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“I do love both places. Thank you, Katrina.”

“I love them too. Now, why don’t we go and see Allwain. I’d like to meet your friends.”

We laced our arms around each other’s waist and walked across the compound to where Allwain had his laboratory.

As we reached the lab, the door swung opened on its own and we heard “Katrina’s here” from a source that turned out to be a large Myna bird, and we walked inside.

“Good morning, Allwain. How are the new arrivals?”

“Ah, Katrina, Marcella. They seem just fine. I’ve given them the protection serum and contacted their parents.”

“My father will be here soon,” Sabine informed us.

“Sabine, Richard, this is Katrina, Leader of the Five.”

“It’s an honor to meet you,” Richard said formally.

“Yes, nice to meet you,” Sabine added.

“Welcome to my home. You will have access to the castle, but you must stay inside its walls for now. Tomorrow you will be going back to Niranjana’s. Marcella will show you to the guest quarters, where you will find a change of clothing and I’ll see at dinner.”

I gave Katrina a quick hug and then she left.

“She’s amazing,” Richard said.

“Come on, I’ll show you around.”

“Can we get something to eat too?”

“Of course. I’m sure Klaus has something ready; he always does,” Allwain said. “Vampires have voracious appetites. It’s because their bodies are in a constant in a state of renewal. Every cell of their bodies is replaced several times a week; it’s the source of their extreme longevity.”

“Can we skip the vampire teachings? I’m really hungry and tired.”

“Sabine, really.” Richard turned to us “I apologize for her rudeness.”

“No need. You need only be responsible for yourself.”

I led them out and the short distance to the kitchens.

“You really are an ungrateful witch, you know that Sabine?” Richard hissed.

“No one asked you to come after me.”

“You’re right; you and the underworld are a perfect match.”

I smirked; Richard was right. I would rather have brought the golden serpent back instead.

“Klaus, can we still get some breakfast?”

“Marcella! It’s so good to see you.”

The robust, bearded bear of a man came over and gave me a big hug.

“Good to see you too. These are my schoolmates, Richard and Sabine. We’re…”

“Starving?” he chortled. “Well have a seat. Katrina and the others were up early as usual, but everyone else just finished.”

Sabine started to say something, but Richard interjected.

“Thank you so much. Anything you have would be wonderful. Both Sabine and I appreciate it very much that Mormont has been so welcoming.”

He pulled Sabine towards the table and I followed and sat down.

“Don’t you dare complain about anything,” I heard him whisper menacingly.

“Or what, Richard? Are you going to spank me?”

“Actually, that’s just what you need. You’re a spoiled brat.”

“Like I really care what you think.”

“How about what I think, Sabine?”


“Come with me, we’re going home.”

“No, I want to go back to Nira’s and finish my studies.”

“Not this time. They, obviously, are not able to protect you.”

“We got her back safe and sound, Sir,” Richard interjected.

“Yes, you did, and for that I thank you, Richard.”

“It really was thanks to Marcella. Without her, we never would have found your daughter in time. The bounty hunter would have delivered her to the Dark Lord Drakar.”

“Then I am in your debt, young lady. I thank you. Now, let’s go, Sabine.”

“Father, please at least sit down and have breakfast.”

Klaus brought us dinnerware and utensils and then presented us bowl after bowl of food, a pitcher of cider and plate of freshly baked strudel.

Sabine’s father reluctantly joined us. “Your mother is very upset. After you are home for a few days, we’ll discuss whether or not you’ll be going back. I’ll need assurances from Niranjana that this won’t happen again. Now, one of you tell me what happened?”

“Yes Sabine, why
you tell your father what happened?” Richard dared.

Sabine shot him an angry look. “I was just walking back to the cottage when someone came up behind me. I must have fainted, because I don’t remember much more until these two appeared, used magic and some kind of a beast to free me.”

“That’s it? Nothing more? You’d never seen this bounty hunter before?”

“Of course not.”

I could tell Sabine was lying, but I had nothing to gain by contradicting her. I was happy just to indulge in some of Klaus’ strudel.

“We’ll talk more about this when we get home.”

After breakfast, Sabine and her father did indeed go home, leaving Richard and I on our own. I showed him around and then we went to the training ground so that he could watch the Five as they went through another training session.

I watched his face as they went from training speed to full vampire speed. He was mesmerized by what he saw. He glanced over to me and smiled.

After they were finished we walked over so I could introduce him.

“This is Richard, a schoolmate of mine at Nira’s. Richard this is El, Rosa, Letta, Kate and you already met Katrina.”

“Nice to meet you, Richard,” Letta said, speaking for the group.

“I hear you had quite an adventure.”

“Yes, Marcella really saved the day.”

“Where’s your other friend?” Katrina wondered.

“Her father arrived and he’s taken her home already.”

Katrina smiled. “Good, what are you two up to this afternoon?”

“I was thinking if Allwain or Tao had time, we could have some lessons here.”

“I’m sure he’ll make time for you. Well, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get cleaned up.”

We watched them walk away, chatting and laughing with each other like they always did.

“Gorgeous, aren’t they?” I was proud of them.

“Yes they are. It runs in your family I guess.”

I felt my cheeks heat. “Maybe we should get cleaned up too. It has been a long night.”

“I wasn’t tired until you said that.”

