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BOOK: Protect Me: Protectors at Heart
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Protect Me (Book 1)
Protectors at Heart
Joellen Lee

© 2016 by Joellen Lee

All rights reserved.

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Protectors at Heart






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Chapter 1

ac’s eyes
widened as he watched the woman tug on her dress as she tried to release the material caught in her cars door. The wind was not her friend today as she struggled to keep her modesty intact while clutching a large purse and computer bag.

Intending to help her, he sat his coffee cup down and slid out of the booth. By the time he pulled the café door open, she was free and trying to shake out the wrinkles from where the door had held her in its clutches. She almost dropped her computer bag in her vigorous attempt.

He couldn’t help but smile when he heard the blonde beauty cuss like a sailor under her breath as he strode over to offer a hand.

“It’s a bit windy today, I’m glad to see you didn’t get any skin caught in that door when it slammed shut.” Mac stood nonchalantly next to the hood of her car, not wanting to get too close and spook her. “Need some help?”

She looked up, squinting against the sun’s bright rays, and that’s when his entire body went on alert. Her sunglasses had slipped down her nose and she was trying to push them back up while still holding on to all her baggage. Her left eye was a mass of red and purple, clearly the result of blunt force trauma, such as a fist to the face.

“No, I’m fine, thank you.” She brushed off his help and turned to go into the café.

Halting her progress by blocking her, he stood casually with his thumbs resting in the loops of his fatigues. He knew there was no way she wouldn’t be frightened since he stood six and a half feet tall and his smile tended to be more of a grimace.

He should step back and let her go on her way, but he simply couldn’t. That one glimpse of her sad eyes and hunched posture had him in protective mode, wanting to bundle her up and tuck her away somewhere safe.

He leaned against her car trying to lessen his menacing presence, but still close enough to stop her from leaving. “You’re not fine, you’re hurt. Someone used you as a punching bag, and I want to know who it was so I can kill the fucker.”

Even behind the sunglasses he could see her eyes widen in shock, but she gathered her armor like a cloak surrounding her, refusing to let anyone in.

“It’s really none of your business.” Her shaky voice didn’t convince him.

“Listen, you must be hungry since you stopped here. Come inside and sit with me. I’ll keep you company while you eat and we’ll get to know each other.” He held his hands up in surrender, even though he had no intention of letting her get away without some answers.

“I don’t want company,” she snarled.

“Yeah, sometimes you want to be alone, and yet all the little shits in your life won’t let you be. I get it baby, but in this town we take care of our people, especially the women. So come on inside and we’ll have a nice lunch while you relieve me of my concerns.”

What was it about this woman that made him want to wrap her up and take her home? He never took women to his house, his fortress of paranoia, as his friends called it. Yeah, he liked the security, traps and little surprises his place had hidden around the property. Some called him paranoid. He called it seriously fucking secure.

He still wanted her in his house. Yeah, he’d take care of whoever hurt her, but the passion bubbling below the surface was what interested him. A visceral emotion he’d never felt before. He knew she felt it too, but would she admit to it?

he found
herself in a booth sitting across from an extremely large and ungodly handsome man with short brown hair. Brown was too ordinary though, since she could see a slight auburn tint that looked silky to the touch. A very pushy and charismatic man too. She wanted to call him a bully, but that wouldn’t be fair. More like a steamroller that pushes and pushes until you just give in. Yet, his hand in the small of her back guiding her into the booth had felt strong and comforting.

Why would this stranger want to take on her problems? People tended to not want to get involved, but this guy would not back down.

“My name is Jared McKellen but everybody calls me Mac.” His hand reached across the table as if this were a business meeting.

She stared at that huge appendage with the fleeting thought that he would have made a good football player. Timidly reaching across, she lay her hand in his expecting a bone crushing grip. Instead, he covered hers with his other hand making her feel completely surrounded and safe.

“Krista Adams,” she stated quietly.

“Pretty name.” He nodded toward the waitress coming their way. “I recommend the cheeseburger. Best burgers this side of the Trinity River.”

Going with his recommendation, she sat back and waited, not volunteering any other information than her name. This was proving difficult as his stare kept her pinned in place and made her want to talk to fill the silence. Just this little time together and she could tell he would sit for hours to get what he wanted. She always thought she wanted a patient man, now she wasn’t so sure. She felt a moments respite when he spoke.

“You landed in the right place Krista. Let me tell you about my business and this town.” He sat back with his arm across the back of his booth, totally relaxed.

“I run a security firm that branches out into all the different ways there are to keep people safe. Need your house secured? No problem. Bodyguard? Rescue a loved one from hostile territory? I’m your man.” Now he leaned forward with both hands on the table. “Need protection from an ex-husband or boyfriend? Or even a current husband? I don’t discriminate.”

Raising his eyebrows, he waited. She dropped her eyes and stayed silent.

Sighing, he continued. “This town is a haven for ex-military, men or women. They come here because we live by a certain creed. ‘We protect.’ That’s it, simple and self-explanatory. We are not vigilantes, we’re protectors of those who need it.”

