Lock and Load (SEAL EXtreme Team) (30 page)

BOOK: Lock and Load (SEAL EXtreme Team)
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When militant Colombian guerrillas kidnap her clients, E
treme Adventures travel agent Jenna Collins will do anything to rescue them…including hiring the Navy SEAL she’s struggled to forget. Mack may take orders from her father, but Jenna’s determined to convince the sexy SEAL to work with her. And to stick around this time.


Protect the girl…


Navy SEAL Mack Riley will take a jungle rescue in hostile territory over close contact with the admiral’s daughter who loved him and left him. But when Jenna forces her way onto the rescue team, the admiral’s orders to protect Jenna at all costs have Mack sticking to her as close as body armor.


In the heat of battle, love has a way of breaching the strongest of defenses…





SEAL EXtreme Team Short Story


Final request…

SEAL Lieutenant Commander Nick Talley keeps promises, but taking care of a teammate’s sister is a vow he should’ve made. How can a man tortured by the past, help a woman fight a tough future?


Broken dreams…

Ironman qualifier, Jill Connors, is counting the days until her brother brings handsome Nick home with him. But a buried IED takes her brother’s life and a drunk driver steals her competition hopes. Will Nick want a woman with one foot?


Love has a way of healing the wounded…one muddy step at a time.

BOOK: Lock and Load (SEAL EXtreme Team)
11.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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