“Come on, the guest wing is this way.”

“I love this place. Not only because it’s beautiful. But it just feels so good, you know?”

“Yes, I know. Here we are. I’m sure you’ll find everything you need inside. If not, I’ll be just down the hall.”

I washed up and took a nice long nap.

Now as I splashed my face with water and then dissolved a crimson tablet under my tongue, I felt refreshed.

I walked outside and over to the stone balcony that overlooked the courtyard of the guest wing.

“Your friend is still sleeping.”

I jerked around to see Kaer standing ten feet away.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you. Nira let me come to check on you. I was worried when you didn’t return.”

“I’m fine, you just startled me.”

“You are coming back, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I just wanted to rest here for a day.”

“I’ve never been away from my kingdom before. This is so different than living in the forest.”

“It suits you though; a castle, I mean.”

“I want to go up there,” Kaer said, pointing to the tallest turret.

“One of my favorite spots as well. Let’s go.”

“Did you find out who opened the willow tree?”

Kaer frowned. “No one would admit to it. Now that we have changed the magic, so that only Mother or I can open them. That makes it dangerous, if escape is needed.”

“Nira could help. She could make a truth potion.”

Kaer shook his head. “Outsiders, no matter how well-meaning, are not allowed to interfere. It’s one of the many conditions laid out in order for us to live together.”

“But she wouldn’t have to give it herself. In fact we could make you one here. You could give it to them in the water without anyone knowing. It’s your choice as Prince.”

“Let me think about it.”

“It’s a long way up,” I said, as we reached the base of the tower.

Kaer smiled. “Not for me.”

He stepped closer, grasping me around the waist with his right arm. We floated effortlessly around the stone spiral staircase until we reached the top.

Then looking deeply into my eyes, gently setting me down, he reluctantly stepped away. We moved to the edge and looked out onto the magnificent countryside.

“It so clear today, you can see over ten miles of Von Dracek land in every direction.”

“I don’t have words.”

Silently we stood together and took in the beauty before us.

“Did the willow take you where you thought it would?” he asked.

“Yes, to Althar. It was hard for me to be back there again, after living here for so many months.”

He turned towards me. “But you did it anyway. You didn’t have to, but you did, and you achieved your goal. If the stories of Katrina are true, you are a lot like her.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. If I could be even a little like her, or any of the Five, I would be very proud.”

“Then be proud.”

Kaer smiled and held out his hand to me, which I took. We looked out into the landscape again, watching an eagle snatch a fish from the lake below.

“Can you stay for dinner? With her Father in America, Katrina will be hosting.”

“Thank you, I would love to join you.”

“Richard must be awake by now, he’ll be wondering about me.”

“Let him.”







“We really have to go. I told Richard we would ask Allwain to give us a lesson.”

“If you insist.”

Kaer scooped me up again, and we floated down.

“That’s a great way to travel, Kaer, thank you.”

We walked through the garden on the way back to the guest wing and came across Richard in the courtyard.

“There you are. Kaer, what are you doing here?”

“I came to make sure you were both all right and to see when you were coming back to Niranjana’s.”

“Well, thanks to Marcella, we’re all fine. Sabine is safe and at home with her family. I don’t know if she’ll be coming back to Nira’s or not.”

“I have to say, that although I am very glad that she is safe, I hope she stays home.”

Richard and I both snickered. “We do too.”

“Shall we go and see if Allwain has some time for us?”

When we arrived at Allwain’s laboratory we found Tao working alone.

“Marcella, Allwain said you were here. What can I do for you?”

“Tao, this is Richard and Kaer. We were hoping to have a lesson. Perhaps you have time to work with us?”

“Allwain was called away, but he left instructions for me to develop an advanced invisibility potion. Would you like to help me?”

We all excitedly nodded. “Of course. What do you want us to do?”

Tao handed us a list. “Gather these from the back room and then we will begin.”

We took the list and searched the shelves and boxes for all of the items Tao had requested.

“We found everything.”

“Good. Now we can begin. Potion making is an exacting science, requiring strict adherence to set quantities.”

“That’s what Klaus told me about baking.”

We weighed, measured and when we were ready, added the ingredients carefully to the mixture one by one, and then watched as Tao created a magical heat source to cook our concoction.

“Now we wait. Once it dries, someone will have to test it. The problem we had with the first one was that it didn’t last long enough. This formula will render the taker invisible for as long needed. An antidote will be necessary to be seen again. We will make that next.”

So we began again; finding ingredients, mixing and cooking.

“Good work, all of you. It will take several hours for the compound to dry. If you want to test it, come back later.”

“Sounds fun. Thank you, Tao.”

“I don’t know why you would go to Nira when you had the Lord of the Wizards and Tao to teach you,” Richard wondered, as we walked to the library.

“It’s a different kind of magic. I want to learn both. Allwain has been teaching me for almost a year, but he has so much to do to help the Five. So when Nira said she would take me on as a student it seemed perfect.”

We entered the library and I smiled at Kaer and Richard’s reaction. Their mouths dropped open as they surveyed the beautiful, hand-painted fresco on the ceiling of the magnificent room. I closed my eyes letting the rich sensual scents of the leather invade my nostrils.

BOOK: RBC06.50 - Marcella, Vampire Mage
4.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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