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Trevor reached around and swatted her butt.

She blinked up at him. “What was that for?”

“You’re thinking about your sister again. When we’re in bed, I’d appreciate your undivided
attention.” He rolled her beneath him and claimed her mouth with his own.


The next three weeks flew by in a flurry of shopping, cake tasting, and picking out
exotic and overpriced flowers. Oh, and having insane amounts of sex with Trevor.

Allie couldn’t quite keep the smile off her face. Even Brynn noticed. “You seem happy,”
she said one afternoon after Allie picked her up from school.

“Things are going well. With the job, I mean.”

Brynn rolled her eyes. “The job, right. It has nothing to do with Trevor?”


“I’d believe you if I didn’t see the same expression on Dad’s face.”

Allie’s smile disappeared. “Everything okay with you and Dad?” She hadn’t spoken to
him since the night she drove Brynn home from Trevor’s house. It still felt strange
and wrong, not living at home, not talking to her dad. But she couldn’t bring herself
to call him.

“Ms. Castor’s okay, if that’s what you’re asking. She made dinner last night.”

“How was that?”

Brynn shrugged. “Weird. Not the dinner, that was meatloaf, but her being in the house
was kind of awkward. She’s trying really hard.”

“Do you like her?” Allie asked.

“She’s okay.” Brynn stared out the passenger window for a minute. “Are you ever going
to talk to Dad again?”

“Of course, don’t be silly.” But not right now, the pain was still too sharp. She
felt betrayed, used even. It wasn’t right to feel that way, but she couldn’t help
it. She’d given up five years of her life for her family, and he didn’t give a damn.
She braked at a stop sign and closed her eyes, unable to shake the hurt feelings.

She wasn’t ready to talk to him. Not that he seemed eager to speak to Allie either.
No, this was a two-way freeze out, and right now, she didn’t want to be the first
one to thaw.

She didn’t speak again until she pulled through the mansion’s gate, waving at Carl
as she passed the guard house. “Mrs. Hubert said you could help her make the tea today.”

“I love decorating those cakes.” Brynn opened the door and hopped out.

Every afternoon, Trevor took tea with Allie and Brynn in the conservatory. Sometimes
Mags would join them. Brynn liked helping in the kitchen and had started making a
little cake decorated with Trevor’s initials. After a couple hours at the mansion,
Allie would drive Brynn home before dinner but never went inside the house.

Besides the fight with her father, Allie’s other worry was Monica. She hadn’t talked
to her sister since she and Brad left the mansion that night. Allie called twice and
left messages, but didn’t hound Monica like she had in the past. She worried about
the lawyer and whether Mon was going to school. But Trevor was right, there was nothing
she could do.

For his part, Trevor seemed more at ease than he had before. Even around his parents.
Not that he wasn’t above making snarky comments. But there was a relaxed atmosphere
around the house and Trevor seemed almost content.

After dinner each night, Allie didn’t know what Nigel and Mags got up to, but she
and Trevor would politely excuse themselves, take a walk in the fairy-lit garden,
and, when they couldn’t stand it anymore, run up to Allie’s room. They’d tear at each
other’s clothes and screw like crazy for the rest of the night.

Trevor had her talking like a sailor, trying new positions, and she had even picked
up a couple sex toys from the shop Mags had dragged her into. She’d never planned
on using the furry, leopard-print handcuffs or the bright purple vibrator. But Trevor
found them and put them to good use.

He spent each night in her bed, curled around her. His deep, even breaths lulled her
to sleep. At least once in the middle of the night, Trevor would reach for her. He’d
wake her with his talented fingers drifting across her breasts, her belly, her legs,
before slipping them inside her. Then, he’d turn her on her side and, while nuzzling
her neck, slide into her while he toyed with her nipples. It was addictive.

She didn’t know how long it would last, but she didn’t dwell on that. She’d pushed
aside all thoughts of her temporary situation with Trevor and decided to enjoy the
time she had with him, to live in the moment. It was hard for her to do, but she was


Three weeks. He’d been sleeping next to Allison for three weeks and he felt… What?
Content? Yes, that was it. He’d even picked up an annoying habit of humming. His attorney
even commented on it.

