do they want with my family?”

families,” She retorted. “I’ve asked these questions a million
times. But, Marcus said that you would have an SD card on you. He
said that there were answers on it. We should head to a library and
check out what’s on it.”

“It’s past midnight, the library is closed.
We’ll have to go tomorrow morning.” Seventeen began to stand up.
Fifteen reached up and he helped her stand.

“No, we don’t.” She said as she brushed the
dirt off her pants.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“I’m what you would call and expert at these
things.” She smirked.

“What things?”
“Breaking and entering.” She said as she turned around and walked

Chapter Five


eventeen and Fifteen were crouching outside the library.
Seventeen was wondering how in the world they were possibly going
to get in.

“You see that tree over there?” Fifteen asked
pointing at a tall tree that was beside a window leading into the
library. “I bet I can climb it. I’ll run in and steal a laptop, and
then I’ll meet you at the front door.”
Seventeen thought about it for a moment. There were so many things
that could go wrong, but it was their only option. “Alright, but do
it quickly. There’s probably an alarm in there.”

Fifteen silently ran to the tree and climbed
it. “Give me five minutes.” She harshly whispered down to

Seventeen went and stood in the front door,
waiting for Fifteen. He was excited at the prospect of learning
something about the people who were chasing him.

He hardly finished that thought, when the
very people who were chasing them suddenly appeared.

Two tall, muscled men dressed in nothing but
black and wearing trenched coats silently came walking towards him.
Seventeen began looking around; there was no way to escape. They
were heading right for him. Besides, he couldn’t leave Fifteen here
by herself. They were getting closer.
Fifteen feet.

Ten feet.

He remembered the gun.

Five feet.

He pulled it out of his pants, and pointed it
at them. “Stop!” He screamed.

Just then, the glass doors that were the
entrance to the library exploded. Fifteen came out of nowhere and
tackled one of them. She quickly got up and punched him right in
the temple, and he went crumbling to the ground. The other one
pulled out a gun and pointed it at her.

The gun went off.

Fifteen reached for her chest, but there was
no blood.

Seventeen had shot the man. He went straight
to the ground. Fifteen and Seventeen looked at each other with
shocked expressions on their face.

“You saved me.” Fifteen said panting.

Seventeen just looked at her. His chest was
heavy and it was hard for him to breath. He felt his legs begin to
weaken and he went to the nearest bush and threw up.

When he was through, he went back to Fifteen.
“I set off an alarm.” She said as she ran back to what remained of
the entrance of the Library, retrieving the laptop. “We gotta

“How did you do that?” Seventeen said
pointing at the Library doors.

“I had a grenade.”

“A grenade?”

“A grenade.”

“How did you get a grenade?”

“Ummm,” She said awkwardly. “I know a

“A guy? What’s his na-” But he could not
finish his sentence. Cops filled the parking lot one stood up
behind his door and yelled into a megaphone, “Put your hands

I’m gonna need some
back-up.” Said his partner into his radio as he pulled his gun and
pointed it at Seventeen.

Seventeen realized that he still had the gun
in his hand. With one dead body and another unconscious one, it was
not looking good. Seventeen placed the gun down, and the both of
them put their hands up.

Book Two “Caught” Coming Summer 2011

About The

Logan Rutherford is a 16-year-old who
developed a passion for reading and writing at a young age. He
lives in Texas with his parents, five sisters, and one brother…and
a few dogs. Learn more at his blog:

BOOK: Runner (The Runners, Book One)
5.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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