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I run my fingers along his collar bone, then allow them to trace the light brown hair that curls gently over his chest. My fingertips gently caress his chest, then circle his nipples. They harden beneath my touch and he groans. I lean forward and flick my tongue out so that it caresses the tip of his nipple. He inhales sharply and I know that he enjoys my touch as much I as I enjoyed his earlier. I leave one nipple in order to make my way across his muscular chest until I finally reach the other side and suck gently.  One of my hands reaches down between his legs and cups the erection straining against his jeans. 

“Stop,” he hisses, grinning wickedly at me. “Now that I have you here, I’m going to take full advantage of you.” He takes my hand away from his crotch and pins it to my side. My other hand quickly follows suit and I find I am helpless. He begins to kiss me fiercely, pushing my back down onto the bed. He brings my hands up over my head and presses them to the bed with one of his hands. His tongue is darting in and out of my mouth, toying with me. The throbbing between my thighs is becoming more and more insistent and I feel my hips instinctively rise off the bed in search of something to press against. 

“No one has ever wanted me the way you do, Becs.”

Ryan’s mouth leaves mine and he trails a path down my neck and across my collar bone until he finally sinks lower and takes a nipple into his mouth. I gasp at the feeling of it surrounded by warm wetness and arch my back seeking more. 

My hands are held up above my head and I’m writhing underneath him. He’s sucking on one nipple, then the other. He releases my wrists but I leave them there. I’m so aroused that I can barely think straight and it doesn’t even occur to me to move my hands. Ryan reaches down between us and unbuttons my pants and slides them over my hips. His mouth leaves my breasts as he bends down on the floor to pull my jeans off and at last, I take my hands from above my head and run them over my breasts, feeling his saliva covering my nipples. I run my fingers over my nipples, spreading the wetness around and I hear Ryan release a guttural moan.               

“Becs, if you keep touching yourself like that, I’m not going to last any longer.”  He reaches up and removes my hands from my breasts and places them back above my heard. “Let me,” he whispers. 

“I groan,” knowing that he is the only man who knows my body as I do.

He slides down my torso once again, trailing kisses over my breasts and across my belly. As he dips lower, I shudder, recalling all the times in our youth when we spent hours learning how to give each other the most pleasure.

Ryan’s hands drop lower and finally make their way into my dark, curly hair. I moan as a shudder of anticipation rips through my body. I’m fully expecting him to drop just a bit lower, part me and push inside and my pulse quickens with the thought of him being inside of me, filling me. Instead, his hands travel up and down the insides of my thighs as though he is relearning every inch of me. Every so often, he plants a wet kiss or nips at the delicate skin, causing me to sharply inhale. Inch by agonizing inch, he works his way up to the top of my thighs. My breath hitches in my throat as he takes two fingers and spreads my folds wide. I feel the warmth of his tongue on me as he licks me slowly, from bottom to top. A shudder rips through me and I moan. I can almost feel his smile from between my thighs.
God, I love this. 

  He does this several more times, mixing my own wetness with his. My hips begin to feel his rhythm and lift up and down slowly several times, relishing the feeling of his tongue as it glides over my most intimate parts. His tongue finds my clitoris and he strokes it several times. Each time, I shudder and lift my hips just enough to feel his tongue caress my clit. Then he stills.  His tongue is at my center and it’s holding firm. I lift my hips and feel his tongue slide down. I drop my hips back down and feel his tongue slide up and over my sex once again. I groan, knowing he’s allowing me to set the pace. I grip the sheets and begin to lift my hips again and again, just enough for his tongue to slide over my sex and I feel myself coming closer and closer to my release. 

Ryan grips my hips, pinning me to the bed and restraining my movement. I’m straining against his tongue, desperately needing to feel its warmth slide over me again. I’m desperate for it and at this moment, I would give anything to feel it. I wonder how anyone can ever get anything done when they could be doing

He moves his tongue down slowly, then back up once again so that it eases over my clitoris. I buck my hips and pant, straining for my release, yet full of the knowledge that Ryan will not let me come just yet. 

“Easy, babe,” he whispers, as he removes his hands from my hips, freeing me.  His fingertips gently caress my stomach and one finger dips into my belly button and makes a tiny circle. From there, he takes one finger down lower until it is perched at the entrance of my sex. I moan and lick my lips, anticipating him being inside of me. I widen my thighs, begging him to enter me. He waits several moments, but finally, one finger enters me. He pushed into me slowly and I feel every inch of him fill me. I groan and lift my hips. Ryan is a master at sexual frustration. 

Once he is buried inside of me, he leans forward to lick my clitoris. Slow, languid strokes caress my sex and I begin to feel a tingling sensation all the way down to my toes. My breathing quickens and soon I’m panting. I lift my knees to my chest so that I am spread out wide before him.

Do anything you want.  Just stay right where you are. 

Ryan changes pace and begins to flick his tongue over my sex as he pulls his finger out of me. My feet fall back to the bed and I’m able to take a breath. As soon as he is out of me, he fills me again and I gasp as I realize he has two fingers buried deep inside of me. 

“My God, Ryan,” I pant.

He begins to move his fingers in and out while flicking my clitoris with his tongue. The sensation of having him inside of me, filling me, while he’s tormenting my most sensitive nub is nearly more than I can bear. I’m writhing on the bed, my head pressed back into the mattress and my breathing is coming in short gasps. My hips are bucking wildly, trying to meet each thrust but at the same time, not lose a single moment of Ryan’s tongue on my clit. 