“What’s up with you?” Alex asked. “Did you make another million or something?”


“And why are we meeting on the terrace?” Alex glanced around the garden. “We’ve met
out here four times in the past few weeks.” He reached for the sweating glass of iced
tea. “Is this because of the girl you introduced me to? Allie, was it?”

Trevor raised a brow. “What makes you say that?”

Alex smirked. “That shit-eating grin you’re wearing? That’s what love looks like,
my friend.”

“Don’t be stupid.” Love didn’t come into the equation with Allie. He just enjoyed
her company. And her body. And holding her in his arms as he fell asleep each night.

That was lust, not love.

True, it was more powerful than anything he’d felt before, but it would pass. And
while he was in the grips of it, he would enjoy it, enjoy her. Every lovely curve.

He forced his mind off Allie and focused on the business at hand. He loved his work.
Breathed it. Lived it. But he had a surprise for Allie tonight, and like a schoolboy,
he couldn’t wait to see her reaction.


He blinked at Alex. “Right, let’s run the numbers.”


After Alex left, Trevor decided to play hooky and take a swim with Allison in the
grotto. He’d given Arnold strict instructions. Trevor didn’t care if the bloody house
was on fire, they were not to be disturbed. And that especially applied to his parents.

He and Allie swam and splashed each other, playing like a couple of kids. Then she
sucked him off beneath the waterfall. The cool water washing over him, her hot mouth
on his cock. It’d made him crazy. And it was the most relaxing afternoon he could

After dinner, he told her to throw on some warm clothes and a jacket. He’d given no
other details, and she had been quizzing him ever since.

“What are we doing? Where are we going?” she asked for the fourth time.

“You’re like an annoying child, really.” He drove the sedan out of town, past the
lights and the crowds, and into the desert.

“If you’re taking me to the brothels, you’re in big trouble.”

He laughed and snatched her hand, bringing it to rest on his leg. “Why would I take
you to a brothel?”

“I couldn’t begin to imagine.”

He didn’t let go of her hand. “You’ll just have to be patient, love.”

After a few minutes, he pulled the car off the road. “We’re here.”

She turned to look at him. “Are you planning on burying me out here? Do I have to
dig my own grave too?”

“You’re an idiot.” He leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose. Then he hopped
out of the car and walked to the trunk where he removed a large duffel bag.

“What’s that?” Allie asked.

“That is a telescope. You said your dad used to bring you and your sisters to look
at the stars.” He closed the trunk and began walking away from the car. “I thought
you might enjoy this. We’re meant to have a good view of Orion this time of year.”

Allie stopped in her tracks. It took Trevor a moment to realize she wasn’t walking
next to him. He spun around. “What’s wrong, love?” He walked back and rubbed her arm
through her down-filled coat. “Are you warm enough?”

“Um, yeah.” She cleared her throat. “I’m just surprised, that’s all. Come on,” she
said, tugging on his hand, “let’s have a look.”

She didn’t seem like herself, yet she wasn’t angry or upset. He shrugged it off and
allowed himself to be led further away from the road. He glanced toward the sky as
he walked. It was a fine, clear night for stargazing. “You know, my grandfather used
to have a telescope set up in his study. He always said if you think the stars look
small, imagine how insignificant you appear to them.” Trevor pulled a flashlight out
of his pocket. “Here”—he handed it to her—“hold this.”

She trained the light on the bag while Trevor unpacked the telescope and tripod. He
set it up and punched a few numbers into the remote. He’d already preprogrammed it
for their location.

“He was a good man, your grandfather?” Allie asked.

“Yes.” Trevor looked into the eyepiece. “I spent my holidays at his pile outside Kent.”

“What about your mom and dad?”

He raised his head from the finderscope and pulled her to him. “Look at this, Allie.
It’s magnificent.”

