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A knee was forced between his legs and Cowboy’s weight settled heavily against his aching groin. James looked up into a pair of hungry eyes that glittered in the dim light.

Waves of lust rolled off of his captor, washing over him like pounding surf, dragging him along with the dangerous undertow, and making it hard for him to breathe. A noticeable shudder ran down his spine.

"You’re shaking, baby. Excitement…." A callused fingertip ran down the length of his neck and back up to stroke over his open, panting mouth. "Or fear? Doesn’t really matter to me." Another shudder rippled through James. Cowboy grinned. "I like you trembling against me, because of me, whatever the reason."

The thigh pressing his legs apart rubbed side to side, massaging the growing bulge in his jeans. James groaned and bit down on one corner of his lower lip to hold back a startled yelp when the pressure increased to the point of near pain.

Cowboy narrowed his eyes, his voice taking on a harsher edge. Warm breath ghosted over James’ face, and moist lips grazed against his mouth while the man talked, teasing at the lip tucked between his teeth.

"Does that feel good to you, baby? Like that? Like it slow and gentle?" He lessened the pressure and slipped a hand between them, thumbing open the buttons of James’ jeans as he talked. Finding nothing under them except heated flesh, he shoved his hand inside and grabbed James’ cock, dragging calluses and fingernails lightly over the sensitive organ.

James squirmed and made a strangled, animal sound in the back of his throat.

"No, you wouldn’t be on this side of town, in this bar, if gentle was what you were looking for. Maybe you want it a little rougher." He shoved his fingers down farther and captured the tight sac beneath. "A little harder." He massaged James, grinning at the increased squirming and guttural whimpers his heavy caress produced. "A little deeper."

Kicking James’ legs farther apart, he slid two fingers behind the sac, tracing the thin
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ridge of sensitive flesh that led up to his opening. Without hesitation, he shoved both fingers into James’ body, twisting and stroking the hot, slippery walls of muscle within.

A guttural gasp rewarded his efforts.

He chuckled low and throaty, nudging James’ cheek with his nose, silently commanding him to look up until their eyes met. "You got yourself all ready for me, baby. All nice,"

the long agile fingers twisted roughly, "and slick," plunged deeper, "and tight." The questing digits pressed up, grazing over a spongy firmness.

James spasmed and bucked at the intimate contact. He whimpered and began to pant, arching into the touch while at the same time trying to squeeze shut his thighs. He was torn between the desire to have more from this seductive, intense man and the urge to push the dangerous, aggressive suitor off and stumble back into the bar for a fortifying drink. One more swirling stroke deep inside and desire won.

Jerking his head up, James captured the man’s mouth with his own. Both hands tangled in the cowboy’s hair, forcing their mouths firmly together. His urgency was met and matched. The kiss was hot and dirty and thrilling, each demanding stroke of tongue met with an equally aggressive suck or bite, until oxygen-deprived, racing heartbeats pounded painfully in their heads.

The cowboy broke away, sliding his fingers out of their tight cocoon of muscle and heat.

Pulling his hand from James’ jeans, he bestowed a rough caress on James’ straining cock on the way out.

"Jesus, fuck!" James protested the loss, thrusting his groin into the retreating hand, his body trying to regain the needed touch.

Cowboy rested his forehead against James’, panting heavily. Each warm puff of air sent shivers down James’ spine as they trailed over his sweaty flesh.

"Hang on, baby. We’re just getting started here."

A quick bite to the exposed curve of James’ neck turned into a wet trail that slithered up to his ear. The soft skin behind his ear was mouthed and nipped at, making him squirm and arch his neck, offering his throat for attention.

His plea was ignored, the busy lips and tongue choosing the delicate morsel of his ear lobe instead. A rhythmic sucking mimicked the earlier deep stroking and James’ ass spasmed and fluttered at the memory, aching with the hollow feeling the loss of those talented fingers left behind. A grunt of frustration escaped his swollen lips.

James felt his T-shirt being rolled up his torso, exposing his back to the cold, hard bricks pressing in from behind. Cool night air chilled the beads of sweat on his chest and his nipples crinkled in response to the sudden temperature change. Once the shirt had
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reached his underarms, large, warm hands explored his naked body, pinching and coarsely massaging over his tender flesh.

