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Ian continued, needing to get the words out before he lost his nerve. “You don’t look at me like the others do. I’m not a fuck toy to you. And I’m not a joke.”

Owen frowned. “Who looks at you that way?”

“Please. I’m pretty. Everyone sees me as a fuck toy at some point,” Ian tried to tease, but Owen didn’t smile. “Well, I am pretty.”

“You’re beautiful.”

Said with conviction, the words meant more uttered by Owen than they’d ever meant by anyone else.

Ian blushed. “I am, but I’m a troublemaker, according to the guys at the gym. I like to have fun. Life is boring without a little risk. But they see me as a screwup. A joke they have to babysit.” And it had annoyed him after a while. At first, he’d liked being the one who kept the team on their toes. But they refused to see beyond the mask he wore. Owen didn’t. “You treat me like an equal.” Which still surprised him.

“You are. We’re the same in so many ways.” Owen stroked his cheek, his eyes soft.

Ian’s eyes burned, shocking him with the fierceness of his reaction. He blinked rapidly and coughed to cover his emotion, but he didn’t think he’d been successful, because Owen’s smile looked way too tender for comfort. Ian cleared his throat. “Yeah, well. It’s hard for me to see a rich guy who can have anyone he wants being my twin.”

Owen snorted. “Ian, let me ask you something. You stayed away from the government for years on end. If you wanted to vanish tomorrow, could you?”

“Yes.” Finally. Someone realized his potential.

“Another thing. If you wanted to sink me financially, you could throw some serious wrenches in my system. Moving money around, breaking into banks. Hacking DoD?”

With a modest huff, he nodded. Man, having Owen know what he was capable of was such a turn-on.

“Right. Like I thought.”

Now Owen looked smug. His light-colored hair swept over his forehead, masking those brilliant green eyes. Ian couldn’t look at a blade of grass without thinking about his lover.

Owen continued. “You’re smart. You make me laugh. And you could be as rich as you wanted if you worked hard for it. Illegally or legally, I’m saying.” Owen grinned. “But little thief, you’re here now, with me. And I hope you know I’ll never take you for granted.”

Not a declaration of love, but God, Ian’s throat was balled up with emotion. He nodded.

Owen blew out a breath. “I don’t want you to see me differently if you know… Only Heather and a few people, less than I can count on one hand, know what I really am.”

“Not Jack?”

“Not even Jack,” Owen said quietly.

“Owen, you can tell me. I kind of already know, actually.”

Owen frowned. “You do?”

“When Linda bought it, that heart attack out of nowhere, yeah, I put it together. Along with the other odd deaths loosely tied to your family, I think I know your superpower.”

Owen remained silent, his gaze watchful.

“You’re a psychic assassin, am I right?” Ian knew a moment’s fear at saying the words aloud, because holy crap, that was some scary shit. But when Owen remained mute, cautious, he saw his lover’s real worry. Not that Ian would tell anyone, but that Ian might reject that part of him integral to Owen’s being. Ian smiled. “I knew you were in on Linda’s death. Chloe owes me money.”

“You bet on that?” Owen blinked in astonishment.

“Honey, I bet on everything. Besides, it’s those ‘I told you so’ moments that make life worth living.”

Chapter Ten

Ian’s calm acceptance seemed to thaw Owen’s stiffness. “You knew all along.”

“Not exactly. It’s one thing, living with pyros and kinetics. Then there’s Aidan, who’s an annoying mind reader. But you’re the first psychic assassin I’ve met.”

“Ah, could you keep that to yourself? Assassin is an ugly word.”

“Oh sure. Right. What do you prefer?” Something he’d heard mentioned, a long time ago, popped up to fit a missing piece in the puzzle of Owen Stallbridge. “Oh my God. It’s you. You’re the Fixer.” Fix the Fixer—Avery’s instructions via Keegan. “You’re a legend.” Or at least, he had been. But this trip with Caleb… “Are you still active?”

Owen looked uncomfortable, but to his credit, he didn’t pull away. “I haven’t done any contract work for a while. But Caleb needed something done.” His face turned stoic, and Ian tried to wipe the numbness away.

“Tell me.”

Owen sighed. “A very bad man, abusing children in ways no one should ever have to experience, was making a mess in South America. I took care of him. Except somehow, Kerr knew about it.” He frowned.

“Not good. So tell me how it works. Oh, and if you think I’d ever judge you for killing something like that, think again. Life isn’t black-and-white, Owen. I’m all about the gray.”