She stepped toward him and lowered her head. “It’s beautiful.” She stayed that way
for some minutes.

“Let me move it a little for you.” He hit another button on the remote. “Should be
able to see Sirius.”

She leaned her head down to the scope. “Your grandfather was right. I do feel insignificant.”
She stepped back and let him have a turn. “So you never spent any time with your parents?”

“My mother used to take me for a week, sometimes two. I rarely had her undivided attention.
You know how she loves drama. So if by chance she was getting along with her husband
du jour, she would make a big show playing happy families. But it was always a cockup.
Either my stepsiblings and I didn’t get along, or she and her husband would fight.
Eventually, I told her if she wanted to see me, she could come visit Grandfather.
She rarely did, unless she was between husbands. I think I just saw a shooting star.
Come look, maybe you’ll see one too.”

“You’re supposed to make a wish, I think,” she said, scooting in front of him.

“Wishes are for children.” He placed his hands on her hips as she gazed at the sky.

“What about your dad?” she asked.

“He’s very much a child.”

Allie scoffed but didn’t raise her head. “No, did you see him at all?”

“He would come up to school every once in a while and take me to dinner. He would
say a hell of a lot of nothing, give me some pocket money, and before I knew it, he
was married again. Then I wouldn’t see him for months on end.”

“I think they’re here for you, Trevor.”

“The stars?”

“Your parents.”

“I thought they just wanted to annoy the shit out of me. And they’re doing a smashing
job.” He stepped back and looked up into the sky. “It’s amazing that all those lights
are made of gas and dust.”

“They love you.”

“Stars don’t love. Look.” He pointed. “The Little Dipper.”

Allie tipped her head back. “See it.” She wrapped her arm around his waist. “They
are self-absorbed. But they’re trying to make amends.”

Trevor grabbed her ass. Such a nice, firm little thing. He gave it a squeeze. “Ever
fucked out in the desert, beneath the stars?”

“Ever given me a straight answer?”

“I’ll take that as a no,” he said. “I brought a blanket.”

Allie shivered. “Too cold.”

They spent the next hour looking through the lens at the stars. When Allie’s teeth
started chattering, Trevor wrapped his arms around her.

“Thank you for this.” She leaned her head against his chest.

He kissed her crown. “You’re welcome.”

“Take me home to bed.”

Home. He liked the way she said that, as if she belonged there.

He dismantled the telescope while she held the flashlight. “I’ll just say this and
then I’ll drop it,” she said.

He stopped to look at her. “Allison, you’re a terrible liar.”

“You’re right. I’ll keep bringing it up until you listen to me. You don’t have to
be best friends with them, but I think you should forgive them.”

He finished packing up the equipment and zipped the bag closed. “I’m sure it would
be good for my soul.” He stood and took the flashlight from her hand and began walking
toward the car.

Allie jogged to keep up with him. “I miss my mom so much, and if I thought she’d died
without my forgiveness, that she’d tried to make something right and I’d shunned her…”

He stopped and stared down at her. “I’m letting them stay in my bloody fucking house.
What more do you want from me?” He blew out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair.

Allie stood on her toes and kissed his chin. “I want you to be happy.”

Chapter 19

When Allie awoke the next morning, he was gone. The filtered light shone through the
curtain, and the dent he’d left in the pillow was cold. Since Trevor had started sleeping
in her room, Frances hadn’t been coming in to wake Allie in the mornings, probably
at Trevor’s request. When she looked at the clock, she realized that if Frances didn’t
wake her up, she would have to start setting an alarm.

He’d kept her up half the night, accepting her challenge to his sexual prowess, as
he put it. She had been a big fool to tease him about having only two orgasms. And
last night he’d been out for vengeance.

“Just to put your mind at ease, darling, I’m going to make you come again,” he said,
grinning, his head between her legs.

“No,” she said. “You’ve proven your point. I can’t come any more. Let me have some
rest, for God’s sake, man.” She had only been half joking. He’d already made her come
three times in a row and she didn’t think she could take any more. She was on sensory
overload by that point. But once again, Trevor proved her wrong.