Still pressed hips to shoulders against the wall, legs forced wide by a thick, muscular thigh, jeans unbuttoned and halfway down his naked hips, James reeled, overwhelmed by the thrill and the danger of having sex with an unfamiliar lover in a public place. The threat of possible discovery heightened his lust, and the need to touch skin became too urgent to deny. He moaned at the continued assault on his earlobe and torso, and strained against the restrictive embrace, hands coming up to scrabble at the buttons of the man’s shirt.

The fevered sucking at his neck disappeared and the weight of the cowboy’s body pressed warningly into his own, forcing a grunt of discomfort from him. The same hands delighting him only seconds ago encircled his wrists and slammed them to the wall by his shoulders. Shaken, James peered up to see pale blue eyes staring intently down at him from only a few inches away. They narrowed, then relaxed, just as the grip on his wrists did the same. James couldn’t stop the tremor of fear that shot down his spine.

"I’ll tell you when you can touch."

His wrists were released and a hand ran down the side of his lean frame, petting and soothing as it stroked. His body shook again, this time in anticipation.

"I told you, I like it when you tremble under me."

The large hands skated back up his arms and pressed his wrists into the bricks.

James closed his eyes and melted against the wall, waiting for the man’s next move. His hips were yanked forward, the pressure easing off his lower half and both of the cowboy’s hands slid inside the back of his jeans. Strong fingers kneaded and rubbed the fleshiest part of his small, firm ass. Occasionally, a thumb would slip down the crease, teasing at the tight ring of muscle nestled there. His mouth was reclaimed and James lost himself in the rhythm. The hands became more frenzied, mauling and bruising in their strength, and the kiss turned into an attack, the man’s mouth devouring, fierce and unrelenting.

James’ eyes flashed open and a near breathless gasp tore out of his burning lungs as the assault moved downward. His jeans were shoved to his knees, his hips pinned back in place, bare backside grinding into the sharp edges of the gritty wall. His hard, jutting cock was engulfed in a sleeve of unbearable heat, swallowed to the root and held motionless there. His tormentor made no effort to do the usual blowjob gestures, holding perfectly still and forcing James to do the same. James ached with the need to move.

His fists pounded uselessly on the surface behind him. "Fucking bastard!

The sudden swirl of slick, hot fluid around his rod took him by surprise.

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The cowboy swished and swirled a mouthful of spit around like a morning gargle of mouthwash, sucking and releasing, surging the slick liquid against James’ most sensitive part again and again. He forced the body-hot fluid up to tease the underside of the delicate tip before he swallowed several times, milking James’ cock like a cow’s udder.

James gave a strangled cry and grabbed frantically at cowboy's head, settling both hands in his hair. Cowboy instantly stopped and stood up, prompting a distressed gasp from James.

Once again James found his entire body pinned against the wall, wrists held to his sides.

Warm breath poured down his neck as the man purred a low, sultry threat in his ear.

"Bad boy. Told you not to touch. I see I’m going to have to find another way to make you listen."

Unable to catch his breath yet, James could only pant and stare. His stare turned wide-eyed as the rolled shirt under his arms was yanked up and off, his head freed, but his arms still encased in the knit fabric. It was pulled down as far as his hands, then the bulk of the shirt was bunched and twisted, locking his wrists in a tight vice of soft cloth. Before he could protest, the length between his wrists was forced over his head to rest behind his neck, effectively pinning his hands at his shoulders. Once again, he was pressed into the cold wall, the skin of his back scraping over the uneven stone.

"What the hell is this shit?"

"This is me," the cowboy leaned in the last inch and nipped James’ lower lip, the swollen flesh throbbing at the sharp sting, "forcing you," another bite to his upper lip forced a small grunt of pain from him, "to do what I tell you to do."

The firm, demanding mouth crushed James’ swollen lips, the kiss fierce and possessive, startling and more than a little frightening. James began to wonder if coming out into this alley had been a good idea after all. A feeling of helplessness settled over him, disturbing and thrilling at the same time. Unable to do anything else, he gave into the kiss, relaxing back against the wall and into the hard frame grinding against his now mostly naked body.

