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Chapter Twenty Five


When we got back Jay filled Chris in with what we had seen and how I had taken out the single infected without thinking about it. I could tell by the look he threw me, that he was slightly impressed.

“Okay, well the way I see it, we can alter your plan a little Marc. Jay I want you to play pied piper like you did before, Marc it might be an idea that you cut the fencing near the shed and when I give the signal take out that guard. I’ll just do what I do best and kill the guards and the rest if needs be.” Chris said.

“No.” I said looking determined.

Chris turned slowly and said “No? What the fuck do you mean no?”

I returned his stare and spoke with a calm voice “What I mean is that I want all them fucker’s dead, not one survivor. The bikers I mean.”

“Marc, I don’t think we can kill them all.” Chris said.

“You get the women then and I’ll kill the guards and all the others.” I said.

Chris turned to Jay and asked “Dude, can you give me and Marc a second?”

“Yeah, of course.” Jay said looking at me and then climbing out the back door of the A.P.C.

With Jay outside Chris stood up and crossed over to the other bench facing me and sat down.

“Spill.” Was all that he said, so I told him all about Becky and that she had died, I especially told him how she had been abused before whoever had killed her. I had tears in my eyes and had to keep wiping them with my sleeve. Chris sat and listened to me rant on about how these bikers were treating women the same way as Becky was treated and I wanted pay back.

“Ok.” Chris said and stood up gathered his gear and climbed out the back door. Feeling a little out of place I climbed out and stood as Chris spoke to Jay. After a while Jay looked over and gave me a slight nod of his head.

“Ok slight change of plan again. Jay I want you to gather up the infected and lead them toward the front gates of the compound. When you get them nearby try to slip away from them. They should just home in on the bikers. Next part is when the bikers are busy with the infected at the front, Marc and I cut the fence slip inside kill the guard near the women. Marc will lead them back to the garage and hide them there, the head back to the hole in the fence. You should be back by then Jay, when we are all together we form a shooting line and start taking the bikers out and we don’t stop till they are all dead or infected food. Is that ok with you two?” Chris asked.

“That’s fine with me.” I said.

Jay just looked up, nodded and went over to the A.P.C and grabbed a bottle of water from our dwindling supply. When he returned we started to get sorted for the raid on the compound. We sat in silence as we checked the rifles and magazines. I took off my webbing and made sure it was all on the belt securely, the last thing I wanted was to lose a magazine pouch whilst running. After that was done I made sure that they would all stay closed up. As the sun started to slowly edge toward the horizon, Jay headed out to do the infected wrangling. He ran up and down the adjacent side roads and pulled about a hundred of the shambling infected and had them slowly follow him towards what we hoped was going to be a biker buffet. He was about two maybe three buildings away from the compound when their lights turned on. That was his signal to give the infected the slip and head round to our staging point.

Chris and I had hidden in the shadows watching Jay run up and down the side streets getting the infected to follow him. As the lights came on and we heard shouting come from the front of the compound, we slipped out of our hiding place and crept over to the fence. Taking a pair of pliers that he had found in the A.P.C, Chris snipped away at the fence until there was a hole in it big enough for us to slip inside. Jay returned just as the last link was cut.

“Right Jay I want you to stay here and guard our way out. Marc you’re coming with me, but you have to be quiet and don’t fire unless you’re fired upon.” Chris whispered.

“Ok.” I said nodding in the gloom.

Chris pulled the fencing to one side and I slipped inside the compound. I heard a rustle of clothing and then Chris tapped me on my shoulder to let me know it was time to move. Heading across the space between the fence and the shed was nerve wracking and I had to keep adjusting my grip on the rifle. There were a few oil barrels just before the shed and I ducked down beside them. Looking over I could see the guard was looking toward the front of the compound and the shouting coming from there.

Tapping me on my shoulder Chris pointed to his combat knife and then to the guard. He started to move, but I grabbed his hand and pointed at the knife and then myself. I wanted to kill this fucker and Chris was going to give me his knife to do the job. He looked at me sideways, then shrugged and gave me the knife. I passed him my rifle because I didn’t want it to get in the way and set off toward the guard, but made sure that the shed was between him and me. The last thing I needed was for him to turn and see me creeping up on him. Making it to the side of the shed, I could here whimpers and moans coming from inside. I knew that these weren’t the moans of the infected these were the moans of people who had been beaten and abused. I edged to the corner and chanced a quick peek, the guard had turned his back to me and was laughing at the sound of gun shots coming from the front of the compound.