His tongue and fingers drew a response from her, making her cry out as she held his
head in place, her hands pulling at his hair. By the time he was finished, he climbed
up to lay next to her, sounding very smug. “So, what’s better than exceptional?”

“I promise, I’ll never question your sexual stamina again.” She lay like a limp rag,
beyond sated.

Trevor pulled her against him and wrapped his arm around her. “See that you don’t,
Miss Campbell. I told you, I take my fucking very seriously.” He kissed her temple
and fell asleep.

Now, Allie crawled out of bed, a little stiff from last night’s sexual gymnastics.
By the lateness of the hour, she knew Trevor had already finished breakfast, so she
took her time getting ready. A long, hot bath soothed her delicious aches. When she
finally made her way downstairs, she found Mags in the drawing room, nursing a cup
of coffee and flipping through a bridal magazine.

“Good morning, dearest,” she said.

“So, where’s Nigel?” Allie asked.

“Sunning himself by the pool. He wants to have tan legs for the wedding.”

“Do you think Trevor will ever forgive you?” Allie asked, plopping down next to Mags.

She gazed up from the magazine, a vulnerable look in her eyes which she quickly blinked
away. Taking a deep breath, she thrust her shoulders back. “I think so. And if not,
well, Nigel and I enjoy Las Vegas. We can stay indefinitely.”

“I’m sorry, it’s really none of my business.”

“Of course it’s your business, darling. Everything about Trevor is your business.”

“Please don’t say things like that. Trevor is…fond of me. But that’s it. I don’t want
you to think there’s anything permanent between us.”

Mags’s eyes traveled over Allie’s heat-filled face. “You know, dearest, I’ve been
thinking about the hen party.”

Allie sighed. Trevor didn’t fall far from the avoidance tree. “What about the hen

“I think we should invite Karen.”

Allie straightened. “Guidance counselor Karen? My dad’s new girlfriend Karen?”

Mags smiled. “Yes, exactly. It would be a nice way to get to know her.”

“No. Absolutely not. It’s a terrible idea.”

“Oh.” Mags pouted prettily. “Of course, it’s your decision.”

Allie relaxed. “Good.”

“I just thought since it was my hen party, I could invite whom I wanted.”

“Mags, you don’t even know her.”

“Neither do you, but you’re right, darling, of course.” She tapped a finger against
her cup. “It’s just that she’s been so involved in your father’s life and has been
spending time with Brynn.”

She was right, Karen was a fixture now. Allie stood. “Fine. I’ll go call her.”

“And you’ll be sweet and ask very, very nicely?”

Allie raised one brow. “I’ll be polite, but let’s not get crazy.”


Three days later, Mags’s sister flew in from London. Allie wasn’t sure what to expect,
but Pixie managed to make Mags seem tame. She was a few years younger, and where Mags
was curvy and voluptuous, Pix was petite and slim. Somewhere in her late forties or
early fifties, she looked at least fifteen years younger with a pretty, delicate heart-shaped

When Pix arrived from the airport, Trevor had greeted her with real affection, placing
a kiss on each cheek. Her twentysomething Italian husband got a cool handshake and
a cold stare.

That night, for the hen party, Pix wore a feather dress and black stacked platforms
with red corset lacing along the back of the heel. Mags looked like a diva in a silver
beaded dress.

Allie wasn’t thrilled about going. She didn’t want to spend an evening with Karen.
It was bound to be tense and uncomfortable. When Trevor tried to talk her into staying
home with him instead, she was almost persuaded.

“We could spend the evening in bed. I’ll make it worth your while, Miss Campbell.
I’ll break out the handcuffs again.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Sorry, English. You’re going to have to spend time with your father and your new
Uncle Paolo.”

“Uncle? The man’s younger than I am.”

Allie stroked his cheek. “It’s just one night. You’ll live. So will I.” She moved
toward the staircase, but Trevor snagged her hand and pulled her back.

