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I would like to thank
, my
editor. She's always patient with me and I appreciate everything she does for
Also, a huge thank you to my readers for encouraging
me to do this story.
I hope you all enjoy it.




Friends, Men, and Secrets, 2


Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2013






Heather’s Eighteenth Birthday


Amber watched her friend
blow out the eighteen birthday candles decorating her cake. She sipped from the
water bottle and cheered when it was the right moment. There were times she
wished she could do more than simply look in on her friends. Ashley was
cheering while Connie was slicing up the cake. They were all close friends.
Since they were kids they’d always been good friends, but through high-school
their friendship tightened. They were big girls and would never fit in with the
popular crowd. Amber liked it like that. She wouldn’t change to fit what other
girls wanted. Ashley, Connie, and Heather all accepted her for who she was, and
none of them pressured her to be something different. She loved them like
sisters, and they were as close to sisters she’d ever get.

“Shouldn’t you be with
them?” Elijah asked.

She turned as he came up
behind her. He never failed to make her hot. Her response to him was

“I-I d-don’t k-know.” She
only ever stammered around him. Staring at the floor she shivered as his breath
whispered across the back of her neck. He was too close, and there was no way
for her to fight her response to him.

“Are you nervous, Amber?”

He knew her name? Shit, of
course he knew her name. She was best friends with Heather. Also, they had
shared many more moments than these. Whenever she stayed over he was always
around, staring at her. God, his voice was pure sin.

“No, of
course not.”

A gasp escaped her lips as
his fingers caressed along her arm. “I make you nervous.” His hand banded
around her waist, pulling her closer against him.

“Why are you doing this?”
she asked.

She wasn’t stupid when it
came to sex. Being a virgin didn’t mean she didn’t understand what was prodding
against her ass. Ashley was the most adventurous of the group whereas Amber
liked to be left alone most of the time.

“You want me, Amber, and I
want you.”

It was always like this
between them. She didn’t understand it at all. Why was he doing this to her? He
could have any girl he ever wanted, and yet he was here, holding her and making
like she was the only woman on the planet.

“Why?” she asked.

He tugged her back until he
was getting her to follow him upstairs. The moment the door closed behind her,
his lips were on hers stopping any question from spilling out of her lips. She
moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding onto him for dear life.
Elijah made her feel things she’d thought was long since dead. How could she
open up like this with Heather as her best friend? Heather hated her brother,
and this always felt like a betrayal. Her friend felt like her parents resented
her whereas Elijah was the golden boy. He could do no wrong. Amber had stayed
up many nights listening to Heather complain about how perfect Elijah was even
though he didn’t get the best grades or help with chores. Those nights Amber
agreed with her friend’s assessment, trying to be supportive. But there was
something about Elijah that called to every part of her body.

Pushing the excuses from the
back of her mind, she focused on him right now.

Had their heated gazes and
swift conversation led to this moment?

“I can’t get enough of you,”
he said, pressing kisses down to her neck.

She pulled on his hair
bringing his lips back up to her mouth. For the longest time she’d had a crush
on Heather’s big brother. Amber tried her hardest to hide her feelings, but it
was getting harder and harder every day. He no longer lived in the same house
as Heather, but she knew his parents kept his room the same for whenever he
visited, which was often.

The sound of the lock
turning made heat swamp her pussy. She was desperate to feel him.

Elijah wrapped his arms
around her middle and moved her toward his bed. He lowered her to the bed.

“I’ve got to have you. I
need to get you out of my mind,” he said. “I can’t concentrate on anything but

For most of her life she’d
been bullied because of her weight. Her mother was always pressuring her to go
on a diet, and the guys in high school only valued thin, blonde women. She was
a redhead with curves all over the place. Amber had to deal with having a thick
waist, large breasts, and plump thighs.

She hated her shape, and her
mother made her feel overweight, fat, and ugly.

In Elijah’s arms she could
finally feel beautiful.

He unbuckled the belt
holding his jeans up. She’d never been with a man before and couldn’t find the
words to tell him.

His fingers caressed her
knee bringing her skirt up. This was really happening.

Doubts assailed her, and she
couldn’t bring herself to stop him. Amber knew she should stop him, but she
couldn’t. This was her only chance to experience something and know the guy
wouldn’t go tattling to all his friends.

When Ashley had given her
virginity up to the captain of the football team, the loser made her life a
misery. Amber had witnessed it, and Ashley was a hard person inside and out. No
one was breaking through that shell she kept over her heart.

It was now or never. She
couldn’t stop, as otherwise she’d regret her decision.

Leaning forward, she pushed
his jeans down, exposing his long length of cock.

She stared at the length of
him, amazed at how long and thick he was. He’d fit. Man and woman were supposed
to fit in these situations.

“I need you, Amber. Tell me
you need me.”

None of his words were
making sense. The couple of beers she’d drunk were going to her head. She
should be more like Connie and not drink at all. Had this been a long time in

His lips were back on hers
before she got chance to say anything. Elijah’s tongue and hands were
everywhere, making it impossible for her to think clearly. He pushed the hair
off her face, exposing her to more of his kisses. In no time at all, her skirt
was pulled off along with her panties. She cried out as he pressed a palm against
her naked pussy.

fucking wet and perfect.
I can’t get you
out of my head.”

He dropped to the bed,
settling between her thighs. She couldn’t speak, and she didn’t want to. This
moment was purely for her. He wouldn’t say anything to anyone, and she could
hold this tightly within her heart for the rest of her life without any fear.

Elijah tore at her blouse,
sending buttons in either direction. She giggled and then groaned as he started
to suck on one and then the other nipple he’d exposed.

“You’re better than I

She felt him caress her
pussy, sliding his fingers along her slit, drawing out her pleasure. Amber bit
down on her lip to stop herself from crying out. She was so turned on.

“I can’t wait. I need to
have you now,” he said. And she was more than happy to give it to him.


Elijah knew he was going
straight to hell. He never should be thinking about his sister’s best friend.
Heather had three best friends, and the only one he thought about was Amber
Phelps. He couldn’t get her out of his mind. At night he found himself dreaming
about her. Even when he lived back home and he used to watch his sister, Amber
always caught his eye. He was a sick bastard as he was a good ten years older
than she was. His feelings hadn’t started going to the obsessive until she’d
turned seventeen. He still shouldn’t have been looking at her.

Now, they were both at
consensual age, and he could do what he wanted. There was no way she was a
virgin. She was too damn sexy to be a virgin. His full-figured, red-headed
woman was just … perfect. No other words could describe her.

BOOK: Owned by Him
3.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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