Taking my time and keeping low I slid round the corner and came up behind the guard. Standing I was just slightly lower than him but not by much, quickly I circled my hand round and over his mouth whilst at the same time stabbing the knife though his throat from the side. I felt him buck backwards but I tightened my grip and held on. I could feel the warmth of his blood as it flooded over my hand. The air around us instantly began to smell of copper and the smell of his released bowels. He had shit himself in the last few seconds of his life. He dropped to his knees and fell face first on to the concrete spilling the last of his blood on the floor round his head like the halo of a demon. I would have fallen with him if I hadn’t let go of the knife and his mouth. I stood looking down at him and was surprised at how little I was disturbed by what I had just done.

Chris tapped me on the shoulder and said “I hope you’re going to pick my knife up?”

I bent quickly and tugged the knife from the biker’s neck and cleaned in on his jacket before handing it back to Chris.

“Come on let’s get the ladies out of here so we can come back and finish the rest of them.” He said passing me my rifle.

I walked into the shed and saw four women cowering in the corner. I knelt on the floor and in a quiet voice I said “We’re here to help. We’ve come to get you out of here.”

A timid voice came from the back of the group “Who are you?”

“My name is Marc and the big man behind me is Chris. We are going to get you out of here.” I said.

“Why should we trust you? You might be the same as them.” Said the voice.

I looked over my shoulder at Chris and he just shrugged.

“Ok if you want to stay with them, that’s fine.” I said standing and moving toward the door.


I turned to look into the dark shed.

“Where are you going?” the voice said.

“Back the way we came. If you’re not wanting our help, then you can stay here with the bikers.” I said.

“You can’t leave us like this.” She cried out.

Sighing I said “Can you please make your mind up. Either you want saving or you don’t. Which is it?”

A shadow moved toward me and I saw a woman about five feet tall, her naked body was covered with scrapes and bruises. She had long dark hair and dark eyes that looked black in the dim light coming from the doorway.

“My name is Tracy.” She said looking at her bare feet. “Where are you going to take us?”

“There’s a garage not far from here that we checked out earlier today. We were going to get you there and have another one of us guard you, whilst myself and Chris came back and killed all these pieces of filth.” I said looking at her.

“What if we don’t want to stay?” She asked.

Chris’ voice rumbled from behind me “If you don’t want to stay afterwards. That’s not a problem. We won’t stop you from leaving any time you want to.”

“Look I would love to have a huge discussion about this but if we drag this on any longer then we are all going to be up shit creek without a paddle.” I said.

Chris and I went out the doorway and stood guard on either side as the women made their way to it. With Chris in the lead, we guided the four women over to the fence and slipped out through the opening we had made. Slowly we headed over to the garage and met up with Jay. The women slipped under the garage door and into the darkness inside. The three of us stood outside to talk about what we were going to do next.

“First thing, Jay you need to be on guard with those women. Even though they have been through a lot doesn’t mean they won’t try and jump you.” Chris said “Secondly, Marc we know what happened to you but when we go inside the compound to finish this. You cannot and I mean cannot go all Rambo on them. If you lose control we could both die and I for one don’t fancy that.”

“I know and I promise not to.” I said.

Jay looked at the garage door and back at Chris before saying “Look why can’t we just close the door and secure the women inside?”

“Because we don’t leave naked vulnerable women alone. Not before all of this and definitely not now.” Chris said with a slight growl at the end. “Now are we ready?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“Suppose so, I’m not happy about it though.” Jay said.

“Noted. Marc come on let’s see if we can find where those bikers bed down.” Chris said moving away from the garage and into the deeper darkness.

















Chapter Twenty Six


Heading after him, I heard the muted rattle of the garage door being pulled down. Taking our time getting back to the fence, we stood listening for any sign of that the dead guard had been discovered. With no sound of increased activity we slipped in through the opening and ducked behind some barrels and looked for the entrance to the main building. Spotting a thin line of light peeking out from under a door. I tapped Chris on his arm and pointed it out. I slipped out of our hiding place and ran crouched over to the door and knelt down listening for noise on the other side. I heard Chris’ heavy footsteps before I saw the large man appear from the darkness on the other side of the door. Reaching up I slowly tried the handle turning it one way then the other. The lock clicked and I pulled the door open just enough so I could slip inside. The brightness of the large space was stunning and I couldn’t move at first. Then I felt a large hand on my back gently push me further away from the doorway. When things came back into focus, I could see that there were boxes and crates piled all over the floor and in the far right hand corner two large marque like tents had been erected. That must be where the bikers slept.

Stepping behind the crates we knelt down in the shadows. I glance round the side of the crates and saw the large biker that I had seen earlier in the day. He was stood with his back to us looking out of a large opening at the front of the warehouse. I could hear voices echoing from outside.

“I think there is only one in here with us at the moment.” I whispered.

“Looks that way. It might be a good idea if we wait for the others to come back inside after dealing with the infected. Then take it from there.” Chris replied.