“Don’t touch the strippers darling, you don’t know where they’ve been.” He kissed
her lightly before letting her go.

“Back atcha.”

She walked out the front door and scooted into the limo with Mags and Pixie. They
picked Karen up a few minutes later, and as soon she climbed inside, Mags poured the

“Thank you for inviting me,” Karen said, looking at Allie.

Allie stuck a smile on her face. “Sure. Glad to have you.”

Pix produced four tiaras and handed them out. “Ladies, it’s time to get our freak

Karen looked a little nonplussed but gamely placed the tiara on her head. “Where exactly
are we going?”

Mags’s laugh tinkled like a fountain while Pix’s laugh was huskier, more seductive.
“You’ll find out. Allie, tiara,” Pixie said.

With a sigh of resignation, Allie shoved the tiara on her head. She may as well get
into the spirit of things or it would be a long night. “There, how do I look?”

Mags grinned. “Like the princess you are, dearest.”

“Here, girls.” Pix scooped up three hot-pink gift bags.

Peeking inside the bag, Allie laughed and pulled out the contents, one at a time.
“Good Lord, Pix.” It was a penis paradise—rocket pockets, penis candies, mints and
suckers along with a flashing pecker pin.

Karen’s eyes grew huge. “Oh my.”

“Let’s put on our pins, darlings,” Mags said. She attached hers to her one-shouldered
dress. The penis-shaped pin lit from the inside with a flashing yellow light. “Now,
girls, how do I look?”

With her marabou and fake rhinestone tiara and cock jewelry, she looked like a loon.
But she seemed to be having such a good time, Allie said, “You look great, Mags.”

Simmons pulled to a stop in front of a club that advertised an all-male review in
neon. “If you ladies need me, I’ll be right out here.” He glanced at Allie and nodded.
“You have my cell number?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

As they approached the club, a shirtless hunk stood at the door taking tickets. He
flashed a grin. “Welcome.”

They maneuvered through the dark interior as another muscled, shirtless man led them
to their table. “Enjoy yourselves.”

“Oh, we will, pet, I promise,” Pix said.

Allie rolled her eyes. Whether she got into the spirit of the evening or not, it was
definitely going to be a long night. They ordered drinks and Allie nursed hers.

Karen leaned over. “Have you ever been here?”

“No,” Allie said. “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Karen pointed to a waiter across the room. “That was one of my students a couple of
years ago. It’s strange.”

Yeah, Allie imagined it would be. The lights dimmed and she turned toward the stage.

A guy in a tux introduced the strippers. The music overhead blared out a patriotic
theme, and one by one, hot men, their muscles bulging, stepped out onto the stage,
each in a different military uniform.

“Oh, I love a man in a uniform,” Mags said.

Pix smiled. “I love a man out of one.”

It was like being with two middle-aged, horny teenagers.

The guys danced across the stage, ripping off their uniforms. Those tan, virtually
naked men—save for the banana hammock G-strings—strutted around and froze in a series
of bodybuilder poses. There were hip thrusts, gyrations, and one could work his ass
like a paint shaker.

But things got really disturbing when Mr. Marine pulled Mags up onto the stage, sat
her in a chair, and humped her face. Allie grabbed her phone and, laughing, sent a
picture to Trevor.

Her phone immediately vibrated. Waving to Pix, she slid out of her seat and wound
her way through the club to the front door. The bouncer gave her a once-over and a
seductive smile. She walked further from the entrance and answered. “Yes?”

“If you ever send me a picture like that again, I will be in a fetal position for
the rest of my life. Is that what you want?”

Allie laughed. “You should see you mother. She’s eating it up. No pun intended.”

“Oh. Good. God.”

“Pix gave us a bag of penis paraphernalia. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a candy cock
ring with you name on it, mister.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Wait, I’m bored.”

“You’re at a naked male buffet and you’re bored?”

Allie shrugged, even though he couldn’t see it over the phone. “Yep. You’ve seen one
waxed, naked ass, you’ve seen them all.”