“Thank God.”

Owen kissed him again, and Ian remained pliant, not wanting Owen to feel in any way rejected or that Ian might be afraid of him.

“Is it wrong that I find you even sexier now?”

Owen laughed and pushed Ian onto his back. He moved on top of him, a bit awkwardly, what with his leg and a huge erection between them.

“I was worried you’d be afraid of me.”

“Do you plan to kill me?”

Owen’s mirth left him. “Never, little thief. You’re the safest person on the planet next to Heather.”

Ian felt a burst of joy. Being put on the same level of affection as Owen’s sister meant more than words could say.

“I found out about my power later in life,” Owen explained. “We knew Heather could heal. Mom and Dad had vestiges of talent. You would have liked my mom. She could spot a fraud from a mile away. No conning her on anything.”


“My dad had a head for money. Guy could finagle a deal with eerie success. He really grew the business. I think I get some of that from him.”

“That’s a great talent to have.” Ian stared up at Owen, willing his lover to continue. Their closeness seemed to deepen, and he reveled in it, not wanting to think about tomorrows or endings but to hold this tight to his chest and never let go.

“Yeah. For years, I was just the ungifted, smart one.” Owen’s smile faded. “And then the Kerrs happened. Jacob had my parents killed, and I was pissed beyond reason. It turned something on in my brain, I think. I met with Jacob in private, told him I knew he’d done wrong. And when he couldn’t convince me to sell him back the company, he threatened Heather. I lost it. I grabbed him by the arm, and a huge surge of hate left me. Nailed him right in the heart.”

“You knew what you were doing?” Ian asked carefully, curious.

“No, but I can’t say I wasn’t happy about it.”

“I’d feel the same way.”

Owen rested on his forearms and lowered his mouth to Ian’s. The kiss didn’t last long enough.

“I left him twitching. No one saw me leave his office, since it had been late at night when we met. I went home and confessed what I’d done to Heather, and she cried. But she never told me I’d been wrong, and I love her for that. But the Kerrs knew. Henry and Carl pegged me for the death, though they could never prove it.”

“How do you do it?”

“At first, by touch.”

Owen wrapped his hand around Ian’s throat, to scare him? When Ian just lay there, Owen sighed.

“You really aren’t bothered by this at all, are you?”

“Should I be?” Ian figured if Owen meant to kill him, there wasn’t anything he could do about it, so why stress?

“No. Don’t ever be bothered by this.” Owen kissed him again, but this time he ground his cock against Ian’s belly. “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

“Finish the story first.” Ian wanted everything.

“Fine. But I’m taking that ass in another minute or so.”

“Oh, we’re going to play. You can be sure of that.” Ian bucked up against him, aroused and not wanting to hide it.

“Shit. Fine. Quick version—I met with an old friend of my dad’s who was into some psychic research for the government. He paired me with Caleb, who’s a telepath and telekinetic. Double threat.”

“I really don’t like that guy,” Ian muttered with the jealousy he’d tried to ignore for the man entwined with Owen’s past renewed.

“Ian, Caleb is as straight as an arrow, trust me.”

Ian glared.

“Oh stop. He’s my spotter and a good friend, nothing more.”


“You know how snipers use a spotter to guide them to a target? Well, Caleb and I as a team expanded my range. At first, Caleb would have to be very close to tap into the target’s psyche. Then I connect with him and, through him, hit the mark. Thing is, when I fly down the tunnel, as I see it, I merge with the mark. I see what he or she is really like, and I know what I’m doing. I can pull back if need be, though it’s hard. That’s only happened once.” He frowned. “I will never take an innocent life. The men and women I’ve put down have done ugly, ugly things.”

“It stays with you.” Ian understood more about Owen’s gift. Not such a blessing after all.

“It does. I used to worry that I’d start to turn into them. The evil has a feel. Like a cloying sweetness, hiding the rot underneath. I hate it,” he growled. “And when I’m done, I’m weak. The blast of energy I shoot into them takes from me. The closer I am, the harder it is to remain separate.”

Ian nodded, stroking Owen’s strong arms. “With Linda, she was close. You had to touch her.”

Owen shook his head. “No. But she was close enough I reached her with no problem. That guy in Venezuela who just died. Caleb tapped into him. I was miles away when I arrowed into him. Fucking pedophile was into torture and blood sport, and those were his hobbies when he wasn’t selling meth and guns on the streets.”