The thought of staying somewhere safe, where everyone protected the weaker members was tempting. Sadly, he wasn’t interested in her as a woman, only as someone in need. While she’d been listening, she’d also been fantasizing about him bending her over and fucking her until she screamed. Fantasies were like that, no moral compass, no getting to know you and talk about relationships. Have momentary pleasure and move on with no past garbage to get in your way, a steamy hook-up and goodbye.

Nice to think about but she could see herself getting hooked on this guy and wanting to hold on dearly. The way her life had been going lately, the thought of clinging to this guy was so very appealing.

She had to clear her throat twice since her nerves were eating her up. She tried a small smile and hoped she looked confident. “It sounds very nice, but I can’t afford you.”

“Pro bono Krista, with one stipulation.” He held up one finger.

Aha, here it comes. He wants sex. Which made her fantasies take flight.

“What are you thinking about? That look on your face…” His voice lowered. “I’d pay good money to know.”

She blushed, embarrassed and wondering how much she’d given away. Waving him off, her look implored him to continue. His disappointment almost made her laugh.

“Okay, but soon you’ll talk.” His smile was pure sin. “Anyway, I’ll protect you for free with the understanding that you pay it forward. And by that, I don’t mean going after a bad guy. If you see someone in need, you’ll help or get help for them.”

“That’s it?” She squeaked in surprise.

“Yes, but I do have some rules,” he said.

She shivered, something about the way he said ‘rules’ made goose bumps pop out on her arms.

“First, you’ll be staying at my house.” His look kept her from interrupting. “You will tell me how you got that black eye and who gave it to you. I hate lying, so no lying or prevaricating.” He paused and she managed a slight nod.

“You don’t know me, and we don’t have time for you to check my background so I understand why you’re scared. But what we can do is stop by the sheriff’s office for your peace of mind. He’s the best reference I can think of on short notice.”

She thought about that and agreed. If this sheriff was in cahoots with him and was actually using his cover as a way to abduct women, then she was screwed. She had to trust somebody to keep her safe or she would be running for the rest of her life.

Taking a deep breath, she replied. “That seems more than fair. I just hope I’m not a bigger burden than you’re expecting.”

He laughed. “Krista, if you knew some of the cases I’ve taken on, you wouldn’t worry.”

After lunch, she followed him in her car to the sheriff’s office, which wasn’t far from the diner.

“Krista, this is Booker, our sheriff.” Mac introduced her and she found the sheriff to be as big and intimidating as Mac.

Booker shook her hand gently, his big paw encompassing hers. “Who do I arrest?” His growl made the hair rise on her arms.

Mac slapped him on the back. “I’ve got it covered Booker. I’ll call you in if I need help.”

“Just keep it legal Mac,” Booker snarled. “Or at least have a good alibi.” Booker winked at Krista, but she wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not.

Chapter 2

ollowing his truck once again
, they left the sheriff’s office and headed out on a side road, which led to the highway. It was one of those two-lane blacktops that wove its way through the countryside.

Now she started to worry. What the hell was she doing? Going to a stranger’s house like a lamb led to slaughter.

Turning onto a long gravel driveway, she stuck close to his bumper as the wide gates opened for him and went to park beside his truck near the house. Sitting with her hands still gripping the wheel, she wondered if she were crazy.

She let out a small scream at the tapping on her window and saw him patiently waiting. Taking a deep breath, she opened her door.

“Everything will be all right, Krista. You’re safe now.”

She burst out crying, the stress and fear she’d been living with overwhelming her.

Mac pulled her close, his arms encircling her. “Hey now, no crying. Guys don’t like tears, it makes them feel guilty and they don’t know why.”

She couldn’t help but giggle a little, along with a small hiccup. This big, strong man didn’t know what to do with a crying female.

She held on to him because he felt so good. Her breast pressed against a hard chest. Her hips so close to his she could feel his growing erection. Wait a minute. He was aroused? By her? That little bit of knowledge boosted her self-confidence about a mile so she rubbed up against him, enjoying what felt like a huge cock growing even more as she wiggled her hips closer.

“Baby, if you don’t stop that, I’m going to put you on my tailgate and take you right here,” he growled in her ear.

God, she wanted it. Who was here to judge her? No one, no one knew her in this small town.

“Yes,” she said, simply.

He lifted her in his arms and marched to the back of his truck before setting her on her feet so he could drop the tailgate. Ripping his shirt off, he laid it across the metal and placed her on it with a gentle push to her shoulders. Reclining, with her legs dangling over the edge, she eagerly waited his next move.

It wasn’t the most comfortable position but she didn’t care. She wanted this. She was so ready to be fucked she didn’t even feel the hard metal or the sun beaming down on them.

He pushed her dress up, exposing her pink thong. “Krista, that’s so pretty, but it has to go.”

He gripped her hips, slowly sliding her thong down to her ankles, driving her crazy.

“What a pretty pussy,” he murmured, as if to himself.