“You realize that no man thinks that way?”

“That’s why you guys can be led around by your junk.”

“Point taken. And I do love it when you call my cock ‘junk.’ So sexy.”

“How about a winkie?”

He laughed. “Yes, that’s much better, thank you.”

“So, what are you guys doing?” She walked up and down the sidewalk, looked at the
marquis pictures of the male strippers.

“Smoking a cigar, trying not to punch Paolo in his classic Italian nose. Ignoring
my father.”

“You want to come meet me? It’s a dork smorgasbord here. A dorkgasbord, if you will.”

“That is beyond tempting, love. But I’ll stay here and probably drink too much.”

Allie stood in silence. She wanted to tell him she missed him. She wanted to tell
him she loved him and never wanted to spend another night apart. But that’s not what
Trevor wanted.

“Allie, are you still there?”

She cleared her throat. “Yeah, I’d better get back inside. They’ll wonder where I
am.” She hung up without waiting for his answer.

When she walked back into the club, a muscle-packed blond was straddling Pix while
she shoved bills into his man panties. Allie winced and made her way back to the table.

Mags, released from her onstage exhibition, shimmied to the music and sat across from
Allie. “You must get a lap dance darling, they’re so much fun.”

Allie glanced over at Pix, who spanked her bare-assed friend. He wore a flag G-string,
a bomber jacket, and a pair of aviator sunglasses. “No, I’m good,” she yelled at Mags
over the music.

Somewhere along the line, Mags had gotten ahold of a penis straw and now sipped her
wine out of it. Allie’s eyes found Karen’s, and suddenly, she burst into a fit of
laughter. Karen joined her.

After about another hour of rump-shaking good times, they clambered into the limo
and drove to an upscale sushi restaurant. Mags strolled in, still proudly wearing
her penis pin.

Before she sat down, Allie excused herself and went to the restroom. Karen followed.
As Allie stood at the sink washing her hands, Karen stepped out of the stall, her
eyes meeting Allie’s in the mirror. Karen waved her hand in front of the soap dispenser
and took a deep breath.

“Allie, I want you to know, I would never do anything to hurt Brynn. I feel responsible
that she took off like that. Your father and I are slowing things down, trying to
make sure Brynn’s comfortable.”

Allie could hear Trevor’s voice in her head, telling her to stay out of it. She ran
her hands under the dryer. “It’s really none of my business.”

The older woman flung the excess water off her hands. “Of course Brynn is your business.
And so is your father. He told me how you took care of your mother and helped him
with the girls when she was so sick.”

Uncomfortable discussing this subject with this particular woman, Allie shrugged.
“The two of you are adults. If you want to hook up—”

“We’re not hooking up.” Small lines fanned out at the corners of her eyes. “I’m in
love with him. And he loves me too.”

How could her dad forget her mom so quickly and fall in love with another woman he
barely knew? “Look, Karen, I want my dad to be happy, but like I’ve told him, Brynn
needs his attention right now. I’m sorry, but sometimes you need to put your life
on hold for the sake of others.” Allie had done it. Now it was her dad’s turn.

Karen nodded, her eyes red with unshed tears. “Yes, you’re right.”

Allie shifted uncomfortably. “Um, I’m going to go back to the horndog sisters. I’ll
give you a couple minutes, okay?”

Again, Karen nodded.

Allie felt horrible as she walked out of the ladies room. She should have stayed out
of it. She should have kept her mouth closed. Karen seemed like a nice lady. But Brynn
was her sister, and Allie wanted to protect her.

She dropped into the chair. “Karen will be back in a second.”

“I’ve ordered sake for us all,” Pix said. She held up a small hand-painted cup.

“So, Pix, where did you meet Paolo?” Allie draped the napkin over her lap and took
a sip of warm sake. The strong, clear taste burned a pathway to her stomach. She blinked
back a few tears. “Whoa.”

“It’s potent, dearest. I don’t want Simmons to have to carry you home tonight. Trevor
would never let me hear the end of it,” Mags said.

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