“Shh. You did good, baby.” Ian ran his hands over Owen’s shoulders to his face. “Real good.”

“You going to reward me?” Owen asked in a thick voice.

“I am, but only because you came back in one piece.” The only fly in the ointment that Ian could tell—he didn’t like Owen’s ties to the government. He didn’t trust the bastards. They’d used him when it was convenient, then tried to wipe him off the planet. They could and probably would do the same to Owen.

“I don’t like the work anymore, not that I ever did. But some things are best left to others now. I only do the occasional favor for a personal friend of mine. Someone I’d trust with my life.”

Ian nodded slowly. “I guess. I just… Be careful with them, Owen.”

Owen’s expression eased. “Baby, I know what happened to you. You stumbled over the wrong conspiracy at the wrong time. But you did good, and you got out. You’re so smart, so sexy.” He paused. “It’s no wonder…” Owen leaned down to kiss him again.

No wonder what? But then Ian couldn’t think anymore, because Owen had sucked his nipples into a warm mouth, and his hand gripped Ian’s cock, rubbing over the moisture at his slit.

“Oh, yeah. Time for some fun with my new master,” Ian teased, out of breath.

master, your
master,” Owen corrected in a guttural voice. He reached for the little bag on the nightstand. “Now what’s in here, I wonder?”


OWEN HANDED THE bag to Ian, who took it with shaky hands he tried to hide. Good. Owen didn’t want to be the only one who’d fallen off an emotional cliff. He’d never thought to share all that with Ian, at least, not so soon. But the look in his thief’s eyes, that soft encouragement… Fuck. Ian had truly stolen his heart.

“Show me what you brought, thief.”

Ian dug around and withdrew a set of nipple clamps attached to a Y chain that led down to an adjustable cock ring made of leather. A cock ring—one of his favorite toys.

“Jesus. I want to see this on you right now.” Owen grabbed the thing from him and held it tight. “Lube?”

“Yeah,” Ian rasped. He handed Owen the lube and lay back, looking excited to have Owen put his toys to use.

“Let’s see. Your nipples need to be harder.” Owen sucked them to stiff attention before setting the clamps over them. They went on firm but not too hard, no doubt set to Ian’s level. Ian’s cock jumped, and Owen loved the slick sheen at his slit. His boy was more than excited. “Oh beautiful. Ian, fuck. I wish I had a camera.”

“Me too.”

Owen smiled. “I’m going to fuck you raw, little thief.” He needed to grease up, but he couldn’t take his eyes from the leather cock ring hanging by the chain.

Ian tried to spread his legs wider, but Owen still covered his thighs. He moved back and tugged the ring, which pulled at the clamps, effectively causing his lover to arch up off the bed in a breathy moan. “Fucking gorgeous.” He took the ring and unfastened the Velcro, pleased they wouldn’t have a constriction problem. This way he could make the ring tighter or looser, depending on Ian’s response.

Owen expertly wrapped the thin leather band around the base of Ian’s cock, under his testicles. He cinched it closed, and Ian sucked in a breath.

“Not too tight?”

“No, it’s fine. Please, lube up. I am
hard right now.”

Owen chuckled. “Yes, you are.” He still felt pain in his leg, but it was barely noticeable next to the fullness in his balls. “I want you to get me wet with your mouth. I’m going to lie here, and you’re going to show me what belongs to me. Then you’re going to bend down, on your hands and knees, with that tight ass in the air, and suck my cock.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ian moaned. “Yes, Sir.”

He and Owen switched positions. Owen sat up against the headboard and laced his fingers behind his head. “Let me see you, thief.”

Ian stood proudly, his nipples caught in the clamps, the thin silver chain bisecting his corded belly to attach to the ring at the base of his shaft. His ruddy cock bobbed in time with his movements, the long rod out for display.

“Fucking beautiful. Bring it closer. Master wants a treat.”

Ian’s breathing was harsh, his eyes wild. He’d never looked more untamable…or vulnerable. So much smaller than Owen, yet so strong.

“You are without a doubt the most amazing creature I have ever seen in my life.” Owen clenched Ian’s hips as his boy bent his knees to angle that pearly cock toward Owen’s lips. “Now give me a taste.”

“Owen. Oh yeah,” Ian moaned as Owen licked his slit clean. “God, yes. Suck me. Let me come down your throat. I am so hard.”

BOOK: Marie Harte - [PowerUp! 08]
5.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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