Once again, I lift my knees to my chest, trying to feel Ryan as deep inside of me as possible. His fingers push deep into my center and his tongue flicks repeatedly over my clit and a wave of pleasure washes over me. I cry out as a powerful orgasm rips through my body and I feel myself throbbing around Ryan’s fingers. He stills his tongue but thrusts his fingers deep inside of me one last time, causing a second wave of ecstasy to wash over me. 

He gives me only seconds to recover before grabbing a hip and tossing me onto my stomach. 

I roll over, boneless, onto the bed panting and gasping for air when I hear his zipper and the smooth sound of denim over skin. Within seconds, he is on top of me, his mouth beside my ear and his erection perched at the entrance of my sex. 

“Is this still your favorite?” He whispers.

“God, yes,” I pant, spreading my legs wider on the carpet. 

Slowly, he enters me from behind and I can feel every inch of him until at last he is filling me completely. I groan at the feeling of his penis buried deep inside of me. I lift my hips up to meet him and I heard him moan with pleasure. 

“Christ,” he says.  He slowly moves his hips back, nearly pulling all the way out of me, then thrusts deep inside of me once again. 

I hear him moan and know that he’s trying to restrain himself.  But it’s not what I need, or what I want. 

“Ryan,” I pant, arching my hips toward him.  “Fuck me.”

He releases a guttural moan as he realizes what I’m asking.               I grip the sheets in front of me as he thrusts deep into me. He shows no restraint as he buries himself inside of me over and over again, driven by his own primal need. I too, am lost in my own desire for him and I spread my legs wider so that I can feel each thrust deep in my core. God, how I’ve missed this. Another orgasm is building inside of me and I lift my hips up each time he thrusts so that I can receive every powerful inch of him. 

He grabs my hips, holding me in place and rams into me, this time deeper than the rest and I’m lost. A powerful orgasm rips through my body and I feel myself clench around him over and over.

“Jesus Christ,” he groans, as he comes moments later, spilling his seed inside of me. He collapses on top of me and we both lie on the bed, panting.

We lay there for several moments, our bodies half on the bed and half off. He is still inside of me and I know that he’ll stay there for as long as he can. Ryan has always loved the feeling of my vagina surrounding him.

“I love being inside of you,” he whispers.

“Then stay awhile,” I reply, lifting my hips up slightly.

He groans and I feel him throb inside of me. He moves his hips slightly so that I feel his erection. “This,” he says, moving inside of me, “is what you do to me.” He begins to nibble my shoulder, then stops suddenly. “Move up a bit.”

“What? Where?”

“Move up onto the bed,” he says.  He voice is deep and gruff, and full of desire. 

We slowly make our way onto the bed, one limb at a time. It takes several awkward moments as Ryan is still inside of me and growing harder by the minute. When at last we make it to the bed, he settles me on all fours, then lowers my upper body down so that my breasts are nearly touching the sheets.

“Now ease your hips back,” he says. 

I do as he says and feel him slide deeper into me. I groan and move my knees apart so that he can settle between them. He’s kneeling behind me on the bed and he begins to rub my back.  “How does that feel,” he asks.

“Incredible,” I sigh, moving forward, then back again so that I feel him move inside of me. 

He reaches around my torso to find my breasts, which are dangling there, seemingly waiting for him to toy with them, which he does. He caresses them gently, taking them into his entire hand and then sliding his fingers up to the nipples, which he takes between his thumb and forefinger, gently squeezing. The sensation causes my vagina to throb around him.  Ryan groans and begins to move in and out of me slowly. 

“I’ve got to move,” he says. 

“Please,” I whimper.  I can scarcely believe it but my body is completely aroused and I feel yet another orgasm coiling within me. All I can think of is Ryan inside of me, the feeling of his erection working its way in and out, his hands caressing my breasts. 

I’m slick with my own need as well as his recent orgasm and he slides in and out effortlessly. At the same time, he is caressing and toying with my nipples. I moan as I thrust my hips back to meet him.

“This is incredible,” I gasp. My hips continue to move forward and back, intent on feeling every inch of his erection inside of me. There is nothing else but the feeling of him moving in me. I feel myself climbing higher and higher, once again seeking my release but at the same time, I never want this to end. 

Ryan takes one hand from my breast and reaches down between my thighs. He takes two fingers and spreads my lips apart. With at third finger, he rubs my clitoris and I shout his name.  I come seconds later.

As I gasp for air, Ryan grabs my hips to hold me in place while he thrusts deep inside of me one final time. He cries out and I feel his body clench then release as he comes once again. He collapses on top of me and we both lay there, still connected as we allow our breathing to return to normal. Several moments later, he pulls out of me and rolls onto his back. I curl up next to him, draping my arm over his chest. 

He curls his arm protectively around me and kisses my forehead. “Stay,” he says. 

“Of course,” I reply, grinning. Because there is no other answer.


Chapter 6

It isn’t long before we drift to sleep,
not out of any desire to do so, but because we don’t have the energy to do anything else. When I wake several hours later, it is dark and I find that Ryan and I are nothing more than a tangle of limbs. Unwilling to move even an inch away from him, I bury my head closer into his neck and inhale. He is an erotic mix of maleness and our lovemaking. 

BOOK: Forbidden
8.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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