“And there was you calling me all gung-ho.” I said smiling.

“There’s gung-ho and then there’s being fucking stupid.”

“Tell the truth you just want to fire your weapon.” I said with a soft laugh.

“Funny fucker.”

Just then another three bikers came in through the opening and stood in front of the fat biker. From their gestures I could tell that they weren’t very happy, but to tell the truth I didn’t care. One of the bikers stomped over to a tent and went inside and after a short while came out with a large radio.

“Ah!” Chris said “This might be a small problem.”


“That group that tried to jump us at the petrol station had one just like it.”

“So what, we dealt with them.”

“Yeah, and I smashed the shit out of the radio. The thing that worries me is if they are trying to get in contact with them.” He whispered.

A loud shout echoed from the front of the warehouse “What the fuck do you mean, you can’t get in touch with Rick?”

We couldn’t hear the reply, but we did see the reaction. The fat man moved with quite a speed and stabbed the biker carrying the radio in the throat. The biker’s blood seemed to fountain up into the air in a high arc, before his body seemed to fall to the side dropping the radio which clattered on to the floor. Hiding in the shadows of the crates we watched as the other two bikers stepped away from their fallen friend.

Chris pointed to another set of crates about five feet away and then said “Marc head over there and we should have good lanes of fire.”

I nodded and keeping myself low I ran as quietly as I could across the space between. I lay down at the side of the crates looking toward the front of the warehouse. Glancing over at Chris he held up five fingers twice, letting me know to start shooting in ten seconds. Calming my breathing I took aim at the head bikers back just in between his shoulder blades. Getting to the ten count seemed to take an age, just as I was about to squeeze my trigger Chris fired and I acted on impulse and snapped a shot off. Lucky for the head biker my round missed and went sailing off into the night without hitting anything. He dived quickly to the floor and rolled behind some boxes before I could get another round off. Chris had hit his mark though and took what looked like nearly the full head off of one of the other bikers. I fired on the remaining biker and hit him in the crotch. I didn’t mean to hit him there but his scream was so high pitched, as he grabbed the quickly staining area at the front of his jeans. He sagged to his knees and my next shot hit him in the throat and mushroomed up and out the back of his head, taking most of it away into the night air.

The large biker was screaming for help, from his hiding spot behind the boxes. Another six bikers came rushing inside, two were brandishing small hunting rifles and one was carrying a shotgun. The other three were only carrying axes and a baseball bat. Taking out the ones with the guns first were our priority. Chris had managed to take out the shotgun toting biker and I had fired of three shots to take down one rifle. The last rifle had moved over to where the leader was hiding and was leaning over the top of the boxes firing in my direction, enough so that I had to move. Rolling over to the other side of my crates I fired two shots at the biker carrying the baseball bat the first hit him in the shoulder spinning him round and as he turned my second shot hit him dead centre of his back. It cut his spine in half and his legs seemed to just be cut from underneath him. Chris had clipped one of the bikers carrying an axe in the hip and the biker was trying to slowly drag himself across the floor.

That left the leader, another axe welding biker and the one with the rifle. I noticed a shadow moving on the wall near the boxes the leader was hiding behind. From the size I could only guess it was the leader. I decided to use the remainder of my mag in trying to nail him. I started shooting at the side of the boxes were I thought he was. Hoping to have a shot penetrate through and either kill him or wound him. I fired until the slide locked open and on the second to last shot I heard a huge scream from behind the boxes. Slamming another mag into the rifle I looked for my next target, but Chris had managed to kill the biker with the rifle and the last biker with the axe. The one he had wounded was still trying to crawl away from us. Standing with our rifles up, we scanned the warehouse for anymore bikers or surprises.

We walked the length of the warehouse and stopped short of the boxes and then circled round as not to give the lead biker a chance to grab either of us. The baseball bat carrying biker was sprawled out on the floor, his blood was seeping out in a large pool around his body. The leader was lying in the pool of blood holding his hand to his neck whilst holding his other hand to his side. It seemed that at least two of my shots had found their marks. His face had lost all colour and his breath was coming out in short ragged bursts.

“Help…!” He said.

“You can get fucked!” Chris said.

“Please….I’ve nothing to you.” His voice came out quietly.

“You tried to steal our vehicle and kill us. Not to mention kidnapping and holding those women against their will.” I said looking down at him.

I heard moans coming from the front of the compound and I smiled and said “Looks like you are going to be having company soon.”

I swear his face got even paler and he gasped out “You...can’t leave me to those things!”

“Yes we fucking can. Come on Marc we need to get back to the others.” Chris said turning away.










BOOK: Pet From Hell (Infected Series Book 1)
3.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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