A sudden flare of arousal shot through him and he groaned into the mouth devouring his, his body arching into the warm hands roughly rubbing and pinching at his nipples. Once erect, coarse fingers plucked at the swollen nubs of flesh, twisting them just past the point of pleasure. Fingernails flicked at their heated peaks, sending shock waves of burning, painful delight straight to his neglected groin.

Abruptly, all the warmth, weight and stimulation were gone, leaving James conscious of how naked and exposed he really was. Gasping at the abrupt loss, he opened his eyes to look into his lover’s face. Instead of the sight of his captor, his world turned 180 degrees and his gaze met only bricks, his chest now pressed into the wall that had been behind
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him. The full weight of his larger companion returned, the man’s physical power both reassuring and overwhelming in its force. James turned his head and muffled a cry of pain into the twisted fabric binding his wrists, the cowboy’s weight forcing his straining erection to rest against the cold, irregular surface of the wall.

"Ready yet, baby?" A hot column of flesh slid between the crack of his ass, rubbing up and down, to dip snugly between his thighs. "Want me?" James’ cock was encased in a sandpaper-lined sheath of heat and muscle as the cowboy worked him into a higher state of need with one hand. "Come on, baby, talk to me. Tell me you want it. Tell me that tight, little ass of yours is screaming for me to shove myself home. ’Cause that’s what your ass is, baby, home. Tight, hot, home. It belongs to me now. You belong to me now.

Don’t you, baby?"

A faint buzz of unease rang in his head, but before James could track it down, the talented hand on his erection tightened, almost painful in its strength. The cowboy’s thumb began to rub the underside and top of his rod, massaging the drops of leaking fluid into the sensitive skin. The man rubbed his face over James' sweaty, tangled hair and inhaled deeply. All other thoughts fled from his mind as teeth bit at the soft area behind his ear and a wet tongue invaded its outer shell. James bucked into the brutal grip, a groan of need and passion escaping him.

"I’ll take that as a ‘yes’."

There was the crackle of foil and a small moan from behind him, then James’ legs were kicked apart and a thigh forced one of his legs up a few inches. Cool air caressed the exposed opening to his body for a brief instant until it was replaced with a blunt heat. A deep grunt and the cowboy invaded him, shoving past the protective ring of muscle to bury his thickness to the hilt in one powerful surge of lust and possessive desire.

Grateful his ass wasn’t new to anal intercourse, James screamed into the shirt, biting down on a wad of fabric to muffle the cry. The hand on his cock tightened and sped up, working his softening erection back to full, aching engorgement. Cowboy began to pound into him, his thrusts deep and relentless, torturing James with the force of his strength and the full length of his cock. Each deep stroke nudged at the rings of muscles guarding his deepest reaches. The rarely touched nerve endings buzzed and tingled, making him gasp and writhe against the cowboy. Pinned between rock hard flesh and unyielding brick, James was helpless to do more than flex his lower body’s muscles in rhythm to the cowboy’s brutal thrusts.

Mindless of the abrasions marking his front, James ground himself into the assault, pitching over the edge to climax as one particularly ambitious thrust breached his inner ring of muscle. A heavy strike of his head on the rough brick forced his face into the shirt’s fabric, cutting off his strangled cry. The hand on his cock continued to work him mercilessly, pulling every last drop from him, dragging him over the edge of pleasure into the realm of over-stimulated pain as the grip increased.

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His gasping and bucking turned from a passionate response to one of achieving release from his tormentor’s unrelenting attentions. His struggle seemed to heighten the cowboy’s pleasure and the thrusts into his body intensified. James could feel the fullness in his ass growing and his body spasmed around the thickness, tightening and responding to it, despite James’ panic.

The raw soreness at his groin took on a sharper edge. Small, almost elusive thrills of pleasure began to replace the chafing tugs of the callused hand. His erection began to return, spurred on by the addition of the cowboy’s other hand, caressing and fondling lower, rolling his tightening sac and applying a teasing pressure to the stretched skin beneath.

BOOK: Rough [01] - A Bit of Rough
12.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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