Making himself a place between her legs, he placed his hands on her thighs and moved them further apart, stroking her skin up to the crease just below her pussy.

He’d been staring at her pussy the whole time, but now he looked her straight in the eye, pinning her with a look. “Are you sure? Tell me you want this.” He demanded, making her say the words.

“Fuck me, please.” She begged.

He nodded, taking command and pulling her up and removing her dress. Her bra followed in quick order before she was once again laying back and staring up at him.

His chest was chiseled muscle and she wanted to sink her nails in and take a bite out of that beautiful body. Her hips moved restlessly as she watched him pull a condom from a pocket and lay it on her stomach.

She wanted to see his cock after feeling it through those fatigues. Would it be long and thin or crooked and fat? Didn’t matter as long as he knew what to do with it.

His hands went to her pussy, not his zipper. But she wasn’t disappointed. Spreading her open, he leaned in for a long lick. Swirling his tongue through her juices, he then nibbled his way up to her clit before taking it into his mouth and sucking hard.

She would have sprung off the truck if he hadn’t held her down with one palm on her stomach. Turning his head, he kissed her thigh before moving up to her breast.

Her moans filled the yard and she was thankful he didn’t have any neighbors close by.

“Are your breasts sensitive baby?” He asked before tweaking one with his fingers and sucking the other between his teeth. Biting down lightly, that little bit of pain went straight to her clit and she thought she might just come from that alone.

She tried to pull him back by clenching her thighs on his legs when he went to stand up.

Laughing, he squeezed her knees to make her release him. “Hold on baby, let me get this on.”

He ripped open his condom and she rose up on her elbows to watch. Loosening his belt, he carefully popped the buttons on his fatigues and grimaced as he pulled his cock out.

His cock was long and thick, the purplish head gleaming in the sunshine. Watching him roll the condom over his big dick made her jealous. She wanted to be the one touching him, maybe next time.

Stepping closer again, he held his cock in hand and swirled it around in her juices.

Staying up on her elbows, she watched every move he made, anticipating and longing for penetration. When he started to slowly push in, she looked up to see his stare boring into her and couldn’t look away.

“I can go all day Krista. You want it fast and hard or slow and gentle?”

Oh, she wanted it now! “Fast and hard. I need this,” she moaned.

“You got it,” he said as he plunged into her. Moving fast, he pumped, pushing her body back on the truck with his force.

“Oh god, that feels so good. Please, please!” She was shouting. She needed something more, something to push her over the edge.

“I know what you need baby.” He kept pumping, driving her crazy. “Don’t come. The longer you hold off, the stronger it’ll be.”

She growled at him and reached up with her arms to pull him closer. If she could just get his hips to rub right there, she would go over.

He was laughing, holding her off by pinning her arms down against her sides. Slowing his strokes, he nipped at her lips before his tongue forced its way into her mouth and commanded entry. His kiss was just as forceful as his nature. He overwhelmed her.

Releasing her lips and hands at the same time, he made sure she stayed flat on her back with a growled order.

His cock was throbbing inside her, and she wondered how he managed to stay hard for so long.

“I think you’re ready.” She knew he was grinning, even though her eyes were closed.

He pulled his cock out, plunged in again and stroked her clit with his fingers. She was primed like a rocket and ready to go off. Rubbing her clit faster and faster and using her juices for lube, he then pinched her clit, hard.

In the background she heard him grunting as he sought his own pleasure. Her back arched off the bed of the truck as she came, screaming hoarsely with each pulse as her orgasm raced through her.

is dick was being squeezed
like a vice and he loved every fucking minute of it. Her pussy was tight and her little jewel poked out and screamed at him to be touched. So he did. She milked him of every bit of sperm he had until he could swear his balls were empty.

God that was the best he’d ever had, and he wanted to take her to his bed and claim her as his. Wait, what? What the hell? He never got involved seriously with a woman. He made sure to give them an awesome orgasm but he never had an emotional response to any of them. They knew the score. He was good for a great fuck, but he wouldn’t be latching on to them.

He needed to think. Figure out what it was about this woman that threw him for a loop. But he couldn’t walk away, not when he’d promised his protection.

While his thoughts were fighting in his head, his mind wanted to care for this woman. He pulled out and tossed the condom on the ground, he’d clean up later. Right now she was his priority.

Tucking his cock back in, he buttoned up and scooped her close to his chest where she cuddled against him. With her in his arms, he felt his chest tighten, some emotion trying to break through.

Taking a moment, he thought about it. He cared about her. He almost harrumphed out loud. He needed to get his shit together; this emotional crap just wasn’t him.

He would keep her safe, find out who needed killing and fuck her until she was ready to move on. His heart ached a little, must be heartburn from that hamburger.

“I’d give it a solid nine,” a voice said.

Shit, a couple of his men were standing in the yard and gotten the jump on him. Damn, this woman was going to get him killed. The high-pitched scream from the woman in his arms didn’t help his hearing.

BOOK: Protect Me: Protectors at Heart
8.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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